Friday, November 21, 2014

TGIF 1121

Michael is wondering why TGiFassy is hovering near his shoulder.

Michael Fassbender popped up in Australia this week with an appearance at Risk Sound, a sound production company in Melbourne. Perhaps they were working on the sound for the movie he's currently filming in New Zealand. It was good to see him, and he looked very happy too. The only other news we heard this week was that Michael's reported Steve Jobs biopic is in need of another studio. Sony pulled out from the film yesterday and already there is interest from Universal studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The musical chairs of this film is par for course in Hollywood, so once the dust settles, we'll know for 100% if Michael will be Steve Jobs, who his co-stars will be, and which studio will support it.

Now that it's near the end of November and Thanksgiving is next week, it's that time of year for sending Holiday greetings to Michael. For the third year in a row, the Fassinating Fassbender admin team will send a specially designed holiday card to Michael in London. But the message is from ALL of FF fandom in that we at Fassinating Fassbender wish him a safe and prosperous holiday season. I'm grateful to a last minute emergency ordering through Shutterfly which allowed me to create a most beautiful card. I was disappointed with how Zazzle dropped the ball in creating this year's card. They upped the ante on protecting celebrity images and their name so they didn't want to create this year's FF card. They didn't want to produce the card because of Michael Fassbender's name being in the word cloud. After waiting a few weeks for the product, I had to call them to check on the status, only to learn that they canceled it without tell me. WTF? So, I dropped those useless bitches and killed the FF Zazzle store. Don't fuck with my Fassbender! LOL! The cool thing about all of this is that Shutterfly produced not only a higher quality product, but I received it quicker too with no censorship crap.  We don't send Michael gifts, Lord knows he receives enough from his fans, but this greeting card is unique, and given straight to him. It'll be mailed in a week. Check it out!

The cover is pearlized. Ohhhh, ahhhh!


Friday, November 14, 2014

TGIF 1114

Apparently for X-Men: Apocalypse, there's going to be a slash plot story. Sorry, it won't be Magneto/Professor X, but instead it will be Magneto/Mystique love angle "front and center". I don't know why this curve ball is being thrown but it doesn't seem like the natural progress for the franchise. I've never read the X-men comics, so maybe there is a hint of a romance between them at one point. But in all the movies thus far, even the ones from the early 2000s, there has always been like a father/daughter type of relationship, or at the very least, Magneto was a mentor to Mystique, but these sexytimes talk is kinda weird. But we'll see how this progresses. I personally would have preferred Magneto/Prof X, but that wouldn't be a PG13 action film, it'll be something else, and I think I'm probably the only one who would go to see it. Maybe this is Bryan Singer's way of killing all those tumblr slash fantasies and to add an element of romance between the two highest profile characters in the X-Men universe to get mo monay! With Michael Fassbender being the sexy mean-wicked mutant leader, and the crazy fanbase of Jennifer Lawrence as the gorgeous blue chameleon mutant, this may be a plot to get more butts in the seats of an already successful franchise. I'm not complaining, I will accept Michael Fassbender in any type of lovey dovey situation as long as we get to see him in various stages of having that helmet off, if you catch my drift.

Meanwhile, over at FF Facebook, we are developing a timeline of Michael Fassbender's life and career that goes back to 1977. You'll be able to merely click on a date in that timeline and read all publicly known information about him that occurred that year. You're welcome. This project will be an ongoing project between me, Vera, and Stephanie as we work to capture not only his filmography, but TV shows, TV guest appearances, red carpet events, award nominations, and print interviews/magazine cover stories. Basically, the highest highlights of each year of his awesome career!


Friday, November 7, 2014

TGIF 1107

Closest image I could find of a hang on his chin similar to the Jobs image below.
The two biggest news bits about Michael Fassbender this week was about his Best Supporting Actor BIFA nomination for Frank, and the reports that Sony Pictures is in negotiations with Michael to take on the Steve Jobs biopic. If he accepts, which I believe he will, this role will define him to a new generation of fans and snugly secure him in the A-list ranks. So hopefully we'll hear something very soon to confirm his acceptance.

