Monday, June 26, 2017

Michael Monday #50

Based on what I posted at FF@FB yesterday, I have taken steps to better filter out the type of sharing of information from the fandom that I really don't need. So many people have focused way too much on Michael's private down time, and it just gave me pause to pay closer attention to how I filter things from the fandom. I've got a heavy plate of other priorities and responsibilities at the moment, and when it comes to receiving news on Michael Fassbender, I just need to narrow down how I get it and from where and filter out what's truly important and relevant. The point of having Fassinating Fassbender is to focus on things related to his career and endeavors that he's participating in where the focus is on HIM, and not the uninteresting static surrounding him. Fassinating Fassbender is not the largest or most popular source of Michael Fassbender news because I don't have 10 hours free in a day to sit at my computer posting images of him and literally any-thing that has his name or a six degree of separation association to Michael. Fans of FF and myself, are, shall I say, more discriminating in what we want to see, read, and know about Michael. We are not lowest common denominator fans, and I don't post shit just to keep relevant and gain likes. I know my fellow fan base and they like what I do, the way I do it, so thank you.

I write Michael Monday articles on Sunday afternoons so that its scheduled posting can post at 4:30 am EST on Monday morning. I'm writing this week's MM in a tank top, my underwear, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core ice cream. This is my first official summer in the valley region of Los Angeles, and it reached 106.7 degrees today. I have a big house all to myself for 5 weeks, while I animal sit five cats and a dog. I'm coming along dandy.

Friday, June 23, 2017

TGIF 6.23.17

It has been a whirlwind week for me and I'm glad the weekend is here. Besides reading a brief mention about Michael's next film, The Snowman, having its sneak peak trailer being shown at a film festival somewhere in Europe soon, I'm anxious to see it soon because now is the perfect time to prepare people for another Fassbender film. Meanwhile, Alien Covenant opened in China this past weekend and earned another healthy $30 million to its box office. I was dismayed to read that Chinese censors not only removed very scary scenes from the film, but they also removed the Walter and David peck/kiss. It's just so damn unbelievable that people are so primitive and warped in their thinking that an actor, playing two androids, having a 1 second chaste lip peck is something so tragic that it had to be edited out because of so called moral laws in China. I'm not even going to go on a political rant, I don't have the time or energy.

I do want to mention that the latest rumor did make me giggle so hard that I snorted in the office this week. The Daily Mail reported that reportedly, Michael and Alicia are reportedly living together in London. I'm using the same number of 'reported/reportedly' that the Independent article uses.  So many people believe this that if I were a person of questionable character, I would sell them land in Flint, MI and become very wealthy. Yes, I went there.  One minute we have very, very believable and solid information, right from the horse's mouth, aka Fassy, that he doesn't live in Hackney anymore, not even in London, and that he was living in Europe. Then it was reported, right down to the actual property in Lisbon, Portugal, where Michael dropped some serious Euros on his beautiful new home. And now... it's "reported" that Michael and Alicia are living together in London. I don't believe it, but, some do, and, I guess, whatever makes people happy in their fantasies. Me, I love Michael as he is, and will see his movies regardless of his personal life. As long as he doesn't kick puppies down the stairs, I got his back.

TGIFassy! font text from this point forward will be done via Word Swag, an app I had to purchase so I can be more creative with text on images for social media purposes. I'll be a lot more creative with Michael Fassbender images here on the blog, on Twitter and Facebook.

Friday, June 16, 2017

TGIF 6.16.17

Michael Fassbender in NYC in 2015

So it looks like Michael is all on board for the next installment of X-Men for Dark Phoenix, to be directed by Simon Kinberg. I figured he had at least one more Magneto in him. But you know what, after watching Logan earlier this year, a film I really enjoyed, with its hard R rating, I think Michael Fassbender should be offered an R rated Magneto film to close out his time as the metal manipulating mutant. Dark Phoenix will be Michael's 4th time donning the helmet and cape to play the bad guy we all kinda support, and that's because him, and Ian McKellan have done such a great job in explaining why Erik/Magneto is pissed off at the humans and their destructive attitudes towards those different than them.

I'm working at the LA Film Festival this week, so apologies for the delay in this week's TGIF!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Michael Monday #49

Imagine Michael in this image wearing a cape and got fangs as Dracula!

