Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Fassinating Adventure Comes to an End

Michael Fassbender
I’ve had a busy winter/spring, I hope yours was nice and productive too. I’m coming along fine in Southern California, and I’m really enjoying what life has to offer. I recently enjoyed some time out in Joshua Tree National Park, and hanging out with my Toronto buddies in Palm Springs – two activities that I couldn’t have imagined happening 10 years ago. I’m about to visit my home away from home city of London again to watch two plays, spend time with a friend, and join in on the royal wedding celebrations – a once in a lifetime event as American girl Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry.

As the month of May is approaching, I found myself dreading how I would have to update the FF blog because there has not been anything of value to update the blog on. I have deliberately laid low in the past two months and became very occupied with other interests, and was curious if any fans of the community would  reach out to me with tips or just to check in with me. Only one person did, Christine, when she made her annual donation to The Bike Experience. Thanks Christine! I reckon everyone else was busy and stood on the sidelines to see if I was going to write something. But nothing… and that saddens me after all this time, and perhaps, this is an omen of what is to come. 

But the fact is, Michael Fassbender is in a transition in his life and he’s no longer producing work as an actor that would give me the information I need to support him via Fassinating Fassbender. I started this blog with the intention to follow and support Michael’s career, and I have successfully done that. I’m proud of what I have done to create this space, often at great financial expense, during challenging times in my personal and professional life, my health, all while also having to defend myself against those who found no value in the hard work I put into this fan community. I guess when you consider all that, this is why events of the past 8 months or so have been difficult to understand and process. Unlike other long-time fans, I’m unwilling to overlook obvious things about Fassbender’s personal and professional life that are a concern to me. It's not a hand wringing, pearl clutching concern, but more of a 'Wait. WTF?' kind of concern. I’m unable to play along blindly and use up my free time to write about… what? Race car driving? Random fan photos in restaurants? Airport photos? Really?

Stepping away for these past couple of months from being a superfan of Michael had lend me great perspective. As I have come to enjoy the works of other artists, I really like just being a regular fan. I’m enjoying sitting back and reading the twitter accounts and Instagram accounts of the superfans who keep curiously strong tabs on a young actor. I’m able to filter out the junk I don’t care about, and make note of the information I find useful and interesting. I don’t have to worry about impressing a management team so that I can get information/interviews, I don’t have to worry about what I write as to not offend, and I don’t have to set Google alerts to stay uber on top of information anymore because I don’t have that stress that I created by being a superfan, and relaying points of view and information to my fellow fans. Another thing that is very important is that I no longer feel the need to protect or defend Michael Fassbender. He’s an otherwise rich, famous person who has very well paid people to help him manage his fabulous life. I’m still trying to create a fabulous life for myself here in LA, so I don’t need to be the unpaid, under appreciated cyber guard dog for a two-time Academy Award nominated actor. I’m done. But I guess you already came to that conclusion.

While I wish Michael Fassbender the best and I will continue to enjoy his work, but at a less extreme level, it’s time for me to cease updating Fassinating Fassbender. It has been my pride and joy for nearly 10 years. September of this year will be the 10th anniversary of FF, but I don’t have the incentive or motivation to pretend that I’m in a healthy, productive, or mutually beneficial superfan relationship with Fassbender and his management team. I don’t have the support of fellow fans as they too have moved on.

The blog will remain here for some time to serve as an archive. I have put too much into this blog to just have it come up as an Error 404 by the summer. That’s not fair to me or you. I won’t say that I will never post here again; I may in the event of some extremely hot news about Michael, and that may come sometime this year. Or, I may just write about him as an aside at my other blog, Theatre of Zen, in a generic ‘celebrity news’ write up. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

I do want to thank everyone who has enjoyed reading FF over the years. As I’ve stated many times, I maintained this blog and community as a fellow fan along with you. There have been many, many fun times. I have met in person so many cool Fassinators, and traveled to places to meet them. I’m proud that Michael and his management company Troika, for the most part found value and appreciated my support over the years. But all good things come to an end, and the time is now for Fassinating Fassbender. How will this decision affect FF at Facebook? Especially in light of the privacy breech at Facebook, a social media format that I never really liked, I will delete that by mid-summer. So if you have any comments or just wanted to post your thoughts about anything related to Michael Fassbender, or my decision, please feel free to post your thoughts HERE in the comments section of this post.

