Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fassinating Fassbender Followers

If you take a moment and scroll down towards the very bottom of the sidebar queue, you will note that blogger.com has a cool gadget that blog editors can add to their blog to showcase the wonderful people who like your blog enough to become a follower of it and be notified immediately when this blog has been updated. Two brilliant MFO ladies have become Fassinating Fassbender Followers (FFFers) and only until I noticed that they signed up to become followers, I was given the option to make public who they are. So please take a moment and check out their blogs and user info to see what they are up to.

I'm still enjoying the high from the fun events of TIFF just over a week ago, and yesterday I went to Michael's Arts & Craft {no relation to Mr. Fassbender ha ha!} store to buy some scrap booking materials to frame and decorate my Michael Fassbender autograph and select photos from the encounter. I love doing stuff like this - maybe I'll post a picture of it when it is complete. Because Michael signed a happy birthday message to me, I did not just want to toss it aside in a closed photo album and forget about it. Having it front and center near my computer desk in my living room is the most choice idea. It will be a great conversation piece when people come over to visit: I'll just point and brag.

At MFO, a few of us are engaged in a discussion about the qualifying criteria for 'Hunger' to be considered for nominations in the upcoming awards season. Trust me, it is not too early for such discussions. And after seeing his performance myself, and knowing about all the awards Hunger has received from the festivals it has been screened at thus far, this film is one to watch and to support for consideration of the highest honors in the film industry. However, the fly in the ointment is learning exactly when will 'Hunger' be released in North America, at the least, a limited engagement in select cities, before December 31, 2008. That date is the cut-off date to be considered as a 2008 release for Golden Globe and/or Oscar nominations. 'Hunger' has all the ingredients for a high caliber film to go all the way: massive emotional human drama, harsh realism (maybe too real), brilliant screenplay, excellent editing, outstanding acting by Michael, on top of the physical demands of the role, and the inspiring directing from mesmerizing quiet and somber moments, to intense visual and auditory assaults that come out of nowhere.

I just hope 'Hunger' is released in time to be considered for North American award nominations - it would be a crime if this is held back due to international distribution rights or hollywood political reasons.


greyeyegoddess said...

dropping by to say hi, and thanks for the info.

I have a favor to ask you, that I hope you don't mind. Would you mind if I used one of your pictures that you took of Michael to make badges for our con? I'll send you one. It's the first picture on your "meeting Michael" blog post.

I'll be logging in here and there.

Miss ya!


Simone said...

Totally, you can use one of my photos, I'm kind of honored. It's like I'll be there. And I would definitely want one. Thanks hon!

Have a safe and fun trip gf! xoxo

greyeyegoddess said...