Monday, April 24, 2017

Michael Monday #42

The more I read about Alien Covenant, it appears that the David we came to know in Prometheus, develops into a real rogue bastard android. I reckon that David's previous indifference to humans, and the damage caused to him when that alien Engineer ripped his head off, sent him down a path to aid in the destruction of the human race beyond simple research of the mysterious black goo. David will pretty much single handily booby trap the planet that the Covenant will land on, and setting them up to be hosts of the most terrifying parasites. Gee, thanks David. But I'm sooooooooooo damn excited, I just love it!

Be prepared to watch Michael on the Graham Norton show on Friday, May 5th (or soon after sometime that weekend), as he'll be there as he begins the Alien Covenant media rounds. I hope to confirm stateside premieres and talk show appearances soon.

Friday, April 21, 2017

TGIF 4.21.17

Sometimes it's so easy, too easy to believe in negative news or gossip about someone you care about. And yeah, sometimes the information is true. But not always. Some gossip is designed as a red herring. Especially if you think you know someone, support them, believe in them, and have actually seen first hand, or read enough about a person to KNOW that they are not what the rumor mill claims them to be - and thus, it can be particularly frustrating dealing with the impending storm. Maybe it's just the way things are in Hollywood where an actor has to be perceived as a Lothario. It makes him more appealing, we will desire him more, and want him, and want to see his work because he's a cool ass, he-man Lothario dude. But for me, I don't need all that window dressing and pretense bullshit to want to see an actor's movies. Then again, all the pretense bullshit isn't staged for fans like me, or smart fans like you.

Michael Fassbender is a good guy. He's not perfect, he's not an angel, and neither are you or me. I've said this many times and nothing has changed my opinion. But, movies have to be sold to audiences, a handsome man still has to be sold as someone that you want to sleep with, and his personal life needs to be displayed in a way that pretends to give the delusional among us, the very faint belief that she/he has a chance with Michael, or at the least, some people can project themselves into Michael's personal life via the person he's dating (see Abnormal Psychology 101).

Since 2008, I have told FF readers to mind the timing of unbelievable fabrications. I have seen many so-called fans who used to follow FF very closely, lose interest in Michael based on absurd rumors. The timing is everything because a major film will open soon for Michael, and it's spring cleaning for him as well. I personally hope he has industrial strength Lysol to help with his cleaning. To get out of a lie, sometimes you gotta participate in another lie. C'est la vie.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Michael Monday #41

There's a special place in heaven for Fassinators who create Fassy gifs. And to start this week off, here's two lovely Michael Fassbender gifs for Michael Monday! In just over two weeks, the Alien Covenant promotions will begin and we'll be joyfully inundated with loads of Michael! I'm still trying to find out if there will be LA or NY premieres for Covenant. So as soon as I find out, I'll let you know asap!

Friday, April 14, 2017

TGIF 4.14.17

Earlier this week it was revealed that Alien Covenant will have its World Premiere in London on May 4th. The film opens in the states on May 19th, so I'm crossing my fingers, and anything else on my body that can be crossed, and hope that Covenant has a Hollywood premiere too. If there will be a premiere, I will be there, and I'm getting some ducks in the row to make this happen, but with my luck, the ducks will drown and all this will be moot. I'm so anxious with anticipation that there be an Alien premiere in Hollywood because for literally all my life, I have been a fan of all the Alien films, and to witness a premiere for Covenant would be a dream come true. But in reality, this will be two dreams come true: Watching an Alien franchise premiere; and actually seeing Michael Fassbender on the red carpet for a genuine Hollywood premiere. I've seen him 4-5 times at Toronto Int'l Film Festival and other industry events, but that ain't Hollywood!

Back in 2012, I was on my first holiday to Ireland, but as I was flying to London to continue my holiday, I missed the Prometheus premiere by 1 hour as I flew into Heathrow from Shannon. I even considered trying to catch an earlier flight out of Shannon, but it was going to cost me over 200 Euros to do so, and I couldn't justify paying that extortion fee just to fly to London 2.5 hours earlier. So, we'll see if the universe will permit me this opportunity.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Michael Monday 40

My apologies for there not being a TGIFassy update on Friday. My internet service was interrupted and thus preventing online access for about 36 hours. But sometimes having these outages can help put things into perspective as I decompress from a stressful week, and I was able to really enjoy my mini-vacation time after I quit my job on Wednesday, and start a new one today! However, once I was back online, there wasn't anything new on Michael - but Fendi SS17 did post this week's MM photo of Michael on their Instagram.

