Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Bloody brilliant and fantastic interview!

At the Little White Lies blog, there is an excellent and fresh interview with Michael Fassbender! It's a deliciously long as hell interview, so I will post just a bit here and you can go to the link I previously posted to read the rest! But the main question has been answered about his muscle porn muscles in '300'. Yeah Michael, I knew that was all you man!

Interviewer: Matt Bochenski

LWLies: You had a CGI six-pack in 300 but they couldn’t just…?
Fassbender: CGI? What’re you talking about, man? That wasn’t CGI.

LWLies: Are you claiming the whole thing was… Your six-pack was genuine?
Fassbender: They can’t spend CGI on people, because that would cost a fortune. But what they did do was they shadowed with paint. But that’s 10 weeks of sit-ups there, my man.

LWLies: Who needed the most shading?
Fassbender: I won’t say that! I can’t say that!

LWLies: From an outsider’s perspective, do you think the Brits are ready to hold up their hands and admit to the way we were treating Irish prisoners?
Fassbender: Look, you know, I don’t think it’s an Irish or a British thing. It’s difficult because this happens all over the world, you know? All human beings treat each other… And whether one side is right or one side is wrong, nobody really knows how to deal with it. So it’s not that blame should be apportioned to anybody, it’s just that, it’s basically that we’re all responsible for each other, and to have a respect for humanity. You know, the orderly at the end, the character William who’s played by Lalor Roddy, is a great character because it’s a bridge. He’s somebody who’s from the other side of the fence, yet he wants to make Bobby’s decline as comfortable as he can make it possible because he has a respect for this man, and feels for him. And I think that’s an important character in the piece. It’s just, you know, it’s what’s happening with people blowing themselves up – suicide bombers. It’s using your own body as a weapon against whatever system you’re fighting, whether that’s what’s happening in Guantánamo Bay. We’re all responsible.

LWLies: Looking at IMDb, it turns out you’re in every single film coming out this year.
Fassbender: Am I? Okay!

LWLies: What keeps you busy? Is it the fear?
Fassbender: Well, you know, I spent a lot of time out of work so now I’m trying to make hay while the sun is shining. It just so happens that all these films are getting released around the same time. You know, I did them at different times of the year.

LWLies: Are they all post-300?
Fassbender: Yeah.

LWLies: Was that the turning point?
Fassbender: I guess it was the turning point in that I was getting into more film. The Francois Ozon film Angel and 300 came that same year, and that was a really good breaking point because, you know, the Ozon script had been to Hollywood and a lot of big name actors were going in for it and I ended up getting it. So they were like, ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’ That definitely was a turning point in terms of getting into film. But it’s an ongoing thing, you know, you’re only as good as your last meal.

LWLies: Is there any way in which your life has changed that you wish it hadn’t?
Fassbender: No.

LWLies: It’s all good?
Fassbender: Yeah.

LWLies: Good attitude. It occurs to me now that you look like Christian Bale, and if he carries on assaulting his sister and mum, you could be the next Batman.
Fassbender: Well, hopefully!

LWLies: You should get your agent to start phoning the tabloids and spreading rumours.
Fassbender: I could beat myself up and tell people Christian Bale did it.

LWLies: Did you find, after 300, that it was studio bosses kissing your ass?
Fassbender: No, not for me. I’m sure Gerry [Butler] would have got a big change, a big turnaround in his life after 300. He’s the star in it, so I think his life would have changed quite dramatically. Mine hasn’t really. As I say, I’m lucky enough to get into the rooms that might not have been possible before, and then just try and leave an impression when you go into your auditions.

LWLies: Like with me: ‘Shit, you’re Irish!’
Fassbender: So it’s been more of a gradual thing for me.

LWLies: Is it easy for you to reconcile the big comic book guy with the Hunger guy? There’s no tension between those, it’s just a job?
Fassbender: No, exactly yeah. You see one for what it is and the other one for what it is. I think to get the balance between the two is nice. I like doing entertaining films as much as I do more contemplative films.

Every day, something new with this guy that makes me adore him more and more each day! And once again, MFO is THE excellent source for being on top of hosting the newest images of Michael.


greyeyegoddess said...

LOL...I knew you'd like the interview. I thought of you when Michael was talking about the 300 abs. Now you can post that part anywhere they talk smack about the abs in 300.


Simone said...

Yeah, you just reminded me! I'm going to defend Michael's HONOR at Gossiprock and correct those non- believers!

But besides that great laughing point, this was a seriously heavy interview and Michael's political knowledge impresses upon me that he's not just another pretty face, unlike some of his peers.

greyeyegoddess said...

It was very eye opening to me, to see how much he knew about the world around him.


Simone said...

For me, it was confirmation of his intelligence and he showed heartfelt compassion for other people and their plights, regardless of their culture. He really is a sensitive soul and very wise for a 31 year old guy. Very encouraging, he definitely has a future.

He would make an excellent Buddhist. ;-)