Thursday, April 28, 2016

TGIF 4.29.16

Michael Fassbender has been spotted around Australia, mostly shopping, eating, and seen hanging out, enjoying himself... but more on the down low. He's there to film Alien: Covenant, however, he will be taking a break in about a week to start the promotional work for X-Men: Apocalypse! The film's release date in the USA is May 27th, but it will open in Europe and the UK May 18 & 19, with the UK premiere reportedly on May 9th. We will surely have much more to see and catch up on Michael in the coming weeks, and I tell you, I can't wait. I appreciate the Fassy down time so I'm not too distracted from real world stuff, but I adore the dude and I do want to see him in new interview clips and read the latest on him.

I'm heading off to Philadelphia in a few hours for my 20th...or my 25th, Pearl Jam concert since 1994! Sadly I have lost track, but one thing's for sure, I love them! So that is why the weekly TGIFassy post is posting a little earlier. I can't neglect one love over another. :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

TGIF 4.22.16

We just ended a second week of low news about Michael Fassbender. It may be dry like this for a few more weeks before X-Men: Apocalypse is released on May 27th. I'll be there to watch it on opening day. I don't have much more to write as I'm still in the afterglow of the shock about Prince's death the other day. I've been aware of Prince since 1981-ish and have enjoyed his work throughout the years. He was one of those people you knew would live almost forever. If I have to pause for a moment for him, it's worth it, and it demonstrates the power and influence that some musicians and actors have in our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. RIP Prince.

Friday, April 15, 2016

TGIF 4.15.16

I've been working massive hours in the past two weeks due to two upcoming trips (Philadelphia for Pearl Jam concert - weekend of April 29th), and my long planned London/Paris trip (June 23-July 2). It's a lie that money grows on trees, you have to go out there and earn it! Just as timing would have it, it's been quiet on the Michael Fassbender news front. Other than some promo posters for X-Men: Apocalypse and little tidbits about Assassin's Creed, I think Michael is en route to down under to film Prometheus 2. We should be seeing him with blond hair any minute now.  By the way, Michael did win his fifth Irish Film and Television Award this past weekend for Best Actor in Steve Jobs. Although he wasn't able to attend the event, I'm sure he's very pleased and honored. I thank IFTA for recognizing him once again. I think Michael is on track to be the most award winning actor of Irish heritage.

As a reminder, if it's quiet here on the blog, go to the FF Facebook page for the latest on the most mundane info we can share with you about Michael's activities.

Friday, April 8, 2016

TGIF 4.8.16

Earlier this week, Michael Fassbender won the Jupiter Award in Germany for Best International Male Star. Even though Michael could not attend the event somewhere in Germany, he accepted his award like the perfect gentleman that he is, by wearing a tux and speaking in German to accept his award. It is a rare treat to hear Michael speak in the tongue of his birth country. There is another award that Michael could collect this weekend, and it is the Irish Film and Television Awards, which will be handed out Saturday, 9 April.

Michael is still in Norway filming The Snowman, so I am not sure if Michael will attend the IFTAs in person, or if he does win, if he'll put on his tux again, and record an acceptance speech. Remember, if he wins the IFTA, it will be his first competitive award won for his excellent portrayal of Steve Jobs.

Now that Steve Jobs and Macbeth are available on either Blu-ray or streaming on Amazon, a lot of people are watching both films and a lot of those people are also NOW declaring how incredible Michael Fassbender is in both films and that he should have won an Oscar. Duh! Gee, thanks people, you're a day late and a dollar short. If people actually went to the theater to support Michael's films in the first place, this past awards season would have been more respectful to him.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Fundraiser Winners! Updated

Once again, I cannot stress how happy I am that we had such a successful fundraiser this year to not only recognize the birthday of the best actor of our generation, Michael Fassbender, but to support a charity that all of those who donated, really believe in.

Talan Skeels-Piggins, the founder of The Bike Experience, will be sending me some TBE t-shirts. I pulled some names from a second raffle, and the t-shirt winners are:

Annagathe H, Karen A, Gabriel L and Kendra R! I got one for myself and the admin team. This was a unique year and again, thank you all for your support!

Also, stay tuned later today because the official trailer for Dream the Impossible goes live!

Here is the new trailer for 'Dream the Impossible', a documentary on The Bike Experience!

Dream the Impossible FULL TRAILER from Speechless Films on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Fassy Birthday Day and Fundraiser Contest Winner!

Today is Michael Fassbender's 39th birthday, and we just completed a successful fundraiser in his honor reaching 108% of our goal! Michael, whatever you're doing today, have a lot of fun and have a drink on us because he love and admire you for all the joy and entertainment you give to us! 

