Sunday, February 14, 2016

Michael in London - Images from BAFTA

I'll be posting pictures of Michael attending pre-BAFTA events this early morning - and then later in the day, I'll post red carpet images. Michael went to a BAFTA lunch yesterday and was spotted outside of Claridges Hotel. I'm in love with his Austin Powers inspired navy blue velvet pant suit, he looks so handsome in it. Michael's parents, Josef and Adele were also in London with their son to enjoy the festivities and hang out with him.

Friday, February 12, 2016

TGIF 2.12.16

It's been confirmed that Michael Fassbender will attend the BAFTAs this Sunday, as he has been nominated for Best Actor in Steve Jobs. With all my support for Michael still going strong, because it's the right thing to do, I'm prepared, and I'm sure he is, for the same damn outcome. Michael is professional, this is the business he is now fully coming to understand how it's played. I guess the sooner you know what's up, the faster you can recover from the heart ache of the BS. Michael has good people who support him, but surely they have prepared and coached him for the pre-determined outcome. At this point, he's in this only for the public relations of physically attending this awards ceremony, and the next one, and the good will that voters will one day remember, and award him. I thought the 12 Years a Slave awards season sucked, but this one is much worse. I won't be following the BAFTAs, instead, I'll be with family celebrating my baby nephew's 4th birthday.

In any event, Michael, we hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, you deserve it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pundits spoiled the Oscar chances for Steve Jobs and Michael (edited)

I complained about this in recent weeks about my belief that award pundit bloggers and gossip writers helped bury Steve Jobs and Michael Fassbender's Oscar glory chances. For such a film and performance to do so well with critics and be the top film in limited release, only to be tossed aside like soiled toilet tissue when The Revenant came out, demonstrates the disturbing power of pundits, and the pitiful ease in manipulating awards bodies.

When I posted on Twitter this evening that I wish that one awards body would have the guts to permit Michael Fassbender to walk up on stage, on TV, and collect an award. Just one. Someone directed me to Ed Gonzales' article in The Slant, which was just posted today, and what he wrote was a thoughtful and honest article about how awards pundits steered the Oscar race into the direction they wanted. This is exactly what I wrote earlier.

Here are two portions of Ed's article, and here is the link  (link corrected) to read the full great article - and my comment.

I have stopped visiting two awards websites this season because they are in bed with 20th Century Fox and other studios in supporting select films/performances. It's hard to support and enjoy visiting such sites because they don't want to acknowledge what they're responsible for, just as long as they get what they want, it's all fun for them... oh, and the FYC ad paychecks are nice too.

New release date for The Light Between Oceans

It looks like Disney wants to capitalize off of the Oscar nominations from both Michael Fassbender and his co-star, Alicia Vikander, by releasing their movie, The Light Between Oceans, on September 2, 2016. Previously announced dates were for the UK only which will have the film debut on screens in January 2017. I was hoping that the US release would be weeks or months earlier, and it has been confirmed now. I have not read the book by M. L. Stedman, it's not normally my cup of tea. But because of Michael being in the film adaptation, I'm more inclined to read it now.

In other news, the British Academy Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) are this Sunday, on Valentine's Day. Will the Brits be more warm towards Michael? I don't know, they have yet to truly recognize his talent as they are sadly so eager to mimic the Oscars. I think Michael will attend due to logistics, so stay tuned.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Michael featured in Elle Australia Feb 2016

Please go to the Fassinating Fassbender Google drive to read the .pdf of the article 'Heavy Mettle' on pages 68-71 (Link).

Friday, February 5, 2016

TGIF 2.5.16

We haven't had a poll in a very long time here at FF, so now is the perfect time to have one. In the past few weeks, I have given you guys a couple pieces of my mind about this year's Oscar "race". I write "race" because it's not a race this year. The activities leading up to the February 28th ceremony is a well oiled PR machine, akin to a steamroller, actually, for one actor in particular. So I wanted to see what you guys thought on the one question I have on my mind: Do you think Michael should attend the Oscars?  I ask this question based on a comment made by Michael Caine. In his elder years, he can afford to be frank and not give a damn.

