Thursday, September 3, 2015

Michael Will Not Attend Telluride Film Festival

The 42nd Telluride Film Festival announced this year's lineup of exclusive films, and as expected, Steve Jobs will be shown there. The schedule of the films will be released later today, but I think Jobs will screen tomorrow, 4 Sept, opening day of the festival. According to Deadline, due to Michael filming Assassin's Creed in Malta, he will not be attending. Director Danny Boyle will receive a tribute at the festival. I will lay my cards on the table and honestly admit that this pleases me, so I give thanks to the Universe for Michael's schedule being too busy for him to fly to Telluride. I am bummed out that Universal deliberately skipped, snubbed, avoided TIFF in showing Steve Jobs there. This film is playing at Telluride, New York and even London, but not Toronto, my festival playground and where I have had great success in seeing/meeting Michael there.

It appears simply that Boyle favors Telluride for his past successes there, but TIFF has treated him well too. Heck, he sat just two rows from me at TIFF in 2010 at a screening, and I supported him the following year by watching 127 Hours. But noooooooooooooooo, Boyle and Universal couldn't toss a cookie to Toronto this year. A fellow TIFFer at Awards Watch, Big_red737 had this to say:

It frustrates me that "Carol", "Steve Jobs", and "Suffragette" are skipping TIFF but showing at Telluride. I'm sick of all this behind-the-scenes politicking and jockeying and competition between festivals to secure premieres. There always seem to be big titles that Toronto loses out on because of whatever the reason may be. As an attendee of TIFF, the only premiere status that I care about is that they are new films that haven't shown in Toronto before. I don't care if it's World or North American, or even to some extent Canadian premiere but I guess there are people that do care and having that premiere status raises your profile and attracts attention to media and buyers.
I couldn't agree more. Well, Telluride gets Steve Jobs, but not its main star, and Toronto got neither. I can deal with this and enjoy TIFF with extra relief this year. But surely, Michael's schedule in October will permit him to attend NYFF and most likely London too, so I look forward to seeing him there.

Two New Macbeth Posters

Every new trailer I see, every new still I see, every new poster I see, makes me want to see Macbeth even more. Due to whatever vision Harvey Weinstein had for this film, it's really too bad that it's not being treated with more promotional respect stateside. Which poster do you like best? I love the white one, but the red one also represents the mad power of Macbeth which drove him to shed so much blood. Gorgeous! Macbeth will have limited release on December 4th before it's tossed onto Amazon Prime.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The 10 Things to Think About on Michael Fassbender

Some of you fans are so hard to please, even with me being the sexiest man alive!
There are some people in the fandom who insist on being obsessed with things about Michael that they have no business obsessing about. I know that by writing this, I’m mostly preaching to a sensible choir, but for those who need to read this blog post, hopefully they’ll find this article. It appears that some people are losing their shit over shit they have no business giving a shit about. It’s just so sad to see people behaving badly due to a celebrity’s personal life. While this is nothing new in the world of celebrity idolatry, it’s still disturbing to see people make complete fools of themselves over something that is really none of their business.

So to lighten the mood in the fandom, I have created this list of 10 things that people should really be focused on in their fan support of Michael Fassbender. This list is not inclusive, just a few things that came to my mind as the latest fandom fart inspired this blog post.

1.     Michael Fassbender is a highly regarded and well respected actor who is in constant demand. This means that he is truly talented and a lot of people want to work with him. A lot!

2.    Michael has two films coming out this fall: Macbeth and Steve Jobs. Both could garner him awards attention later this year. Although Michael has won many awards, he will surely win many, many more in the future.

3.    Michael is rumored to star in his third Ridley Scott film next year (and fourth when you consider Prometheus 2), his second as lead actor for the director, in a bio-pic on British Chef Marco Pierre White. Apparently Michael and Marco met in 2014 and Marco was really impressed with Michael, like, duh. “He’s a wonderful actor and quite extraordinary. We had dinner and he was incredibly cool. He just oozed charisma. He has a magnetic energy and I would love him to play me. He has that fire inside his belly that I understand”. (Daily Mail)

4.    Michael is in Malta right now filming Assassin’s Creed. This project originally announced in 2012 is his baby. He’s helping to produce it and along with working with the AC video game creators, Ubisoft UK, Michael is serious about bringing this extremely popular video game adaptation into a respectable film franchise. A new character has been created for Michael in the movie named, Callum Lynch.

