Friday, April 24, 2015

TGIF 4.24.15

Michael Fassbender has now gone into undercover hiding between the filming of two different movies (Steve Jobs and X-Men: Apocalypse), and I don't blame him. We'll see enough of him from Canadian reports of the X-Men filming, as well as next month's Cannes appearance in support of Macbeth.  According to some comments I have read on the Internet in the past week, some people are very upset and being judgmental about Michael not attending the Tribeca Film Festival - like, how dare he, dammit! Some of these very people need to relax and understand that schedule conflicts prevent Michael from attending some special event screenings of a film he's starring in. Just because you want him at a certain place and a certain time, with a certain person, doing what you think he should be doing, doesn't mean that he's obligated to do so, or being unprofessional. Since some of you like tea so much, drink a hot cup of chamomile and calm the hell down! As long as the other principle actors like Kodi Smit-McPhee and the brilliant Ben Mendelsohn were in attendance there, as well as at Sundance, the film is being properly supported by some of its stars. Slow West will debut in the US on May 15th, and I can't wait to see it because it has been receiving great reviews, like a 91% at Rotten Tomatoes!


Friday, April 17, 2015

TGIF 4.17.15

Michael is going to be doing a lot of posing on the red carpet next month at the 68th Cannes in support of MacBeth. The festival runs from 13-24 May. I'm hoping to God that MacBeth screens before 21 May because that's when I take off for my Ireland/England trip! But with time permitting, I may be able to update the blog when I get back to my hotel for the evening. We'll see.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Michael will be at Cannes for MacBeth!

While I still have to settle for my annual trek to Toronto for TIFF, as Cannes is not only cost prohibitive, but for connected industry folk, it's awesome to see that MacBeth will be in Competition at this year's Cannes. As you may recall, last year at Cannes, there was a preview of MacBeth, so that was telling to me that it would show up in competition this year!

MacBeth will be in Competition at Cannes! Michael Fassbender hasn't been to Cannes in a few years!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Eight Years Ago in April

I usually post FF blog articles to our Facebook page, now I'm doing the reverse.

Back in early March 2007, I went to the theater, IMAX to be specific, to watch a film titled, 300. I went there because...

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Friday, April 10, 2015

TGiF 4.10.15

The filming of the Steve Jobs movie ends this week with extras and Fassy body doubles finishing up he small details. I think San Francisco is in Michael's rear view mirror. He's probably on a short break before he goes to Montreal, Canada to work on X-Men: Apocalypse. Perhaps he flew back home to London for some much needed English R&R. Earlier this week he gave the media and some fans what they needed, so his job is done, for now.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Faux Fassy Outrage

April 9th marks the one year anniversary of creating the Fassinating Fassbender Facebook page. And I have to admit that it has proven to be a good investment. I still loathe Facebook regarding personal usage because it's ground zero for bragging rights of people I don't really care about who have kids I don't care about. But for a fan community, it has allowed me to reach out to a fan base that doesn't really do the blogging thing. I changed the picture last night and I wanted to keep the TIFF theme going. Why? Well it's because TIFF is the film festival that motivated me to create FF back in 2008, and it's the place where I have been able to see/meet Michael a few times. And I also think the pictures of Michael from TIFF 2013 were particularly gorgeous.

In the past couple of days, I have been reading comments all over the Internet about the pictures of Michael and Alicia in New York over the weekend. Some of the opinions are from people who obviously are not fans of Michael Fassbender. What person sits at their computer and criticize him for the things he does with his personal life? He is a 38 year old grown ass man, and a celebrity, mind. You will never date him, let alone marry him, so why all the hand wringing and demanding of him to stop seeing someone or psychoanalyzing why he's with her and for what reason? What difference does it make?

My only advice: Buckle up, it's going to be a long ride, so get off now if you don't like what you see. Focus on other celebrities whom you can project your fantasies upon, and who will do exactly what you want them to do in order for you to continue to like them, and be happy with your life.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Michael Celebrates his Birthday in NYC

I'm glad Michael was able to get away for his birthday to spend time with Alicia Vikander and some friends! These pictures were posted up in the past few hours! More pics about Michael in NYC can be found at The Daily Mail.

Mansrollerboys Instagram

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy 38th Birthday Michael Fassbender!

Today is Michael Fassbender's 38th birthday! After a successful FF fundraiser in his honor, now it's time to celebrate him. I don't know about you, but Michael Fassbender is the only actor I pay very close attention to. We're lucky to be enamored by an actor as versatile, talented, and charismatic as Michael. I'm naturally motivated to put all my effort into Fassinating Fassbender because I really adore the man. It's going to be an exceptional year for Michael because he will have at least three films coming out this year alone. Right now, Michael is still very busy in San Francisco working on the Steve Jobs film, and he'll be there for the next two weeks. So it's my hopes that he is able to take a break and enjoy this special day!

