Friday, October 9, 2015

TGIF 10.9.15

Less than a year ago, hacked emails were released to the public that revealed the behind the scenes hand wringing and whining about the Steve Jobs film project that was collecting dust at Sony. Once Michael Fassbender's name was added to the mix, the rest was history. Filmed in Jan-March this year, we now have Danny Boyle's movie for Fassinators to enjoy. If you're lucky enough to live in the precious 'limited release' cities of New York and Los Angeles, then go see Steve Jobs today! There are numerous articles on Michael Fassbender these days - here are links to a few stand out articles and interviews.

Wider release for Steve Jobs begins October 23.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Steve Jobs Cast on the Cover of The Hollywood Reporter

For you folks who do not have a print subscription to The Hollywood Reporter like I do, here is the website article for the October 16th issue. It is crystal clear that Universal Studios is going full throttle in pre-Oscar campaign mode as Steve Jobs opens in select theaters this Friday, October 9. It will expand gradually in wider release throughout the month. The first screen date here in Michigan is October 15th in Birmingham. Unlike Michael's first experience in reaching for the gold in 2011's Shame, he now has an experienced and determined Oscar tested marketing team, friends (Kate Winslet), and an entire studio behind him (and Fassinating Fassbender) in being not only nominated, but actually frigging winning. So far Steve Jobs has received mostly great reviews, but unanimously, Michael's performance has been raved big time.

For additional Fassy fanfare, read the exquisite Vanity Fair review to boot!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Steve Jobs NYFF53 Press Conference

Here is the full length Steve Jobs press conference from the Oct 3rd World Premiere of the film.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Steve Jobs Premiere at New York Film Festival (updated)

Michael Fassbender and the director and cast of Steve Jobs attended the Centerpiece presentation of Steve Jobs this evening at the New York Film Festival. Here are just a few images from the event, and you can read this brief article on the screening from The Guardian.

Friday, October 2, 2015

TGIF 10.2.15

I knew immediately upon seeing this image from Macbeth that it was going to be this week's TGIF photo. I'm temporarily renaming TGIF as 'TGIFuck It, I'm Posting this Bitch!' We now have receipts that Justin Kurzel is a Fassinator too. He knew damn well what he was doing when he made Fassy Macbeth take a bath outside in the freezing cold, instead of a warm bath in a ruined castle where he would have had some privacy. After all, that's what Kings require, private bath time. But not in this case because there has never been a King on this planet that resembled Michael Fassbender. I try to be professional in being the editor of this blog, but sometimes it's good to release the fangurl; shit gets bottled up and it's good to let loose once in a while. Also, since my birthday was on Wednesday, and my last day at a hell hole job ends today, I yet again find myself thanking the Fassy Gods for this little treat.

Earlier this week, Michael was in Scotland promoting Macbeth, and this Saturday, he'll be in New York for the film festival as Steve Jobs is the Centerpiece film this year. I cannot help but think that with the 'double whammy' factor of good buzz from both Macbeth and Steve Jobs, Michael should feel good going into the awards season with undeniable momentum to help him take home all his well deserved honors. And with another Fassinator, Kate Winslet gushing about him left, right and center like a newly found half-sister, the next five months is going to be super crazy and amazing for Michael Fassbender.

Macbeth opens today in the UK!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Macbeth Premiere in Edinburgh (Updated)

The red carpet event is tonight!
Michael Fassbender is in Edinburgh, Scotland today for the premiere of Macbeth at the Edinburgh Festival Theater. Since the movie was filmed in Scotland, it makes perfect sense to premiere the Scottish play there. Marion Cotillard will   did not attend the red carpet premiere with Michael tonight. She's currently working with Michael in Malta for Assassin's Creed. And as one paparazzi photo revealed last night, it appears that Alicia Vikander was among Michael's entourage.  What goes on the red carpet tonight will be very interesting, so stay tuned.