The director of The Mummy, Alex Kurtzman, wants to expand further into the Dark Universe of Gods and Gothic monster films, and he wants to work with Michael Fassbender in one of those roles. In case you're not familiar, the Dark Universe world has the who's who of supernatural creatures that most of us are quite fond of. My all time favorite monster is Dracula, straight up. He is the king of the monsters and the father of all vampire themed books and movies. And I have mentioned on this blog in the past, that Michael would be an excellent Dracula or vampire. He's got the sleek Euro look down pat, he's gorgeous, intense, has those seductive laser beam blue eyes where he can 'Dazzle' the shit out of anyone, and raise your hand if you don't want Michael Dracula sucking blood from your neck. No hands? Thought so! All he would have to do is dye is hair dark brown or black to double his intensity. And he already has the TEETH. If you thought Michael was born to play young Magneto, he was conceived to play Dracula!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

TGIF 6.9.17

I don't know what the hell is going on in Great Britain with this unnecessary election, it's insane, it's just as bad as US politics, if not worse! I probably wouldn't be paying too much attention to that fiasco if it weren't so quiet on the Fassy front. There was a silly rumor that was quashed immediately on Thursday about Michael getting married on New Years Eve. It's as if this pathetic attempt at gossip was just so bad, that the same people who created it, killed it as soon as it was conjured up.  Maybe it was designed to distract from other things, but this just goes to show how manipulative gossip can be, and how the fan base can be manipulated too. That's not cool and I'm sure Michael doesn't think it's funny either.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Michael Monday #48

It's a good thing Michael doesn't live in London anymore. But since he hates hotels, and he conducts a LOT of business in London, he must either does a real fancy version of AirBnB or rents an exclusive residence in central London. Several stalker spies and random people via twitter have seen him around Soho in the past, so, maybe that's where he hangs up his hat when in town for short spells. But whatever the case may be, my heart goes out to Londoners and I love it more with each and every attack. I look forward to my next visit within the next 10 months.

Friday, June 2, 2017

TGIF! 6.2.17

In this week's TGIF photo, Michael looks like he's saying that we're all SOL in seeing him around for the next couple of months, and that he's kinda of sorry about that. I accept your apology Michael. Besides Michael's cool appearance at Noel Gallagher's birthday party this past weekend, there's nothing new to report. Which is fine because I'm trying to keep bronchitis at bay and need to chill.

Of all the press junket interviews that Michael participated in last month, I skimmed through many of them. However, in the Esquire Q&A article, there was one cool question that I liked that confirmed just how in awe and humble Michael is about his career.

Do you ever just stop and think to yourself: 'fucking hell, I'm a movie star'?
I don't ever think 'you're a movie star'. I stop most days and think: 'jeez, you're fucking lucky'. The dream was to work with the best people and that's what I've achieved. When I'm stood on a Ridley Scott set and we're doing Alien, I definitely pinch myself for sure. - Esquire

Monday, May 29, 2017

Michael Monday #47

It's Memorial Day weekend in the US and hopefully many of you went to see Alien: Covenant this holiday. As it stands, with domestic and international box office, the movie has earned an estimated $160 million, so that's a good ROI with a production budget of $97 million, but it is tracking a bit behind on Prometheus' numbers. When Prometheus came out in 2012, it was the first Alien film since 1997's Alien Resurrection. So in those 15 years, people were very interested in seeing what Prometheus was about and its ability to rekindle the Alien franchise. After its successful box office run, we now have Covenant and possibly two more films to lead up to the 1979 film that started it all.

Sadly, it looks like we're heading into a quiet streak of regular media updates on Michael for a bit, so be warned. One does get quite spoiled seeing new Michael updates in the media when he's promoting a new film. The next one won't be until October. Boo!

Friday, May 26, 2017

TGIF 5.26.17

Technically, Alien: Covenant is the first film with Michael in the lead role (first name in the credits, on the marquee) to be the number one film at the domestic box office. Congrats Michael, you deserve this honor! He has starred in several films that made it to number one, but his name wasn't first. Unfortunately, with Memorial Day weekend upon us, which signifies the opening of the summer blockbuster months, Covenant will not hold that spot for a second week. Those who really wanted to see it, saw it last weekend, and stragglers will check it out over the next few weeks. Some people have seen it multiple times, most only seen it once.