The best thing about it is you don't have to go. Especially the Oscars, 24 hours on an aeroplane and I've got to sit there clapping Leonardo DiCaprio. I love Leonardo, he played my son in a movie, but I'm too old to travel that far and sit in an audience and clap for someone else. - Michael Caine, Us Weekly

See, when you get to a certain age, you can say whatever the heck you want and still have people respect your opinion. Although Mr. Caine was not nominated this year, he was speaking from the perspective of someone who was not nominated, and in this year, he seems relieved to not have to deal with the time wasting when the decision has already been made. Now the question is this, since Michael Fassbender has been nominated, does he have to attend? Keep in mind that he's less than half the age of Caine and some people would have the audacity to throw shade at Michael if he didn't stop filming, fly 9,000 miles, and dress up, just to sit and watch some other guy get his career Oscar, be part of a standing ovation (rub salt into the wound), attend after parties with people who didn't vote for him, and then fly back to his current film set in Norway. There's no rule in the Oscar nominee notebook that stipulates that nominees must attend. I would love to attend the Oscars one day, it's a glamorous event, but to be a nominee and know you gave the best performance and have to sit there...

So, what do you think?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Peter Travers Thinks Michael Should Win the Oscar

American film critic Peter Travers is very well known and popular, and his film reviews and Oscar predictions are well respected. So when he listed Steve Jobs as his #2 movie (second to Spotlight) on his year end RollingStone article, you knew he loved the movie and Michael Fassbender's performance. Today, Peter unveiled his Oscar predictions. I have been avoiding predictions this season because the majority of pundits and voters have dranked all the DiCaprio flavored purple Kool-Aid, and to save face and not be mocked for supporting a different actor and deviating from the expected, everyone has fallen in line like good little kiddies by predicting and wanting (i.e., needing) Leo to win. But since I knew how much Travers enjoyed Steve Jobs, I took a quick look at his list and I was very happy to read this:

As long as popular critics like Travers speak the truth about the power of Michael's performance and give credit where credit is due by acknowledging his work as an important 'Should win' analysis, I'll take this. A lot of people will read the article and most will absolutely agree that Michael "should" win. The Academy Awards have not only demonstrated what an elite organization it is to be at the highest echelon of the entertainment awards, but they also demonstrated how predictable and easily manipulated they are. For Oscar pundits to "know" how voters will vote is very telling, and hence the decades old practice of predicting the 'who should' and 'who will' win analysis'.  I'm glad that Peter called out the category fraud of Alicia Vikander and Rooney Mara in "Supporting Actress". Is it no wonder that their great performances are stand outs in that category because in essence, they are Lead Actresses shadowing above Supporting actresses? One of them will win, and like Peter thinks, I'm hoping it's Rooney Mara in Carol. I don't agree with his predictions about The Revenant, there's no way Alejandro is winning back to back director when George Miller did what he did with Mad Max: Fury Road. And either Spotlight or Mad Max is winning best picture.

If it weren't for Chris Rock being the host this year, I would probably pass on watching the Oscars. Why? The winner in the one category I care about is a signed deal, and that's not cool in my book. Of all the years the academy purposefully denied Leonardo, all the fuckin' years, they are going to give it to him now when Michael knocked the ball out of the park as Steve Jobs. As I posted on twitter yesterday, I believe the LA Film Critics Association anticipated the fuckery in the Best Actor race and voted with good conscience for Michael Fassbender to give him the respect he deserved. Like I said before, Michael will win the Oscar for Steve Jobs, but in another year.

Friday, January 29, 2016

TGIF 1.29.16

The only news about Michael Fassbender this week has been reports of his filming The Snowman (release date: October 13, 2017) along with some set photos of him in character. Since he's all the way in Norway, and just started filming, I don't know if he's going to drop everything to fly all the way to California for the Screen Actors Guild awards this Saturday, January 30th. If he does, he's a remarkable human being and a true professional going along with the big Hollywood game. If he doesn't, he has a perfectly understandable excuse to not attend.

