Monday, April 21, 2014

Michael Fassbender's Face on the Big Screen

Fassbender's Face coming to a big screen this Spring/Summer.
I had to giggle when I read Snootiegirl's comment in Friday's post about going to see Captain America, and seeing Michael Fassbender's image on the big screen for the first time via the X-Men preview.  I forget that almost daily, Michael Fassbender gains new fans and most of those new fans have never seen his films in the theater. And when they finally do, it's like seeing an old friend, or a future husband (LOL!), up close and personal. This familiar feeling for seeing someone, slightly larger than life, is so surreal - looking at them right there in front of you putting on a performance that mesmerizes you and make you admire him and his work even more.

I first saw Michael Fassbender on the big screen way back in early 2007 for '300'. I did not go to see the movie for him, because I didn't know he existed. I went because the advertising persuaded me due to all the half-naked men brutally trying to defend Sparta. As an ancient history buff, this was my kind of film. As I was watching 300, in IMAX mind, I was a bit overwhelmed with the violence juxtaposed with the beauty of all the brave soldiers. Sure, I noticed that one kid who was flying all over the place with the sexy abs and crazy smile, but I must admit, I noticed other guys too and my focus was distracted away from that Stelios lad on my first viewing. I had to go back and see 300 for the second time to pay more attention to Stelios/Michael Fassbender because after the first viewing, I started to think about the actor who played that role, and based on internet mumblings at the time, other people, male and female, also took notice of Stelios/Michael.

Michael's Stelios was a scene stealer in Zack Synder's '300'.

The second time I saw the film, I didn't do IMAX again, just too intense. So upon a regular screening, I was more able to relax a bit and then re-focus my attention on the Stelios actor... and ever since then, I've been hooked on Michael Fassbender... and the rest is history. So, I know what it's like to watch Michael Fassbender on the big screen and be so amazed and entertained by his presence and talent. For fans like Snootiegirl, enjoy your virgin experience this spring when you watch Michael Fassbender in X-Men: DOFP on the big screen, and don't be surprised if you have an urge to watch the movie once or twice more in the theater.

What was the first movie you saw Michael Fassbender in at the theatre?

Friday, April 18, 2014

TGiF 418

A quote from an article about Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard at the Daily Mail, had Michael expressing his aversion to the word "evil" when associated with one of his characters. A lot of people felt his Edwin Epps was evil, and that perplexed Michael, and he's now asked about the evil deeds of Macbeth to which Michael replied:

"I asked how he was approaching the psychology of Macbeth. How evil was he? ‘I always have a problem with that word,’ Fassbender said sharply. ‘It never gives me any information, or helps me in any way. I like to find a character’s motivation. I don’t think Macbeth is evil. I think he’s damaged. ‘When we meet him, he’s a man who’s as good as his circumstances will allow. He serves his king loyally and looks after his soldiers.’
          And what about Edwin Epps, his character in 12 Years? Surely he was evil? ‘You put it down to                   insecurity, and fears — unless of course you’re dealing with a total sociopath.
‘Evil is a cloudy word, and something that’s not going to inform me to play the character in any other way than pantomime.’

Read the full article here, but it's interesting how Michael believes that Macbeth suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (which wasn't diagnosed in medieval times).

As I write this entry, the FF Facebook page is approaching 60 likes and has received a nice amount of traffic, so thanks for helping to get it off the ground and proving that I made the right decision expanding FF into new social media turf.

TGiFassy! and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is Any PR Good PR, or a PR Disaster? The Case for X-Men: DOFP

X-Men Director Bryan Singer
News is spreading around the Internet today about an unsavory legal situation pertaining to X-Men director Bryan Singer. As a person who doesn't follow Mr. Singer's career closely, I am still very familiar with him and his work. As excited as I am to still see X-Men: Days of Future Past in just 5 weeks, it is disheartening to learn that a lawsuit has been brought against Bryan, and the cynic in me cannot get over the itch related to the timing of this 15 year-old allegation. And that's what this is, an allegation. They have to go to trial to determine the facts and evidence in this case, and if he's then found guilty, that would be up to the judge and jury. I hope this is all just a horrible mistake, this is terribly embarrassing and this could have a significant impact on the box office performance of X-Men: DOFP. The PR for 20th Century Fox must be in crisis management mode at the moment. This is not good PR. It does push the film title to the forefront of web internet chat today, but will some of those people take the next step and hold this lawsuit against Singer and not go see X-Men? Some scandalous PR don't harm films much (out of wedlock babies, affairs, videotaped saying some un-PCish, etc), but there are straight-up taboo topics that is the stuff of nightmares for PR teams: This allegation against Singer is said nightmare scenario, times 10.

