Friday, October 20, 2017

The Snowman Opens Today in US!

I have just about 100 pages left of reading Jo Nesbo's The Snowman, and I will finish it this evening so that I can go see the movie on either Saturday or Sunday. One can't help but read the headlines of the reviews to know that it is not being received well, which has nothing to do with Michael Fassbender's ability of doing his job in bringing detective Harry Hole onto the big screen. According Yahoo News! Director Tomas Alfredson (a main lure to watch this film besides Fassbender), there were major production issues which mindbogglingly left 10-15% of valuable filming not included in the movie. In this day and age, how in the heck can something like that happen is beyond me. It appears that the exclusion of this material has seriously affected the flow of the film and leaving noticeable plot holes, and an overall feeling of the film being disconnected. This is not cool, but, I still want to see the movie to continue my usual stance in supporting Michael's films at the box office. If the movie is really bad, it's a sad waste of great talent. I'll post a review of the film on Monday.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Anatomy of a Blind Item

This blog article published today will not allow comments. As the Editor of Fassinating Fassbender, I need to be fully honest about recent events and the language and the content I am using is well thought out and deliberate. This is my opinion and it is not subject to counterarguments.

Ok, I’m just going to get right to it. On Tuesday, a blind item was posted titled, The New Bogey and Bacall at Blind Gossip. After reading the first sentence, I knew it was about Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Again, this is my opinion, I don’t have facts or evidence, but I’m great at math and 1+1 does equal 2. Once the comments are revealed (it usually takes about 24 hours before comments are approved and posted), 98% of the readers comments will have their names as guesses. This blind item comes just two days after their wedding in Ibiza and as this blind item has so many details that easily associate it with Michael and Alicia; I am compelled to address this blatant blind item. As a person who visits the BlindGossip website regularly, I have come to recognize the timing of when they post a BI and it’s always just mere hours or a day or two after some information about any celebrity breaks in the mainstream media (MSM) and the circumstances warrants the creation of a blind item about them. And as in the past regarding BIs I strongly believe were to be about Michael and Alicia (but most were just about her), these items were created so soon after similar information was announced via MSM and I just know it is about them. So I feel very confident in focusing on this blind item and drawing parallels to it in regards to their Ibiza wedding.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Post Wedding Poll

Feelings are all over the place about Michael Fassbender getting married from being elated, to 'being done with him'. Ouch!  Here's the chance for you to select how you feel in this poll!

Michael Monday #65

Michael Fassbender is a married man.
Michael and Alicia Vikander got married this weekend. For a couple that met in 2014 to film The Light Between Oceans, where they played a married couple, their very private, guarded, and coy relationship finally resulted in a wedding. As announced at around 11pm on Sunday evening, October 15th edition of The Daily Mail, this very private wedding was very intimate and not flashy or very expensive like most celebrity weddings. They did things their own way with family and friends. So, no Vera Wang for Alicia.

So now this is done, it's my hopes that the really, really nasty and disrespectful Internet dragging of Michael will end now that he's married. The taunting abuse that both he and Alicia have had to endure at a very, very popular message board that thrives on negativity and gross racial overtones, has pretty much lead to the events that occurred this weekend. Their hands have been forced; Michael and Alicia have to publicize their personal lives to control the narrative of their personal lives. Controlling the personal narrative also helps their career narrative too, and with the Weinstein saga continuing to unravel, I think this weekend was perfect timing for Alicia to get married to her boyfriend of three years as she was Miss Weinstein 2016. There's no denying that. This wedding will greatly deflect attention from this saga and protect her from prying eyes and ears curious about her association with that gross ass, fat pig bastard.

Michael and Alicia's relationship has been brutally mocked, speculated, dissected to pieces, and many blind items have been flagged as them. Well, congratulations haters, Michael and Alicia have given you the finger while exchanging vows, smiling and drinking champagne with friends and family in Ibiza. They called your bluff you stupid idiots and now they are married. Hopefully those nasty obsessive people will finally lose complete interest in Michael Fassbender as he will have moved on with his life in doing something that will be met with disgust from that group. Why keep 'dragging' on about a man who is married to someone they hate, he looks 60 years old to them, he's short, take drugs, is a womanizer, his movies are flops, and they don't even refer to him as Michael Fassbender anymore; they hate him so much, they use pseudonyms in place of his name! How sick and pathetic is that?

