Thursday, November 26, 2015

Michael talks about Macbeth

On this Thanksgiving Day in the States, I'm thankful to Michael Fassbender for being such an incredible, inspiring, and fassinating actor, who motivates me to update this blog to write about his outstanding career as an actor. Macbeth will be having some exclusive private screenings in the next week or so, and then it will expand, slowly, in select theaters around the country. I have Saturday, Dec 12th off from work just so that I can make myself available to see Macbeth with another Fassinator. I can't wait to see this film, and this newest interview with Michael helps explain more about his Macbeth character, and working with Marion and Justin.

Friday, November 20, 2015

TGIF 11.20.15

Michael as photographed in GQ France December 2015 issue.
I am looking forward to an upcoming issue of The Hollywood Reporter for their annual Actor's Round Table, because it's guaranteed that Michael Fassbender will be heavily featured on that cover and the article. It will also be the first time we'll see Michael in a professional capacity with another actor who is his stiffest competition this season. While many of us used this week to reflect upon the events in Paris a week ago, Michael still had a job to do and he was busy promoting Macbeth by attending a Q&A at the Curzon in London with Marion Cotillard, and director Justin Kurzel, last weekend. And he's still filming Assassin's Creed in London, on top of doing press for Steve Jobs. I'm also pleased to see The Weinstein Company stepping up big time in promoting Macbeth and prepping it for the upcoming awards season. There are some important screenings of the film coming up for a very targeted audience.

I previously mentioned how surprised I was that Michael was not featured on an American entertainment magazine, or a men's magazine, on his own, to promote Steve Jobs. This was a big time missed opportunity for fantastic publicity. Hopefully TPTB will make up for it and buy some kick-ass For Your Consideration ads in the trades. So as the year is coming to a close, at the present, Michael is at least on the December covers of GQ France, and Ireland's Tatler Man. I can buy GQ France locally, but I'm in the process of special ordering a copy of the Irish magazine.

Updated: There is an intriguing article link that I found on my Google search Thursday evening from ScreenDaily, titled, 'Michael Fassbender: The Master and the Mastermind'. That sounds like a positive and interesting article, however, the link was dead. So, I emailed the journalist, Tom Grater, to let him know that the link is dead, and I want to read that article and share it with Fassinators. Hopefully it'll be live real soon and I'll post the link here! {Tom said the article will post at 9am GMT on 20 Nov}


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Michael's Interview with Alice Levine

Michael Fassbender had an interview with Alice Levine of BBC Radio 1 on Friday, 13 November. The full length interview is now available - Listen.

Friday, November 13, 2015

TGIF 11.13.15

Steve Jobs opens in the UK today and The Guardian wrote a great review on it. Macbeth is scheduled to be released in the states on December 4th in limited release, and then gradually rolled out. This is a rare opportunity for an actor of Michael's caliber to have two high profile, high-brow films out during award season. I really think it's going to be to his benefit to have voting bodies have two performances to review and give Michael Fassbender the award respect he deserves this season.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Must Read: Leo vs Michael

I'm just going to post a link to Sasha Stone's 'Unpacking Best Actor' article from Awards Daily. She says this about Michael's performance in Steve Jobs:
What Fassbender does with his role in Steve Jobs is nothing short of one of the most vibrant, exciting works by any actor this year. You can say he doesn’t resemble Steve Jobs. You can say you don’t like the character. But you can’t say it isn’t one of the best performances of the year. He’s brutal. He pulls no punches and you can’t take your eye off of him. So if you’re going to say he isn’t even going to be nominated? I’m going to need a little more reason than box office.

And she's right. At the present, until the Fassbender Fans report in to this poll (hint), Leo is in the lead in this fun cinephile fan poll. But Fassbender is a close second. Emotional fatigue of being taunted by Oscar for over a decade has made fans pull behind Dicaprio, and I sure as hell don't blame them, but these same people cannot deny the utter brilliance of Fassbender - they can try, but they will fail.

