Friday, July 18, 2014

TGiF 718

Yeah, I'm positing this just to make sure ya'll are still awake! It's quiet in Fassyland, but let's not go all graveyard quiet, alright? I'm in the process of moving to a new apartment, so I appreciate the little downtime. However, Vera and Stephanie are doing a fine job at FF@FB with some originality in keeping the Facebook page active DAILY. So I encourage you to please visit there DAILY so you can keep up with Fassy stuff, and engage with other Fassinators when things are quiet here at the blog.

With that said, several things popped up this week: Rachel Weisz will join Michael in 'Light Between Oceans', which will start filming in September. And the rumor that Michael has pulled out of Assassin's Creed is still being reported only in comic nerd blogs, not traditional and more reliable sources yet. I don't mean to dismiss a fellow blogger, but as a blogger myself, I know that 'rumors' originally reported by nerd bloggers are taken with a grain of salt until it's verified by authenticated entertainment news sources. That hurts the ego, but that's how the internet world spins. So until Variety or The Hollywood Reporter confirms this about Assassin's Creed, it's still just an under the radar rumor.

Next week is the big week for the TIFF announcements of the first round of films that will screen there in just seven weeks! I just tried to navigate the TIFF website and it's a fucking mess. If I can't easily find what I'm looking for after attending for 11 years, how in the hell is a newbie going to find information there? Anyway, I "THINK" on the 22nd, they'll announce a slew of festival films and maybe Michael's 'Slow West' will be announced to screen at TIFF this year. If I can be honest, I'll be fine if it plays there (it's no guarantee that he'll even show up - just like he didn't show up for Fish Tank), and it may not be announced, it could be saved for the NYFF, or not do the fall festival circuit at all. So, we'll see. All I know is that of all the years I have been attending TIFF, the most hectic years have been when Michael was in town. I admit, I go into 'delicate stan'* mode for Michael only during the hours he's at TIFF where I can see the dude. But if he's not there, fine with me, I can focus on the 20 movies I'm going to see.

* I'm totally setting myself up mafia style by referring to myself as a delicate stan (professional and polite part-time film festival venue stalker fan) in my participating in a mere 2 hours of stanning at the theater in anticipation of seeing Michael and watching his movie. It's not necessarily fun, it's stressful, I'm constantly strategizing where to sit and whom to knock over if they get in my damn way. I'm prepping my camera in one hand and video cam in another. Last year was very stressful because I was wondering how in the hell was I going to be able to give Michael his 'Keep Calm and Watch a Fassbender Film' t-shirt. But I was tripping out for nothing because yet again, the Fassy Gods hooked me up by positioning Michael on the stage right in front of me. I have never seen Michael on the red carpet because I'm always in the theater before he arrives. But in a way, it's just as well because I hate the red carpet crowds at TIFF, and sadly, it's the 'regular people' crazy fans that turn off a lot of the film review bloggers (they're snobs) and they avoid TIFF like the plague because of the regular people fans who don't go see the movies, they just camp out along the red carpet and scream all day. So... see what I put myself through for you people? :D


Friday, July 11, 2014

TGIF 711

The only bit of news that I heard this week is that Michael's version of MacBeth is slated to premiere during the week of Christmas.

MacbethWho Made It: Justin Kurzel ("The Snowtown Murders")
Who's In It: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jack Reynor, David Thewlis
Where It Might Premiere: Set for release at Christmas, maybe this is the kind of film that could quietly make a Telluride debut and skip the others?
The Gist: Shakespeare's Scottish play about General Macbeth gets another cinematic adaptation, this time with none other than Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in the leads. Director Justin Kurzel has yet to prove himself on this scale. Considering his project attracted those actors (and the Weinsteins) it seems safe to suggest he's about to. Definitely something the Weinsteins are hoping will gain awards traction, it could hold out for a theatrical release. But it's been in post since April, so it should likely be ready if they decide to go the festival route. - IndieWire

I am hoping for a November, or early December release. The last two weeks are terribly bloated with high-brow cinema queuing up at the end of the year for Oscar consideration qualification. I don't want MacBeth overshadowed and lost in the mix. But if it's fall festival ready and does really well at Telluride/Toronto/Venice, then it could be bumped up earlier. We'll see. Still no word on that MI5 Top Secret Don't Know What to Call it Terrence Malick mystery movie that was filmed in 2012. It's sure not coming out this year.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