I have gone on record as not being a big fan of Alicia Vikander, but I don't hate the woman, I'm indifferent. I've seen her movies and I think she's talented. Do I think she's the woman for Michael? No, he deserves better, much better. And I will go on record with that. But this is not to say I endorse hateful attacks against this girl, that's uncalled for! She and Michael are doing what they have to do with their lives, and let the cards fall where they may. There is so much hatred in the world, so many horrible natural disasters, so much political turmoil going on throughout the world that harms people, our planet and wildlife, and so many attacks against women. So to see other women carry on like this about two rich and famous, young, attractive celebrities, is quite pitiful and shameful to witness. What goes around comes around. You spread negativity and hate, it comes back at you. But if you spread good will and positivity, it will come back to you too.

This coming weekend, I'm really looking forward to continue to demonstrate the exact reason why I'm such a big Michael Fassbender fan. I know there's a lot of negative reviews about The Snowman, but I'm excited about the film. I'm halfway through the book and I know the film will be different than the book, and that's OK, this is to be expected. Some of the positive reviews I have read have been very decent and I expect I will at the least enjoy the film for what it is, and I don't anticipate adding to the negativity about this movie. And this reminds me, please enter The Snowman giveaway. All you have to do is participate in the quiz, post in the thread that you did it, or tag me @FassFass or at FF@FB to let me know you did the quiz and I'll enter you. Simples. The winner will be announced on Halloween, October 31st.

So cheers and good will to Michael with the decision he has made with his personal life and career, and I just want him to know that I'll still be here!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Wedding, Finally? (Updated)

Alicia is wearing a ring!
Photos like this is a reason why I'll always be on Team Michael!

Michael and Alicia and their close friends and family are all in Ibiza now for what is likely to be a wedding, or engagement party. Stay tuned as I post updates and pics from this interesting weekend that culminates after 3 years!

If you love Michael Fassbender like I do, as a real fan, you just want him to be happy and you celebrate that happiness!

Update: As I type this, it's nearly 8pm on Sunday evening in Ibiza, and there was no wedding as there are no new pap shots pictures released. The event appears to have been a fun engagement party as Alicia is now sporting a diamond ring on her finger, but Michael is not wearing a ring. It looks like Michael's family was in attendance, but it was difficult to see if any of his other very close male buddies, celebrities or not (besides Steve McQueen - it was so lovely to see him with Michael) were in attendance, and I don't know if his DMC partners were there either.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Exclusive Universal Pictures Giveaway Contest: The Snowman Prize Pack!

Fassinating Fassbender is excited to share this giveaway contest with readers in support of the upcoming release of Universal Pictures, The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender!

The Snowman, a terrifying thriller based on the novel by Jo Nesbo is being released on October 19th. A sociopath who calls himself "The Snowman Killer" has targeted the one person for whom he wants to showoff his methodical, unthinkable skills: the lead investigator of an elite crime squad. With cunningly simplistic baits, he begs to have a worthy opponent to play his sick game. To celebrate the release of this terrifying thriller starring Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson, Universal Pictures have a Snowman Killer Blog App and giveaway for FF readers!

This giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada only.

Take the "Help Harry Hole Find The Snowman Killer QUIZ" and try your luck! Please @FassFass on Twitter and tag Fassinating Fassbender on Facebook for a chance to win the limited edition The Snowman Prize Pack! It's October so it's Halloween time, have fun in participating in this fun and creepy giveaway contest for exclusive The Snowman prizes!

The Snowman pack has:
1 - Limited Edition Snowman Plush Doll: This limited edition Snowman plush is only available via this promotion and has a run of 200 pieces worldwide. It is a replica of the killer's Snowman and features a detachable head and the Snowman logo on the bottom.
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The Snowman Blog App:
  • How well do you know America's most notorious serial killers? Take the quiz and help Harry Hole find the Snowman killer by matching serial killers to their dark crimes. 
  • Take your investigative eye to the next level and dive into Killer Files! Learn more about serial killers and their gruesome ways... if you can handle it #nsfw.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Michael Monday #64

While Michael Fassbender was in Los Angeles this week for promo work in support of The Snowman, coming out on October 20th, he did a photo shoot in Beverly Hills and this week's MM photo is from that shoot. I mentioned last week at FF@FB that I ordered the Snowman book from Waterstones in London because that's the only way I could get the book cover with Michael on the cover, especially since the book is a "major motion picture". Said cover is not available in the US yet and I want to try to read it quickly before I see the movie on opening weekend. As per the international package tracker, it's on its way to me and I should get it today, or definitely by Tuesday and I'll start on it asap! I would like to write a review of the book in conjunction with a review of the movie, so stay tune for both!

