Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Could of been a model!

I found these nice new images of Michael at MFO and I really love them. I commented that if Michael weren't an actor, he would do well as a model. He's got the looks (duh!), the height, and the slim muscular body build, and he plays well in front of the camera - he's a ham, let's admit it, and a sweet one at that. I'm the opposite of Michael, I can't stand taking pictures, but I'll grin and bear it - and that's because I'm not photogenic. We are our worst critic, but trust me on this. Bah! Michael has the ideal bone structure and the 'tude to take great photos.

Looks like the Fassinators are winding up their Ireland tour by heading up to Dublin today and then taking off for London I believe tomorrow. I'll be in London, November 12-18 to hang out with Lucinda, and I cannot wait. I London! Anyway, their meeting with Michael's parents at their restaurant went fine, and they enjoyed the photo album that was presented to them of Michael's TIFF experience. As Alice commented previously, they remarked that he looked good in the photos and Michael's father was glad the cigarette was absent. LOL! Michael, listen to your parents. ;-)

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greyeyegoddess said...

Yup, completely agree that Michael could have been a model, and hopefully, if that's something he wants to do, I'd love to see him do more photo shoots.