The second cringe worthy week, post-Oscar nomination, winds down and continues to unveil more unsavory backlash fodder, with NO sign of it dying down. Why? It's too much fun for Hollywood insiders, pundits, and reporters to point fingers and toss in their two cents about who's to blame, and offering hollow self-preserving solutions. Thank God Michael is in Norway and far removed from the insanity. An actor really does have to be a politician to navigate through this PR mess. The first group of Oscar presenters have been announced on Thursday. Michael has been nominated for many awards, and this is his second Oscar nomination, but yet he has never been an awards presenter. I doubt it will happen, especially this year, but I do look forward to the day when Michael can be introduced to such a worldwide audience by presenting an award or introducing a film.

Meanwhile, as February approaches, this is the time that I start prep work for the annual birthday fundraiser which will begin on February 29th. Every day will count in March to raise money and pass our goal this year for The Bike Experience. In perfect timing, a wonderful article was written about the UK charity this week in The Daily Mail. A write up on that website can only increase their profile and help with much needed fundraising. Read the article and hopefully it will warm you up to participate in the 4th annual Michael Fassbender birthday fundraiser for TBE.

Michael on the set of The Snowman

Friday, January 22, 2016

TGIF 1.22.16

Michael is currently in Barcode, Norway filming The Snowman. I wonder if he was able to change personas in his mind before he left England last weekend to fly directly to Norway to get into his new character of Harry Hole? Michael is in constant demand and he's always working on fascinating characters that will draw attention to his work now, and in the future. So that's the outlook I'm taking in knowing that Michael will continue to be rewarded for his consistent outstanding work.

Now I need to get this off my chest once and for all by sharing a comment recently made by Kate Winslet. She said in an interview to US Weekly, after her Oscar nomination for Steve Jobs, that she's torn between supporting Michael Fassbender and her old dear friend Leonardo DiCaprio, both nominated for Best Actor. One shoe dropped when Steve Jobs received only the two acting nominations, then the other shoe dropped when Kate said this:
"It's slightly difficult for me because Michael Fassbender has been nominated and I was his right-hand woman for three months while we were making Steve Jobs and I saw how hard he worked," the actress told US Weekly. "I think his performance is so extraordinary. But I think yeah, you can sort of feel the temperature. It's probably going to be Leo's year." {ed: No, really?}
"I think you can sort of feel it and I think that everyone wants it for him. It would be amazing," she said.

I do feel for Kate and I know she feels bittersweet about this. It just sucks. If there's ever been proof of how votes can be manipulated and persuaded to support a particular performance, and if there's ever been a clear example of how people already KNOW who/what is going to win, it is now. Oscar votes and results are not pure and organic, they are bought and paid for, persuaded, influenced, marketed, swooned, and steered into a specific direction with a laser beam goal to get that award into a particular set of hands. Did you know that there are actual awards consultants? No, you probably didn't. See, you do learn something new every day. According to this article  in The Hollywood Reporter, it is a big, serious, and expensive business to hire professional consultants to provide awards season counseling to market their client or film so that they can win awards. And holy moly, just days after his Oscar nomination, Leonardo donated $15 million to a variety of environmental causes. Just damn. He not only ate raw bison liver, but he donated a shit load of money to causes that would make environmentalists pray that Leo wins the Oscar. This generous donation was made deliberately at the sweet spot moment. But for the record, Leo is a long time environmentalist who gives on a regular basis. However, a gift this large hasn't been made public like this before. I'm just saying.

So, Michael Fassbender will win an Oscar for Steve Jobs... one day. But this year, it looks like someone else is going to get their career Oscar to make up for unfairly losing five previous times. I'll post my Oscar predictions a few days before the show, but in regards to the Best Supporting Actress category, I hope and you should pray with me that ==> Rooney Mara (highlight) wins. Regarding the controversy of the Oscars this year, I don't have much to say because my favorite actor in the world has been nominated and I'm so happy and proud of him. All I'll say is that this problem is not just with AMPAS, but with the entire entertainment industry. Those who do the casting and hiring are the ones who present certain talents to audiences, and those very people covet AMPAS to reward those same people they specifically hire. It's the whole industry, not just one aspect of it.

In lighter news, here is a great interview with Michael for X-Men: Apocalypse. He was in a good mood, and he reveals some interesting things about Magneto and Professor X.

And in my search for Fassy images, I came across something cool and weird at the same time. Someone made a toy Fassy doll and it looks eerily very much like him, even down to the frown lines on his forehead. When I saw it, that Depeche Mode song, 'Personal Jesus', came to my mind because you could have a Personal Fassy if you could buy this doll. But it's not for sale. Would you buy it?