Friday, October 6, 2017

TGIF 10.6.17

James Corden, Jack Hanna, Ana de Armas, and Michael Fassbender

The reason why I love writing for Fassinating Fassbender is so that I can share with my fellow fans, these exciting opportunities I have to chronicle Michael Fassbender's career and his public appearances. Tonight, I hit another milestone in being able to attend a live taping of a talk show where Michael was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Before I go into detail about the preparation I had to go through, and the pre-show production things I witnessed, Michael was in his usual fine form. He's such a handsome and charismatic man and I am so lucky to be able to attend these events and support him. The show will air Thursday, Oct 5, just hours after it was recorded. It will be available on YouTube on Friday. In a nutshell, Michael talked about his new movie, The Snowman, a clip was shown, and he talked about his Ferarri racing and causing a wild crash in Miami with a team member. If you've never seen the James Corden show, you would be surprised to learn that the guests arrive into the studio from a curtain behind the audience, and they walk down the stairs giving high fives. I sat in the second from the top row, three seats in from the aisle on the left (as viewed from my seat), so I had a great seat and was able to see Michael enter into the studio just a mere 15 feet away. So close!

Just over two weeks ago, I read that Michael was going to be on the show, so I submitted my request via 1iota and got waitlisted. Thankfully, after a week, I got approved to get a ticket to attend the taping. However, the way the ticketing process is set up is that there are Priority ticket holders, the people who requested tickets well in advance, like a month, and then there are general tickets to accommodate an additional 25-40 more people into the studio if capacity permits. It is explained in clear details that although I have a general ticket, I may not get into the taping, and that would be because all the priority ticket people showed up, and they only let in a few of the general ticket holders. Luckily for me, I arrived early enough so that I was the first general ticket holder and with that, I had a 98% chance of getting in. As it all came about, all 30 of us general ticket holders were able to get into the taping. After showing ID and getting a blue wrist band, we were corralled into a seating area to wait for a bit before going into the studio.

Once in the studio, there are audience coordinators who specifically arrange people to sit in certain sections of the studio. They pay careful attention to the numbers of people in a group, and if you're a person attending solo, they have certain spots allocated for us. When the lady was about to tell me where to sit, I noticed 6 seats open in the second row and I asked her if I could sit there, she said a firm, no, and told me to sit in the seat which happened to be in a great spot anyway to see Michael enter into the studio. So, it all worked out and for future reference, if you were to attend the Late Late Show, don't ask to sit in a certain spot, they have it all planned out where they want you to sit. There was a guy who was like the production cheerleader, he gave us the cues to scream, shout, and clap and be as energetic as possible. His job seems like a dream job, a lot of fun.

When the show started, James Corden came out and gave his opening monologue and talked about the show's guest. Ana de Armas is in the new Blade Runner film, and Jack Hanna is a well known talk show guest who comes on with the coolest animals. In the stage photo above from the show, the bird pooped on the stage. Michael was very friendly with a cute baby beaver, and some beautiful rare cats from Brazil. In between commercial breaks, the studio played cool music, and there were some executive type production honcho dudes who came out to talk to both Michael and Ana between breaks. A select few lucky 'VIP' type guests had their pictures taken with James sitting at his desk.

When the final commercial break was completed, James and his guests posed with the animals for their intro promotion clip that comes on TV an hour or two before the actual show airs. It's just a heads up of sorts to promote the upcoming episode and to let people know who the guests are for that evening. After that clip was done, James thanked us all for coming, and both Ana and Michael waved and left the stage. As I previously mentioned, there was NO way, at all, for any type of autograph, or photos of the guest. The prize was just being there breathing the same air as they were and enjoying a great show taping.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to attend tonight's show and it was a fantastic introduction into the process of taping a popular late night talk show. I would only do this again for Michael, or Chris Evans, or if I have a friend visiting LA and we can attend a show together for fun. I have submitted a request to go to the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Halloween, so it would be nice to compare the experiences of both shows.