I know that I cannot wait for the Blu-ray for Covenant. The extras on that are going to be fantastic, just like how the extras on the Prometheus Blu-ray fleshed out the film a bit more, even the deleted scenes that seemed a bit too hokey - I still enjoyed them. I'm a true bonafide Alien franchise fan in that I just loved the film and look forward to Michael playing David again in the next one or two films. He has created an iconic bad guy role that I hope propels his career even further. And with The Snowman coming out in October, Michael may have a busy fall on the awards circuit. Yes, I hate even thinking about it this early, but if Michael knocks The Snowman role out of the park, it will strengthen his chances for deserved recognition in the closing year. And that's all I'll say about that for now.

There is an interesting interview with Michael from He confirmed that he no longer lives in Hackney, which was his home in London for the past 15 years or so. Due to the Brexit decision which upset him, nosey stalker fans, and neighbors mentioning in housing ads that Michael Fassbender lived nearby, it was high time for Michael to move. However, due to his constant traveling because of the various filming locations, he really hasn't lived in Hackney for many years. He just hung out there a few weeks at a time out of the year. However, because of his time living there, I had the fun opportunity to hang out in Hackney, and the fantastic Broadway Market, saw films at the Hackney Picturehouse, all because of it being Michael's hood. As reported by various news outlets, Michael purchased a home in Lisbon, Portugal. Hmmm, well, since I am 7% Portugese, I need to check out Lisbon one day and research my, um, roots, yeah. And dammit, as I check out roundtrip flight and 5-star hotel bundle deals at the Four Seasons Lisbon (travel that far, why not live a little?) via for a week, I can do it for less than $3k! I'm sooooooooo there, one day, possibly within the next 2-3 years. Thanks Michael for the new travel destination tip! ;)

So if you haven't see Alien: Covenant yet, please go see it this holiday weekend. It's a great film that has received great critical praise, and again, Michael's work as David/Walter is just outstanding - a career highlight double-duty performance!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Michael Monday #46

Final box office numbers will come in late Monday to officially declare Alien: Covenant as the #1 movie at the US box office. It will be a tight contest, but the film that has been on top for the past few weeks will be very close behind. Whatever the final tally is for the domestic box office, critics need to remember that Alien: Covenant is R-rated, and it's a horror film; two strikes against it during the time of year where family friendly films reign in theaters. Michael Fassbender had a successful visit to Los Angeles last week, and I'm still very grateful for being able to join in on the festivities for Covenant's Hollywood premiere. I saw the film again on Friday after work and was able to see things about it that I missed in the first screening. 

For instance, the opening sequence with David and Weyland talking, I was able to better focus on what they were talking about because at the Wednesday premiere, my brain was still having a brain fassyspasm* and I wasn't able to give that scene my full attention. Fassy does that to people, I don't think the dude is aware of what he does to people. The best way I can describe a brain fassyspasm is if you were to stare at the sun or a bright light bulb for a few seconds, then look away and close your eyes, your eyes will still see the bright light for a few moments. That's referred to as solar retinopathy when too much ultraviolet light floods the retina of your eye. Similarly, when one meets Michael Fassbender, too much of his fassy aura penetrates your brain and causes brain spams, and it's difficult to concentrate on anything or anyone else because the spasms need dissipate on its own and then you'll be normal again.


* a temporary brain spasm phenomenon that a person experiences after meeting His Sexiness, Michael Fassbender. Spasms can last 5-20 minutes after the Fassbender encounter. No medical attention is necessary.

Friday, May 19, 2017

TGIF 5.19.17 - FF Film Review: Alien Covenant

It was a great privilege to be able to attend the 20th Century Fox screening of Alien: Covenant on Wednesday at the TCL Chinese Theater. As I posted at FF@FB immediately after wards, I explained how the set up was for the approximately two hundred fans permitted access to the red carpet and hand imprint area. Since this is my first official exclusive screening event in Hollywood, I don't have anything to compare this arrangement with, so I'll keep my complaining to a minimum. But in a nutshell, if studios are going to invite fans to these cool events at this particular venue, please give bitches a view of what's going down. My pictures of MICHAEL FASSBENDER are shit. But thankfully the video (see below) I took with my iPad, and edited (quality degraded a bit when uploaded to YouTube - rolleyes), shows you how close I was, but because of the paparazzi, my view was grossly blocked.

