Friday, February 27, 2015

TGIF: The 2015 Birthday Fundraiser Edition

Today starts off the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser to support The Bike Experience. We have successfully raised nearly £2,500 in the past two years at the Just Giving website. Your donations can be made at this year’s Just Giving Fassinating Fassbender page, and as always, your money goes directly and immediately to The Bike Experience (TBE).
Throughout the entire month of March, I will post regular reminders about the fundraiser to keep the awareness level high. I believe that if we start off strong, we’ll end the fundraiser strong and finishing well past this year’s goal of £1,100! I have been so impressed and inspired by the FF community's donations in the past, and it means a lot to me that people plan to give again this year. Everyone works very hard for their money, so when people make a donation to this fundraiser, they are firstly doing it to honor the person we're here for: Michael Fassbender. And secondly, they are making a charitable donation to an organization that they believe in and have been inspired by for the past two years.
I’m pleased to be able to offer a raffle prize to one lucky winner. And if you by chance happen to make more than one donation during the 33 days of the fundraiser, your name will be added to the raffle that same number of times, increasing your chance of winning the raffle gift bag prize from Real Irish! If you make two separate donations, you’ll be entered twice; if you make three donations, you’ll be entered in three times, etc. I think in the first year, one person made several donations sprinkled throughout the fundraising period.
Everyone who makes a donation will have their name added onto a birthday greeting announcement that will be presented to Michael for his 38th birthday on April 2nd!
Help spread the word about the fundraiser, or collect a few bucks from friends and family, and you can submit each donation under your name to increase your raffle chances for the raffle prize! Forward the video interview featuring TBE Founder, Talan Skeels-Piggan to friends, or post it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts and feature a link to the FF Just Giving page. The more people who know about the fundraiser and the more you bring awareness about the fundraiser’s connection to Michael Fassbender’s birthday, the more successful the fundraiser for The Bike Experience will be. And remember, every single dollar, pound, and euro goes a long way! If we raised £1,097, that demonstrates the importance of one person donating the minimum of £5. The more the merrier, but when it comes to charities, every penny counts! So please give what you can, when you can.
Thank you all so much for your help and support this year!


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Monday, February 23, 2015

The 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser for The Bike Experience!

Photo by The Bike Experience
I'm very happy to announce that Fassinating Fassbender is set to commence our 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser to support The Bike Experience! The actual fundraiser will begin this Friday, however, I wanted to share with you some updated information on The Bike Experience (TBE) a few days before the fundraiser begins. The back story of how the founder of The Bike Experience, Talan Skeels-Piggins, established TBE will help you better understand how Talan himself became paralyzed from the chest down, and how he subsequently conquered the depression and anger he experienced from his accident, and became motivated to create his charity. Talan is excited about Fassinating Fassbender helping raise much needed funds again, and he shared a report with me which further explains the accomplishments of last season, and the goals of this upcoming season which starts in April. Read the statement here.

Telescope Magazine interviewed Talan this month and there is an excellent video of him explaining more about TBE and how it started. Once you watch this video, I'm convinced you'll be inspired and motivated to donate to the birthday fundraiser. Please take a moment to watch this:

For those who make a donation this year, you will automatically be included in a raffle for a gift bag from a local Ann Arbor store, Real Irish. The guy who owns it is from Ireland and he travels there regularly to buy unique Irish products. He also happens to be the best friend of my friend's husband, who is from England. The recipient of this gift bag will be quite happy! In the past two years of our fundraiser, we raised £2,479! I'm positive we'll surpass our goal for this year too and help raise money that TBE greatly appreciates.

On Friday, I'll post the link to the fundraiser page and I look forward to working with all of you over the next four weeks to kick ass in generating donations! Thank you!

Friday, February 20, 2015

TGIF 2.20.15

Michael is a future Oscar winner.
It's Oscar weekend and what better way to reflect on it by looking back at last year when Michael Fassbender received his first nomination. As I wrote in my Theatre of Zen blog, I'm on the sidelines this year without much care, except for my support for Eddie Redmayne. It's fun to support at least one performance I really believe in and wait and see who are the other winners without so much hand wringing emotional investment. Here in the dull Midwest, we are experiencing the Polar Vortex crap again this year with severely sub-zero temperatures, and it's having an extremely negative effect on my attitude and comfort. So I'm looking forward to reading live reactions of the Oscar telecast at my favorite Oscar websites. I'm sure people will loose their minds when their favorites don't win and it's free wholesome entertainment reading their meltdowns. You thought I get a little hot under the collar regarding Michael and the Oscars? Well, my passion sadly pales in comparison to my peers at Awards Daily and Awards Watch website forums.