BFF2 Part 2

Michael makes being a third wheel socially acceptable, sexy, and cool as shit. Why? Because I'm often the third wheel when hanging out with coupled up friends, but I often tend to be the one to have the best fun because people like having me around. Think about it. Most couples go out with other couples. But both of you, or at least the primary one of you, has to really, really like someone who is single to join you in an evening of festivities. So that's why it's even more cool that Bradley Cooper likes his BFF Michael so much, he not only replaces Suki at times, but he also joins Bradley and Suki when they hang out together. Now that's a true BFF friendship there!

Source: Daily News

Meanwhile, Michael has spent the weekend at the Silverstone F1 race in England, today he's seen hanging out with Goldie.

Friday, July 4, 2014

TGiF 704

Happy 4th of July to American readers... and I have a question for you. When you look at Michael Fassbender's face, does he look like an American to you, or does he look European?

He looks European to me. I can't put my finger on why he looks European, but he just does dammit, and not like some dude who lives in Kansas. I ask this because even though X-Men: Days of Future Past is a huge blockbuster, there's not as much buzz about Michael Fassbender at the present. Yes, it's an ensemble piece, yes, Michael's on the cover of June/July Details, and yes, Michael has been the topic of articles online, namely for his Frank film, and the upcoming Slow West, but, I still get the sense that because he doesn't have a very American sounding name, and he looks non-American, I wonder if the general public still views him as some fancy schmancy European actor.

He's known but because he doesn't live the "Look at me, I'm a Celebrity' lifestyle that People and US Weekly covets, he's ignored by them. Would it have hurt People to do a 1/2 page profile on Michael in May, June or July? They did one in January 2012, but that was 2 1/2 years ago. I suspect he's too European for them and until something cool, fun, and gossipy happens, they'll keep ignoring him because he's not American enough. Then again, maybe this is a good thing. I don't know, I'm dreadfully biased and I know he's awesome, and he just deserves a bit more fun free press from the popular American celebrity magazines.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Michael Fassbender Didn't get Muddied at Glastonbury Music Festival...

Michael Fassbender with Bradley Cooper and other pretty and special people.

Because he was safe, secure, and dried in the celebrity tent section. This is the ONLY way I would participate at a music festival like Glastonbury. At the Daily Mail over the weekend, they kept posting ridiculous photos of silly drunk festival goers jumping in mud puddles like 5-year olds. But today, they post the celebrity photos and Michael was there hanging out with BFF2, Bradley Cooper. Doesn't Michael have the best smile on the planet?

In other news, Indiewire reports on warming up chatter about Michael's Slow West screening at either Telluride or TIFF in August/September. However, due to the bitch slapping 'First!' controversy from last year when Telluride stole a little of TIFF's 'World Premiere' thunder status for several films, namely 12 Years a Slave and Gravity, the co-director of TIFF, Cameron Bailey, announced earlier this year that if a film that is scheduled to screen at TIFF decides to have the official World/North American premiere at Telluride, just days earlier, they will lose out in being screened during the coveted first 3 days of TIFF. I stress official because if it premieres at Telluride "First!" then that's the official World/NA premiere. Said film can still be shown at TIFF, but it'll be relegated to a Monday-Wednesday slot. Every serious regular TIFF goer knows that the first 3 nights, Friday-Sunday (excluding Thursday opening night) are the HOT films, and that ALL the top dogs and decision makers are in town from Thursday to Monday morning. It's my estimate that TIFF loses about 20% of its out of town visitors and that includes select TPTB and many Americans who have to go back to work on Monday (I used to be one of these folks, but now I can stay a week thanks to my host). It's my hopes that if Slow West is festival ready that they save the North American/World premiere for TIFF. The full film schedule for Toronto won't be announced until mid-August, but they announce about 50% of the films by late July.