As I wrote last week, this X-Men film is the most expensive of all the films in this franchise, and it MUST do well to justify continuing the franchise on this scale. I would not put it past a rival studio to be behind the pursuit of this lawsuit. Why? They would have a lot to gain to have this film fail, and try to ruin Mr. Singer's reputation. The timing is worth noting too - I mean, come on, really? The movie comes out in just a month! I just get the heebie jeebies thinking about this situation. Again, no one but the accused and the defendant know what is true, and in the meanwhile, I'm going to continue to support the film and it's principle actor, Michael Fassbender and hope the movie does well at the box office.

This awesome screensaver image can be found (here)!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Frank Premiere in Dublin

According to RTE, Michael Fassbender will attend the April 24th premiere of Frank, in Dublin at the Light House Cinema, Smithfield! I think this is the second film premiere that Michael has attended in Dublin, the first being for Hunger. It's still not clear what date Frank will debut on American screens, but it will some time this summer. It is set for release in Ireland on 9 May, so it should be seen within a month after that. The reviews have been so good for Frank that I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

If you plan on attending the Dublin film premiere, please share with us your thoughts of the film, and better yet, pictures of Michael Fassbender!

There have also been rumors that Michael is currently in Peru. If he's there on holiday, good for him, but no English articles have fully corroborated this as fact. Unless you are referencing the Sun, in which they demand that you subscribe to their services in order to read their embellished article, I haven't read anything else to confirm this.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fassinating Fassbender at Facebook

I never thought I would do it, but as explained in Saturday's post, the time has come for us to open a Facebook page. I know many readers of FF do not care much for FB, and believe me, I share the same sentiment. But for business purposes, it's a smart move. I spent a lot of time working on it this weekend, and I am pleased to announce that FF @ FB will be primarily managed by its Content Editors, Vera Isayeva (Russia), and Stephanie Czekalski (France). These Fassinators immediately responded to my call for administrators at the FB page, and I'm even more excited that they are both approximately 6-12 hours ahead of me. Meaning, they can do their thing at FB when I'm primarily offline, and I will mind FF as usual. Between the two of them, FF@FB will be updated daily with at least one article from the Internet.

There are a lot of Michael Fassbender fans that are not familiar with FF, and surely we can grab their attention, as well as some of the new fans who will sprout up as Michael's career continues on this upward projection in high profile films. The banner used at FB was also created by our graphic designer Hupsakeek. As an alternative to a theme of banner continuity, I chose the purple/grey banner for FB, just to add a little twist and have a slightly different look for the FB page.

Please go check out FF@FB (see badge at the top of the sidebar) and please 'like' the page as that will be key to promotion of the page and meet the long term goals and plans we have for it. Because we're small, things will be quiet and start off slow, but Vera and Stephanie are looking forward to building up the Facebook page and we'll be focusing on X-Men: DOFP. And that will be the key role for FF@FB: Helping to do our little part in promoting the upcoming films that Michael will be in, as well as having FF articles re-posted there.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woo-hoo! Welcome to a Fresh Fassinating Fassbender!

Michael's next film and a perfect image to celebrate the new FF banner and motto!
Thanks to Hupsakeek for her great work in taking the simple words, Fassinating Fassbender, and giving them a sense of ownership, style, and a boldness that the blog title has been desperately lacking! Another thing that was important for FF was to carve out a niche within the Fassy Fandom and brand it with a motto that will only be associated with this community: No Gossip, just The Fass! (as in 'Just the Facts').

Purple is my favorite color, so I knew the banner text had to be some shade of purple. Along with the contrasting of the white text, the color scheme goes well with the light plum border background, and the white background for the blog articles. If you regularly read popular blogs and websites, their reading backgrounds are unanimously white. It makes for better reading because it's easier on the eyes, especially for those wholly dependent on reading the Internet from their iPhone or androids. The font selected is bold and commanding to replace any imagery of Michael Fassbender from the background of the website. His images will be in the blog articles and along the side bar.