If you are interested in me as a person in general, you can still follow me at my other blog, on my Instagram, at Twitter, or if you want to just email me, please do so. I’ll still be very receptive to participate in a  Michael Fassbender chit chat, or if you want to share something with me and seek my opinion/POV. Don’t be shy. If my decision doesn't sit well with you, please share your thoughts, again, I'm not going anywhere, y'all can find me easily. But I need to separate myself from something that's not allowing me to have creative fun anymore. Although FF will become an archive, I’ll still be just as active at my other social media outlets, if not MORE active now that I’m in LA and enjoying the wide variety of interests that are available for a California girl who loves the LA life.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Update on FF Birthday Fundraiser

Hi guys, I hope all is well. Wow, looks like this is my first FF update of 2018! I have been keeping tabs on Michael Fassbender almost daily to see if there will be any news about upcoming filming projects, but there’s nothing on the horizon and he appears to still be enjoying his new hobby/career as a Ferrari race car driver. As many of you may recall, the month of February has been a warm-up kick off time to prepare everyone for the month long birthday fundraiser in March, in honor of Michael’s birthday on April 2nd

The fundraiser in support of the British charity, The Bike Experience, has been the recipient of over £5,000 in the past five years of the FF birthday fundraiser. As a fundraiser, it was always a challenging but inspiring endeavor and the worthy charity has greatly benefited from the generosity of FF fans and supporters. But that support has always hedged on an interest in actor Michael Fassbender. One of the reasons why I have been closely monitoring the fandom on the sidelines is to see if the fandom is still as enthusiastic and supportive of Michael Fassbender and his career at this moment in time. Sadly, it appears that the fandom has suffered a bit in the past 5 months and its changing level of support for Michael has changed the dynamics and energy of that fandom. It’s always been hard managing the birthday fundraiser even at the peak of Michael’s popularity and busy acting career, along with him being featured on entertainment websites and articles. So with this acknowledgement, I regret to inform you that FF will cease the birthday fundraiser because I do not believe I would be able to raise anywhere near the goal amount of funds this year as I have in the past. The support is not there.

However, if you’re like me and truly believe in the good things that The Bike Experience does for the people who rely on their services, then by all means, please continue to help them by going to their Just Giving  donation page to make a donation. Their new season starts in April, so monies they receive from this day forward through the end of March helps them prepare for another successful season of helping disabled persons experience the thrill of riding a modified motorcycle. I plan to make my donation in March and I encourage you to do the same, especially if you have given in the past.

I know this news may come as a disappointment to some of the regular supporters of the annual Michael Fassbender FF birthday fundraiser, but I feel that the tide has turned to a level that any fundraiser hosted by FF at this time in his honor, would not generate the funding support to make a notable impression in Michael’s honor. I know TBE would be appreciative of anything because they need whatever amount that donors can spare. So this is why I strongly encourage you to still give to them whatever you can, whenever. But due to the mood of the fandom at the present, FF will cease the birthday fundraiser, and be proud of the good will we have created in his honor since 2013.

As I stated previously, the jury is still out on what to make of the direction of Michael’s career. In recent interviews with race car magazines, he placed emphasis on his interest to focus on racing. And when he visited Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, pictures of him going out to dinner were not flattering and just added more fuel to the flames of my suspicions about the state of his personal life.  I still wish him well and think about him regularly, but I’m preparing for a worst case scenario in the event he decides to take off a lot more time from acting. I don't think he'll retire from acting, but he may add on another year or two before he finds the interest to resume acting. The longer he's away from making movies, it's his fans that lose out.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of Year 2017

Michael's best look of 2017! SXSW premiere of Song to Song.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Unlike past years here at Fassinating Fassbender, I'm not going to do a monthly highlight of Michael Fassbender news that occurred this year, however, I do want to take a moment to make note of a few key events this year to recognize and celebrate Michael Fassbender. As 2016 came to a close, 2017 looked primed to really put Michael on the map of name recognition and sealing his brand with four film projects set to be released: Trespass Against Us, Song to Song, Alien Covenant, and The Snowman (click on links to read each FF review). One would be hard pressed to name another actor/actress who had four films out in 2017.  Unfortunately, these projects misfired and received poor critical reviews (some exasperatingly harsh) and lack luster audience reception.  If this is frustrating to us fans, imagine how this frustrates Michael.