We're just a month away from full blown Alien Covenant promotions and red carpet premieres. I hope that there's a Los Angeles premiere because I'll do almost anything to be there to cover it for the blog! And after Covenant is released in theaters, we will have to wait until October 13 for Michael's Norwegian-English film, The Snowman. And with one glance at Michael's IMDB page, it's so odd not seeing a few 'pre-production' or 'filming' status titles for films he's working on. In fact, Michael appears to be living up to his word by saying that he's taking six months off from acting to focus on other things. I'm kind of hoping that with the announcement of a future Ridley Scott project, Battle of Britain, a WWII film, perhaps Ridley has spoken to Michael about starring in it. Just because Michael's on a break from acting, doesn't mean he's on a break from negotiating for his next projects for later this year, or early next year. So, we'll have to see what happens with this Ridley project since they get on so well together.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Michael Monday 39

While watching The Walking Dead last night, 20th Century Fox went full Alien Covenant by showing some great scenes for the movie that will be released next month, May 19th. Michael will be on double duty as David and Walter. With Michael's androids being such prominent characters in Prometheus and Covenant, I wonder if he will have a part in future films that Ridley Scott has planned for the Alien saga. I have been a long time fan of all the Alien films, but it would be different watching them in the future without Michael involved.

I'm sure wherever Michael was in the world yesterday on his birthday, he was enjoying celebrations in private with those close to him. Thanks again to everyone who donated to his birthday fundraiser this year!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Michael Fassbender 40th Birthday Weekend and Raffle Winner!

Happy Birthday Michael!

Wow, wow, wow! We totally rallied in the end, on the last day of the fundraiser. Our 5th Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser supporting The Bike Experience made our goal and raised £1003.83 (Due to Karen A.'s last minute second donation of $150) £1124.06! This year's 22 donors are incredible people who not only love and admire their favorite actor Michael Fassbender, but they truly believe in and support the mission of The Bike Experience. The birthday announcement for Michael has been sent off to his representative at Troika and you can check it out right HERE!

I've said this before, but it is quite a challenge to manage a fundraiser during a very busy month for many of us, and it has been extremely stressful for me - especially in the past week regarding work and life. However, when I got an email from Just Giving letting me know there was a new donation, it was very motivational and therapeutic to know that people were responding to my requests for donations. Just when I think life is a trip and I'm bummed out for a minute or not feeling well due to an allergies blow out, I then remember how lucky I am to walk 2 miles during my lunch break, walk up and down stairs without using the hand rail, illegally jaywalk/run across a major boulevard, take a 5 mile hike in the San Gabriel Mountains, or walk into a theater to watch a film way in the back of the theater. I'm listing just a few activities that all of the donors this year can do and take for granted because we're able-bodied, unlike the disabled recipients of the opportunities that The Bike Experience present to them. Some of them became disabled from unfortunate accidents, just like the founder, Talan Skeels-Piggins, and some were born without the ability to walk. The motto for TBE is: "We use the motorcycle as a vessel to improve well being and confidence". With your donations again this year, TBE is able to continue their mission. Thank you.

Ok, and now for the raffle winner.

Friday, March 31, 2017

TGIF 3.31.17

Today, at 6pm PST, the 5th Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser supporting The Bike Experience will come to a close. If previous years are any indication, there will be a last day rally of donations to inch us closer to the goal. Even if we don't hit the goal, I'm happy people responded to the fundraiser during a time when there are so many other fundraisers begging for your attention. Most of this year's donors are people who have been supporting the birthday fundraiser nearly every year and that is remarkable. It demonstrates that these true Team Fassinating Fassbender folks really believe in supporting The Bike Experience and helping to provide much needed funds to help disabled persons ride on the motorcycle. On Saturday, I will announce the raffle winner and share the birthday announcement that lists the names of the donors wishing Michael a happy 40th birthday!