Your own, Personal, Fassy

Reach out and touch Fassy

Friday, January 15, 2016

TGIF 1.15.16

As this week comes to close, Michael Fassbender should be feeling very proud of his accomplishment with Steve Jobs. Michael received his second Oscar nomination on Thursday and this will most certainly increase his stock in Hollywood. When you think about the fact that over 500 films were released in 2015, and thousands of lead actors were not even considered to be nominated, it is a great honor to receive a nomination. In most cases, the nomination is the reward. Entertainment Weekly got Michael's reaction to his Oscar nomination. Michael says he is "baffled" by Aaron Sorkin not getting a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay - yes we are too Michael. Here are his thoughts about his nomination:

“I just feel very lucky, very privileged,” Fassbender says about the nomination. “It’s been such a great year for cinema, even films that haven’t been nominated.” This marks the second nod for Fassbender in three years; he was also honored with a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. Asked if things felt different this time around, Fassbender said no. “I don’t think it ever changes,” he says. “The first time, again, I was very humbled by the consideration. It’s the same this time, especially considering the company that I’m in and the performances that haven’t been considered. It’s always very exciting. … Well, not always, just the twice.” While Fassbender was pleased to his about the nomination for his Steve Jobs costar Kate Winslet, the snub of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin left him confused. “It’s baffling, but that’s why I was saying that I feel privileged. You can never take these things for granted,” he says. “I’m just baffled by that.” - EW

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oscar Nominations 2016 (edited)

Congratulations to Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet in their Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress nominations. Steve Jobs received only those two nominations. AMPAS has already pretty much revealed the eventual winners. But at the least, we can celebrate that Michael and Kate's brilliant work in Steve Jobs has paid off in well deserved Oscar nominations. Congratulations and good luck!

Edited to add: I've been engaged in twitter conversations this morning and while some people are very hopeful for Michael to win, I have the proof that AMPAS only intends to honor Michael's performance in Steve Jobs with the nomination. They couldn't bother with a token adapted screenplay nomination, and that really sealed the fate for Steve Jobs' performance at the Oscars. The publicity machine for Leonardo DiCaprio, and The Revenant is relentless, and in your face at an astonishing level. The sentiment that he's overdue, a box office draw, etc., are recipes for Leo to finally get his Oscar. Steve Jobs is a brilliant film. It's only flaw is that there weren't enough smart people interested in watching it. At Metacritic, Steve Jobs received an 82 score, Mad Max: Fury Road received an 89, and The Revenant received a 77. And yet The Revenant received 12 Oscar nominations. Wow.

Great films and performances are often deliberately pushed to the side to pave way for sentimental and easy popular favorites (after all, you gotta think about the ratings for the ceremony too). The Revenant and Mad Max are action packed, bloody, exciting, crazy ass films that the mainstream media and audiences eat up. A film like Steve Jobs demands your full attention so that you can understand how we as humans currently live, interact, and communicate with each other. There were no guns, no blood, no explosions, just a movie about a guy hell bent on making computers help people live more efficient lives. And apparently, that's too boring for the lot. Now that the field has been set, I'm rooting the fuck out for Mad Max: Fury Road, it was my favorite film of the year, and I hope George Miller receive the Best Director Oscar (especially since AMPAS snubbed Ridley Scott, again). AMPAS does this, snub and diminish certain talent to set the stage for favorites. In this case, this Oscar for Director should go to Miller.

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Disappointing Golden Globes

The 73rd Golden Globes was the most star strucked ceremony in ages. The GGs voting base of 90+ foreign journalists has always been mocked for being in love with A-list stars and nominating them just for them to show up, and in most cases, have them win just so they can go on the stage and hold one of their awards. Last night was a text book example of just how enamored the Hollywood Foreign Press really is with mega-mega stars.

Here are just six of the world's biggest stars who won last night: Lady Gaga, Sylvester Stallone, Kate Winslet (in a very surprising, but deserving win), Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

You cannot have a more A-list winners list ever.

