Friday, September 12, 2008

Converting a new follower

In an attempt to convert my friend Lucinda into becoming a Michael Fassbender fan, I suggested that she watch '300' first. She said she has seen it but did not know which soldier was Michael/Stelios. I have posted three of the most iconic images from this fantastic film and when she watches the movie again, she'll come to understand why most of us fell in line for him almost immediately.

Also, the reason why I'm trying to gently convert her is because she has become concerned about the tabloid behavior and lack of steady work of her longtime favorite British actor. Michael would provide a fun avenue of escapism and unlike the other actor, he's really busy and discussing him will provide a lot of entertaining chit-chat fodder. Like me, she simply enjoys engaging in fun online banter between fans of a select celebrity, and in the past year, her guy has taken a few tumbles down from his hefty pedestal and most of his fanbase is scratching their heads right now. Me, I reckon what's going on is par for the course and I'll always have an interest in said actor, but I'm glad to be moving on and focusing on another actor who is truly talented and worthy of being celebrated on a fan blog forum. Also, since 'Hunger' will be screened at the London Film Festival in October, I suggested that Lucinda and her husband go and see that; beef up her Michael film viewing resume.

On a funny side note, I was telling my friend Laurie of the awesome time I had in Toronto and how I met Michael and enjoyed his movie very much. Laurie's husband is British and he remembers the news updates about Bobby Sands, so he's interested in seeing 'Hunger' whenever it is released here in the states. As a matter of fact, I would like to see it again by watching it with them. Anyhoo, as I was telling Laurie about the blog, she replied back, 'He's cute, but what a strange name, Assbender'.

Oh Jesus, the laugh I had over that! LOL! I immediately corrected her much to her relief. LOL! I wonder if Michael has ever been teased about his name. If so, I hope he corrected them quickly too. :-)


greyeyegoddess said...


rwctlc1107 said...

lolol...I have actually seen him referred to as "assbender" There is another question to add to our list "where you ever teased about your name as a child?" Who wants to ask him that one?? hehehe

Simone said...

You've seen 'assbender' somewhere else Tina? I hope it wasn't porn related, but most likely it was. LOL!

I used to be teased and called 'Simon'... simple simon, simon says. Kids are evil. :p

Christina said...

heheh... I can't stop giggling... heheh... And yeah, kids are evil.

rwctlc1107 said...

I saw someone one time on Youtube call him that! lol

cyau723 said...

Heh, I joined the google blogger and am subscribing to this now =)

Oh, and yeah, youtube has the funniest things sometimes. You guys would probably think I'm weird, but I remember getting a huge kick out of the 300 PG trailer, heheheh