Happy Birthday Michael! Read the Birthday Fundraiser certificate sent to him (click here).

Now, for the winner of the 3rd Annual Birthday Fundraiser raffle...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thank you for Supporting the Fundraiser!

I woke up this morning and noticed that two more donations came through just after midnight. Thank you Danielle E for your kind donation, and Martha made her second donation, bringing our total up to £903! That is excellent my friends! Fundraising can be very difficult and challenging, and when there are other fundraisers begging for your attention and money, you are forced to decide which fundraiser deserves your money. So for those who felt that The Bike Experience, which is sponsored by Fassinating Fassbender, deserved your support, I humbly bow to you all and graciously thank you for your donations this year! Donors, look out for a special email later today.

The birthday announcement greeting has been sent off and Michael will receive it. All who donated have their name on the birthday greeting!

Tomorrow, on Michael's birthday, I will announce the winner of the raffle prize, so come back here and check it out!

Lastly, I look forward to helping TBE again next year, my support for them is even stronger now because of the personal messages I have received from donors. This is a unique charity and they feel especially compelled to help TBE because it is a charity that celebrates life and living for the moment!

Here is a screengrab of a thank you message from Talan and The Bike Experience!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Final Day of the Fundraiser!

ETA: Thank you Anonymous for your donation today, ever bit helps on this final day!
Thank you Hupsakeek for your second donation in this fundraiser. You pushed us past the crucial 50% raised milestone. Thank you!
Thank you Dianne S for your second donation pushing us just £5 away from the £600 mark!
Thank you Annagathe for your donation which helped us surpass the £600 mark as we wind down.
Thank you Blanca for your amazing end of the fundraiser donation of 300€!!!! And you did this last year too! Bless you!

Thanks to all the donors, we could not raise this money without your help! xoxo

Today is the last day of the Michael Fassbender birthday fundraiser in support of The Bike Experience! You have the entire day to make your final decision to donate and to have your name added to the fundraiser birthday greeting message to Michael. You'll also qualify for the grand prize raffle giveaway!

As of this moment, we have raised 47% of our goal, and I graciously thank everyone who has donated this year. A lot of people who participated in the first two years have not donated yet this year, so there's still hope for a last minute rally. In the 34 days of this fundraiser, I have tried my best to encourage anyone and everyone to donate whatever they could, and I think I have done the best I could. The Bike Experience is going to get some money that they would otherwise not receive had this fundraiser not been established. So for that, I'm happy that a select few in this gigantic fanbase believe in this fundraiser and the cause we support.

The winner of the grand prize will be announced this Thursday on Michael's birthday!

Please DONATE for the last day!

Thank you for donating in honor of Michael's birthday!

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Last Two Days

Just two days remaining!

We are in the final two days of the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser for The Bike Experience. With the nice donations over this weekend, we made it over the £500 milestone. At this point and time, it's clear we won't make our goal, but that's not for a lack of trying. The monies we have raised are going to a good cause, are greatly appreciated, and donated by the most compassionate Fassinators I know.

Thank you for donating, and thank you for planning to donate in these next important 48 hours!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Four days left

Saturday: Thank you Bek for your donation, you pushed us over £500! Woohoo!
ETA: Thank you Andrea for your Second donation! We appreciate it!

We're in the final stretch of the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday fundraiser supporting The Bike Experience. You still have time to make your donation.

When it's all said and done, I thank each of the donors who embraced this fundraiser and desiring to be a part of a select group of fans who will join me in honoring Michael's 38th birthday!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Five Days Remaining!

ETA: Thank you Kendra R for your SECOND donation! Thank you, thank you!

With just five days left, it's my hopes that we can receive more donations. But if not, the people who have demonstrated the kindness to donate should be very proud! So far, 15 people have donated, and that means 15 people support The Bike Experience in their quest to help disabled people ride modified motorbikes to allow them to once again enjoy the thrill and freedom of riding a motorbike. Also, these 15 people want their name to be added to the birthday greeting to Michael, which he will receive on his birthday.

In these remaining days, if you want to be among this select group of compassionate supporters of Michael Fassbender and The Bike Experience, please do so soon. As in the past two years, there was a rally of support at the very end, so thank you in advance for planning to donate at the time that is most convenient for you!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just Six Days Left!

ETA: Thank you Gabriel for your $100 donation today! Woohoo!

If you have already made your donation to the 3rd Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser supporting The Bike Experience, thank you! If you haven't yet, please consider donating today before you forget. We have only 6 days remaining for you to have your name added onto Michael's birthday greeting from Fassinating Fassbender. Any amount you donate will qualify you for the grand prize raffle and have your name added to the birthday certificate.

Please Donate!