And speaking of Toronto, Happy Canada Day, I love Canada! So close, so familiar, but different in their own way! xoxo

Friday, June 27, 2014

TGIF 627

Thank you for the invitation AMPAS.
Michael Fassbender has been invited to join the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences, aka, The Academy! I commented on Twitter yesterday that he may or may not accept the invite. Most people don't understand the process of joining the Academy. You see, even in the event of an application made on one's behalf, and sponsors supporting the invitation, the invitee still needs to accept the invitation, and then fork over membership dues. Many people over the years have declined their invitations for various reasons, and they are often re-invited again. Some people join eventually, but I do want to make it clear that it's not always a slam dunk in the first round. With that said, I believe Michael will graciously join the Academy. It's impressive that he has been invited so 'early' in his career while it takes other actors and notable talent, many more years to be invited. So again, it goes to show you the behind the scenes process of being invited to join. I'm sure Michael had a lot of supporters who vouched for him, namely big Hollywood honcho friends like George Clooney and Brad Pitt, as an example.

It's great that AMPAS sought out a lot of under 40 talent, and people of color this year. This is a much needed infusion of new blood that has a more expansive view of the industry and less fear of voting for performances and films that are more cerebral and extraordinary. With this new crop of voters, there's hope for AMPAS to not fall in line so easily for pure Oscar bait films and performances. Time will tell though.

In his continued support for FF, my peer blogger friend, Jason Adams over at My New Plaid Pants, posted his 478th tagged Michael Fassbender (boyfriend is addicted to Fassy) article that linked to the DMC Film posting and the Frank review. However what caught my eye was when Jason referred to FF as "the ultimate Fassy site". A tingle went up my leg and made me smile. Jason has a very popular blog and has been blogging there since 2005. He knows what he likes, and in the sea of Michael Fassbender sites on the internet, he likes the concise style of Fassinating Fassbender, and I graciously appreciate that. So much so, that I'm going to use his four simple endorsement words for bragging rights! Thanks Jason!

TGiFassy ya'll!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Daniel, Michael & Conor = DMC Films

It was first mentioned well over a year ago that Michael Fassbender established a new London based production company, DMC Films (Google search I found: DMC Film Limited UK). And just a few months ago, his trusted friend and Troika Agent, Conor McCaughan was listed as his DMC partner, and just a few weeks ago, Deadline reported that another British producer of a film Michael worked on (Eden Lake) has rounded out the partners list as, Daniel Emmerson. When I saw all the guys names in one paragraph, it became crystal clear to me what DMC now stood for: Daniel, Michael and Conor! Ta dah! But, if that's just a pure coincidence, then it's a text book definition of a coincidence.

Some of you may wonder why Michael is an actorholic (a word I just made up: a constantly in demand actor), and that's because the man has film production plans of his own. For an actor as talented as Michael and one who struggled to get prime roles in the first 10 years of his career, he of all people know how hard it is to get that first big break, and he knows how hard it is to find quality projects (i.e., Jonah Hex - well, it pays the bills). So what better way than to financially secure your own livelihood and help foster the development of creative film projects in the UK? Create your own production company! And that's what Michael has done, and it seems that it's all formed with key persons on board.

If you refer to the online profiles of both Daniel and Conor, you see that Michael has a great team and that DMC will kick ass in producing fine film projects in the future. If you're like me and are wondering exactly what does a production company does, here is a quick example per Wikipedia:
The production company may be directly responsible for fundraising for the production or may accomplish this through a parent company, partner, or private investor. It handles budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the supply with talent and resources, the organization of staff, the production itself, post-production, distribution, and marketing.[1] Production companies are often either owned or under contract with a media conglomerate, film studio, entertainment company, or Motion Picture Company, who act as the production company's partner or parent company. This has become known as the "studio system". They can also be mainstream independent (see Lucasfilms) or completely independent (see Lionsgate). In the case of TV, a TV production company would serve under a television network. Production companies can work together in co-productions.

So it's no wonder that Michael is taking on a mixture of big Hollywood studio films and lower budget indie films, and that's to help finance DMC and the type of films he wants to help get made. And his double duty as a producer and actor will make his schedule even more hectic.

It has been a dream of mine that when I have the money, I would create a production company that would support films that feature strong women, diverse casts, and original screenplays - really thinking out of the box type projects. I would also like to financially support production companies, like DMC with the investments that they seek. A pure cinephile would want to do this and I hope I'm able to do this one day.