Nearly every nomination that Leonardo Dicaprio has received, I have supported him, prayed for him, and wished he would win. So that's why it's going to hurt this year too see him lose again, as well as it would be painful to see Michael lose when he so rightfully would deserve to win, fair and square. I'm anxious to see Leo in The Revenant next month, a dreary old timey Western revenge story on steroids. I already know this is going to be a blockbuster, because, it's starring Leonardo.  No one has seen The Revenant yet, but all those who staunchly support Leo have already voted him as the best actor. How can they do that? Just blind faith I guess. How many of those Leo blind supporters will actually go see Jobs or Macbeth, if just to truly compare both performances? Probably not many. The fan bases of Dicaprio and Fassbender could not be more different than oil and water.

But I have seen Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs, AND I'm going to see him in Macbeth sometime in December. Voters in the Academy will have TWO Michael Fassbender films to view which will help them determine if this Irish/German kid deserve to win on just his second nomination, or if Leonardo deserves to win because he should have two Oscars by now.

Sigh... Our Lord Savior, please help me through this award season. Amen!

Friday, November 6, 2015

TGIF 11.6.15

This has to be one of the most beautiful portraits of Michael Fassbender. After wearing brown contact lenses for Steve Jobs, to be reminded of how gorgeous his blue eyes are is startling in this portrait, which is an outtake from his USA Today photo session from September-ish.

Today, Michael will appear on The Graham Norton show with Kate Winslet to promote Steve Jobs. Surely us Americans can catch it via a streaming service sometime this weekend. In other Fassy news, he was nominated for a British Independent Film Award (BIFA), along with his co-star Marion Cotillard, for Macbeth, which in total received six nominations. And also this week, it was announced that Michael's 'The Light Between the Oceans', also starring Alicia Vikander will be released in the UK in January 2017, which means in the US, we may see it just before or after that date. That's a long time to wait, but we have waited longer for other Michael films like that Terrence Malick film that was filmed in 2013 and still doesn't have a release date!

While Michael is knee deep in filming Assassin's Creed in Europe, and possibly doing some promotion for Macbeth as it's released here in the states in the coming weeks, and on top of him being discussed regarding his work in Steve Jobs, it is going to be a very interesting and fun next few months for Fassinators.

In the past two weeks, you have read my opinions on the lack of appreciation for Steve Jobs here in the States by people too stupid to be arsed for it, yes, I repeat, too stupid. So a comment that I posted on FF Facebook, by director Danny Boyle, bares repeating here. He's spot on, very succinct in his opinion about how the film was managed, but he stuck to his guns in declaring that he worked with the top of the top of talent on this film and he is very proud of it. Well, we here at Fassinating Fassbender are proud of your film too Danny! While I don't think Steve Jobs is a hard sell... that's because I'm the demographic it appealed too. You can't sell Filet Mignon at McDonald's, because that demographic wants something processed cheaply, cost cheaply, and is simple and quick to consume.  But that doesn't mean the Filet Mignon was nasty or a failure... it was simply marketed to an audience that had a different palate. Same goes for how Universal misjudged the intelligence and attention span, or lack of, for my fellow Americans by expanding it across the land like it was a summertime superhero film that had purple aliens. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs opens in the UK on 13 November.

Boyle was surprised by the film's box office numbers but says he's not interested in taking the easy route when making movies.
"You try and make complex films, not simplistic films. You also want to make them highly pleasurable as well," the 59-year-old British director told The Associated Press in an interview Monday.
"We did brilliantly the first two weekends," he explained. "Then they went too wide too soon and that's a mistake. But hindsight experts are always around on Monday mornings."
Considered an award-season heavyweight, the Oscar-winning Boyle ("Slumdog Millionaire" 2008) is confident the film will find its audience and says he won't be shocked if Fassbender and Winslet feature high on the upcoming trophy circuit season.
"I've been very lucky to be involved with a lot of very good performances over the years, and this is on a different planet, I think. I mean Fassbender and Winslet -- and Seth Rogan is just extraordinary in his playing (Apple engineer Steve) Wozniak -- so yes, I'm very, very proud to be associated with them," he said. - C24 Toronto

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Double Fassy Weekend!