Again, it's so much fun for me to be able to share this with you all. Everything I do for Fassinating Fassbender is for my friends and readers to have a better understanding of the process I go through to attend the public events where Michael will be a guest at. I look forward to many more of these adventures to share with you!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Michael Monday #63

Yes my friends, I'm going to be attending my first talk show taping this Thursday on The Late, Late Show with James Corden and guest star, Michael Fassbender. This will be Michael's second time on the show this year. The last time he was a guest was back in May promoting Alien: Covenant. After I printed out my ticket, I read the guidelines and important instructions and it's all very interesting. Firstly, I need to make sure I arrive and get in line at the right time because even though I have a ticket, the production team may still decide they have enough audience members and send the rest of the people home. Yikes! So, I will make sure my ass is in line early enough to get in.

I do recall many months ago driving past CBS Studios and seeing a long line of well dressed people. I thought they were going to an exclusive CBS party, but no, they were in line for the James Corden show. One of the guidelines is that audience members must dress up as "upscale/business class" because we may appear on camera, and may be called upon to participate in the show. So I will have to dress very nice too. They will turn people away if they are not dressed right. There are model image examples they give us as to how to dress (women and men).

It will be cold in the studio so I will definitely wear a blazer/jacket outfit. Hmmm, I think I may wear a dress that I bought a few months ago with some boots. Along with the strict dress code, the studio security may hold our cell phones and cameras, so they encourage us not to bring them in. And most importantly, there will be no opportunity for a meet and greet with guests and there will be no autographs, and no gifts for James or his guests are accepted. For this talk show, they just need warm human bodies in the audience to laugh and have fun with. The audience line up begins at 3pm, we are all seated by 4:30 pm, and taping of the show is from 5pm to 7pm.

Although I won't be able to take any pictures of anything associated with this taping, I will make note of the most interesting highlights and share it with ya'll for TGIF!  This is going to be a good week! I'm in 99% improved condition from my month long illness, my boss is in Egypt for 10 days, I see Fassy on Thursday, Coldplay on Friday, and I have a hair appointment on Saturday! And hopefully in between all this, I'll get a call for a job interview. LA is tough, but I'm tougher!

Friday, September 29, 2017

TGIF 9.29.17 (UPDATE)

We're getting closer to the October 20th release date of The Snowman. TV ads and billboards are prominent these days for the movie. When you think about it, the release date of the Snowman, just a week before Halloween, is a good time for this type of film to come out. I don't scare easily (sat through IT last week without flinching once), but seeing images of women's heads on top of a snowman is horrific. It's kind of original too. These women are decapitated in horrifying ways, and then their heads are used as a decoration. What kind of mind thinks up this? And another question, why couldn't the victims all be men instead because, it's called a snowMAN, so why not a man's head on top of a pile of snow? I guess it's just more the sad norm and convenience to make us womenfolk the victims, again. But I digress as I don't want this to come off as disapproving of the film, I want to see it and read the book, but still... why women victims, again?

Well, Michael Fassbender will be in LA next week, on Thursday, October 5th to tape an episode of The Late, Late Show with James Corden. I have submitted my "request" for a ticket to the taping, but I'm on that dreadful wait list. I won't know if I got tickets until next week... and at worse, maybe not until a few hours before the actual taping. If I get tickets, YOU'LL KNOW because I'll post a 'The Carlton' gif here and at FF@FB. If I don't get tickets, I'll go for a sad walk and lament that 1iota just doesn't like me for some reason. They are the free ticket management company for events in Los Angeles and I've tried several times to get free tickets, but, other people tend to luck out, and non-surprisingly the same ones over and over again. Anyway, it'll be funny to see James ask Michael about the rumors of him getting married in October, and it'll be funny seeing Michael have a 'WTF are you talking about?' face and then have a gut busting laugh and then talk about more cool stuff about his life and career.

So, if you like me, please wish me luck, because my luck will be your luck as I'll write an awesome article on the taping if I can attend.