I had the pleasure to meet him once again, very briefly at the Hollywood Alien Covenant premiere in May, where I was able to shake his hand and tell him how much I enjoyed his David character. He was so happy and friendly and I'm so lucky to have been there at the premiere. As much as I enjoyed Covenant, it looks like the poor performance of that film has pretty much derailed the continuation of Ridley Scott's story timeline of connecting these prequels to the original Alien film with the artificial intelligence plot in designing all the horrors that are to come from the xenomorphs. According to MovieWeb, with Disney buying Fox, they have different plans for the Alien franchise, IF, they continue on with it. I hate that Disney owns a lot of shit in Hollywood now, and this will sanitize the hell out of a lot of established franchises and new projects. Disney is family friendly and they want family friendly films. Anything that falls outside of this neat box will be significantly altered. Can you imagine a PG-13 rated continuation of the Alien franchise one day? Nope, me either.

So with the poor showing of Michael's films this year, an article posted at FlickeringMyth is a positive but frank assessment of the state of Michael's career, and they offer sound advice for him to navigate his career in the future. And lastly, the elephant in the room is the shock wedding in October of Michael and Alicia Vikander. I've already shared my well thought out opinion, and it still stands.You can still love someone, but feel very disheartened by their personal choices. Oh well.

Like I've mentioned before, FF will remain active but kind of in a hibernation mode until there are worthwhile updates to report related to Michael's acting career. He's far too talented to throw in the towel in acting and instead focus on racing cars. Here's to seeing a resurgence of Michael Fassbender in 2018... or 2019, in taking on new film/TV/stage projects that will offer him new opportunities to further explore his hidden talents and show new audiences what they have been missing in the past ten years!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Michael Deserved Best Actor Honors

As the year comes to a close, IndieWire's, David Ehrlich, boldly wrote a fascinatingly complimentary Best Actor article on Michael Fassbender's brilliant work as androids David and Walter in Alien Covenant, and its predecessor, Prometheus. As the year end critics circles announce their nominations and winners of the year, it's been disheartening to see that Michael's work, which won so much praise earlier this summer, was not remembered. I'm just so happy to see this wonderful article dissect Michael's work so minutely and point out areas of greatness about his performance that even I overlooked.

Here is just a highlight from this article, you can read the full article at this link.

But while Fassbender’s remarkable double turn might be a bit too strange for the accolades it deserves, the impact of these twin portrayals will reverberate in all directions for years to come. In fact, it wouldn’t be overstating the case to say that the nuance and conviction of his performances in this film refocus Ridley Scott’s ongoing prequel series, justify its existence, and fascinatingly complicate the sci-fi masterpiece that first launched this franchise into orbit. A Best Actor trophy wouldn’t be sufficient for what Fassbender accomplishes here.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Priorities

Hi all, it's been a full month since I last updated FF and I have a lot to share with you. Firstly, the break away from the fandom has been very good for me as I focused on some very important and personal/professional priorities. The entire fandom needed a break and a breather from recent events and I hope you are feeling as good as I am too. Like many of you, I think we needed time to focus on other things and reassess our interests. For me, as a fan of cinema and a supporter of some of my favorite entertainers, I used the past month to watch some incredible films, and participate in Q&As with celebrities supporting their new films. THIS is the reason why I moved to Los Angeles, and as we enter awards season, the timing is perfect to fill in the void of not being as active in the fandom, and this time has allowed me to develop an appreciation for talent that I might have overlooked had I been as concentrated on Michael Fassbender as I was in the past. But more on that later.