On Tuesday, I'll post information about the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser to support The Bike Experience. I have already set up the fundraiser page and I'll share that link next Friday, the first day of the fundraiser. Thanks in advance for your support again this year!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Marion & Michael in Assassin's Creed

It has been announced today that Marion Cotillard will star with Michael Fassbender again in Assassin's Creed, after working with him on MacBeth. In fact, the same two stars and the director of Macbeth, Justin Kurzel, is directing Creed too. This is excellent news, I love, love, love Marion (we share the same birth date!), and I'm so excited about all the great news about Creed's pre-production work today!

According to Entertainment Weekly, stars and directors often hook up with each other on small indie gigs and then do big budget blockbusters, or vice versa.

Among movie stars, the business model is widely known as “One for them, one for me”: an appearance in a small, heartfelt film followed up by a paycheck part in a presumed blockbuster.
Assassin’s Creed also marks a reunion for Fassbender and Cotillard, who star together in Macbeth, a kind of gothic reimagining of the Shakespeare classic directed by Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel, that arrives in theaters later this year. In what might also be fairly called a “one for them” maneuver, Kurzel is also directing Assassin’s Creed and seems to have succeeded in regrouping his A-list his principles.
It's also been reported that Michael will be playing the main character, Desmond Miles, and I think at this point, it's a generally accepted expectation and assumption. This is a nice coup for Michael and DMC Films.

TGIF 2.13.15

I mentioned on Twitter this week how interesting it would be if it were announced that Michael Fassbender would be a presenter at this year's Academy Awards. Two of his 12YAS co-stars will be presenters: Lupita and Chiwetel. It's a nice honor to present because the exposure of being on stage in front of a worldwide audience is an outstanding opportunity for people to see you, and you get a crazy celebrity gift package with thousands of dollars worth of exclusive products. I just figured that since Michael is filming in California, the timing would be perfect.

Are you going to see that 50 Shades of Grey crap this Valentine's weekend? Remember when so many people fantasized about how awesome it would be for Michael Fassbender to be Christian Grey because of his performance in Shame? A part of me wants to go there for complete shits and giggles, and the other part of me should use that money to buy some Liquid Plumr for my clogged bathroom sink. However, if I go to the theater on a Wednesday, all seats are only $5. Hmmmm - but I need to unclog my drain first. For the record, I'm glad Michael was no where near being considered. Can you imagine how our fanbase would have been completely altered with an influx of old girls who enjoy that book? Whew!

Earlier this week I have confirmed that we will be sponsoring the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday fundraiser in support of The Bike Experience. I'm very excited to help raise much needed funds for TBE, and to honor Michael's 38th birthday. More information will be posted next week.

TGiFassy ♥

Monday, February 9, 2015

Moving FF Newsletter from Bravenet to MailChimp

In an email sent out to the newsletter subscribers tonight:


I'm emailing you to let you know that after six years of having the FF newsletter on Bravenet since late 2009, I have decided to move the production of the newsletter to MailChimp. You may be familiar with MailChimp newsletters - it's a very sophisticated service, and it allows for the newsletter to look more professional. Unfortunately I am not able to export the currently subscribed readers from Bravenet to MailChimp, and to their credit, MailChimp wants to make sure that subscribers really want to be subscribed to a newsletter produced on MailChimp. Therefore, I have to direct you to a sign up form.

So if you're interested in reading a revamped Fassinating Fassbender newsletter, please go to the blog, and at the top of the sidebar, you'll see a subscription box where you can enter in your email.

Thank you for continuing your subscription to the newsletter, I hope to be much more regular this year.


Friday, February 6, 2015

TGIF 2.6.15

There was lots of news and updates about Michael Fassbender this week. From his Slow West winning an award at the Sundance Film Festival, to the first excellent images of Michael with flat-ironed hair and a bow tie on set, to news about the release date for Steve Jobs (Oct. 9, 2015). Universal Studios sure isn't playing around with the Jobs film, they have straight up released the premiere date at a precise time after the key Fall season North American film festivals conclude. October is a great month to release films primed for Oscar consideration because they fall in the midst of these high profile festivals: Telluride (Sept, 4-7), Toronto (Sept, 10-20), and New York (Sept 25 - Oct 11). And it looks like the festivals have tweaked their schedules this year to be more courteous to each other and have no crazy overlapping to allow attendees to enjoy each festival. Michael could attend all three to support both MacBeth and Steve Jobs. We'll practically be tested to be sick of him - but that will impossible if not such an offensive thought!