If you want to donate on the last day, please go for it, you'll be a part of something special!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Michael Monday 38

Michael is in Killarney spending time with family and celebrating his upcoming 40th birthday. On Sunday, he even stopped by the restaurant that his family used to own, now called Desire Kitchen at West End. The new management were smart to keep the 'West End' name to possibly keep some sort of connection to the former restaurant that the town's most famous celebrity used to work at. It must be so much fun and so relaxing for Michael to be back home in Ireland. I wasn't raised there, but the two times I've been there, I love the place and can't wait to visit again.

If you're interested in being a part in celebrating this milestone birthday to our favorite actor, and having your name added to the FF birthday greeting to be sent to Michael, please make your donation to the birthday fundraiser in support of The Bike Experience this week. It's the final week of the fundraiser, which ends at 6pm PST on Friday, March 31.

Thank you for your donation! I know that those of you who donate, also support other charities and organizations throughout the year, just like me. So it's even more meaningful that you are supporting this fan community birthday fundraiser for The Bike Experience in honor of Michael Fassbender!

Friday, March 24, 2017

TGIF 3.24.17

Last weekend when I watched Song to Song, I forgot to mention that the first screen time Michael had in the film, he was riding a motorcycle, really fast. It made me wonder if it was something Michael suggested to Malick that his character Cook engage in, or if it was already in the script that Cook was a bike enthusiast, just like our Fassy. Either way, it was pretty cool to see Michael participating in his favorite hobby in a movie. Which is a great segway into letting you all know that we have just 7 days remaining for the 5th Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser for The Bike Experience. We are running behind on our fundraising goal, so I'm hopeful in this final week that those of you who plan to donate will do so and help make up for the slow pace this year's fundraiser has experienced.

When you donate to the fundraiser, you are not only celebrating your favorite actor's upcoming 40th birthday, but you are also helping a charity that is extremely reliant upon fundraisers to help support its growing mission to give disabled people the opportunity to ride a modified motorcycle on a professional speedway. It takes a lot of money to build these special bikes, maintain them, rent the use of tracks, and provide the riders with the biking accessories and protective gear, etc., that fundraisers like ours provide to TBE.

So please donate whatever amount you can. I strongly believe in this charity, and those who have donated thus far feel the same way. When you donate, your name will be added onto a birthday greeting announcement to Michael, which will be given to him on his birthday. A raffle prize and winner will be announced on Monday, April 3.

Please go to this link to donate asap because we need your assistance to make our goal and give TBE the monies they desperately need!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fundraiser Countdown: 10 days left!

The final stretch of this annual birthday fundraiser is a crucial time to rally up the troops and ask for donations so that we can meet our goal. This year's fundraiser has been particularly challenging as we're not at 30% yet and we have 10 days remaining. We can do better than this, and I know some donors like to wait near the end to donate, so thank you in advance for that. However, there are many of you who need a bit more reminding.

A charity like The Bike Experience is wholly reliant upon fundraisers to operate. And this fundraiser wouldn't be happening if we all weren't so fond of Michael Fassbender and wanting to honor his birthday on April 2, where he'll turn the Big 4-0!

Please donate whatever you can today to help jump start the fundraiser so we can meet our goal!

Donate here ===>

Monday, March 20, 2017

Michael Monday | Song to Song FF Film Review

Every single time I go see a Terrence Malick film at the theater, I see people get up and walk the hell out and never return. These poor people just can't handle the lack of steady, easy to follow dialogue from Malick characters. They don't like or can't follow the hop scotch way of his film making process. The same thing happened this weekend at my Arclight Hollywood viewing of Song to Song, starring Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Natalie Portman. If you can remain in your seat during an entire Malick film, you are a true cinephile, you enjoy the challenge of watching and understanding a Malick film, and you want to see the ending so that you can see how this mysterious puzzle all comes together. You are a person who appreciates film making that is non-traditional, utterly non-linear, uses the beautiful landscape to help shape the narrowly defined characters, and use a diary narrative method to guide the viewer as to what happened and what will happen. Song to Song is set in Austin, TX, and this film should be adopted by the Tourism Board of Austin because it did a splendid job in showcasing this beautiful and amazing city.

