Friday, September 26, 2008

Eden Lake no theatrical release

I just learned that Michael's next movie, Eden Lake, a horror flick, will be released on December 30th in DVD format here in the United States. And that's perfectly fine with me, I prefer watching horror at home anyway as people screaming and cringing in the theater is rather disruptive to MY enjoyment. Yes, it's all about me!

However, you can get in line and purchase this DVD via my amazon link right here:

No photo is available yet as the DVD artwork has yet to be finalized. But I reckon it will be the poster image above.

Also, stay tuned for updates about Michael filming Inglorious Bastards in Berlin for the next 90-days or so. As pictures revealed yesterday proved, he is in the movie and he and some crew members had dinner with Brad Pitt a few days ago. So you might also want to add Brad Pitt to your Google alerts as there may be hidden info about Michael via Brad links.

Have a nice weekend!

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