The latest Michael Fassbender article was released this week, but it was not from an entertainment magazine, it was from Automobile Mag where Michael discussed his new car racing career hobby. The highlight of the article had a comment from Michael where he is giving the impression that his life as an actor may be taking a backseat in his Ferrari as he considers focusing on race car driving. Michael says, "Honestly, if I had a choice I'd choose race driving over acting." Well Michael, you do have a choice, we all have a choice, and you have put acting on hold to pursue a hobby that makes you happy. So that leaves many of his fans waiting around for the announcement of his next film, because the reality of the situation is that we came to know and like him from his work as an actor. Although I have shared articles and pictures of Michael's racing previously, I did it out of an obligation to keep the blog and FF@FB active with Fassbender related information. But it has never been my intention to shift the blog to support Michael in his race car driving activities. Honestly, the hobby does not interest me in the least, but it is something that brings joy to Michael, and I support that. However, FF will not cover his hobby because it is not about his role as an actor.

So that brings me to ponder the question of how much longer will Michael be off the Hollywood grid and when will his next role be announced. Michael is incredibly talented and he has so much to offer in future roles that challenge him, be it an Indie, or a blockbuster film. It's my hopes that whatever Michael is going through, he deals with it, be happy, and go back to making the kind of films he wants. And this brings me to the blog situation. For as long as Michael is not acting, or participating in the world of movie making where I can write an update here on him, there will be few updates here at Fassinating Fassbender. Instead, I will focus more of my time at my other blog, Theatre of Zen, where I will continue to write film reviews. As a matter of fact, I have recently joined Film Independent at the Film Lover level which allows me to be able to vote in the upcoming Spirit Awards. I will get DVD screeners of films nominated for the Spirit awards, and receive invites to private screenings, etc. And also, I will be attending the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala on January 2. As you may remember, I went to this gala in 2016 when Michael received the International Star - Male award. I will drive back to Palm Springs the following weekend to watch a few films and hang out with my TIFF Canadian snowbird friends.

Also this week, for the first time since May 2009, I changed my twitter account from @FassFass to @TheatreofZen, and I added my photo. Again, this is a change I have been thinking about for a few months as we head into the awards season, and I want to put more attention on the Zen blog in support of my increased focus on covering film and the entertainment industry beyond the scope of Michael Fassbender. And as timing would have it with Michael being more interested in driving race cars, it's a natural progression for me to focus on things that bring me great joy as well.

You're probably thinking, well Simone, what does this all mean, are you giving up on Michael Fassbender? No, I'm not closing down the blog or FF@FB. But until Michael's interests shifts back into making films, there will be less for me to write about his acting career. The biggest change will be my discontinuing the TGIFassy! and Michael Monday series. I see no point in searching for images to post on these two days and strain to write something fun and informative when the well is completely dry. It's a disservice to my readers, and it'll be a burden on me.

It is amazing how optimistic this year started off with me coming off a very fun and productive 2016 in covering public events for Michael, and up through this spring when I shook his hand at the Alien: Covenant premiere in Hollywood. Now, he's not actively working as an actor, and I have no interest in covering his car driving hobby. I will keep tabs on him of course, but I reckon for the next six months or so, it's going to be pretty slow news on Michael Fassbender. I do wish him the best and I certainly look forward to resuming full coverage of his acting career when he has an interest to do so.

Keep your eyes at FF@FB where it will be easier to post quick updates and links to articles about Michael's future roles.



Friday, November 3, 2017

TGIF 11.3.17

The Guardian - Jan 6, 2012

I'm changing things up a bit in how I create TGIFassy! blog updates. I want to focus more on the man that Michael Fassbender (BBS) is by overlaying quotes on various pictures of Michael from interviews over the years that I find interesting and relevant to current times. With recent events in Michael's life, and until his next film role is announced, I think that we may not see that much of Michael in ways that we are accustomed to. So with that, I just want to help people remember Michael with words he has said to help them recall fondly why they became enamored with the man in the first place.