Other than introducing a new banner and motto, and putting on a new color of lipstick, nothing else has changed with the blog. However, I have hesitantly decided to venture into that Facebook realm. Believe me, I don't want to, I don't like FB, but, I find that in this day and age, the absence of a Facebook page to complement the main website is very obvious {One time I wore a Keep Calm Fassy t-shirt and a girl said it was cool and that she'll 'Like' my FB page. I didn't have the heart to admit that FF wasn't on FB}. Especially if I want to attract more participants in next year's birthday fundraiser, I need wider social media presence and visibility. Last month, a lot of people steered clear of Fassinating Fassbender during the fundraiser because they did not want to engage with the community during the fundraiser period if they had no intentions of making a donation. People in general just get shy around the topic of donating money, regardless of the cause - if they don't want to donate, or don't have the money to donate, they stay away until the fundraiser period has closed. That was disheartening for me to witness, hence my ramped up promotion of the fundraiser. Readership was down significantly during that time and to make it a little easier on myself next year, I need to spread out a bit and grab the attention of possibly hundreds if not a thousand more regular readers to help build up the future donor pool. So venturing to Facebook will just allow me to post as usual here, and all I have to do is click a button to re-post the same article onto Facebook. And with Facebook, people can 'Like' the page and it will have a domino effect in spreading/sharing FF to a broader audience. Remember, Michael's fan base is still growing, and with the next X-Men film, he's bound to obtain a few more fans.

Once I finish getting things set up there, I'll share the link. If there is anyone who is a regular poster here at FF and enjoys posting at Facebook, I welcome you to email me so we can consider adding you as an admin at the FF Facebook. I don't want to half-ass it at Facebook, but I also don't have the true interest or ability to promote it there as it should be. So if you're up to it and want to be associated with Fassinating Fassbender as its Facebook Admin guru, please let me know.

Ok, now onto the topic of "Gossip"...

Friday, April 11, 2014

TGIF 411

When I found out that X-Men: Days of Future Past cost 20th Century Fox $225 million (the studio's second most expensive film, behind Avatar!), I knew then we were going to be blasted with a lot of PR and promotion for the film. Isn't it amazing what one tabloid that is known for stretching the truth can print, and have a ripple effect for the rest of the week? Incredible! The other news that was overshadowed by gossip was confirmation about Michael starring in 'Genius' with Colin Firth, and Nicole Kidman. This film was briefly mentioned over six months ago and like a lot of films that are initially mentioned with Michael being a part of, so much time passes that you forget about it and he has since left the project. So that's why it was great to learn through the casting of Kidman that the film was still a go. Also, 'Assassin's Creed' got new writers on board this week and they are set to write a kick-ass story for this trilogy series. And with the English/Irish filming of 'Trespass Against Us', Michael's going to have another very busy back to back filming and promotion schedule this year, and that's great news for Fassinators!

Coming very soon, FF will have a cosmetic change that I hope you all like, along with another minor admin announcement.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Fassinating Changes Coming!

Michael won an IFTA this weekend!
You wouldn't know that Michael Fassbender won an award this past weekend. Why? Well, "sources said" crap rumors took precedence because it got gossipers to do what they do best: sit and gossip. Regardless of how asinine and unbelievable the rumor is, the lowest common denominator of public opinion took front stage and spoon fed them exactly what they wanted to hear. As usual, nothing good comes from this type of gossip because the nastiest and most disrespectful commentary about Michael, either in jest or really designed to slam him, was all over the net yesterday. It was intolerable to read, and there's nothing a sensible fan can do about it. A voice of reason has no weight in the topic regarding Michael's private life. It's quite pathetic, but, the timing is ripe for this stuff to begin.

And this is a perfect segway to inform you that I'm finally going to revamp the blog a bit. Hupsakeek worked very hard last Fall in taking a logo concept I had and modified it into something quite nice. Since 2008, the blog has received several makeovers, with the current theme being it's best one yet. But I'm looking forward to brightening things up a bit here, and branding our new logo design and community motto "No gossip, just The Fass". The benefit of having this blog via Google blogger is that they have some template themes where I can just plug in a few things and voila! But this time, I'm going for a more professional look. A properly original designed banner, an original motto, and a white background for the blog articles (for easier reading). We have a few more tweaks to make and I hope to unveil it sometime this week.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Michael and his Parents Having an Irish Breakfast

The day after his Best Supporting Actor win at the Irish Film and Television Awards, Michael Fassbender and his parents, Josef and Adele Fassbender, have breakfast at Dublin's Canal Bank Cafe. I just adore how close he is to his parents. Michael maybe be a grown up successful and famous actor, but he's still their baby boy. (Ahem, looks like when I visit Dublin next year, I have another place to visit. Ahem).

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michael wins at the Irish Film and Television Awards (Update)

In what may be the final awards show for 2013 films, Michael won big at the IFTAs in Dublin this Saturday evening for Best Supporting Actor in 12 Years a Slave. What a nice birthday gift eh? Did you know that this is Michael's third IFTA award? He won for Hunger and Shame.