DMC films has produced Slow West, the film Michael worked on in New Zealand late last year. I have a tingling feeling that it may be ready for prime time at TIFF in a few short months. It's the perfect film festival for this type of film. Michael is currently filming Trepass Against Us in the UK. A co-star was selected for 'Oceans Between Us', and it's been reported that he signed on for Garagistas, a film that will have Michael portray his dream role as an F1 driver! And this is not including the fingers crossed that he's still associated with Assassin's Creed. And then sometime in 2015, he will start working on X-Men: Apocalypse, and then after that, Prometheus 2. And Lord knows what else he decides to take on in between, probably do a month long East End play just for shits and giggles!

Whew! I'm tired from just writing all that he has to do! Thank you Michael for working so hard to entertain us with your awesomeness!

Friday, June 20, 2014

TGIF 620

The latest on Michael Fassbender's next movie, 'The Light Between Oceans', his co-star has been announced as Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. With this confirmation, it appears that 'Oceans' is moving forward with Michael and possibly providing more evidence of him preoccupying himself with other jobs since the Assassin's Creed is coming along so slowly in its development. Some of you may not want to think Creed has been crossed off Fassy's dizzying hectic schedule, and it's not over until the fat lady sings, however, girlfriend's clearing her throat backstage right now before she goes onstage. I personally don't think Fassy's still connected with Creed at this point. Let's hope for more valid confirmation in the coming days/weeks.


Monday, June 16, 2014

FF Film Review: Frank (5/5)

It was an incredible privilege to visit Los Angeles during the 20th LA Film Festival June 11-19, and I would not have been able to attend if it weren't for my friend Miapatagonia. On Saturday night, she and I attended the screening of Frank in downtown LA, and I must honestly tell you that Frank was much better than I anticipated - as well as darker and funnier.  Frank is inspired by the career of Chris Sievey, the man behind the Frank Sidebottom mask, but it is NOT about his life. The ending credits was in memorial to him for establishing such a stage presence, but the character of Frank that Michael Fassbender brought to life was a different person than whom Chris was. First off, some initial critique of the film from moviegoers in the UK was that the music was too weird and the characters too strange. Well, those two ingredients to me made Frank an even more entertaining film.

Frank is the enigmatic lead singer of an alternative experimental band called the Soronprfbs. They use the noise and sounds from a wide variety of unusual and strange items to create the instrumental sounds for their music. Frank never takes his mask off and his band members accept this and find it to be normal. However, it is quite strange how some band members fall into their own depression and take extreme measures to disassociate themselves from the band. It is safe to say that everyone in Soronprfbs is a little weird, but they work well together as a band. A replacement keyboardist is needed and Domnhall Gleeson (Jon), a young man eager for his opportunity to be a part of a band, was in the right spot at the right time to be inducted into the Soronprfbs. Almost immediately he realizes that this band is strange, especially Frank, but he's committed to helping them as the new keyboardist and making this work. Only Frank finds Jon interesting and inspiring to the band, but the other band members, especially the fantastic Maggie Gyllenhaal (Clara), can't stand Jon. They think he's a talent-less interloper, but without his financial aid, they would not have been able to create their album.

Jon is savvy with social media, so while the band was making their album, he was updating the progress via tweets, and adding videos of the band rehearsing on Youtube. Jon believes that the band's music is so unique and Frank as a singer and front man being so quirky and strange with his mask head, he is convinced that if they attend the SXSW festival, they will receive the fame that the band and especially Frank deserves. But Jon doesn't realize that maybe the band preferred their obscurity, and not making "likable" music for the masses. With the mental stability of Frank in question, Jon may have set up the band to self destruct with this new direction he's pushing them to go in to. The film doesn't explain early on why Frank wears the mask, but there are quirks about him that gives the viewer enough information to understand that Frank is suffering from some sort of mental illness.

The film was a roller coaster ride of being very funny one moment, very dark and sad the next, and then hopeful and funny again. Needless to say, the SXSW gig did not turn out as planned and Frank's mental illness becomes full blown in a sad way. Eventually, Frank does find himself and as he sings 'I Love You All' at the end, it's really Frank being Frank and singing like he could have been doing all the long. Through dark tragedies comes a new life and everyone moving on again as it should be.