5.    Michael is always kind and polite to his fans when they are lucky enough to meet him. In some cases, especially when he’s tired and jet lagged from traveling, he still accommodated fans by signing autographs, shaking their hand, or hugging them. Sometimes he has even asked that pictures not be posted online for privacy. Bottom line, Michael appreciates his fans and gives of himself what he can, when he can. Gotta love the guy.

6.    Michael does not have an official presence on the internet or a known social media account (smart man). The few well maintained fan websites (including FF), serve the purpose of providing exciting and relevant information and updates on Michael’s life and career. The best of these websites don’t focus on his personal life.

7.    Michael Fassbender is an intelligent and savvy businessman/movie star. He is the consummate professional and meets his end of all bargains. He has a team of professionals, who are his trusted friends and partners who care about him, and who help guide his career and PR, but beyond that, Michael is in complete control of his career. Unlike what some “fans” think, Michael is not stupid or immature. He knows exactly what he is doing for his career, life, and future goals. Michael does not need so called fans wagging their finger in disapproval of his actions and business decisions. Everything he does regarding his career is carefully planned for his maximum benefit and to maintain his brand. Yes, Michael Fassbender is a brand folks!

8.    There are four Fassy Films streaming on Netflix US right now: Centurion, Fish Tank, Frank, and Inglorious Basterds. Amazon Prime is streaming Slow West. Whenever you’re in the mood, Michael’s just a remote control click away.

9.    Read good interviews of Michael Fassbender – they give great insight into who Michael is and represent him as an honest, open, fun loving guy who enjoys life and loves what he does for a living. Even his famous co-stars always say lovely things about him.  One of my all time favorite interviews (besides my own) is with Michael Holden for the May 2012 issue of Esquire.

10.  I’ve had the pleasure to meet Michael several times and interviewed him. In the eight years that I have been following his career, now more than ever I am so proud and excited to be a Michael Fassbender fan! Michael is an Oscar nominated actor who is extremely handsome, well spoken, charismatic, and tall with a very slender and slight, but muscular frame. I would not waste my precious time and money blogging on someone whom I thought was nasty or unethical. Michael’s not a Saint; he even said that he’s a “complicated person”. It’s that cutely wicked glimmer in his eye that I love.

Michael Fassbender is a gentleman, and to focus on things that really has nothing to do with who Michael, the actor, is, really distracts you from truly enjoying the art of being a real Michael Fassbender fan. So, keep calm and enjoy Fassbender.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Official Macbeth US Trailer

Now that The Weinstein Company announced the limited release date for Michael Fassbender's Macbeth as December 4th, we have a new trailer to remind us what an incredible film this is, and what a must see it will be! The jury is still out on which role Michael could receive the most praise for, Macbeth or Steve Jobs? It will be another very, very, very tight and competitive year for any Best Actor talk, but a few guys are already hot on people's lips at the moment. It's my fear that because neither of Michael's films will screen at TIFF, it will  miss a lot of momentum heat that is generated from that festival.

Friday, August 28, 2015

TGIF 8.28.15

Although Michael has been too busy in the past couple of weeks to be spotted anywhere, it appears that he's in Europe at the moment prepping for Assassin's Creed (AC). If we thought that the X-Men movies and Prometheus gave Michael worldwide fame, Assassin's Creed will broaden his fan base, or at least his name recognition, tenfold. He starts filming on Monday in Europe, but then a few days later, in preparation for 42nd Telluride Film Festival, Sept 4-7, if Steve Jobs is expected to screen there, will Michael be available to attend? He's producing and starring in AC, and it's his baby, but Michael is known for his strong multi-tasking work ethic which he credits his German roots for, so it is likely he'll make it to Telluride, if his film screens there. But if he doesn't show up, he has a perfectly understandable reason why not to. Telluride will announce this year's film titles on September 2nd.

