Saturday, October 11, 2008

Breaking News! Hunger for Oscars?

I can't believe it! I just found out at Gold Derby that 'Hunger' may be released in December so that it can qualify for Oscar consideration!

• IFC plans to give "Hunger" a Dec. 5 release date, according to Edward Douglas of Its director-writer Steve McQueen's drama about the last six weeks in the life of IRA member Bobby Sands, who led a hunger strike in 1981.

"What this means is that Michael Fassbender might be taken seriously as a best actor contender," Douglas says. "I think anyone who saw this movie at Telluride/Toronto or NY Film Festival will agree that the movie is all about the amazing punishment and transformation Fassbender ('300') went through to take on the role of Bobby Sands, and it might be hard to ignore, especially in a season with a lot of repeat offenders (Leo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, etc). The questions are whether IFC will be able to get the movie seen by enough awards voters before/after release and whether it might cut into their campaign for Steven Soderbergh's 'Che.'"

Go to to read it in greater detail. I posted a comment but it is awaiting approval. Go show your support for Hunger there because a LOT of Hollywood insiders and movers and shakers review Gold Derby daily like a bible. Here is my comment posted at Gold Derby:

I am so glad that Hunger will be released in Dec 2008 so that it can qualify to be considered for an Oscar nomination, or several. I saw Hunger at TIFF in September and it blew me away. Rarely does a film make you feel, hear, and SMELL the pain and misery of the prisoners in Maze. Michael Fassbender did an outstanding job as Bobby Sands, and dare I also give kudos to British director, Steve McQueen for an outstanding directorial debut. I hope many people who vote in the Oscars do see 'Hunger', it's a breathtaking physical film that should be recognized by the Oscars.


Christina said...

Heh, I forgot my blogger password.

But Yay!! This is wonderful news!! I have been praying that IFC will do a limited release for Hunger to get Michael eligibility. It's been doing really well at all the festival screenings; and it'd almost be "wasteful" of all the good vibe to not put it up for Oscar consideration this year. I really hope enough people see it to give Michael and Hunger the nominations they deserve!!

Simone said...

Hi Christine hon, it's great to see you! Glad you're happy about the news too. I just happened upon it at Gold Derby within the past hour.

The key all the long for Michael to be nominated for an Oscar is for 'Hunger' to be released in 2008 so that those who make the Oscar decisions will see for themselves just how deserving Michael, and Steve is of such honors.

Now if he goes all the way and gets nominated, that's a whole 'nother issue for us Fassinators to deal with! LOL!

chris123 said...

Yay, password has been reset! I've been out of the loop with work, and it's great to be back =)

Aside from Michael and Steve, I think the cinematographer for Hunger really deserves a nomination. The visuals are absolutely stunning; it makes the film so much more powerful. Oh, and sound effects too... the way they juxtapose the silence and the noise, it's one of the most effective use of sound to augment a film that I've seen.

I shouldn't get my hopes too high though, since the Oscars is very much a popularity contest. Steve probably has the best chance of getting a nomination (because of his previous awards for the film).

Tina said...

I am just so overjoyed to come home to this news!! You know this is such an exciting time to be a Michael fan!


Simone said...

I can't help but have my hopes up high Christine, that's just how much I believe Michael at the least deserves a nomination. Also, since I'm an Oscar whore and chat with other Oscar whores, the cards are being laid out now to increase Michael's chances and I'm just fucking thrilled to bits.

I agree that many other aspects of the film should be nominated too, especially editing and sound. But, time will tell, and one nomination discussion at a time, and for now, it's all about Michael! :p

Hey Tina, I let out a yelp when I first read this at Gold Derby! One Oscar whore poster asked, 'And who is this Michael Fassbender'?

I dutifully informed them and posted a link to FF for their information. I'll pimp him left and right whenever necessary. :-)

greyeyegoddess said...

Your comment showed up after the article.

I'm happily surprised that the film's release was moved up. It doesn't happen very often and I couldn't be more excited.

Now to wait...

Simone said...

It's going to be a fun waiting game Alice. Once Dec 5th comes and there are reviews of the film outside a festival venue, then the real talk about how excellent Michael is will begin. I'm so excited for him and Steve and I do look forward to seeing it if it comes to the Detroit area.