Happy Birthday!

We had 29 donations this year. And of all the years since 2013, this year had the highest average donation made at £37. That is very impressive! The whole average for the previous three years, was £28. Due to us just missing our goal last year, donors this year dug deep into their wallets and were more generous this year. Thank you all so very much!!! A successful fundraiser reflects a healthy and supportive community, and you don't know how much this means to me. So it's my honor to award a contest prize to the donor raffle winner this year.

I added all donor's name to the Contest Winner Picker random-ize website, clicked on the 'Pick One' button, and voila!.... Jennifer W. is this year's winner! Jennifer, you won a copy of the Michael Fassbender Biography written by Jim Mahoney! And the St. Patrick's Day winner, Sara Irvin will get a t-shirt from The Bike Experience! Talan is very appreciative of our support this year, he's in Cornwall on personal business, and he'll ship some t-shirts off to me next week. Depending on how many he sends me (I'm nabbing one big time!), I'll pick a few more names as runner ups and a few more people will get a TBE t-shirt too.

Happy Birthday Michael, and thank you to all the donors listed below!

Christine H
Kendra R
Jennifer W*
April K
Stephanie C
Sara I*
Vera I
Dianne d
Aimee VG
Marjan V
Jen C
Lauren BM
Isabelle S
Andrea C
Ramona C
Annagathe H
Gabriel L
Karen A
Rebekah H
Gisela F
Anonymous 1, 2 and 3

*contest winners

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Birthday to Michael!!!!

I am so grateful to the 27 donors who participated in this year's annual birthday fundraiser in support of The Bike Experience and to honor Michael Fassbender for his 39th birthday this Saturday, 2 April! Participating in fundraising is not everyone's cup of tea, and you select members of the FF community truly make a difference in someone's life, and in showing how much you admire and care about Michael Fassbender. This birthday announcement has been forwarded to a someone at Troika who will see to it that Michael sees this as soon as possible!

Managing a fundraiser is very hard, but the credit goes to the people who pay attention to the call to donate, and I'm grateful that an elite number of you have contributed to this fundraiser because, a) you believe in the charity, b) you want to honor Michael on his birthday in the best way a fan can, and c), and most importantly, you trust me and respect the mission of Fassinating Fassbender to be a part of this.

Go to the FF Google Drive to view the birthday announcement!

The winner of this year's contest will be announced on Saturday, on Michael's birthday.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

We did it!!!

Michael is very pleased!
Twenty-seven donors contributed their donations this year which helped the FF birthday fundraiser reach and surpass our fundraiser goal! At the time of this article being published, we have raised £1022.79! Thank you, thank you all who donated! This fundraiser ends at 10pm EST tonight. So there is still time for YOU to donate and to have your name included on the Fassy birthday announcement notice which will be given to him for his birthday on Saturday, 2 April.

All your hard earned monies are going to a non-profit charity that helps The Bike Experience maintain their motorcycles and buy safety equipment and train disabled persons to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Today is the last day to donate:

All who have donated are truly fassinating fassinators and you're a part of an elite group of fans. You should be so proud of yourselves. I certainly am! Thank you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tomorrow is the final day of the Birthday Fundraiser!

If you haven't donated yet, and you're one of those lovely fun people who love drama and cliffhangers, well, your time has come to contribute to the cause! To have your name added to the birthday announcement for Michael's 39th birthday, please make your donation today and all day Thursday, up until 10pm EST. And remember, you're not only celebrating Michael's birthday, but you will be honoring him by financially supporting a UK charity, The Bike Experience, that helps disabled people experience the thrill of doing something they didn't think was physically possible; riding a motorcycle.

Please donate now - Thanks!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fundraiser Ending Soon!

We have four days left to donate!
If you want to have your name (or anonymous notation) added to the 4th annual FF birthday fundraiser for Michael Fassbender, please make a donation today or by 10pm EST on Thursday, 31 March. We need to raise £320 over the course of the next four days. I know we can do it! Let's make our goal this year!

Friday, March 25, 2016

TGIF 3.25.16

It's easy to beg for money when it is going to honor two important things: Supporting an outstanding British charity that helps disabled people to ride a motorcycle; and to celebrate Michael Fassbender's birthday. We are going into the final stretch, one week remaining to hit our £1000 +goal. I've been really impressed by the amounts of money that people have donated thus far and it demonstrates the power of how coming together can do so much good. As I write this post late Thursday evening, two donations were posted placing us at 63% of our goal. I'm really moved by people's willingness and ability to give to such a noble cause.