Michael Fassbender is in a rare position this weekend as an actor. He is receiving simultaneous rave reviews from films that are being shown exclusively on both sides of the pond. I don't think this has ever happened before. So if you're in the US, go see Steve Jobs today, and if you're in the UK, go see Macbeth today! I believe that both of these films will help him tremendously this awards season. Most likely one will receive all the nominations, while the other will serve as supporting evidence of Michael's consistency as a brilliant actor.

Friday, October 30, 2015

TGIF 10.30.15

Good Fassy reading:

The Telegraph article asks, Why Do Straight Men Fancy Michael Fassbender? - because they're smart and have good taste.

@BeatlesFass08 tweeted that Empire Magazine gave both Steve Jobs and Macbeth 5-stars. What other lead actor can greatly impress them TWICE?

Michael's next film, The Snowman, will be the first major international movie production to film in Oslo.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Misappropriated Usage of the Term 'Flop'

Say 'flop' to my face one more time bitch!
With some of the silly 'flop' chatter going about on social media, I deem it all bullshit! So it motivated me to search for an article that would appropriately define the term 'flop' and present some films that have a general 'it flopped' consensus, to compare their scenarios. I found this November 2013 article, How Would You Define a Film a Flop?, written by Brad Lee, and I found great value in what he wrote. He focused on big budget commercial films like John Carter and The Lone Ranger (two films that were considered flops, but which I greatly enjoyed. I loved John Carter). He made a lot of sense, and that very sense is sorely lacking in most of the articles and comments posted on social media since this weekend about Steve Jobs. Again, there are quite a few articles out there that are smartly written, but the others are bathing in a pathetic glee by putting their non-credentialed 'flop' stamp on a film that doesn't deserve that reputation sullying branding.

I believe that when mainstream media get on a large enough bandwagon and shout in unison that a film flopped, it does tarnish, if just slightly, a film's cred in luring audiences to go see it. It's almost akin to an orchestrated bullying tactic employed to discredit a film that has sincere Oscar hopes. Thankfully, Steve Jobs has an important A- Cinemascore, and an 85% Rotten Tomatoes. As the sensible film reviewers/bloggers/critics have mentioned, Steve Jobs is a prestige film, it's not its fault that it doesn't appeal to the lowest common denominator movie going patron. Perhaps Universal should have released the film to just 1,000 screens. Anyone who really wanted to see the film, would have driven to see it (like I did two weeks ago). And as nomination time comes around, expand it to a few more theaters. But just because Steve Jobs fell short of its US box office target, should not reflect on the quality of this excellent film. Keep in mind that box office earned in the US is not the holy grail to measure the true success of a film. Steve Jobs will open over the next couple of months throughout Europe, and don't forget about China/Japan. The film will earn back its production and marketing costs - just not on US receipts alone, and that's OK, considering the state of mind of most Americans.

In Brad Lee's article, here are a few excellent points he made:

I mean seriously, answer this question I have been asking myself for a long time now. How is it that films like Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, the Twilight Saga or Jack and Jill seemingly can get you into the seats but an actual fun movie like John Carter or Pacific Rim that is not retarded and outdated toilet humor is unworthy of your attention? Well, in America, anyway…

And here he goes with calling out the over inflated importance of the American market. Hey America, we aren't that smart!

The mentality is that the American market is the be all and end all to a movie’s success, regardless of any and all critical acclaim or derision.  Okay, so in that case, Grown Ups 2 and Movie 43 should be held in much higher esteem than say, Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, Blade Runner or Fight Club. Or don’t forget that other flop that is currently sitting atop the IMDB list of greatest ever films: The Shawshank Redemption.