If ever there was a year that Michael was going to be huge, is this year! With Slow West coming out of the gate strong from Sundance, the speculation that MacBeth will screen at Cannes, Trespass Against Us later this year, and the Steve Jobs film, Michael is bound to be on the hit list for loads of awards and nominations next awards season, and we'll be here supporting him all through the craziness and excitement!

Admin note: I added a page translator at the top of the sidebar. I tested it for a few languages and it's a pretty cool new tool. So I hope it helps you better understand the blog in your native language.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Slow West Won at Sundance: World Cinema Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic

Congratulations to director John Maclean for Slow West winning the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic at Sundance. Slow West was produced by Michael Fassbender's DMC Films!

Winners are being announced live at IndieWire!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Michael, as Steve Jobs

Here are some great images of Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen on the set of Steve Jobs in Cupertino today. I love Michael's style. I expected his hair to be darker, but, light auburn is fine with me. Pics from tumblr land. 

An article about these pictures can be found at The Daily Mail.

TGIF 1.30.15

Male mannequins should be modeled after Michael's face - all over the planet!
It has to be so flattering to know that your name is on everyone's short list to star in their films, so it comes as no surprise that Michael Fassbender's name is rumored to be in the new Star Wars. I'm not much of a fan of the Star Wars universe so I'm not too enthused, therefore, you should take this rumor with a grain of salt. People need to realize that Michael is already tied up with X-Men and Prometheus, two sci-fi franchises, and he's in pre-production mode for the Assassin's Creed gig. There's only so many projects he can work on. So that's all I'll say about that.

However, if Mr. Energizer bunny is itching to do anything else beyond all these projects he has lined up for 2015-2016, it's my hope that he eventually has time to do some theater work in the near future. Maybe Michael will be inspired by the success his friend Bradley Cooper is having with The Elephant Man now on Broadway. I'm going to see Cooper when he takes the play to London in May - I'm so excited! I remember talking to Michael about how cool it would be for him to do some theater again, and these days, those tickets will sell out like crazy.

If Michael were to do a play, what would you like to see him in? Something rarely seen, never before seen on stage, or a well established play? I'd like to see him in a play that was created just for him, no singing, just a straight up angst riddled drama. Until then, I'll just continue enjoying his movies on the big screen!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slow West did Well at Sundance

As you know by now, Michael Fassbender was knee deep in filming the Steve Jobs movie in the San Francisco area, specifically, Berkeley and Cupertino. As per media anticipation, I thought Michael was going to be able to slip away to Utah for at least a day for the premiere of Slow West at Sundance this weekend, but he was not able to attend. The overall reception to the Western, which was the first film produced by Michael and Conor's DMC Films, was very good! Many reviews state that Slow West is a nice twist of a Western, the body count is high, and there are flamboyant characters, everyone uses their natural accents, and Michael is great, but if anything, his character is still mysterious due to the lack of depth about him.

Back in December it was announced that A24 Films will distribute Slow West in the States, so I'm hopeful that it will get a spring or summer release. It's an independent film, so it may not get released at 2,000+ theaters, but I'm confident it'll have a wider release than his previous film that debut last year at Sundance, Frank.

Michael was spotted along with Kate Winslet at the Flint Center at De Anza College on Monday. A few very blurry and dark images have been taken of Michael on set wearing an 80's style wig and a black turtleneck. The 80s were my personal favorite coming of age decade and I would love to have been an extra in this film.

The Facebook page of FF has been very active with posting reviews of Slow West, so mind it for quick updates and information.

Friday, January 23, 2015

TGIF 1.23.15

While we await the first images of Michael Fassbender in California for his role of Steve Jobs, if you happen to live near Berkeley, you might have a Fassy encounter on Friday. According to this article, Michael and his co-stars will film some scenes between 6pm and 6am near the La Mediterranee restaurant at 2936 College Ave. As per my recent experience as an extra in filming the Batman vs Superman film last summer, these are tight sets when on location, and security is everywhere. But, it'll still be interesting to at least be nearby... but don't waste your time as the minutes approach midnight - don't want to be too stalkery.