Easter is this weekend and I know people will be busy with personal obligations. So if you can rally and do a good deed and donate on GOOD Friday, that would push us so much closer to our goal, and position us to surpass it. We have one more week to do this and I know we can do it because we love Michael Fassbender and want to help him ring in his 39th birthday properly! Thanks and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Final Stretch for the Birthday Fundraiser!!

For the past three years, it has been an honor for Fassinating Fassbender to host a birthday fundraiser for Michael Fassbender, in support of UK charity, The Bike Experience. As of this moment, we have raised 51% of our goal, and I'm very happy about that, but we are behind on our pace and I would like to see that improved over the next day or two. I know that there are still some people who plan to donate closer to the end of the fundraiser, and I appreciate that. I made an error in viewing the calendar, and Michael's 39th birthday is going to be on a Saturday. Therefore, I need to submit our birthday announcement to Troika on the morning (EST) of Friday, April 1st, so that Troika can forward it to Michael in time for him to receive it.

In communications with Troika this morning, they are very impressed with the fundraiser progress and will be sharing an update to Michael on it today. So learning this exciting news, it's all the more imperative that you make your donation as soon as possible. In order to have your name (or anonymous notation) added to the birthday greeting, please donate by 10:30 pm EST, on Thursday March 31. The donation window for this year's fundraiser will remain open a few days after wards for anyone interested in making a second donation or a later donation. All donors names will be set in stone on the birthday announcement as of 11pm March 31st and sent to Troika on Friday morning.

Please, please get your donations in as soon a possible, and like I stated before, these donations help encourage others to donate, and every donor gets a shout out on Twitter @FassFass and at FF@Facebook! Thank you!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

TGIF 3.18.16

It was St. Patrick's Day yesterday, but I still wanted to use this beautiful image of Michael Fassbender from his 2009 GQ photoshoot. He looks great in green, don't you think? Pap photos were released earlier this week of Michael resuming filming of The Snowman in Oslo, Norway. He looked fantastic, even refreshed and relaxed a bit. It's amazing the restorative powers of taking a short holiday after such a stressful awards season. Hopefully Michael took some notes from this past season as he may have to repeat it again for the 2017 season.

This year is promising to be another hot year for Michael. He has four films coming out: X-Men: Apocalypse, The Light Between Oceans, Trespass Against Us, and Assassin's Creed. I think this is the first time in Michael's career where he's on the borderline of making people tired of seeing his handsome and talented face. It's not overexposure per se, but just a constant stream of very different, strong and challenging performances that force you to recognize how great he is. Michael has had a whiff of the allure of the Oscar, and he's determined to get it. I double dare someone to offer up a name of a similarly talented A-list actor who is as in demand as Michael, and consistently in top form in his varied roles. There are a lot of good actors, but I'm hard pressed to think of another actor who is like Michael Fassbender. He has had a slow and steady simmer of success, in indies and commercial blockbusters, and critically acclaimed performances for nine straight years, leading up to almost nabbing an Oscar last month. But it just still wasn't his time. Will 2017 be his time? Who else will be "owed" an Oscar next year? I don't know and I don't care. The best way to remind voters of what a great actor Michael is, is for him to keep doing what he's doing, and churning out those films to a diverse audience.

Let's face it, the underwhelming performance of Steve Jobs (a brilliant film for those patient and intelligent enough to handle it) was because it was for a niche audience. Universal made the mistake in thinking that because hundreds of millions of people use Apple products and everyone knows Steve Jobs, they thought everyone wanted to see this verbose film. Same thing with Macbeth, another mind-blowing excellent performance by Michael, but again, that was a film for a niche audience. But this year, more people are going to become more familiar with Michael Fassbender from the four films coming out this year - especially from Assassin's Creed, which will become a franchise. Just think about it. Particularly with X-Men and Assassin's Creed, the marketing potential of these films will have Michael in our faces in maximum overdrive. And that's a good thing because with his name out there, and 'Oceans' sandwiched in between two "Event" films that people will go in droves to the theater to see, it will be the kind of triple threat PR storm that Michael will need to stay out in front and grab the attention of those voters. It's ridiculous that for the three films he starred in in 2015 (Slow West, Steve Jobs, and Macbeth) that he didn't walk up stage once to receive a competitive award. And for 2016, he has four new films coming out, while he's filming the next Prometheus movie, and completing The Snowman.