Edited to add: Yeah!! What a great birthday present! I just got notification that I'm going to The Late, Late Show taping next Thursday, with special guest star, Michael Fassbender!! Thank you to all who send positive cosmic Fassy vibes my way!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Michael Monday #62

If you have paid attention to the news in the past 48 hours about how some football players here in America are kneeling on one knee in protest to our so-called national anthem these days (and they did it in the UK for a special game on Sunday), you know why this photo of Michael Fassbender from 2007 is being used today. Michael being Michael, would most likely agree with my reasons for using this and he would #TakeAKnee because he's a compassionate and socially aware man fighting for those who need the support.

Friday, September 22, 2017

TGIF 9.22.17

I think I used this photo for TGIF! before, but I'm not sure. It's lovely and worthy of a repeat. So there! ;)

In less than a month, Michael's next movie, The Snowman, will be released. I've been waiting to see this for ages. In fact, I desperately want to read the book, but I wanted to buy the paperback version that indicates that the book is a major motion picture starring Michael Fassbender. Well, no such paperback cover exist yet, if ever, so we have to settle for Penguin Random House mentioning Michael in the book synopsis on their Snowman page:

Inspector Harry Hole tracks a Norwegian serial killer in this installment of Jo Nesbø’s New York Times bestselling series. Soon to be a Major Motion Picture starring Michael Fassbender.

Have you read the book yet? I think I'm going to have to just go ahead and buy it soon. And speaking of the movie, after almost a year of living here in Los Angeles, I found another living breathing Fassinator that I can go see Michael's movies with. A guy who works at the accounting firm for my company mentioned he was a Michael Fassbender fan. And you know that just opened the door for me to tell him how much I like Michael and the blogging I do about him. So this past week, I asked him when The Snowman comes out on the weekend of October 20th, to let me know if he wanted to go see it with me, and he's totally in. It's not a date, just friends going to get their Fassbender on.

And Michael is back in Montreal this week continuing filming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. He and a few of his co-stars, including James McAvoy, visited the Montreal Children's Hospital, and I'm sure the kids just loved seeing these cool X-Men. It's great to see Michael lending his time to meet with sick kids to cheer them up a bit, he really likes being around kids. Read more about his visit and see great pics here!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Michael Monday #61

Let's hope Fassy's smile make me smile this week. I need it. My non-debilitating but annoying as hell illness is going into week 3.

Friday, September 15, 2017

TGIF 9.15.17

Michael Fassbender is now in Austin, TX for another Ferrari Challenge. And as per this hot pic of him prepping up, he's in fine form. I reckon that the second most favorite thing in Michael's life, after acting, is racing. After all, he admitted he was an adrenaline junkie... but specifically in this case, a posh adrenaline junkie cuz he's a Ferrari boy through and through.

Some media outlets are still running the Ibiza in October not such a surprise event story, but there is still nothing official from Michael or his people, and those are the only people I trust in regards to confirming such life changing events in his life, personal or otherwise. Meanwhile extremists on both ends of the fandom have lost the plot and are forgetting that Michael is a fellow human being on this planet and deserves decent respect as he's a good person and deserves a break from meddling intrusions about his personal life.

If you've lost respect for me as a long time blogger of Michael Fassbender because of last week's post, that's ok, because I guarantee you that I have been a fan of his much longer than you have, and I will remain a fan of his much longer than you will ever be. I'm here to stay because I first and foremost enjoy Michael Fassbender as an actor. I'm not a fan of his because of who he's dating. His personal life does not have an affect on me, nor should it, but apparently it does for others, and hence, them being upset with me. This too shall pass, and you will go on to another actor who is dating your favorite actress. Michael Fassbender is just a temporary flavor of the month for some of you because of who he's dating; and the others temporarily hate him because of who he's dating. Both sides are pathetic and not real fans.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Michael Monday #60

I'll be laying low for most of the week. I had to go to Urgent Care on Sunday and I'm going to be ok, I just need to take my medicine and chillax. But, I did have fun at Ohana music festival on Saturday, it was very tiring though. I love the music, but not the crowds. There have been no additional updates from my Friday TGIF post, so I still stand my ground on my thoughts.

As each new September 11th comes around, my time in NYC back in 2001 comes back to me each year, but the disbelief is still real. My thoughts are with all those Fassinators affected in Florida by Hurricane Irma.