Michael should be wrapping up filming 'The Light Between Oceans' in a couple of weeks, and then he'll be on a well deserved break for the holidays. As someone pointed out at Awards Watch, Michael stands to have the following films released in 2015: MacBeth (Cannes & TIFF fare), Slow West, Trespass Against Us, and that still unknown Terrence Malik film. This is on top of him starting production for both the next X-Men film and Prometheus 2, and figuring out how to get Assassin's Creed actually INTO production mode for its new 2016 release date. Whew! I'm tired from writing all that, so imagine how thrilled but exhausted Michael must feel being so in demand. I bet he didn't think his life would be so wonderfully hectic back in 2004.

I'll try to post a podcast this weekend.


With the right hairstyle, glasses, and beard, and borrowing young Magneto's black turtleneck, He got this!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Next Michael Fassbender Job is the Steve Jobs Biopic!

It has been announced this afternoon in various media reports, including Variety, that Michael Fassbender is in talks to step into the role to portray the late American icon and founder of Apple and its world changing iPod/Apple products, Steve Jobs in a film by Sony Pictures. The director of the film will be Danny Boyle, the Oscar winning director that Michael was going to work with when he had to step down from the film Trance in which eventually was taken on by James McAvoy.

Almost every human over the age of 3 has had some contact or use of an Apple product, and therefore, has had their life forever altered for the better by Steve Jobs. When it is confirmed that Michael will take on this role, portraying Steve Jobs is something that will make him get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, that's how culturally, and socially relevant and important this role is. And as we know, Michael Fassbender has the acting chops, and his chameleon like acting abilities and physicality will make this a character portrayal and film to long be remembered.

According to the LA Times, the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is quoted as saying:

Whoever ends up playing Jobs will inherit what Sorkin has called "an extremely difficult role," with "more words to say in this movie than most people have in three movies combined."

Stay tuned for additional information!

Edited to add LA Times quote.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Michael Fassbender Best Supporting Actor BIFA Nom: Frank

The British Independent Film Awards announced this morning that Frank has received four BIFA nominations for Michael Fassbender in Best Supporting Actor, Maggie Gyllenhaal in Best Supporting Actress, Lenny Abrahamson as Best Director, and Stephen Rennicks for Music!

I knew that either BIFA or the Golden Globes would pay attention to Frank, so this is a great acknowledgment from BIFA.

Congratulations to Michael and his fellow nominees on the brilliant work on Frank! Good luck!

Read the BIFA press release.

Friday, October 31, 2014


Raise your hand if you participated in this week's FASSY Private Film Festival! I'm sure you enjoyed the wide range of Fassy films this week. If you didn't, perhaps this first weekend of November will be a great time to do nothing else but watch Michael Fassbender films. I'm going to watch some of his films too.

For those celebrating Halloween tonight, have fun!


Monday, October 27, 2014

FASSY: Films to Watch In Absentia

While Michael Fassbender is busy in New Zealand filming on a private and closed set, I thought of a fun way to keep Fassinator's spirits high and thinking about Michael while he's In Absentia.

Here are five films that spell out F-A-S-S-Y that I would like you to consider viewing this week and posting in this thread your opinions of the Fassy In Absentia Fassinator Private Film Festival yes I just pulled that outta my butt. In future honors of Michael, I welcome your In Absentia film schedule suggestion to share with your fellow fans.

Have fun, and don't worry, Michael will be back our limelight in due time.


Fish Tank - Michael Fassbender is a sexy secretive man guest in a house of females. He's naughty.


A Dangerous Method - In this well made, but slow pace period drama, Michael is Carl Jung spanking a spastic Keira Knightley and butting psychological heads with Viggo Mortensen's Sigmund Freud.