I'm feeling better post-surgery, thanks to those who sent well wishes, I really, really appreciated it! xoxo


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Assassin's Creed and Macbeth

Michael Fassbender is trending on Twitter at this very moment as the first image of Michael as a newly introduced character, Callum Lynch, in Assassin's Creed has been released. All that time with a personal trainer while in Montreal is paying off because Michael looks like a straight up medieval assassin now. Filming starts on Monday and will be filmed in Malta, Spain, and London! (Yahoo!)

Also, while Studio Canal UK is in heavy marketing mode for Macbeth in London, they released two new posters yesterday of this gloriously epic film that deserves much more marketing respect here in the states. It will be very sad watching this movie on my TV streaming through Amazon as I would much more prefer to see it in the theater. But, as I'm not the CEO at The Weinstein Company, I don't know any better now do I?

Check out Awards Watch for a huge batch of new Macbeth stills.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The New Poster for Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs!

Seeing this new poster of Steve Jobs makes me wish even more than it were screening at TIFF, but it's not. I'll have to see it in a regular lame theater some time in October. I like the simplicity of this one sheet. I know Michael will yet again excel in this role.

Friday, August 21, 2015

TGIF 8.21.15

As I slowly recuperate from last week's surgery and semi-depression from life's crap, it's been a quiet week in Michael Fassbender news. It's amazing how solid, good, fun news and images of Michael can cheer a person up. That's why I love this week's TGiFassy image in particular. However, there was some Fassbender-less news posted on Tuesday as TIFF announced another 90+ titles to be screened at the film festival, and it's obvious that Michael will have no reason to make a pit stop in Toronto in September, and that sucks big time (middle finger to Harvey, and side-eye WTFs to Universal Pictures). But, I have my backup boys* and their films to support and my 12th TIFF will still be splendid.

There's not much more to say at the moment, so I'm going to chill out and start planning for my annual trek to Toronto!

BTW, it would be remiss of me to not share this timely Playlist article on Weinstein's track record of purposefully derailing films - The Lost, Orphaned and Long-Delayed Projects of Harvey Weinstein


*next week, read my TIFF related updates at Theatre of Zen to learn more about my back up boys and my film schedule!

Friday, August 14, 2015

TGIF 8.14.15

There's nothing to new to update on about Michael as this week comes to a close. TIFF released more film titles for the film festival, but there is no Fassbender film in sight, yet. I'm recovering from surgery so I'll continue to lay low until there is something new to report. I don't smoke or like smoking, but this picture of Michael a few years ago is hot!


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Michael with Ridley at Scott's Restaurant in London (Updated)

It is rare that I update the blog on a Sunday, and it's even rarer that I update it twice! This time we have pictures of Michael Fassbender having dinner with Ridley Scott, his wife Giannina Facio, and Chiwetel Ejiofor at Scott's Restaurant on Saturday, 8 August in London. As news broke last week that Prometheus 2 will start filming in early 2016, surely this dinner discussion focused on particulars about filming. Pics found in tumblr land!

More pics can be found at Just Jared - it looks like Gugu-Mbatha Raw was a dinner guest as well!

New German Interviews with Michael

As Slow West and Frank are making appearances in German theaters this summer, our Germany based FF contributor, Christine H, has found several new German media interviews with Michael Fassbender from July/August. Christine has translated and transcribed the interviews into word format, and I added the documents on to the public Fassinating Fassbender Google drive (links below).

There are some very interesting things that Michael shares in the interviews: he mentions his recent holiday in Costa Rica and Nicaragua; he likes to keep things simple in his life; he lives a regular non-posh lifestyle (even super cheap hotels); he packs three jeans and seven t-shirts for travel; he's scared to fail in playing a role; and his crazy Irish side permits him to party hard and 'mess up', etc. Some of the things Michael shares in the interviews may sound familiar, but there is a lot of good fresh information too. Michael is honest and forthcoming, and comes across like a healthy, normal, ambitious man in his late 30s. Every time I learn more about what makes Michael tick, I enjoy and admire him and what he offers as an actor and human being even more.

Titles are made up

  1. Bunte magazine page scan
  2. Top Career and Great Love - does it work?
  3. Michael on Karl May movies
  4. I'm Greedy for an Intense Life
  5. Michael, When do you Cry?