People, you need to understand this: Critics, news agencies (those bitches at Variety, for instance) and bloggers always have agendas*. Hello! (get it? see Steve Jobs)

It is also time for you, the cinema going public, to stop listening to critics who obviously have an agenda nowadays (Newscorp anyone? They are never going to promote a rival company’s film with an unbiased opinion) to make sure certain films “flop” regardless of how good the finished product is. Don’t just follow like mindless sheep on the way to the abattoir and jump on the hate bandwagon because the powers that be tell you to.
Make up your own mind and if you do enjoy a film: shout it from the rooftops. Don’t let misguided and biased media sway you from your opinion. I thought John Carter and The Lone Ranger were both fabulous movies that a lot of families missed out on purely because of the negative rhetoric. 

I love Steve Jobs and I love Michael Fassbender's performance and I'm shouting from the rooftops, the Fassinating Fassbender social media channels, and Twitter, my support for this film! Oh, and go watch John Carter, it was excellent!

*even I have an agenda, duh!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meanwhile, Michael Continues to Work..

Michael Fassbender's DMC Film production company, which he co-owns with Daniel Emmerson and Conor McCaughan, is producing Assassin's Creed, currently filming in Europe. The twitter for DMC Film has been doing a great job lately promoting Michael in his new foray into keeping fans posted on his filming activities on social media. If this is the closest that Michael will ever get to being associated with a social media channel, then I totally approve of this collaboration. Not every celebrity needs their own social media account, and based on the state of Michael's fanbase, so fragmented with pockets that are sadly immature, DMC Film is an excellent social media mediator for Michael.

DMC Film tweeted the above image of Michael a few days ago, and the accompanying Collider article provides much needed context for those, who are like me, didn't know the context of the scarring/bruises on Michael's neck.

If you're not following DMC Film on Twitter, you should start because it appears to be the only official social media channel that Michael is affiliated with.

A few days ago, German Fassinator friend Christine H shared a new German Cosmopolitan November 2015 interview with me and I posted it up at FF Google Drive and immediately shared it on FF Facebook. Go check it out, it's a great interview that yet again reveals some excellent new information on Michael.

Michael Fassbender sind Sie arrogant? German article scan

MF Cosmo Interview English translation .pdf

Monday, October 26, 2015

Quote of the Day

Reigning Queen Oscarologist and Founder/Editor of Awards Daily, Sasha Stone tweeted:

Preach Sasha!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Box Office: Prestige vs Commercial (Update)

Of the box office articles written this weekend, and the upcoming articles which will confirm the box office receipts on Monday, some will have a negative slant in reporting about the box office for Steve Jobs. Some will write in a tone for click bait schadenfreude by acting as though Steve Jobs is your run of the mill commercial release instead of the arthouse fare that it truly is. With box office estimates for Steve Jobs to earn just shy of $8 million in its first wide release weekend in the US, in total, it will have earned just over $10.1 million. This film has legs and with overseas box office, and excellent critical reviews, it will do fine.

The Hollywood Reporter puts things into perspective:

In the U.S., Steve Jobs was expected to generate as much interest among adults as Bridge of Spies, considering the attention surrounding Boyle's biopic, starring Michael Fassbender as the legendary and controversial Apple co-founder. But the Universal film had to settle for a seventh-place finish after grossing $7.3 million from 2,493 theaters.
Those backing Steve Jobs had wanted to land somewhere in the teens, but are counting on a long run throughout awards season (an A- CinemaScore should help word of mouth). Jobs is pulling in strong numbers in core cities including New York and Los Angeles, meaning it is playing more like an arthouse title than a commercial release. Aaron Sorkin wrote the adapted script for the film, also starring Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels.
Two weekends ago, the $30 million movie scored the top location average of the year to date when opening in New York and Los Angeles. Last weekend, it did solid business when expanding into a total of 60 theaters. Through Sunday, Steve Jobs' domestic total is $10 million.