Rooney is Faye, an aspiring musician who is reluctant to work with music producer Cook, played by Michael to launch her music career. And she has every reason to feel this way because Cook is a predator who uses his position and power to seduce people and throw them away when he's done with them. He hypes them up and charm them at first, but then makes them feel worthless and stupid. He lives off of their co-dependency to him, and when you cross him, he'll leave you high and dry, and he'll find another desperate, gullible person to suck dry; like the sweet character played by Natalie Portman as Rhonda, who then marries him and quickly becomes miserable. He won't even go to church with her. Heathen! While Faye is trying to ween herself off of the poisonous Cook, she befriends and then falls in love with BV, played by Ryan Gosling. BV is a songwriter and musician who works with Cook to get his music produced. Through the process of introducing Faye and BV to the music scene in Austin, the three of them go traipsing around Austin and hang out with all the other fabulous, pretty, and rich people connected to, or are hangers on of the music business. Plans, hopes, and dreams are shared and discussed in these various hot spots, while betrayal and backstabbing are planned in secret. Song to Song shows us how people use other people and how people allow themselves to be used in the pursuit of their dreams, but still wind up back to square one with nothing to show for their efforts; or in a worse situation, like what happened to poor Rhonda.

Malick said the original cut of the film was 8 hours. Although the film was just over 2 hours in length, perhaps another 40 minutes could have fleshed out the characters a bit more. Just as you're about to figure out one character, an entirely new character pops up in the next scene with another dark woe is me tale of misery and broken dreams. As a fan of music, the scenes at the SXSW festival were fun to watch and have a glimpse of the behind the scenes off stage. Malick's camera loves Michael Fassbender, and Michael did a great job playing such a creepy creep. The movie provides many opportunities for Fassy .gifs to be created because he goes through many acts of seduction, bastard behavior, and emoting as a man with regrets and sorrow at a key moment. I do enjoy Malick's style of directing because no one does it quite like him. He is reliant on the cinematography of his films which become supporting characters of his films; often at the sake of the human characters whom are dull compared to the nature surrounding them. Perhaps on the Blu-ray of Song to Song, Malick will add another 30-90 minutes to a director's cut version, if only to develop the primary characters a bit more. But 8 hours of Song to Song would be too overwhelming and unnecessary to tell the story of people trying to share their music to the world - at any cost to their soul and spirit.

Grade: B-

Friday, March 17, 2017

TGIF 3.17.17

Michael at Heathrow Airport 3/12/17

It's St. Patrick's Day, and Michael's movie, Song to Song, made way back in 2012, opens in theaters today! I'm going to try to check it out this weekend for sure, and a film review will be posted. I have steered clear of reviews because Terrence Malick films are not very mainstream friendly, and critics can either love it, or hate it with extreme prejudice. So I don't want to be spoiled of anything, especially anything related to Michael's character.

As you know, Michael is in the rare position of not actually filming a movie at the moment. After his promotional work for Song to Song at SXSW last weekend, as well as some pre-promotional work for Alien: Covenant, Michael is most likely doing some production work for his DMC Film company, and preparing for what will surely be a huge marketing junket for Covenant in early April, in preparation for the film's May 19th release date.

We're in the end of the second week of the birthday fundraiser so I hope donations continue to come in today and throughout the weekend, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day and in honor of half of Michael's heritage, his upcoming birthday, and supporting the fantastic The Bike Experience charity!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Michael Monday 37

Thanks to Martha for creating this cool fundraiser image to recognize Michael's upcoming 40th birthday and the fundraiser honoring him, and supporting The Bike Experience. This year's fundraiser has started off very slow, but I'm hopeful that with this week being St. Patrick's Day on Friday, and Michael's next film, Song to Song, being released on Friday also, will help boost support for the fundraiser this week. It's so important that we keep the momentum going because it helps encourage others to support the fundraiser as well. When people see others giving, they will give too. So please donate this week to help get the fundraiser on track to its goal of raising at least £1,000 by the end of the month.

Like in the past, all who donate will be entered into a raffle where the grand prize winner will be announced on April 2, Michael's birthday. And all donors will have their names added onto a birthday card fundraiser greeting and sent to Michael's representative. It is a one page announcement listing all donors and a birthday message to Michael. With this being his 40th birthday, it will be a most special message to recognize this milestone in his life.