Michael will attend the Sundance Film Festival (Jan 22 - Feb 1) in Utah, to promote Slow West. The film will screen five times during the festival. Michael is most likely to be in attendance this weekend for its screen debut.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

TGIF 1.16.15

With the Oscar season in full swing, I am so glad that Michael Fassbender is not involved in this year's bizarre game of who was/who wasn't nominated. While Michael is safely tucked away somewhere around San Francisco to prepare for the Steve Jobs movie, a lot of people were left scratching their heads on Thursday after the nomination announcements; some screamed, some swore.  I was alarmed by some suspicious snubs. In the 25 years I've been paying close attention to the Oscars, I have come to surmise that there are three levels of snub reactions: Surprised (Oh dear.), Alarmed (What the heck?), Fucking pissed (The Fuck!?!, Sons of bitches!, etc.). My reaction was the latter in 2012 (see 1.24.12 post). But that's all in the past. I write this post in a rather Zen-ish mood before my evening meditation and cup of mint green tea. But mind, with MacBeth and the Steve Jobs bio-pic in the pipeline, I could be trippin' again this time next year. I'm just sayin'.

I noticed this evening that Netflix has just added Frank to its streaming menu. But to my surprise, under the brief description of the film, they list Domhnall Gleeson and Maggie Gyllenhaal as the film's stars. Um, excuse meeeeeeee, but, the lure for 98% of the people who watched Frank was because of Michael Fassbender, HE was the draw. I'm sure the other 2% were like, 'Gee, dudes, did you hear that Domhnall Gleeson and Jake Gyllenhaal's sister have a new movie out about a shy musician genius dude wearing a mask? Let's totally go see this new movie right now'! Netflix really need to get with the Fassy program.


Friday, January 9, 2015

TGIF 1.9.15

According to tweets from the past 36 hours, a few lucky people spotted Michael Fassbender in London. So his four month business and pleasure stay down under is over. I'm sure Michael enjoyed the past month in Australia, especially when his parents came down to spend the holidays with him. Now, it's back to work, work, work, and this year is building up to be possibly the biggest year in Michael's career.

He will start filming the Steve Jobs movie in a matter of weeks, and then immediately after that, he'll start on X-Men. In between the filming of these two movies, Michael may have to do some promotion for Slow West and Trespass Against Us, and I think MacBeth is being primed to bow at Cannes in May. If you remember, a sneak peek of MacBeth was shown at Cannes last year. With the 'Steve Jobs' movie being filmed so early in 2015 (similar to the filming and completion schedule of 12 Years a Slave), 'Jobs' will likely be completed to be released in December 2015. There's no way this film is going to wait to be released in 2016, not with it having such strong Oscar cred associated with it. And speaking of 2016, we finally received legitimate updates this week on 'Assassin's Creed'. It will be released on December 21, 2016. So with that, there's no way two Fassy films are going to come out in the same month that year. Michael should start filming 'Creed' very early in 2016.

As Michael prepares to travel to the US soon to film the Jobs movie, I look forward to seeing pics of him with dark and feathered 80s and 90s hair styles. This film is going to be an event!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Fassinating Year in Review: Michael Fassbender 2014

Happy New Year Fassinators (listen to a new 2 minute Podcast message)! It's that time for the annual review of Michael's activities of the past 12 months. In my seventh year of supporting the career of Michael Fassbender, we witnessed the ultimate high for any actor's career, and some eyebrow raising moments as well. In the end, the year 2014 was a good year for Michael, and here is a recap of the highlights covered at Fassinating Fassbender!


Spilling over from 2013 was the phenomenal success of Steve McQueen's '12 Years a Slave' in which Michael was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the overwhelming majority of critics associations and award bodies, including SAG, Golden Globes, BAFTA, and the almighty one, The Oscars! Michael did win some awards like the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts, but the really big ones alluded him in what I feel was the most stressful, polarizing, bullshit filled awards campaign season, in all four decades that I have lived on this planet! I'm just a mere fan and a cinephile, and I was stressed out over it, so one can only imagine how Michael, Steve, and everyone associated with 12YAS felt. Although Michael was nominated left and right in the Best Supporting categories, the American voting bodies felt that his nomination was his reward because they just could not go the extra step and actually vote for his performance of Edwin Epps, a vile racist slave owner. Of course not, especially when there is a Maybelline pretty doe-eyed sassy talking but sweet transsexual AIDS victim going up against him. It feels good voting for the latter.

Red faced drunk rapist slaver - 0; pretty-ladyboy AIDS activist - 80.

Meanwhile, Frank premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to a lot of rave reviews!

The Cast and Director of 12 Years a Slave