Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Toronto TIFF photo

So far, this is the first photographic evidence of my being in the same molecular breathing space as Michael Fassbender. LOL! Alice took this picture as Michael is signing my photo of him. You can see my bony hands next to his. I'm hopeful that from the many other cameras going off during those moments, that maybe someone else in our group possibly got me in a complete shot with Michael. If not, oh well... definitely next time.

Also, I did a Google search on Michael yesterday, and you know what, there isn't a whole lot of stuff on him. Just the same recycled stuff that all diehards have read already. I have yet to read a full length interview article on him, just clips from larger articles that mention him in happenstance. So I was wondering if I should email a few men's interest magazines like GQ, Esquire, Details, or general entertainment oriented magazines to profile Michael in the coming months (if it's not already in their pipeline), because I think it would be a nice fan thing to do to try to get him more attention from select media. I'll send out a few emails and see what happens, I'll let you know.
And another thing... although I have known of Michael since January 2007, due to the success of '300', and then I joined MFO in October of that year, I still have a lot of his work to view. When I start to take a fancy upon a celebrity, because I have a rather active life, I can't drown myself in their work immediately, nor do I want to do that. I like to spread out my learning curve about the individual because I enjoy savoring the new things that I learn about them in my own time. I dare not tell you what I have not yet seen to spare myself embarassment, but when I told one of the MFO ladies that I hadn't seen him in 'X' yet, she gave me a look of shock with a teaspoon of disgust that made me blush. So, I'll see 'X' eventually, but meanwhile, it's on the backburner.
Want to know what 'X' is? highlight the space after the arrow - ====> 'Angel'
See. Please don't start with me, I'll see it, but trust me when I say I've been too busy or just not in the mood. But I've watched the Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Silk Stocking 23 times and counting. He's sooooooooooooooooo good in that.


rwctlc1107 said... know Angel is not my fav thing that he has been in so thats ok if you havent seen it. I think I can still burn you a DVD of it if you would like to have it.


Simone said...

LOL! Bless you Tina. When I was in the hospital last year just as I joined MFO, someone, I believe Alice or Kathy, sent me the Angel DVD AND that 'Treason Guy Fawkes' thingy, but neither DVD worked on my DVD. And I was too embarrassed to ask for another copy or to pimp someone else. So now my sekret is out. If you can help a sister, I'd appreciate it. xoxo

greyeyegoddess said...

Gads, I hope it wasn't me who reacted to you like that. If so, I'm soooo sorry, Simone. Sometimes I forget that people haven't seen everything.

I do like Angel a lot, though. It's definitely not an easy one to like. I love his performance.

I'll learn to take better pictures next time. lol!

Simone said...

LOL! no it wasn't you Alice, LOL! it was Christine and I laughed off her reaction to me. No big deal, just something funny that happened. LOL!

And yes, there WILL be a next time and I'll make damn sure there's a picture of just me and Michael looking like our engagement party. LOL! :p

Christina said...

Hey Simone, I didn't realize I was making you uncomfortable. But then, I didn't realize I was looking like that either, so yeah. Sorry. That wasn't my intention at all.

Simone said...

Hi Christina! LOL! no worries, if anything, it was just a funny moment and it kicked my butt in gear to eventually watch Angel soon. You say the female character annoyed the heck out of you, so I want to see it to see just how bad she really was, oh, and to see Michael as Esme. :-)