Help me out a bit. If you have a favorite quote from Michael that you would like to submit for TGIF, please email me the source/link of the quote, and I will also credit you for the quote contribution. Moving forward, I welcome you all to help me make Fassinating Fassbender a group effort. In the past few weeks, FF@FB received nearly 40 additional Likes, and the blog itself has received its highest views this year. So people are interested in the way FF covers current events regarding Michael Fassbender. Let's keep things intriguing and fresh together!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Michael Monday #66

According to Box Office Mojo, The Snowman has so far earned around $31 million worldwide. Not so bad for a film maliciously maligned by the media which was made on a $35 million budget. On a weekly basis, American entertainment writers prefer to focus on the US box office success of a film to determine a film's worth and brand it a flop by that narrow standard; and that's unfair. In any event, I'm still hopeful that Michael can have another chance with Harry Hole because he was so great in that role. Quite a few Fassinators posting at FF@FB really like the movie, and I'm glad they do! Although I won't change my review grade for the film, I will buy the DVD when it comes out - it will complete my Snowman collection of having the book, along with my receiving the Snowman giveaway pack for hosting the giveaway. And speaking of that, the winner was announced over the weekend for the Snowman giveaway contest, and it is Sara E, a huge Fassinator that I met briefly this past summer at the Alien: Covenant premiere in Hollywood! Thanks to all for participating, I hope to be asked to present future giveaways for Michael's movies.

In reviewing Michael's IMDB profile, besides the next X-Men movie in 2018, he hasn't signed up for any other projects yet. It's my hopes that Michael is considering doing something new, something that will challenge him and go way out of his comfort zone. I hope he considers doing some theater work in London, or find a unique opportunity for a limited TV series on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. Fuck it, that's where the meaty new programming is at, and a lot of very well known, and popular film stars are going to TV for diversity in their craft as actors/actresses. And like I said before, being on TV or a streaming service will expose Michael to a broader audience that does not like going to the theater anymore to watch movies. This audience will wait for a film to stream, and it's a more economical option for them too.

And finally, congrats to Michael on successfully and safely completing his latest race car adventure in Italy these past few days. He was there with his parents supporting him as he continues on the Ferrari tour. This is a serious personal hobby for Michael and I hope he never gets hurt in his crashes, and just enjoys the fun of this adventure on his down time.

Friday, October 27, 2017

TGIF 10.27.17

I had to go back into 2013 to find a picture of Michael Fassbender (BBS*) to clear my head of all the WTFs and eye rolling this week and recovering from the twilight zone weirdness of the previous week. My eyes have been red and it's not from crying, and it's not from my allergies; it's from all the eye rolling from two things this week. The first is the overwrought click bait articles and faux outrage from movie critics killing Michael's The Snowman, and lamenting about the fate of his career. It's ok if they don't like the Snowman, but jeez, to go on and on and on about the exaggerated awfulness of it was just too much. Each week there are several "flops" that the entertainment websites fall over each other to write and speculate about which actor/actress can no longer be considered A list, or be the lead of future films. Last week was Fassy's turn to have his life and career be analyzed under a microscope. This will just be interesting fodder for his autobiography one day. He'll look back at 2017, and shrug his shoulders, and then talk about the interesting year when he finally got his Oscar. And he will get it one day. Actors who look as good as Michael and have the amount of talent that he does, do not just fade away after a short string of films that weren't Oscar bait or broke records at the box office.  So people need to chill out and give him some space. He'll sign up for some cool projects in due time.

The second thing that was eye ball rolling worthy was when I received an email from a reader asking me my thoughts on another set of blind items that were much less favorable about Michael. The reader figured that since I believe in the BI that I wrote about last week, they wanted to see what I thought of the other ones written afterwards. Well, the source of the BI is from a website I haven't visited in years. In fact, I stopped reading it because they made up most of the BIs, and unlike the website, this other website dabbles in fan theories and that's a big no no. And another fact, about five years ago, called out that other website as liars and unprofessional frauds and they refused to do any business with them ever again. So when a website writes about what a party boy creep, womanizing, doesn't get along with co-workers, drug addict that the foreign born full frontal actor is... don't believe any of that shit! If you do believe it, you already don't like him and are just feeding your own hateful fantasies about Michael Fassbender.