I'll post pictures from the red carpet later today, Meanwhile, check out this brief interview video of Michael with the BBC talking about the challenges of filming in cold weather in Scotland.

Director Justin Kurzel with Michael

Michael is so accommodating to his fans!

Here are pictures for the Macbeth photo call (Corbis):

Friday, September 25, 2015

TGIF 9.25.15

Michael's Steve Jobs movie will be opening in just a few short weeks and promotion for the movie is in high gear! You know your film is hot when the cable channel HBO does a First Look feature on the making of your film. And if you're like me, a cable snob (haven't subscribed to cable since 2006), you don't watch HBO. However, if you're a die hard Fassy fan, you will look high and low for ways to watch HBO First Look: Steve Jobs, in any format it's presented. Thankfully, some ingenious fan posted a bootleg taping of the show. It's poor quality, but, at least we can watch it and I appreciate their ingenuity. Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to things Fassy!

Check out the video and watch Michael and his co-stars create a film that is going to be talked about during the entire awards season!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DMC Films Fundraising for MOAS (Updated)

Yesterday, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) tweeted the image above of Michael Fassbender bringing awareness to their cause. Today, thanks to a tip from Tracy H, Michael's DMC Films has started a fundraiser through GivenGain Projects to help raise funds for this important and life saving project for Migrants crossing the dangerous oceans and seas for a better life somewhere else.

We've all seen the news lately of this human event and I believe this is a good cause to support if you can. Fassinating Fassbender will be making a donation today!

Go to this link to read more about the fundraiser from DMC Films.



You're welcome guys!

Friday, September 18, 2015

TGIF 9.18.15

This image of Michael Fassbender is from the October edition of Elle Magazine. There are scans of the interview posted on tumblr, where this picture was found, but I haven't read it yet because the quality of the print is not good. That's ok because it gives me even more of a reason to buy this issue. As I speculated, these next few months are going to be loaded with interviews, and a lot of news on Michael Fassbender and his projects and awards contentions. He has two high brow films coming out, Steve Jobs in late October, and a wider release for Macbeth in December. It was also announced this week that Michael and his The Light Between Oceans co-star, Alicia Vikander, have parted ways. They are both very, very busy with their careers and we wish them the best.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

The 2nd Steve Jobs Trailer

Here is another Steve Jobs trailer just in case you need more convincing to see this movie. I'm back from TIFF, had a great time, but Michael Fassbender's Steve Job was sorely missed in Toronto.

Friday, September 11, 2015

New York Times Interview with Michael

"In person, he comes across as cheerful and boyish. He is more pretty than handsome..." 
- Rivka Galchen

Thanks to Jhessye for bringing to my attention the new New York Times magazine interview article on Michael, 'Michael Fassbender, Nobody's Fool'. While the article is online for us to read and enjoy, we can also hold a copy of the magazine in our hands by buying the Sunday edition of the NY Times Magazine this weekend. This is not the first time Michael has been profiled in the high profile style magazine September issue - he last appeared in the 2009 edition. The article hit the checklist of things a fan, a stan, or regular reader needed to know about him. I'm really glad they mention the word "projection" because that is what a lot of people do with Michael, they project shit upon him to fit their FANtasies.

But I digress.. so, fasten your seat belt because we're gonna get whiplash will all the Fassy mainstream media coverage coming very soon.


-Simone is writing from Toronto!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Wide Release for Macbeth

“I dare do all that may become a man;
Who dares do more, is none”  
Amen, FassyMacbeth! He's grinning ear to ear with the latest news! A quiet change has been made for Michael Fassbender's Macbeth. Apparently The Weinstein Company had a change of heart recently and has decided to treat The Scottish Play with the respect it deserves and give it a WIDE release here in the States on December 4th. Hallelujah! The cynic in me reckons that due to the excellent reception that Michael and his Universal film, Steve Jobs, received at Telluride this past weekend, got TWC rethinking their strategy on Macbeth.