But, beggars can't be choosers. Again, I'm grateful I was able to attend, and that gratefulness is twofold due to actually meeting the gracious and gorgeous Michael Fassbender briefly before the cast introduced the film to the audience, and with my enjoying Alien: Covenant! I like the movie so much, I bought a ticket for the Friday 6pm screening. I want to help support this film so that it can be #1 at the box office this coming weekend! What a way to kick of my new life in Los Angeles by actually attending a premiere of a favorite film franchise starring my favorite actor, and directed by one of my all-time favorite directors, Ridley Scott.  

Now, on to the review of Alien: Covenant -

Alien: Covenant is set about 10 years after the mysterious disappearance of the Prometheus. In Earth's pursuit of a new planet to colonize, the Covenant is on a nearly 8 year journey to a surveyed world that would be the new home for 2000+ humans, and over a thousand embryos. Like on the Prometheus, the Covenant is being watched over by one synthetic human, and his name is Walter. An intergalactic cosmic event wakes the crew up early and the death count starts immediately. After the ship suffers from damage caused by this event, just by chance, the crew pick up a weak signal from someone, a human being, coming from someplace deep in space that no human should be. Considering that no one wants to go back into hyper sleep for 6 more years, the crew decides to check out the planet where the signal is coming from. Perhaps that will be their new home instead. But one person in the crew, Daniels played by Katherine Waterston, doesn't think it's a good idea. She tries to reason with the new captain, Oram/Billy Crudup to stay the course for the designated planet, but he wants to detour to the new one since it's so close.

Once the shuttle lands on the planet with about a dozen crew members, they set out to investigate where the signal is coming from. Although the planet is Earth like, it's void of life and it's too quiet. Unbeknowst to them, lying dormant in the soil are pods of the pathogen that need biological hosts to create those Xenomorphs.  Alien Covenant doesn't waste time in having crew members die in unique and horrific deaths. Some crew members become infected almost immediately upon landing on the planet; they then show symptoms of being infected quickly too. Like in Prometheus, some crew think it's ok to bypass general quarantine rules and everything just goes to pot in a spectacular way. Just as the shuttle crew find themselves facing imminent death, they are saved by David. After he takes the survivors to safety, he explains to them how he and Elizabeth Shaw came to this strange planet. But the crew are so grateful that he saved them, that they easily believe his story. David has had a planet all to himself for 10 years and a hatred for humans has been festering inside him.  David has played creator to these creatures, and with new human hosts, his family is about to grow in terrifying ways.

Alien Covenant is one part Prometheus and one part Alien, and they blend perfectly together and help build up to the events in Alien from 1979. Mankind's curiosity to explore new worlds and to misuse synthetic humans as mere bidders to their selfish needs will lead to our doom. Although Weyland modified the next generation of synthetic humans to be less emotional, i.e., less human, he failed to consider the sense of self and the calculating will to live that the David 8's have developed over time. Covenant wasn't so much scary to me, but more suspenseful, tense, and very bloody. This film gives to those who missed the xenomorphs in Prometheus, and more than make up for it in this film. The end has a great twist to segue into the recently announced, Alien: Awakening.

Michael was excellent as android Walter who spoke with an American accent, and David with a British accent. The scenes with the two of them together were amazing to watch because it was seamless in the editing and each android have such different personalities. Michael's Walter and David are characters that you empathize with and you want both to meet their objectives. David will go down in cinema history as one of the most mesmerizing and charismatic bad guys you secretly root for.

Grade: A-

Monday, May 15, 2017

Michael Monday #45 - Walter vs. David

Michael as Walter 
Michael as David

It's Alien: Covenant release week here in the US, and the Fassy Gods willing, I'll see Michael at one or two events this week in Los Angeles promoting the film! If all goes as planned, it'll be a busy week for Fassinating Fassbender as I'll be able to provide great updates this week with exclusive images, film review, and other information for you!

