Thursday, September 18, 2008

MFO Fan gathering in Killarney!

In the year that I have been a member of the Michael Fassbender Online forum community, there has been a wonderful plan underway for fans to converge upon Killarney, Ireland, Michael's hometown, this week. I'm happy to report that 6 people were able to make it there and on September 20th, they will have a fancy schmancy Fassycon dinner at Dunloe Castle. Oh man I wish I were there! (Photo is of the Lakes of Killarney)

Just a few moments ago, my boss returned back to work from three weeks in Ireland, and she handed me a magnet (I collect them) from Dublin. She wanted to get me something deep and meaningful, not the funny cutesy ones they had in abundance, but she got me an Irish Blessing silver toned emerald embedded magnet with the saying: May your blessings out number the Clovers that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

Just lovely. So now that I'm in an Irish mood, I want to wish the girls in Killarney a wonderful Fassycon adventure!


greyeyegoddess said...


We miss you! Thank you again for the pictures. I forgot to ask this, because my mind was off, but I printed all the good pictures from Toronto and made a photo album with some of the pictures, and gave them to Michael's parents. I hope that wasn't a problem.


Simone said...

Hi Alice! Great to hear from you! Of course I don't mind the Fassbender's having some of my photos in the lovely album you presented to them. It's an honor really, especially knowing that they will show them to Michael one day. Hey, was our 'group' photo included too? That would have been great.

I'm sure you're having a blast! keep us posted.

Oh, and

Happy Birthday Alice! xoxo

greyeyegoddess said...

aww, thanks!

His parents really liked the book, and commented on how well Michael looked at the festival. His father mentioned how nice the pictures were, especially Michael without a cigarette. Go dad! LOL!

Talk to you soon!