Shame - Michael plays a sex addict who is ashamed of his addiction but just can't find the real motivation to end this emotionally draining psychological condition.


Sherlock - The Case of the Silk Stocking - If only there were twin Fassys on the planet, we wouldn't have to have an In Absentia Fassy Private Film Festival. But in this case, both Fassys are not the kind of blokes we'd want to be close to anyway. But still, they're so sexy.


(12) Years a Slave - Michael's Oscar nominated role is a brutal depiction of a sick and drunken slave owner really turns your stomach. An important, but must be seen, hard to watch film from Oscar winner Steve McQueen.

Have fun this week with the Fassy In Absentia film festival!

Friday, October 24, 2014

TGIF 1024

Michael Fassbender looks like how we feel. Slightly bewildered and concerned that there is no new news or updates about him. This is week number 'What the Hell'? in being denied the most basic, fundamental tidbits about our favorite actor. This just ain't right. All I know is what you guys know: he's filming in New Zealand. For a guy who is already very private, he's still private but even more so because he's at the bottom end of the planet to boot. Well, maybe next week he'll be spotted buying socks at Farmers. Give us something Fassy, we hungry!

Meanwhile, I have started to update the FF Zazzle store with a few fresh items while retiring older stuff. As a reminder, and especially for newer readers, I cannot use the image of Michael Fassbender on any items at Zazzle. For the first several months, I used images that I took of him in Toronto until they realized who Michael was, then the Z people removed them because their new policy prohibited the use of a celebrity's image for profit, even for 50 cents. You have to get permission from the celebrity to use their image on items for sale - even if it's my personal photo of him. It's a lame policy, but I can see how celebrity images can be abused if left uncheck. So I have to be creative in making Fassbender related designs that are unique and attractive enough for people to consider buying.

If you have an ounce of creative talent and would like to contribute an artistic design to the FF Zazzle store for me to consider, please contact me.


Friday, October 17, 2014

TGiF 1017

This TGiFassy is being written the morning after only 4.5 hours of sleep due to a fantastic concert night of seeing Pearl Jam! I will be on a Pearl Jam and Eddie Veddermy past life husbandhigh all friggin' day, but of course I still have room in my heart and brain for Michael Fassbender!

I don't have much else to say because I'm so tired and have a sore throat, but it's TGiFassy! and I want to let you know that I will have another podcast in the coming week!

ps. Look out for Pearl Jam in Detroit concert pics and review this weekend at ToZ!

Updated to add ToZ link.

Friday, October 10, 2014

TGiF 1010

Next Tuesday, you will have in your hot hands, the Blu-ray or DVD of Michael Fassbender's second X-Men film, 'Days of Future Past'. Hopefully it will wake you out of your MIA-Fassbender induced coma. I swear, the well of Fassbender news and information is so damn dry, the drought rivals what's going on in California. Very dry, but hopefully an end in sight is near.

In the little bit of news I have read about recently is that if you're in New Zealand, the casting call for extras for 'The Light Between Oceans' is going on right now. They need about 120 people, in the cities of Dunedin and St. Bathans.

People interested in playing extras - either in Dunedin or St Bathans, where extras casting is being held on October 11 - could contact Ms Taylor at

I've had the pleasure of being an extra on the Batman vs Superman movie that is still being filmed right here in Detroit. If the Lord allows it, I shall be seen in two key scenes, one with Henry Cavill, and the other with Lawrence Fishburne. Being an extra is a unique experience, and being one in a Michael Fassbender film would be an extraordinary once in a lifetime event.