So with that in mind, Michael Monday is going to be a poll on the dual roles that Michael Fassbender plays in Covenant. By now, many of us know about how warped David has become in this film, and that his clone brother android, Walter, is a slightly different model, making him less human than the model David is. Because of that, Walter is designed to help humans at any cost, whereas David simply wants them all dead, period, because they are beneath him. You can't get any more Yin and Yang than David and Walter. So, which one are you rooting for? This poll is especially good if you haven't seen the film yet. But if you have, still vote!

Friday, May 12, 2017

TGIF 5.12.17

Next week could be a good Fassy week for me. Firstly, I have RSVPd for the Chinese Theater screening of Alien: Covenant and the Ridley Scott hand and foot imprint, where Michael Fassbender will be in attendance next Wednesday the 17th. And then on the 18th, Michael is scheduled to be a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. By blind luck, I am on the waiting list for tickets to attend the recording of that show at 4pm on the 18th, but I don't know if I'll actually get tickets. As I understand, they could release extra tickets to waitlist people at the very last minute, but most get a notification days before the recording. So if I'm lucky enough to get notice that I got an actual ticket to attend the recording, I'll go.

Hey Simone Cromer!
Your request for The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday, May 18, 2017 @ 4:00 PM has been received, and you have been placed on the Waitlist.

I need time to refer to my personally written but yet to be published, '1001 Blatant Lies to Get Out of Work Early' book, and pay close attention to Chapter 2 on 'New work place lies and strategies', and flag the section on 'Outrageous excuses for back to back days off'.  But I ain't dropping life and responsibilities to hope I get tickets a few hours before the recording. So, it's up in the air if I will even go. I would love to attend as it will be the first time I'm going to a live recording of a late night celebrity TV show here in Los Angeles, so the whole experience will just rock. The other guest on the show is my old time girl crush Diane Lane, and cool ass Benecio Del Toro.

A lot of Covenant reviews, ... I mean, a LOT, have been praising Michael's performance as David and Walter in the movie. It's like it's HIS movie, he's so stand out in it with these duo roles. I'm going to stay chilled out and not get too excited. I just want to watch the film, enjoy it, and see yet again, Michael Fassbender do an excellent job at his craft. It's way too early for all this awards/Oscar talk shit because I've been there, done that, three other times with his previous stand out work. Whatever happens, happen.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Michael Monday #44

Reviews for Alien: Covenant thus far have been mostly very positive, and there has been standout high praise for Michael Fassbender as he plays androids David and Walter. I have been trying to be very careful in what I read because some "critics" aren't savvy enough in their writing style to avoid major spoilers, and I hate spoilers for movies I am extremely eager to watch. But since the movie still won't open in the US until May 19, we'll have to be even more diligent in avoiding spoilers, even positive spoilery praise about Michael. I read one comment on twitter this afternoon about Michael's David that made me raise an eyebrow, and smirk, so, I have one scene to look out for.  If all goes well on May 17 for Ridley's imprint at the Chinese Theater, I'll see the movie on that day, and I'll go pay to see it again on Friday. I'll do my Fassinator bit to give money towards Covenant's box office success. Opening weekend is so very important these days.

Michael made his sixth or seventh appearance on The Graham Norton show after the London premiere, and Michael was in extremely top form. Enjoy!

Friday, May 5, 2017

TGIF 5.5.17

Michael Fassbender attended the world premiere of Alien: Covenant in London's Leicester Square yesterday. He was on the green carpet with Ridley Scott, and Katherine Waterston, his co-star from Steve Jobs. Based on a few of the non-spoilery comments about the film from those who saw it, we're in for a bloody ride, and they say that Michael is in top form. Later that afternoon, Michael went to record the Graham Norton Show - which we should be able to view sometime this weekend.

On Friday, I'm excited to meet yet another Fassinator in person. This time it is April, a great supporter of the birthday fundraiser and a good friend. The next time I visit Ireland, she's going to tag along. We're going to a concert in LA and hanging out a bit. We'll eat good food, drink champagne/mimosas, and engage in deep conversations about Fassy and life.

Here is a good quote from Michael this week about how much he values his private time and why it's important to him as a celebrity.

‘It’s effective for me as an actor because I want to be able to disappear into the characters I play,’ Fassbender said in an interview with Australia’s Stellar. ‘I don’t want the audience to be distracted by whatever else is seen of me in the real world.
‘I would consider myself a private person. I work in a medium where we rely on the public to go see it, but my own life is for me.’ (link)