I made a comment over the weekend that even in limited release in December, Macbeth would help critics and voters remember the brilliance of actor Michael Fassbender and vote for him on account of both Jobs and Macbeth. The Double Whammy Factor (I just made that up!) occurs when an actor receives Oscar chatter for one performance and his talent and worthiness of an Oscar is supported by another brilliant performance in a film released in the same year. So in this case, Michael blew people's socks off with Jobs, and will provide additional receipts to his amazing talent in Macbeth!

Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm going to remain calm as humanly possible regarding Michael's chances for the Oscar this year. In the short time he has been on Hollywood's radar, Michael has churned out several Oscar caliber performances, and has received one nomination from that lot. The man is due. That's not bias speaking, that's the damn truth. Has his time come this year, stay tuned.

I'll be heading off to Toronto later tonight. The drive should take about five hours. I'm going to see 13 films and spend time with some good friends from the Awards Watch forum. If you're curious, check out my Tiffr schedule to see the films I'm going to watch - Check out Theatre of Zen, my Twitter feed, and my Instagram for updates from Toronto!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Steve Jobs is a Hit at Telluride Film Festival!

Just as my gut instinct told me months ago, Michael Fassbender has greatly impressed critics and audience at its first film festival bow last night at Telluride. Although director Danny Boyle said the film was still a "work in progress", meaning there were still final edits to be made, the audience loved the film, and especially Michael's performance.

Here are some highlight tweets after the Telluride screening, and articles praising Michael and the film. The festival ends on Monday and shortly afterwards, they will announce the winning film for the 42nd Telluride Film Festival!  Tweets captured from Steve Jobs thread at Awards Watch.

David Poland ‏@DavidPoland 27s28 seconds ago
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first Oscar frontrunners… Steve Jobs and Michael Fassbender.

david ehrlich ‏@davidehrlich 31s32 seconds ago
STEVE JOBS: The Social Network meets Birdman for Sorkin's most electric portrait of a Great Man. Fassbender is unreal, Boyle is weak link.

Gregory Ellwood ‏@TheGregoryE 45s46 seconds ago
Steve Jobs - lots and lots of Sorkin. Last 10 min Boyle. Great perfs. #telluride

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley 14s15 seconds ago
Sensational editing, interesting camera choices and by the way: Fassbender CRUSHES it.

erickohn ‏@erickohn 30s31 seconds ago
STEVE JOBS: Danny Boyle's BIRDMAN, intermittently hobbled by a very Sorkin-y Sorkin script, but moves well. Fassbender and Rogen are aces.

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley 3s3 seconds ago
Score is also fantastic and not what you might expect. Part of what dictates the pace, really.

Jason Park ‏@jasonpark07 43s43 seconds ago
Steve Jobs is a fascinating experience with Sorkin blood drenched throughout. Fassbender forever. #Telluride #TFF42

Armen Karaoghlanian ‏@armenlovesmary 51s52 seconds ago
STEVE JOBS will win Best Picture.

Sasha Stone
Like Aaron Sorkin's best writing Steve Jobs will require multiple viewings to get it all. Alive. Inventive. An opera.

Patrick Devitt ‏@patrickcdevitt 8m8 minutes ago
#SteveJobs: Flies by in a blink of an eye. Boyle's best by a significant margin. Fassbender doesn't disappoint as Jobs. #Telluride

Tomris Laffly ‏@TomiLaffly 6m6 minutes ago
Steve Jobs: virtuosic filmmaking all around. Gets a bit worked up by itself at times, but Sorkin's script is simply breathtaking. #Telluride

Tomris Laffly ‏@TomiLaffly 4m4 minutes ago
Cast is superb. Fassbender captures depths of Jobs' dark side & humanity w/ fluidity. Daniel Pemberton's score=LOVE! #SteveJobs #Telluride  