In what started out as a hopeful evening for Michael Fassbender's chances of winning his first Golden Globe on his third nomination, with Kate winning in her Best Supporting Actress category, and Aaron Sorkin for winning in the Adapted Screenplay, the stage was set for Michael to hopefully win in the Best Actor category, but that was not to happen. With the PR machine in full engine throttle, with The Revenant doing so well at the box office, and with the narrative of 'he's sooooo overdue', Leonardo cruised onto the stage to collect the Best Actor trophy. I cannot and will not hate on Leo as I enjoy him as an actor and his work, but I'm just frustrated in the FACT that Michael has been denied a valid win because he truly is the best actor. He deserved that award. It was insultingly brutal to have Kate and Aaron surprise wins, only to not have Michael win who was the heart of the film.

Ricky Gervais was a funny host and his style is heavy and cruel sarcasm. But what he said about the GGs being worthless and a tangible piece of studio paid for PR... he is right.

The Oscar nominations will be announced on January 14th. Some awards analyst audaciously speculate that Michael may not even be nominated, and thus paving an easier path for Leo to win. If this is the case, it's going to be a short and cold awards season. I just can't help but think that in all the years Leonardo should have won an Oscar, he could win in the year where Michael Fassbender has had his most critical performance. It's such a shame.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 73rd Golden Globes tonight! (Update)

Michael Fassbender was not available to attend the Los Angeles Film Critics Association awards last night in person to accept his second Best Actor award from this group. Michael has only finalized filming of Assassin's Creed in London and most likely he was in route to California late Saturday so that he can attend the Golden Globes (GG) on Sunday. Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin accepted Michael's award on his behalf.  In the event that Aaron's speech transcript is available, I'll post it as soon as possible.

The Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC beginning at 8pm EST. However, Fassinating Fassbender will host a live commentary of the show starting at 7pm EST for the red carpet event. Be warned, the Best Actor category that Michael is nominated in will be presented in the last half hour of the show, so, we'll have to watch the entire program to hopefully watch Michael win this award. On Monday, I will write a post-GG article and based on the results of the Best Actor winner, that will be my guide and cue to the tone of my article. I have some theories that I'm itching to share, so please stay tuned.

Best Actor nominees

Bryan Cranston - Trumbo
Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant
Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
Eddie Redmayne - The Danish Girl
Will Smith - Concussion

Join us at FFF tonight at 7pm EST here.

Congratulations and good luck to Michael!

Michael in attendance at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards!

In a surprise win, Congratulations to Kate Winslet for Best Supporting Actress in Steve Jobs!

Wow, Steve Jobs won it's second Golden Globe tonight for Best Adapated Screenplay (duh!). Congratulations to Aaron Sorkin!

Friday, January 8, 2016

TGIF 1.8.16 (updated)

What a Fassy week this has been! I witnessed first hand Michael Fassbender receiving the International Star Award Actor this past Saturday night in Palm Springs. And this weekend, Michael will receive the Best Actor award from the LA Film Critics Association on Saturday, and then the following evening, he will attend the Golden Globes and hopefully take home his first Golden Globe on his third nomination. Michael is being a trooper by multi-tasking and jet-setting across the globe to meet his filming obligations, as well as his promotional obligations to Universal and the Steve Jobs film in hopes of the film receiving several Oscar nominations.

Pete Hammond at Dateline wrote a timely article on Michael on Thursday afternoon that is going to be read by an important audience and clarify a few things, especially that taken out of context comment about him not wanting to do Oscar campaigning. I knew what he meant then, only assholes and idiots took his words out of context and twisted them.

I'll be hanging out at Fassinating Fassbender Facebook during the Golden Globes to chat with people about Michael on the red carpet and his hopeful big win. Please come visit us about 7pm EST Sunday night at FFF.

Oscar bloggers have been falling over themselves as of late with suspicious 'A Case for...' articles in support of a certain actor, or a certain movie, etc. Bloggers whose livelihood is based on objectivity in writing articles about the entertainment industry, are showing their pimp cards and these articles are total paid pieces by PR and studios. Since I'm just a plain ole non-profit fan blogger of Michael Fassbender, I'm going to write my own 'A Case for Michael Fassbender' Oscar article next week! If you're curious about my thoughts on The Revenant, please read my review at ToZ. In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio is Michael's main competitor, and Michael needs all the support he can get to keep his momentum high all the way through Oscar night. I'm happy to do whatever little bit I can... for FREE. I don't have to get paid to write what I feel in my heart is the best male actor performance of 2015. I have no financial or professional vested interest in wholly supporting Michael. I'm doing it because I believe in him and the man has paid his dues to be recognized once and for all.