Source: Otago Daily Times

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Michael Fassbender Makes a Lasting Impression

That Smile.
It is October now and I feel that I can officially write about and discuss things Oscar 2014. With Michael Fassbender in all likelihood not in the mix this year (in the remote chance that he’s even nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for Frank at the Golden Globes) for any Oscar consideration this season, my blood pressure will thankfully remain low and I won’t feel the need to be on the defensive for performances and films I have a ‘fanship’ investment to win. That meaning I am not a hardcore fan of any particular person or film title that I’m staunchly rooting for this year. Sure, I have my eyes on a few favorites, but my support for them is nothing like supporting Michael Fassbender and his projects.
At the moment, Michael is in New Zealand filming ‘The Light Between Oceans’, and so far, he has fallen off the radar from the public eye on this undisclosed and protected set. So Fassinators are left to reminisce over his impressive film catalog and thousands of images posted all through the internet. I would like to take this moment to review what it is about the actor Michael Fassbender, which keeps my interest in him unwavering. I have addressed before that when someone takes on the responsibility to develop a creative endeavor in support of a celebrity, she or he needs to be serious about it and maintain an active level of interest in the celebrity’s career to continue regularly updating their fan websites of supportive information on the celebrity. I don’t believe in parroting the most mundane, outdated, and irrelevant tidbits about Michael, just to keep Fassinating Fassbender fresh, the readers would be bored. So I believe it’s ok to be a little quiet for a short while, if only to take a personal breather and to maintain a sense of integrity and selectivity for the blog.
If you are subscribed to the Michael Fassbender Google alerts, you would know that in the past six weeks or so, Google has been squeezing blood from a stone in their alerts with dull repetitive headlines related to Fassbender. Any for-profit “entertainment” website that has basic knowledge of SEO, website optimization, monetization, and keywords to lure readers to their sites, know how to use Michael Fassbender’s name in any context of their article to generate hits. Subsequently, a link to said website will pop up on the Google alert as supposedly relevant news on Michael. This is testament to his star power and name brand for marketers and pseudo-gossip writers to use him for click & bait titles and articles. Case in point, a Google search for Michael today brings up first page results for two articles that are pure bait click jobs. One August 2014 article by IndieWire, in record breaking shamelessness, deliberately creates a provocative title by misrepresenting a quote from Michael and misconstrues the context of those words to garner more hits to the website for that article.

Another article posted today, October 2nd, by Grantland, totally uses Michael Fassbender’s name in a tongue in cheek manner for the promotion of a film that he’s not even starring in. In the movie set to be released on Friday, Ben Affleck stars in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ (my ToZ review), and it’s reported that Ben has a nude scene where the viewer has a glimpse of his penis. So naturally since it’s so rare and apparently so daring for an A-list male actor to do frontal nudity, Grantland’s inclination is to make fun of Affleck’s purported nude scene and take creative license to pretend to interview Michael Fassbender’s penis in a satire article.

We get it, it’s funny when an actor is brave enough to do a nude scene, especially when he’s good looking, very well known, talented, won or been nominated for an Academy Award. We get it that Hollywood and entertainment writers do not really take men serious when they do full-frontal nude scenes. Women’s bodies are the ones to be exploited and fawned over to the point that it’s expected, demanded, and the norm. After all, they’re just, women, the second class human beings who are the objects of constant sexual desire by most straight men the world over, especially the ones in power. Men are above having to be nude in movies, so when they are, let’s have a laugh… and not nominate them for Oscars. But you know what; I also have a sense of humor while I analyze this industry double-standard. However silly the Grantland article is, they provided some interesting insight into the concerns studios have over their male actors. I’m pretty sure it’s not a far-fetched scenario to imagine the studio of a huge superhero film contacting the studio of the superhero actor’s other studio film, asking them to be mindful not to expose his assets too much; after all, the superhero actor does need to maintain a certain level of dignity. Ya know?

