Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to Fassinating Fassbender!

Just two days ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a fine young actor that I have been watching for over a year now, in the flesh in Toronto as he was there to promote his excellent new film, 'Hunger'. Me and a few fine ladies from the Michael Fassbender Online community gathered in Toronto for the film festival with hopes to not only watch his film together in a united fan front, but to also be able to see him and tell him how much we support him and wish him all the best. Well, mere moments before Hunger was to be shown, Michael was brought to our attention and the MFO girls, including moi, were able to get his autograph and pictures of him. A few lucky ones actually got their picture taken with him. For my part, I asked him if he could please sign my favorite photo of him (above) as this month is my birthday (September 30th to be exact), and he gave me that mega-watt genuine smile and said "Of course". He asked for the spelling of my name and wrote, 'Happy Birthday Simone, lots of love, M. Fassbender'. *swoon*

I have had the pleasure of meeting a few celebrities, but I must say with complete honesty, Michael is in a class by himself. Ok, maybe it's because he's not super famous and an A-lister...yet, so the pressure is not on him as much. And I hope to God he never loses the sweetness and professionalism about him that so many of his peers do not possess. I was so inspired by the way he was with us fans, he genuinely seemed moved and happy to see us and to know that the MFO group was there to support him. He was not rushed with us and he took his time, within reason due to the screening that was about to take place, but I do believe he felt just as privileged in meeting us as we did to have met him, and to know that he was so adored and respected by some very nice people. And I was also inspired by his humbleness, and most importantly, how damn good of an actor he truly is. Michael was Bobby Sands on the screen and it was just awesome in an impressive and intimidating way to see his portrayal on the screen in such a brutal film. I don't even know if I can watch Hunger again as I believe I gained a fine understanding of the film upon this first time viewing.

I don't mean to sound like a wimp, I love 'Hillbilly Horror' and other movies with sex, blood, and violence, for instance, but it is the real-life human stories of complete agony, despair, and pain that I can only watch one time and that's enough for me. Why? Because it's real. I think Michael and Steve will understand that. But anyway, this is why a few days later, I decided to create a fan blog for Michael Fassbender as I believe he is worth it. I have a passion for entertainment writing that goes back to early 2000, just pre-blog era. And since he is still a very new name in Hollywood, I want to do my very little part in helping to push him in a positive light and write about him and his projects in my own little way. I would love to engage with other fans of Michael here, so please feel free to post a comment in my blog entries and let's have fun.

One more thing, I told Michael that I am so happy for him that he's going to be in 'Inglorious Bastards' (filming to start in Germany in October) directed by Quentin Tarantino and I said that his celebrity star is going to shoot way up because of this. He gave me the cutest craziest grin and said 'Thanks'. Ladies and gentlemen... let me introduce you to Michael Fassbender.




DonnaKat said...

I just want to ditto exactly everything you just so eloquently said! I was floored by Michael's humbleness and honesty. He's a rare breed in this industry, and it's my hope that the success he's sure to have won't change that.

In addition, it was a real pleasure meeting other Michael fans. You ladies are a class act, and I'm sure Michael thought so as well!

Simone said...

Hi Donna! I'm glad you stopped by, thanks so much!

You are one of the lucky ones to get your photo with him and I'll happily mail to you soon your photo with Michael!


rwctlc1107 said...

Simone, you summed up the evening very well!! IT was a wonderful night and I was so happy to meet everyone and share the experience. Michael provedhimself to be such an amazing man and actor.


Lucinda said...

wow, and he is very very goodlooking! I'm so glad you met him.. and i obviously need to get off my ass and go watch some movies with him soon

Jordan said...

Yay! I read your blog clear from year 2011! It took like 5 hours, but I did it!! >:) 4 in the morning. Yay... >_<

Michael Fassbender really must of charmed me to get me to stay up a whole night reading about him! Of course, Simone, your writing is excellent!!

Thanks for FF!!! I will continue to read future posts!

Simone said...

Thank you Jordan, I'm very impressed that you did a marathon session of reading all of FF up to date. Keep coming back! :-)