Update 10:30pm EST: As on spot as usual, IndieWire's Anne Thompson remarks on how the performance of Steve Jobs this weekend won't affect its Oscar contention. An excellent film is an excellent film period, regardless of 'wide release' box office.

 "Steve Jobs" Falls Way Short (Hint: The Adult Audience Isn't Infinite)
With "The Martian" and "Goosebumps" predicted to place where they did — and close to the weekend, same was expected for "Witch Hunter" — some projected "Steve Jobs" at the top spot, with perhaps as much as $20 million. Instead, it did under $7.3 and in a weak weekend ended up seventh.
This is disappointing, but not as much as might be seen. As indicated here last week, the writing was on the wall when, after nabbing the year's best platform opening, "Jobs"' 60-theater break fell short of similar "Sicario" in its second weekend.
That suggested it had a more narrow audience. And it is not unusual for a film when it shows relative signs of weakness (and emphasis on relative — last weekend was very strong) that it might indicate a trend that will increase as a film widens.
And that's what happened. In its third weekend, "Sicario" went wide in slightly more theaters grossed $12.1 million. So plotting out results to date, even $10 million seemed closer to likely.
But "Steve Jobs" is facing different conditions than "Sicario" — multiple films, including "The Martian" and "Bridge of Spies," as alternatives. Also, as we wrote in today's Arthouse Audit  about how "The Suffragette" and "Truth" are both lagging, too many true stories and biopics may be flooding the market.
"Jobs" is doing well enough to maintain its status as an awards contender. But for once this year, Universal, nearly faultless in their strategy, might have gone wider more quickly than interest in this film warranted. (Ed: This!)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Steve Jobs First Weekend Performance: By the numbers

In the last weekend before Halloween, your average American, who most likely regularly uses an Apple product, will opt to see the mass appealing The Martian, and some other movies that either make them laugh or entertain them with guns, nakedness, and bloodshed. For those of the more cerebral nature, they will go see Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs.

According to Deadline, Steve Jobs will fall short of it's over projected $11-15 million range as it expands across the country. But that's ok, Steve Jobs is not a movie about the development of Facebook, a social network platform that billions of people use and die by. Steve Jobs is about the man behind Apple and it's high brow fare to boot. What's most important is the CinemaScore (A-), and the excellent pre-Oscar talk about Fassbender and Winslet. That's what matters.

Steve Jobs (Universal/Legendary) Friday B.O.: $2.4M Est. Weekend B.O.:$7.09M Current Est. Rental: $3.5M Est. Budget: $30MOn the downside, this is not the $11M-$12M opening that the industry was predicting on this wide expansion (from 60 theaters to 2,493). In its release pattern, the first two frames ofSteve Jobs closely comped to Sicario, but it’s not going to emulate the trajectory of the Lionsgate title. The upside is that Steve Jobs received an A- CinemaScore. Even better news for the awards P.R. gurus out there: Film Title: Steve JobsAudiences loved leading actors Michael Fassbender (25%) and Kate Winslet (19%) giving them As. 72% came out because they were interested in seeing a biopic about Steve Jobs. Among all the clunkers this weekend, Steve Jobsgets a pass. Here’s why: It’s an awards contender and the core adult base for this film comes out in dribs and drabs throughout the season. As the film gathers nominations, it will continually find an audience. Noms will also positively impact foreign ticket sales. As Steve Jobsloses screens in the coming weeks, the trick for Uni is to keep it afloat at enough premium venues so that it’s alive during the latter half of the year when Globe and SAG noms are announced. Again, it’s a tough time for adult pics on the marquee. We knew early on that Steve Jobs wasn’t The Social Network ($22.4M) in its mass appeal, that’s why Uni platformed it.

Friday, October 23, 2015

TGIF 10.23.15

Just go see Steve Jobs today, it opens Everywhere in the USA! Just go, it's a great film and it could be the #1 movie this weekend. Support Michael!