This is why I love how daring and honest Michael Fassbender is as an actor and a fellow human being. He does what he has to do if the job calls for it. He has mentioned many times in interviews that he’s looking for unique challenges in the roles he takes, and he wants to keep it real, and portray a character as honestly as possible with no personal biases judging the character. And those qualities in regards to his craft can also be found in how Michael lives his personal life: honest and true to himself. Michael Fassbender could date anyone in the world whom he felt would give his career the best PR boost, instead, he keeps it real, he is very private on that subject, and when he is seen hanging out with someone regularly, it’s not the generic stamped approved type of person. Michael Fassbender doesn’t give five fucks what people think about him, and that’s awesome. Actor Robert Pattison’s fan base blows Fassinators out of the water by sheer numbers and insane levels of stanning. So the craziness that is currently going on in his fan base demonstrates yet again that extremely disturbed “fans” exist in all fandoms and they suffer from the same debilitating anti-social, mean-spirited attitudes.

As of late, Michael Fassbender’s name often comes up as someone whose career and talent is reviewed with great respect, and inspires other actors to emulate. This blog is not a cutesy fan website for an actor just because he’s cute; the man has genuine talent, is very intelligent, and is a kind and compassionate person. When I had a job interview a few weeks back, I had to speak briefly about my online publishing and social media work. I mentioned Fassinating Fassbender and the interviewer asked me why did I select Michael and why did I choose blogging in support of him. I admitted that back in 2008, he was a fresh face and talent that excited me, and I wanted to use my talent of writing/blogging to show support for him and his career. Michael Fassbender has come a long way since then and she was impressed with my commitment. The fandom has lost a lot of fans, and has picked up a lot of fans as well. Most fans do not have the same level of commitment that I have, for instance, and I know other fans are even more enthusiastic over Michael than I am, but express it in different and non-public ways.

That Face.
I consider myself lucky to have jumped on the Fassy bandwagon back in early 2007 and it’s a thrill for me to share FF with likeminded fans. Michael Fassbender has the stuff to be an in demand actor for many, many years to come, and this blog will always be right here. We have a great reputation to those that matter, and we’re appreciated. I’m reminded of a comment made by a Cumberbitch at ToZ a couple weeks ago. Her delusions lead her to believe that her favorite actor is famous because of her being his fan. A fan doesn’t make a celebrity, the celebrity’s talent and charisma helps attract the development of a fan base. One thing has to exist first to establish validity for the existence of the other. I believe that both can’t exist without each other, hey, even a 10 year old car needs an enthusiastic salesperson.
If Michael Fassbender didn’t have one fan or one fan website, who would the movie studio market their film to? That’s why there are so many unknown actors not steadily working – they haven’t demonstrated a demand for them from the audience (aka Fans) to be hired and seen. That’s the rub. A great fan base helps demonstrate the interest people have in a celebrity, but the fans and the celebrity are on separate sides of the road with a bold white line between the two. So while Michael is hidden away in New Zealand working hard, one of his coolest fan communities is continuing to do our thing to support him by keeping his name and image active on the internet with information to help build a stronger fandom and help him continue to make a lasting impression in Hollywood.
-Article edited on 10/6/14 to add Gone Girl review link.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Michael Fassbender is well underway in New Zealand filming a movie with Rachel Weisz. Other than that, that's all we know. You would think after seven and a half years of following the career of this dude, I would be able to cook up something more than that. But sorry, there's nothing new out there for Fassy, even the media is 'bumping' up old and irrelevant information just to be able to write about him. This has happen many times before - going weeks on end without any news, information, or new pictures of Michael. What I don't like is having the blog be as quiet due to Fassy news being quiet. But what can you do?

To track how well Frank has done in its micro-release in the States, I went to Box Office Mojo to review the tally, and the box office gross for this fantastic film is representative of a low-budget , low-marketed independent film. I believe Frank has the stuff to become a cult classic and it should do well on Netflix. Let's face it, there are just certain films that people don't care to go see at the theater, but they'll check it out on Netflix or Redbox, or maybe even buy the DVD. I will happily add Frank to my Blu-ray collection when it's for sale. And speaking of that, X-Men: Days of Future Past will be out on video on October 14th (pre-order yours via the FF Amazon link on the sidebar). Just imagine, for the holidays, you could get two 2014 Fassbender films as gifts. I speculate that Frank may be available on DVD sometime in late November or early December.