Congratulations Michael! More pictures posted later as they become available.

Some silly woman only kissed him once! The hell?

Here is Michael's acceptance speech. His parents was with him, and his buddy Liam Cunningham was sitting at his table.

Photo credit: Ger Holland

Photo credit: Ger Holland

Friday, April 4, 2014

TGIF 404

An amazingly glorious Fassy week has come to a close. Michael Fassbender has completed MacBeth and it appears that he has dived in head first into promoting Days of Future Past. We are sure to see a lot of him and his freshly shaved handsome face in the coming weeks. Because before you know it, the film's release day of May 23rd (USA) is just around the corner! Also, according to some comments posted, that shady Malik film that Michael finished eons ago may make a Cannes debut. I don't know how valid this information is, but at least it's something. I'm sure Michael made the cut, but how much of him is left in the film is a complete mystery -  hence my complete indifference to the film.

Please make note that the FF published Michael Fassbender Weekly newspaper will go bi-Weekly next week with publishing dates on Sundays and Wednesdays. Why? Well, with spring and summer approaching, there will be more Fassy news, and one day a week just ain't gonna cut it. However, the auto-publishing of only allows, Daily or Once a Week, which is stupid as hell because maybe weird people like me want to publish twice a week. So the Wednesday paper will go into auto publish mode, and the Sunday paper will be manually updated. I like the newspaper but I find that once it's published on Sunday, as it has been for the past 5 months or so, I often have to go in and edit it and remove garbage articles. That's the downside of the auto-publish, and that's why I don't want it to go out daily, because it would spit out daily shit, and we know there's a lot of shit out there on Michael, especially when fresh relevant news about him is dried up.  So please bare with me while I experiment with MF bi-Weekly so that you can continue to enjoy a decent newspaper featuring articles about Michael that time does not permit me to cover here on the blog.

All the birthday fundraiser winners have notified me, and two are international Fassinators. Fuck yeah Int'l postage! Once more, I want to remind you all how much I appreciate you guys supporting the fundraiser. When you really think about it, it really demonstrates how much you enjoy THIS community, and that has not gone unnoticed by me, and I am eternally grateful and humbled. The only benefit I receive is the warm feeling of accomplishment in hosting a community where such kind, generous, and compassionate folks enjoy being a part of. And most of the donors are the quiet but dedicated ones. Did you know that £1,305 is $2,166? That's a lot of money from only 38 fans! Like I've said all the long, Fassinating Fassbender may not be the biggest, most popular, most favorite, most loved - but we are the BEST because we have A Band of Fassinators here! While I'm waiting for an update from Talan, the organizer of The Bike Experience, he did post this to me at twitter earlier this week when we made goal:

  1. that is great news indeed. All of the disabled riders that benefit from your kindness will have their lives changed.

TGiFassy! Team FF... changing lives!

An updated response from Talan this Friday morning:
Dear Simone

The support and generosity show by the Fassbender Fandom continues to inspire and motivate those of us running TBE. Each pound raised will straight to providing free access to riding again for those that have been injured or disabled and believe that riding a motorcycle is no longer possible. By showing them that the impossible is possible, we help to improve their life in more ways than is immediate. Their growth in self-belief and confidence has a knock on effect to their family, friends and all those around them. Without the kind donations from supporters such as yours, we wouldn't be able to provide this service and help improve the lives of many. Thank you, thank you.
Talan Skeels-PigginsFounder of The Bike Experience

ps - Simone, the email from Blanca is incredibly touching, and I hope she gains some support from the help she has shown to the charity. You have once again been a super-star in raising much needed funds for TBE. Lets hope that one day we can actually get Mr Fassbender himself down to see what we do. Kind regards, Talan

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Michael Fassbender!

April 2nd is the the holiest day in Fassyland because it's Michael Fassbender's birthday! He turns 37 and is in the prime of his life! I say this often, but it really is fun to be a Fassinator! Michael is an award-winning, in demand A-list actor with several films coming out this year for us to enjoy. X-Men: Days of Future Past, Frank, and MacBeth! And Fassinating Fassbender just came off a successful fundraiser in Michael's honor (which was our symbolic gift to him), so today, I have some fundraiser raffle winners to announce!

I wish I could give all the donors a small token gift for their donation, but I reckon you all enjoyed donating in the spirit of giving, so thanks again for that. Without further adieu, here are the winners!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Michael Fassbender Fundraiser was a £1305 Success!