Friday, August 7, 2015

TGIF 8.7.15

Michael's Steve Jobs has been announced to be the closing film at London's BFI Film Festival on October 18th. This is the second fall film festival where Steve Jobs has been officially announced to be screening at. There's still been no confirmation on a possible TIFF screening, and it's well known that Telluride doesn't announce this year's film selections until about two days before the start of the festival on September 4th.

In matters regarding the upcoming award season, I have already started to prepare myself to not get caught up in the hand wringing/pearl clutching, finger pointing drama of the O word: Oscar race. There are far too many Hollywood political parallels and wicked games that come into play in deciding who and what gets nominated, and it really goes back as far as who buys the distribution rights to a film, which really sets the marketing and promotional tone and true support for a film and its performers. I'm reading some tea leaves right now, and let's just say that I will continue to support 110% any recognition Michael Fassbender receives for his hard, dedicated work being an amazing and versatile actor, but I'm going to cheer for him on the sideline, and just watch where the cards strategically fall. Michael will reap the benefits of his talent from the highest echelons of the industry one day - we'll just have to be patient.

I'm having surgery next week to correct nasal problems caused by a lifetime of allergies and sinus suffering. I may post an update on my Instagram post-op for receipts.


Friday, July 31, 2015

TGIF 7.31.15

The font name used for the TGiFassy meme is called, Magneto. How appropriate eh! 

Here is a new still of the lumberjack 80's family man on the down low Magneto from X-Men: Apocalypse. I really enjoy Michael's version of Magneto and I certainly hope that there are more opportunities for him on future X-Men movies. Perhaps a stand alone movie for him, like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. So while Michael is currently in Montreal working on X-Men, I've been engaged in various discussions about the upcoming fall festival season, and concerned about the lack of no US release date for Macbeth.

I posted a Macbeth debate related link here on the blog from the facebook page of FF on Thursday. However, I removed it a few hours later because there appeared to be some sort of corruption in the embedded facebook code that prompts an advertisement page to pop up when you visit the blog, and that's totally not cool. I've noticed that in the past but I thought it was a glitch in the system, but now I realize it's connected when I add one of my facebook links here to the blog, so, I won't be doing that anymore.  Anyway, US fans of Michael's Macbeth film are getting concerned by what we perceive to be the step-child treatment of Macbeth by The Weinstein Company. Here is a film that features Michael Fassbender and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, in a sexy goth version of Macbeth that's been slightly de-Scottished (a word I just made up but you get my point), and which was filmed in early 2014. It's almost August 2015 and with the European release dates announced by Studio Canal for Macbeth, there has been no word on when Macbeth will be released here in the states. It just gives us pause to ask what the heck's going on, why the delay, why the indifference? One glance at the 'In Theaters and Coming Soon' menu at the Weinstein website and you will scratch your head bald wondering where the hell is Macbeth.

There are August, October, and December release dates of select Weinstein films listed, but Macbeth is not on the release schedule yet. I simply ask, why not? If you visit the Studio Canal webpage, they have the release schedule at the top of the page where you can click on the region of interest, and you will find the Euro release dates of Macbeth. I would appreciate if the Weinstein webpage would at least acknowledge Macbeth and have it listed as, 'coming soon'. There is also the argument that Macbeth will not do well with American audiences, so there is no rush for Weinstein to release it now, especially since he wouldn't want it to interfere with the Oscar chances of his preferred films/performances. Well, why would he spend millions of dollars to buy it just to hide it? You don't buy a movie with Michael and Marion just to sit on it, or do you? If that's the case, just allow it to show at a few fall festivals, and put it in very limited hush hush release in Nov or Dec, and let it be. But obviously, someone, somewhere fears the damage that Macbeth could possibly do to other films in contention, so, let's suppress it for a while and pretend it doesn't exist at the moment. Or perhaps, they'll release it next Feb or March when it's safe and won't cause trouble.