Michael, Lenny Abrahamson (director) and Domhnall Gleeson
The music in Frank is really good and I look forward to buying the soundtrack. Frank may not be everyone's cup of tea, especially those who don't like movies with songs that are not traditional and "likable", but Michael Fassbender, yet again, gives a brilliant performance. While Michael's face is hidden, you rely on the inflection of his voice, and the miming gestures of his body. His signing is very impressive and he is credible as the lead singer of an alternative band, he really got into the lead singer of a strange band vibe. Go see Frank with an open mind to what you are about to watch and I'm sure you'll love it as much I did. It's darker than I initially imagined, but considering the nature of the band and the people attached to it, that is their way of life and comfort zone.

I can't wait to see this again in August!

Grade: 5/5

Picture of the screen just before the viewing of Frank.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So Proud to be a fan of Michael Fassbender

I'm heading off on a short holiday to a place where Michael visited to lose weight in preparation for Hunger back in the day. Although I have been visiting Venice Beach since 2005, it's nice to know that he has a connection there and likes it as well. For a California city, it's a lot of fun, pedestrian friendly, and great for those who love to  lay on the beach and people watch.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A new FF Page for an Essay

Hi all, I don't have much of an update, other than to share a link to a separate new page I created which is entirely focused on that old and tired rumor about Michael Fassbender. Please read it here and the link will also be posted along the sidebar for future easy reference.

I will be going on a much, much needed vacation later this week to Venice Beach an meeting up with a Fassinator or maybe two. I'll pop my head in for a minute while I'm away.


Friday, June 6, 2014

TGIF 606

Now that Michael's promotion for X-Men: DOFP is all finished, it looks like we're headed for another dry spell of Fassy sightings and news. But don't fret, next weekend when I'm on holiday in Los Angeles, I'll be seeing a special showing of Frank. No, I won't be taking my Frank mask with me, but I will be sure to let you guys know my impressions of the film upon my return, if not sooner. I'm busy since last night with volunteer work at the Cinetopia Film Festival, and all through the weekend, and I have a job interview on Saturday. So things have been very adventuresome and exciting for me, and I hope they continue to remain that way.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Did Michael Assassinate Assassin's Creed?

According to the article at KDrama Stars, it seems that Michael Fassbender has distanced himself from the production of Assassin's Creed, which has a twice moved release date of August 2015. I'm of the belief that this may be ringing true, and if so, it's unfortunate, but it all comes down to business. Look at it this way - for a film that will be heavily relied upon CGI and fight scenes for which Michael has to train for, if they plan to release this in just 14 months, this film should be filming RIGHT NOW, really since like March. But it ain't. We all know how busy and in-demand Michael has become and I'm sure many other fantastic scripts have been brought to his attention, namely the follow ups for Prometheus 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse. And that's not even mentioning the one or two yet to be announced Indies this man will surely sign up for. He's currently preparing to film Trespass Against Us which will be filmed in Ireland and England this summer.

So chances look slim to none that Michael is indeed still attached to Assassin's Creed because the time frame conflicts with too many other projects that he is contractually obligated to. I'm perfectly fine with this decision as it did seem too good to be true when it was first announced. Video games turned into movies are a tricky investment. Although I'm not a gamer, I do like some of these games to movie projects, but when some fail, they fail awfully and I don't want something that will end up straight to DVD for Michael, he's above that as an Oscar nominated actor.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Michael Fassbender's June/July Double Details Covers!

On this bright and beautiful Sunday morning, I purchased my copy of the June/July cover issue of Michael Fassbender on Details magazine. And to my surprise, when you flip the magazine over, the Fassy Gods at Details decided to put his lovely image back there too! Fabulous! Luckily for me, all six issues of Details at the Barnes and Noble I went to, only had the Fassbender issue. So if I were a serious McAvoy fan, I would have been SOL. But the Fassy Gods hooked me up because they know I would have been peeved if the store within crawling distance to me did not have the Fassbender issue. So all is well!

Friday, May 30, 2014

TGIF 530

I have literally only 5 minutes to post the TGIF fassy image and it's from no less than the exciting X-Men: DOFP. If you haven't seen it yet, or plan on watching it for your 2nd or 3rd time, go check it out this weekend before other great movies come out and distract you. I'm very, very tired at the moment, it's hard being an 'atmosphere artist' on a "major motion picture", but it's exciting at times, and very boring at others. I worked 13 hours yesterday and I will be doing 12-14 hours again today, working past midnight. I'll have the weekend off, then maybe one more day of shooting on Monday. I wish I can say more, but in due time.