I'm going to refer to this article a year from now when the 2016-17 award season is complete, and I hope my expectations come to fruition for Michael because in these short nine years (starting with '300' in 2007) that he's been on the radar in Hollywood, he has paid his dues. If he were a twenty-something hot/sexy "it" girl under the wings of an influential producer/director, he would have an Oscar after only two years of work. But nope, when you're a good looking talented guy under 40, you have to prove and prove yourself until you hit the sweet spot year to win. Michael may have a chance to walk up on stage to accept an award for Steve Jobs next month. Earlier this week, Michael was nominated for Best Actor from the Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTA). They love Michael, he has won four awards in the past. However, four other actors may win for films that either were more indie in nature and/or have Irish production roots. We shall see...

We are at the half way mark of our 4th annual birthday fundraiser for The Bike Experience (TBE) and we're behind on the fundraising pace at 39%. Please donate as soon as you can. If you make a donation on the final day, April 1st, that's fine too, but the more donations we receive now, encourages others to donate. Remember, you can donate anonymously, and any donation is a great donation that immediately goes to TBE. Thanks to all who have donated thus far, we really appreciate it and it's going to a great cause!

My St. Patty's Day donation plea was heard by Sara Irvin who made a £65 donation! Thank you Sara. Email me because I would like to send you a little fun prize!

Friday, March 11, 2016

TGIF 3.11.16

It's the calm after the four month storm. Post-Oscars, Michael is on the down low, decompressing somewhere exotic, and far away from the intrusive lens of the paparazzi and the media. And you know what, I'm glad he hasn't been spotted anywhere since Feb 28th, because this gives me a break too. Not a complete break from my FF duties, but I'm not on as high-alert in being on the look out for new reports and articles on Michael Fassbender. And this break comes at the perfect time as we are nearing the end of the second week of the 4th annual Fassinating Fassbender birthday fundraiser for The Bike Experience (TBE).

At the time of this article update, we are at 25% of our goal. The pace is slow, but the donation amounts have been very impressive from core regular supporters. Fassinating Fassbender literally has thousands of readers, but this fundraiser has been embraced by a small percentage of readers. So to those of you who have donated thus far - thank you very much! To those who have pledged to me that you plan to donate - thank you very much! And for those of you planning to donate but have not communicated that to me - thank you in advance for your support.

Remember, your name will go on a special birthday message to Michael Fassbender, and your hard earned monies will go directly to The Bike Experience to help them buy new equipment for new clients who want to use their services. And there is the grand prize to be won as well! Your donations are giving people a reason to live, you truly are! I realize that this charity is not to everyone's liking or approval, and that's too bad. Some people are not in the habit of making charitable donations, or some people have a particular charity they already support, so this fan fundraiser is something that just doesn't fall on their radar of interest; that's life and the challenge a fundraiser organizer just has to deal with. The Bike Experience is a smart charity that is in alignment with a hobby that Michael loves doing, and the charity changes people's lives for the better. Please donate whatever you can to support TBE, and to wish Michael a happy birthday from Team Fassinating Fassbender! Remember, you can donate anonymously, and any amount is greatly appreciated!


Friday, March 4, 2016

TGiF 3.4.16 (edited)

The various articles and Google alerts this week on Michael Fassbender has been repeating the same irrelevant tidbits all week. As if there was absolutely nothing of real value to write about him. Michael was on triple duty the past four months and it must have been a relief for him after the Oscars ended Sunday night. He has put awards season 2015-2016 behind him and getting on with his brilliant career. As Michael is still filming The Snowman in a new location in Norway, soon enough afterwards, we'll see Michael sporting blond hair again as he prepares to head to Australia to film Alien Covenant as the scheming scene stealing David the android.

If you plan on participating in this year's birthday fundraiser to support The Bike Experience, we could use your donations now. The FF Just Giving page has been open since Monday and we're off to a quiet start. Once people start seeing other people donate, it encourages others. So please start giving soon, this is a group effort for an excellent charity in honor of our favorite actor.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the Etsy website to find something cool to buy and use as the grand prize for the fundraiser. To my utter surprise, I saw a picture of a face cast of Michael Fassbender. An extremely rare thing that exist, and as a huge Fassinator, I just had to have it. I'm not some mere fan who just fancies him, I truly admire Michael Fassbender and enjoy his work and it is so much fun following his career and supporting him. So to own an artifact like a life cast of Michael's face (which was made in 2011 and used for X-Men First Class and Prometheus) is the ultimate item a fan of his can own. After waiting for a spell, the parcel from Ireland finally arrived today and it was wrapped carefully and I am now in possession of a life cast of my favorite actor.

The Silver Shamrock Props Etsy store has some great face casts, but I got the best one in stock. Joe has the master and mold to make copies per requests.