Cultured Americans deserve to see the Fassbender/Cotillard Macbeth this year!
Either way, I'm very irritated at what appears to be a deliberate attempt to keep Macbeth out of the way here in the US so that it does not compromise the performance of films that the Weinstein group prefer to support. There, I said it.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Michael's 'Steve Jobs' say iNo to TIFF! (Updated)

TIFF, where the hell is Michael Fassbender?
I've been attending TIFF since 2004, four pre-Fassbender years earlier, and I have trekked to Toronto every year since then like the true cinephile that I am. The end of July is fun because that's when TIFF announce the first 50+ film titles that will be shown at TIFF in September and I start planning which films I have to see. With Michael Fassbender being a workaholic the past 18 months, and being absent at TIFF in 2014, surely, SURELY, at least one of his films will screen at TIFF. Surely! Well, shit, in the first round of TIFF announcements this morning, there were no Michael Fassbender films announced! The New York Film Festival did the bragging rights dance on Monday by announcing that they will be featuring Steve Jobs as a centerpiece screening, mere days before the film's wide release on October 9th.
Steve Jobs would have been revered at TIFF!
However, it will not be a world premiere at NYFF, so it got me excited in thinking that it would SURELY screen at TIFF. But, as per this article at The Guardian claims, sources declared that Jobs would bypass Toronto and Venice! I continued to hold out hope that their "source" was incorrect. Well, when TIFF made their announcement today, it was a Fassbender Free Zone. I was going to let the Jobs movie slide as long as TIFF got Macbeth, but it appears that Weinstein is asleep at the wheel for that movie, and the third long shot film, The Light Between Oceans, may not be on the radar for any film festival this year. I'm trying not to trip out because there are at least 200 film titles yet to be unveiled. In the years that I have attended TIFF, there have been some last minute gems announced that were mind blowing cool, so I'm hoping that ONE Michael Fassbender movie screens at TIFF this year! After all, it's TIFF's 40th anniversary, it's a special year, dammit!

Meanwhile, the overrated, uber exclusive, tucked away in some posh little ski-resort town in Colorado, the Telluride Film Festival, will most likely yawn, then pull out their dick a week before the festival starts on Sept 4th, and nonchalantly announce that they have the world premiere of Steve Jobs at their festival, yawn. I mean, I wouldn't mind attending Telluride one day just to say I went there. The celebrities wear plaid shirts and jeans and it's calm and pretty and stuff. But it's almost like a secret society in how one buy movie passes there (you buy these expensive passes FIRST before having an inkling what will screen there - a true cinephile experience), you have to fly in a private plane to get there, and the producers/studio people who can't be arsed to deal with Canadians go to Telluride instead of Toronto (I'm half serious and half sarcastic).

Realistically speaking, for a film that will be placed under the microscope, and is scheduled to be released in October anyway, I'm thinking that the festival circuit has to be brief for the sake of redundancy and hype fatigue, and to limit pre-release day critical chatter, both good and bad. So, TPTB selected the first North American fall film festival, and the other American festival that is closer to the release date of the film.  It's just such an obvious slight to bypass Toronto. I can see skipping Venice, but Toronto... it's right there in between Telluride and New York! Whatever. I'll see the movie with the commoners on October 9th. I just hope in my next update on TIFF, hope remains to see Michael in Toronto. If not, that's ok as he will be very busy filming Assassin's Creed in London.

Future heavy articles on TIFF will be concentrated at my Theatre of Zen blog. So far, it appears that my Michael substitute, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, will be at TIFF again for The Danish Girl.

ETA: Here is an interesting article from The Globe which helps explain the behind the scenes competitive drama of film festivals: As Festival Circuit Grows, TIFF Faces Stiff Competition for Film Debuts

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Dude! (Updated)

Read: Michael Fassbender really pulls the Big Lebowski live read together - The Guardian

Fuck yeah, man, he's the Dude!

Michael Fassbender showed up on stage to a standing ovation (looking hella sexy) dressed in a robe, white shorts and with a white Russian in hand to fill the flip flops as The Dude. (MTV)

Michael was described as going full method as The Dude by lighting up a "cigarette" and drinking a white Russian. Can we love the guy even more?

Fassbender carried the read with his charm and talent… continuously lighting “cigarettes” on stage — fully engrossed in character, while Jennifer Lawrence sat quietly beside him rolling these stage cigarettes. Gotta love the Magneto and Mystique connection. (MTV)

This must have been so much fun! I was watching the movie on Netflix while they were on stage at Montreal's Just for Laughs. Great job Michael!

Michael and Jennifer really need to do a movie together - give Cooper a co-starring break.

A nice full stage, and full Fassy thighs shot!