Well, it's my birthday on the 30th and I have a some weekend plans, so...


Friday, September 19, 2014

TGIF 919

Michael Fassbender is down under in the other down under.
According to tweets and Instagram postings in the past 48-hours, Michael Fassbender is in New Zealand, a week before he starts filming his second film there, 'The Light Between Oceans'. He's been seen hanging out on Cuba Street at a club called Laundry in Wellington, but filming will be done at an undisclosed location in Marlborough. Filming may take two months and be completed just before the holidays.

Hopefully during his time in New Zealand, we'll get updates about his filming activities. I tell ya, after the past two weeks of focusing on things TIFF, I'm so ready for our next deluge of Fassy news and information. If some of you have read my latest articles at Theatre of Zen, you know that I got a glimpse of the dark side of a different fandom. And let's just say this, I rue the day if Michael ever has to compete against Benedict Cumberbatch for,... anything! And no matter how more popular one actor's name is over another at the present, if you take a look at IMDB, only 20 positions on the popularity scale separates them. Michael is currently at the #41 position, and Benedict is at #21. So even though Michael has been very low-profile, as that's his preference, our boy is still in the Top 50 of all human being male actors, especially since there's not much news and info to discuss about him. Sure, Frank is out in 8 theaters, and it's currently available for viewing on iTunes and VOD, but other than that, Google alerts have been quite weak with the daily Fassy alerts.

According to, they have confirmed that the curiously delayed production of Assassin's Creed has taken yet another hit. The second projected release date of August 7, 2015 for Creed has been dropped, and now taken up by another superhero film that will be released on that date instead. I knew months ago that the August date was too early for a film that hadn't even started filming yet to be released, and this confirms it. However, as we all read online from Michael himself earlier this summer, he's gungho about the project and was inspired by all the Internet chatter about the film. So he's still onboard, but, it's unknown when the film will go into production and be filmed. We don't even know what role in the film Michael will play, as many have speculated that he will not play the main character of Desmond, but instead, some other cool character. I don't play video games, let alone Assassin's Creed, so I am clueless as to what 'other' role he would play, besides producer. But this will continue to provide career related gossip fodder to keep us on our Fassy toes.

Also, I have been so busy with TIFF, and then very sick upon my return, that I completely failed to acknowledge the 6th anniversary of Fassinating Fassbender on 8 September. Thanks for supporting the blog all these years!


Friday, September 12, 2014

TGIF 912


My apologies for the delay in posting the TGiFassy image of this week. I'm under the weather due to sickly TIFFrs breathing and coughing their diseased breath upon thee. I clearly recall the moment I was infected. I was sitting in the second row for Mr. Turner on Monday afternoon, and this nasty loud man sat behind me and was coughing up a storm and hacking. When he coughed, the creep didn't cover his mouth like a civilized person, instead, he coughed at the back of my head/face and immediately contaminated me. I felt his breath on the ride side of my face [INFECTED!] I moved towards the back of the theater and muttered 'asshole' as I walked away. My nose is clogged up, throat is sore, I'm pale, my eyes are red - but no coughing. I'm just messed up. But I'll live.

An image of Michael in France was posted yesterday to me via twitter and it was posted at Pinterest. I reckon it's a picture of him taken in late July/early August, so it's nothing really new or exciting.

This week's TGIF image of Michael Fassbender should cheer me up this Friday and if you're ready for the weekend, this too should perk you up. The only news I read about Michael was that he and Rachel Weisz will be heading to New Zealand next week to start working on The Light Between Oceans. And if his filming of Slow West in NZ last year is any indication of what to expect this time around, there may be very, very few images of him photographed while filming.

But surely, we'll keep on Fassbendering because that's just what we do. For those interested, my Cumberbatch TIFF article has been posted at Theatre of Zen.