Michael is no perfect angel, who is, that's boring? What he is, is a healthy, normal grown adult man doing what most healthy normal adults do in their lives. He's a good guy that has been consistently praised as being professional on the set of his films, and in his interactions with his co-stars. To think otherwise, you're just looking for stuff to dislike about Michael Fassbender. And although I'm perplexed about his recent decision, I still adore the man and can't wait to hear about the next film he signed on for.

* you know like how BC and AD are used in historical context to mark the years in ancient times? Well, you can figure out what BBS means on your own. I'll use it until I don't need to anymore.

Monday, October 23, 2017

FF Film Review: The Snowman

The film adaptation of Jo Nesbo's best selling novel, The Snowman, failed to live up to its potential of being the nail biting, edge of your seat murder mystery. And this is no fault of Michael Fassbender, starring as the protagonist, Harry Hole; the burden falls flatly on the shoulders of the director, Tomas Alfredson. However, it is not nearly as bad as critics are making it out to be. The Snowman is a functional thriller, with moments of horror that are a bit startlingly, but overall, I felt that the bad editing, sloppy writing, and weak character development has left this film plodding along and making it up as it went. The production quality of The Snowman presented it as a film that could have been shown on the Lifetime channel.

Because I just finished reading the 550 page book on Friday, I went into the screening prepared to see a movie very different from the book. But I was annoyed at just how different things were from the book. People dying in the movie who didn't die in the book, character plots a complete 180 from the book, and again, it was the pacing of the film that felt off. If you did not read the book, you know that The Snowman is about a serial killer who kills women and make snowmen out of them. That's the gist, so as long as you know that, you can follow the film. But for those who read the book, we're left scratching our heads about the rest of the supporting elements for the film that made the book so page turning interesting.

My main concern now is that because this film is being received so poorly, I fear that Michael Fassbender may not get another chance to play Harry Hole again. He was perfectly fine in this role, and I really enjoyed his take on bringing Harry to life as an alcoholic with a brilliant criminal solving mind. Being Harry Hole could be for him what those Tom Clancy films were for Harrison Ford in the 80s, what the Dan Brown films have been for Tom Hanks, etc. With the critical and box office failure of The Snowman, I really don't know if another studio is willing to take a gamble. If they do, will future films just automatically be VOD? But really, all they need to do is find a better director and give the film enough production time to INCLUDE all elements of the damn script into the film. The director admitted earlier this week that 10-15% of the script was not filmed. Who the hell does this? I understand the director had some personal issues to deal with, but why couldn't he have been completely replaced by another director so that the movie could be saved?

Although The Snowman has its problems, if you're a strong supporter of Michael Fassbender's movies, just go see it and judge it for yourself. It's not terrible, and it's not a masterpiece at all. It's a film with some significant flaws, but for all intent and purposes, Michael Fassbender was great in it, and I just hope he gets another chance to visit this character because this could be a legitimate and interesting franchise for him. I'm really bummed out that this just may not happen because too many critics are enjoying lambasting this film.

Grade: C+

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Post Wedding Poll (Update)

POLL CLOSED - Results analysis

Feelings are all over the place about Michael Fassbender getting married from being elated, to 'being done with him'. Ouch!  Here's the chance for you to select how you feel in this poll!

Thanks to everyone for participating in this poll! It was created to capture a snapshot of select fans in the Michael Fassbender fandom of how they felt about the news about his marriage. As expected, a majority of fans are happy, but a noticeable amount are disappointed in the news.