Early Friday morning, the BAFTAs will announce the nominations, and I hope Michael makes the cut. I have not been impressed with BAFTA, they are a concern to me because they have thrown British talent under the bus in favor of nominating talent they think the Oscars find worthy. And that is lacking integrity as far as I'm concerned.

Update: Michael has been nominated for a BAFTA in the Lead Actor category. Congratulations Michael!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Michael Fassbender honored at Palm Springs Awards Gala

It's been over two whole days since Michael Fassbender received the International Star Award Actor at the Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival (PSIFF) awards gala, but like I promised, I will share with you over the course of several blog entries, the events of that evening. Firstly, this post will feature some of the pictures I took of Michael while he was on stage. But I need to offer clarification. I had a very weak and heavily used Wi-fi signal at the hotel I was staying at. It was my intentions to post videos asap, but I just wasn't able to. A mere 2 minute upload to YouTube took 52 minutes and still had the audacity to abort the upload at the last minute.

The plan was for me to get as close to the stage as possible to take pictures of Michael, and I would have my friend use my iPad to record it all. BTW, I was very, very impressed with our table seats! Instead, halfway through, he decided to rely on his partner's iPhone recording. But be that as it may, as I made my way closer to the stage, bumping elbows with people who had the same 'get up closer to see Fassy', my nerves, balancing on one high heeled knee to sit low enough to not block people, and Michael appearing nervous on stage and moving around too much, some of my pics were blurry. But, here's the best of the best. As a reminder, to see the video of what Michael said, go see it at my YouTube page: (

Click the first image and scroll through the slide show for a better view.

The gist of Michael's speech was that he was so amazed by the Steve Jobs script and proud to be a part of a film that will stand the test of time, and he admitted having 'wobbly legs' about it. He praised Kate's maternal instincts to help and support him, and he even made a funny comment about the box office of Jobs. Being honored at the PSIFF has become the bellwether of Oscar nominations/winners, and officially commences the Oscar season of the following weeks. I went into this gala situation well aware that I may not actually have face time with Michael. I was warned by my guests who have attended before, that the "top top A-listers" don't attend the after party because they have other commitments, and also, it can be overwhelming to them - too many gawkers who demand their attention because they paid so much to attend (I'll talk about what I saw of Cate Blanchett at the party - what a beautiful pro she is in the face of madness). As in the case with Michael.

It's most likely in his case, because he and Kate (coming right off of the holidays with family), they also had that SAG screening Q&A in LA the very next morning. So they probably only arrived into PS on Saturday, and left immediately afterwards to head to LA. No one saw Kate or Michael at the Parker Hotel, but then again, they could have poked their heads in there for a split minute, literally, before everyone else came. Most honorees do this because a) for marketing purposes of the gala, they are asked to attend the after party, and b) a mere second at the Parker does meet that obligation and they leave afterwards. In Michael's case, he and Kate had to be in LA and surely after they left the event, a private plane took them there. Based on what I saw at the after party and how people smothered the celebrities there, they would have gone completely apeshit if Michael and Kate were there, this is an indication that Michael has indeed arrived. For safety and security, he was on the downlow. And speaking of security, the FBI and MI6 would have been proud. Fans/people lucky enough to see Michael as he entered the venue, camped out there for 2-3 days. I will provide much more details at Theatre of Zen about my entire experience. I have so much to share and it was so much fun... a dream event to attend and I would like to go again in the future.

Lastly, here is a picture of me in my friend's backyard pool - yes, it was January 2, outside in a sleeveless gown. Being a tomboy, it took some getting used to wearing this gown and heels. It was long as hell on me (it was designed to be very long). But it was a little too big, especially in the bust and waist area - it could have been more snug by an inch or so. It was a 6, the smallest size that style came in, and a 4 would have fit me much better. But oh well, it was fun playing dress up and a faux one percenter for one night. :)

Simone and Sugar