Just Giving accepts payments through Paypal which makes it easier and more convenient than years past. But if you encounter any donations problems, please let me know via email and I will work with you to get your donation processed. You can also donate anonymously for privacy.

Thank you for supporting this year's fundraiser to honor Michael and to help disabled persons experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle!

Friday, March 10, 2017

TGIF 3.10.17

Michael the movie star 2017

The movie '300' came out in the US on Friday, March 9, 2007, and like a lot of people, I wanted to see it, on IMAX even. I was lured in by the promised display of lots of man flesh and I was not disappointed. As of March 9th, I never knew some guy named Michael Fassbender was even on planet Earth. But on Saturday, March 10th, I saw him for the first time as the excited and eager to fight Stelios. I loved the movie so much, and Michael, that I saw it again the following weekend. Soon after wards, I started to Google him, learned more about him, saw him outside of his Stelios persona and was surprised to see a slight, cute, toothy young man just about to make it big in Hollywood. It would be a full year later that I would then be inspired to create a blog about him because after meeting him in Toronto in 2008, I was impressed and smitten big time, and was inspired to support Michael's endeavors by creating a fan blog to chronicle his life and career.

Michael as Stelios in 300, filmed in 2006

There are literally thousands of actors just as ambitious and hungry for Hollywood fame like Michael Fassbender. But what stands them apart from Michael and a select few like him is the raw, pure talent to excel in the film industry and be in demand from top directors and studios. With no signs of his career wavering, Michael is at the top of his game and has won numerous acting awards and accolades, and has been nominated twice for an Oscar. I will soon be celebrating 10 years of being the editor of Fassinating Fassbender, and I can honestly say that when I took on this venture, I was just going with the flow and using my interest in Michael Fassbender as a creative outlet in covering the entertainment world. But I think by the following year, and most definitely in 2010 when I interviewed him for the blog, that's when I realized that I was in this for the long run - permanently - I ain't going nowhere!

Michael at the 300 premiere in 2007
In recent years, there have been many fan sites, tumblrs, twitter accounts, etc., focused on Michael Fassbender. And all these places offer something unique to a very diverse fan base. Fassinating Fassbender, while one of the oldest websites, we're not the biggest, and we don't have the largest fan base, and that's perfectly fine. So many fans have come and gone, but I'm still here. I don't personally know anyone who has been with FF since the beginning because fandom is fickle, it's always been that way in every fan genre. I never take on a project that I don't believe in, and it's such an honor to still be a huge fan of Michael for a decade. Not many Fassinators can say that. Sure, there are a few remaining fans who have genuinely known of Michael since his Hex days on BBC 2004-2005 (I didn't have cable TV). A great number of them became fans because of 300, like me; but the majority came on board once Michael got involved with the X-Men franchise in 2011.

With my prior close proximity to Toronto, I've had the pleasure of seeing and meeting Michael a few times at TIFF, and each time my appreciation of his talent swells a bit more. To honor Michael's April 2nd birthday, we are in our 5th year of the birthday fundraiser supporting a British charity, The Bike Experience, which helps disabled people ride a motorcycle, a hobby that is near and dear to Michael. Since 2013, we have raised just over £4400 and we hope to add another £1k, at least, to that total by the end of this fundraiser. It would be easier and for vanity reasons to switch up fundraisers and support an American one because the dollar amount would be easier to raise and more impressive to brag about, instead of the more valuable British Pound which hurts those of us donating in US funds. But because Michael has lived in London for more than a decade, it makes sense to support a charity based in England.

This weekend at the SXSW festival, Michael's latest film, Song to Song, will open the festival, and it will be released in US theaters the following Friday, on St. Patrick's Day no less. Also on Friday, there will be a special 'Meet Walter' video released to promote Michael's character in Alien Covenant. And lastly, to close out the year of award nominations, Michael has received his ninth Irish Film & Television Award nomination for The Light Between Oceans.

I hope you enjoyed reading this week's TGIFassy to honor my 10th anniversary of being introduced to this amazing actor. I'm going to watch 300 this weekend to celebrate the occasion. Thanks in advance for your donations to the fundraiser to honor Michael's upcoming 40th birthday!