Here's the breakdown:

  •  41.1% of fans voted that they are "Deliriously Happy For Them". This is not surprising as they have wanted this for quite a while, and I reckon they are more ecstatic over the nuptials than the actual groom is. And that's saying a lot. 
  •  24.2% of fans voted that they "Don't care". Some fans can easily claim that they don't care, and of all the categories, this is the one I find curious because to not care about such a huge life change in Michael's life (the personal life of one of their favorite actors), which is related to his career, is a bit odd. I guess fans who voted in the other categories just have more of an emotional connection to Michael Fassbender: the beautiful man, the actor, the fellow human being. 
  •  21.46% of fans voted that they are "Disappointed". I voted in this category and I have no shame in admitting it. Fans who voted this have an emotional investment in Michael because he's more than just a guy who we go see his movies. I think people who voted here have admired him for a very long time, and have a different sense of who he is, have valid questions about the decision he made, and think he should have pursued other options (break up, a very long engagement, find someone else, etc.). While we're disappointed, I hope all of us stay the course and continue to support him and remain dedicated fans to Michael. We have high expectations of him because he has portrayed himself as an intelligent, hard working, and compassionate man. We wish him well, but, hope for a resolution in this situation sooner, rather than later. Something just ain't right about this. 
  •  13.24% of fans voted that they are "Outta here". These fans are livid, they are pissed, feel betrayed, they have harbored resentment towards him for several years since his dating preference has changed, rather dramatically according to them (i.e. a more Hollywood approved spousal material), and they cannot stand his spouse. Some have used extremely harsh language about him leading up to and after the wedding, and they ran out of fucks to give about Michael Fassbender. These fans are done with him. And this is terribly sad to see. I hope they see the errors in the way they think about him, and stop judging him so harshly, and perhaps ease up on the gas regarding his personal life and just enjoy his films.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Snowman Opens Today in US!

I have just about 100 pages left of reading Jo Nesbo's The Snowman, and I will finish it this evening so that I can go see the movie on either Saturday or Sunday. One can't help but read the headlines of the reviews to know that it is not being received well, which has nothing to do with Michael Fassbender's ability of doing his job in bringing detective Harry Hole onto the big screen. According Yahoo News! Director Tomas Alfredson (a main lure to watch this film besides Fassbender), there were major production issues which mindbogglingly left 10-15% of valuable filming not included in the movie. In this day and age, how in the heck can something like that happen is beyond me. It appears that the exclusion of this material has seriously affected the flow of the film and leaving noticeable plot holes, and an overall feeling of the film being disconnected. This is not cool, but, I still want to see the movie to continue my usual stance in supporting Michael's films at the box office. If the movie is really bad, it's a sad waste of great talent. I'll post a review of the film on Monday.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Anatomy of a Blind Item

This blog article published today will not allow comments. As the Editor of Fassinating Fassbender, I need to be fully honest about recent events and the language and the content I am using is well thought out and deliberate. This is my opinion and it is not subject to counterarguments.

Ok, I’m just going to get right to it. On Tuesday, a blind item was posted titled, The New Bogey and Bacall at Blind Gossip. After reading the first sentence, I knew it was about Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Again, this is my opinion, I don’t have facts or evidence, but I’m great at math and 1+1 does equal 2. Once the comments are revealed (it usually takes about 24 hours before comments are approved and posted), 98% of the readers comments will have their names as guesses. This blind item comes just two days after their wedding in Ibiza and as this blind item has so many details that easily associate it with Michael and Alicia; I am compelled to address this blatant blind item. As a person who visits the BlindGossip website regularly, I have come to recognize the timing of when they post a BI and it’s always just mere hours or a day or two after some information about any celebrity breaks in the mainstream media (MSM) and the circumstances warrants the creation of a blind item about them. And as in the past regarding BIs I strongly believe were to be about Michael and Alicia (but most were just about her), these items were created so soon after similar information was announced via MSM and I just know it is about them. So I feel very confident in focusing on this blind item and drawing parallels to it in regards to their Ibiza wedding.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Michael Monday #65

Michael Fassbender is a married man.
Michael and Alicia Vikander got married this weekend. For a couple that met in 2014 to film The Light Between Oceans, where they played a married couple, their very private, guarded, and coy relationship finally resulted in a wedding. As announced at around 11pm on Sunday evening, October 15th edition of The Daily Mail, this very private wedding was very intimate and not flashy or very expensive like most celebrity weddings. They did things their own way with family and friends. So, no Vera Wang for Alicia.