Articles -

Variety's Justin Chang gave a mixed review of the film, but praised Michael: And something similar could surely be said of Steve Jobs himself, whose profound disinterest in soliciting anyone’s affection is what ultimately lends Boyle and Sorkin’s film its underlying integrity, despite the outrageous factual, dramatic and aesthetic liberties they’ve taken with the material. In this unabashedly fictionalized context, Fassbender overcomes the obvious casting hurdle (he looks nothing like Jobs, whose Arab-American lineage is briefly referenced) and delivers a performance as enthralling and fully sustained as any on his estimable resume. That the actor is onscreen at every minute makes it all the better that it’s impossible to take your eyes off him, or your ears: This is an actor who knows exactly how to toss off Sorkin’s dialogue, emphasizing rhythm and inflection over volume, while embodying confidence and authority in his every atom. It’s a performance that sets the tone for equally fine work all around:

Select articles:

BBC - Michael Fassbender Tipped for Oscar After Steve Jobs Premiere

Gold Derby - Steve Jobs Launches Michael Fassbender Into Oscar Race

The Wrap - Michael Fassbender is Stunning in Breathtaking, Relentless Biopic

Awards Daily/Sasha Stone - Steve Jobs: Gods and Monsters

Playlist - Review (B+/A-)

When you think about it, 95% of these immediate articles and tweets were created on devices that Steve Jobs created. Fascinating!

Friday, September 4, 2015

TGIF 9.4.15

Don't be upset because Michael cannot attend the Telluride Film Festival to support Steve Jobs. This happens every year when one or several main stars cannot attend a film festival due to scheduling conflicts. Michael's priority right now is Assassin's Creed on the other side of the planet on a sexy island in the Mediterranean sea. He is not being rude or unprofessional, and he simply cannot switch the AC filming schedule around just so that he can attend a film festival. He will meet his Steve Jobs obligations at other film festivals, and hob knob with TPTB of Hollywood in due time, trust, it's all good.


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Michael Will Not Attend Telluride Film Festival

The 42nd Telluride Film Festival announced this year's lineup of exclusive films, and as expected, Steve Jobs will be shown there. The schedule of the films will be released later today, but I think Jobs will screen tomorrow, 4 Sept, opening day of the festival. According to Deadline, due to Michael filming Assassin's Creed in Malta, he will not be attending. Director Danny Boyle will receive a tribute at the festival. I will lay my cards on the table and honestly admit that this pleases me, so I give thanks to the Universe for Michael's schedule being too busy for him to fly to Telluride. I am bummed out that Universal deliberately skipped, snubbed, avoided TIFF in showing Steve Jobs there. This film is playing at Telluride, New York and even London, but not Toronto, my festival playground and where I have had great success in seeing/meeting Michael there.

It appears simply that Boyle favors Telluride for his past successes there, but TIFF has treated him well too. Heck, he sat just two rows from me at TIFF in 2010 at a screening, and I supported him the following year by watching 127 Hours. But noooooooooooooooo, Boyle and Universal couldn't toss a cookie to Toronto this year. A fellow TIFFer at Awards Watch, Big_red737 had this to say:

It frustrates me that "Carol", "Steve Jobs", and "Suffragette" are skipping TIFF but showing at Telluride. I'm sick of all this behind-the-scenes politicking and jockeying and competition between festivals to secure premieres. There always seem to be big titles that Toronto loses out on because of whatever the reason may be. As an attendee of TIFF, the only premiere status that I care about is that they are new films that haven't shown in Toronto before. I don't care if it's World or North American, or even to some extent Canadian premiere but I guess there are people that do care and having that premiere status raises your profile and attracts attention to media and buyers.
I couldn't agree more. Well, Telluride gets Steve Jobs, but not its main star, and Toronto got neither. I can deal with this and enjoy TIFF with extra relief this year. But surely, Michael's schedule in October will permit him to attend NYFF and most likely London too, so I look forward to seeing him there.