Saturday, October 18, 2008

All Smiles

Steve and Michael have a lot to be happy and proud about. 'Hunger' debuted in Belfast the other day and there were no protest or troubles.

Here is a bit from the Belfast Telegraph interview with Michael:

Red carpet protests never materialised at the premiere of controversial film Hunger last night.
The film chronicles the last days of Bobby Sands and the other republican protesters during their hunger strike at the Maze prison. Heading up a cast of Irish actors, Michael Fassbender, who plays Sands, was proud to be back in Belfast to give the film its first showing.

He said: “When we started out we knew it was very important to film it here and this was the screening we were most excited about. This is the city it is about and these are the people whose lives have been affected.”

Michael who had to lose a huge amount of weight for the part said he recognised that not everyone will be happy about the content of the film but he said: “So far the British press have been supportive and I think that is because it is a human story and not a political piece.”

He also hopes the film, which won the Cannes Camera d’Or, will be a boost to his career.
He said: “This is a great right hook of a film after I have been jabbing away for a long time.”
Hunger is the first outing for director Steve McQueen who is better known for winning the Turner prize for his video art.

He took some time out on the red carpet to talk about what he sees in the film. He said: “It was about looking for the things between the words in the history books. It is about human beings and that is who we are. It is about politics and those who have to deal with it.”

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