Today is a very proud highlight for the Fassinating Fassbender community. In our second year of the Michael Fassbender birthday fundraiser, benefiting The Bike Experience, we raised more money than we did last year (£159 more), and I did not expect that. I personally want to thank each and every donor for donating their hard earned money for this fundraiser. I stress hard earned money because your money is precious to you and go towards bills and to support you and your family/school, etc., but yet, for a fandom that you are a member of, you believed in this community and support it so much, that you gave money to a charity in honor of our favorite actor. The fandom for Michael Fassbender is large, but frankly, it is not a close knit group - we are separated by different ideas, and that's ok because everyone has different needs and expectations. So that's why it makes it all the more amazing and admirable that 39 Fassinators financially contributed to support the beautiful work of The Bike Experience!

Tomorrow, on Michael's birthday, I will announce the three raffle winners. In the meanwhile, this morning, I emailed to Michael's management the birthday greeting announcement certificate. I'm sure he will be quite pleased. Below is a list of all the donors. Regardless of how small or how large the donation is, every single dollar/pound/euro contributed to the final record breaking total. Every donor's donation(s) was greatly appreciated and necessary to help us towards our goal. So please remember this next year - YOUR donation(s) mattered!

Thank you to the following 39 donors:

Elizabeth B
Deirdre E
Nichole P
Stormy Weather
Stephanie C
Gabrielle B
Andrea C
Karen A
Gabe L
Aimee K
Rachel S
Aimee V
Chris B
Martha L
Barbara B
Sarah S
April K
Helen G
Kendra R

Thank you for dealing with my constant reminders about the fundraiser. In this day and age with electronic media, and with everyone's attention being demanded here and there and everywhere, it was necessary for the success of this cyber fundraiser to be a constant presence. As you may realize, almost £500 was donated on Monday alone! So that's duly noted for me to remember next year! LOL!

Simone ♥

Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day to Donate (updated) We did it!

My favorite Michael photo to celebrate a successful fundraiser!
Update: With donations by Anastasia, Glenda, and Blanca, we have passed last year's fundraiser at 130% (last year 114%), with £1305.18 raised! This is amazing! So unexpected, but very much hoped for. Thank you so very much!

Update: And donations are still coming in! Merci Ann for your donation, you supported us last year too! We are at 103% of our goal now! xoxo

THE UPDATE: This is the update message we've all been waiting for! We surpassed our goal!!!! Yeah! Thank you Kendra for your donation and we have now raised £1003.88! And that day ain't over yet! Congratulations to all the donors because every single dollar/pound/euro YOU donated, contributed to what WE raised! Pat yourselves on the back! xoxo

Update: OMG! Thank you Helen G and Anonymous for your donations to push us within grasp of our goal. Dammit, I think we're going to do it! (wipes away tear)

Update: Yes! April K made a significant donation this afternoon, and Gabriel L made his second donation! We are at £933! Unbelievable... so close! xoxo

Update: Thank you Barbara B and Sarah S for your much needed donations today! :D

Thanks to Stephanie W for her donation this Monday morning. We did not receive any donations over the weekend, so it appears that we have reached the summit for this fundraiser. However, we have a full day ahead of us and we may receive a few late donations. Our funds raised stand at £821.20. It would not be impossible to hit our £1000 goal, but it does seem very difficult at this moment.

I greatly appreciate the support of the select people who have donated, and please know that The Bike Experience appreciate your financial support, and that Michael Fassbender appreciates this recognition for his birthday.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just two days Remain to Donate to the Michael Fassbender Fundraiser

Sunday is usually Jane Eyre day, it's the perfect day to watch Michael Fassbender in all his 19th century glory! We did not receive any donations on Saturday, so it's my hopes that we receive some today, and definitely on the last day of the fundraiser on Monday. We are just £189 short of the goal, but if we were to just take in half of that, it will go a long way in helping The Bike Experience in their mission.

On another note, I did some research on how common it is for fan communities to raise money for charities in honor of their favorite celebrity's birthday. I came across two to note. For one of the band members of Kiss, the fans raised nearly $6,000 for a musician program to sponsor 24/7 music in cancer patients rooms. And late yesterday on Twitter, it was announced that for Kristen Stewart's April 9th birthday, her fans raised an amazing $10,000 for Alzheimer's disease. I tweeted my congratulations to them, and my tweet as re-tweeted by about 40 Kristen fans, with an audience reach of nearly 100,000 people. The Stewart fans showed me an expansive enthusiasm that I hope this fandom has one day. But in the meanwhile, it is a small band of Fassinators who seem willing and able to participate in our fundraiser. And that would make it all the more sweeter if we could meet our goal of £1000. As you see, it is a fraction of what other fandoms have raised.