So now this is done, it's my hopes that the really, really nasty and disrespectful Internet dragging of Michael will end now that he's married. The taunting abuse that both he and Alicia have had to endure at a very, very popular message board that thrives on negativity and gross racial overtones, has pretty much lead to the events that occurred this weekend. Their hands have been forced; Michael and Alicia have to publicize their personal lives to control the narrative of their personal lives. Controlling the personal narrative also helps their career narrative too, and with the Weinstein saga continuing to unravel, I think this weekend was perfect timing for Alicia to get married to her boyfriend of three years as she was Miss Weinstein 2016. There's no denying that. This wedding will greatly deflect attention from this saga and protect her from prying eyes and ears curious about her association with that gross ass, fat pig bastard.

Michael and Alicia's relationship has been brutally mocked, speculated, dissected to pieces, and many blind items have been flagged as them. Well, congratulations haters, Michael and Alicia have given you the finger while exchanging vows, smiling and drinking champagne with friends and family in Ibiza. They called your bluff you stupid idiots and now they are married. Hopefully those nasty obsessive people will finally lose complete interest in Michael Fassbender as he will have moved on with his life in doing something that will be met with disgust from that group. Why keep 'dragging' on about a man who is married to someone they hate, he looks 60 years old to them, he's short, take drugs, is a womanizer, his movies are flops, and they don't even refer to him as Michael Fassbender anymore; they hate him so much, they use pseudonyms in place of his name! How sick and pathetic is that?

I have gone on record as not being a big fan of Alicia Vikander, but I don't hate the woman, I'm indifferent. I've seen her movies and I think she's talented. Do I think she's the woman for Michael? No, he deserves better, much better. And I will go on record with that. But this is not to say I endorse hateful attacks against this girl, that's uncalled for! She and Michael are doing what they have to do with their lives, and let the cards fall where they may. There is so much hatred in the world, so many horrible natural disasters, so much political turmoil going on throughout the world that harms people, our planet and wildlife, and so many attacks against women. So to see other women carry on like this about two rich and famous, young, attractive celebrities, is quite pitiful and shameful to witness. What goes around comes around. You spread negativity and hate, it comes back at you. But if you spread good will and positivity, it will come back to you too.

This coming weekend, I'm really looking forward to continue to demonstrate the exact reason why I'm such a big Michael Fassbender fan. I know there's a lot of negative reviews about The Snowman, but I'm excited about the film. I'm halfway through the book and I know the film will be different than the book, and that's OK, this is to be expected. Some of the positive reviews I have read have been very decent and I expect I will at the least enjoy the film for what it is, and I don't anticipate adding to the negativity about this movie. And this reminds me, please enter The Snowman giveaway. All you have to do is participate in the quiz, post in the thread that you did it, or tag me @FassFass or at FF@FB to let me know you did the quiz and I'll enter you. Simples. The winner will be announced on Halloween, October 31st.

So cheers and good will to Michael with the decision he has made with his personal life and career, and I just want him to know that I'll still be here!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Wedding, Finally? (Updated)

Alicia is wearing a ring!
Photos like this is a reason why I'll always be on Team Michael!

Michael and Alicia and their close friends and family are all in Ibiza now for what is likely to be a wedding, or engagement party. Stay tuned as I post updates and pics from this interesting weekend that culminates after 3 years!

If you love Michael Fassbender like I do, as a real fan, you just want him to be happy and you celebrate that happiness!

Update: As I type this, it's nearly 8pm on Sunday evening in Ibiza, and there was no wedding as there are no new pap shots pictures released. The event appears to have been a fun engagement party as Alicia is now sporting a diamond ring on her finger, but Michael is not wearing a ring. It looks like Michael's family was in attendance, but it was difficult to see if any of his other very close male buddies, celebrities or not (besides Steve McQueen - it was so lovely to see him with Michael) were in attendance, and I don't know if his DMC partners were there either.