Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hunger pains

Don't you get antsy when you can't find something new to read up on regarding Michael? Now that FF will be two months old soon, I feel pleasantly obligated to update it with something meaningful and informative as often as I can. And when the pickings are slim, it's prime time to offer up an opinion or two to keep things fresh.

Just the other day, I registered with Awards Daily, a forum where heavy Oscar discussions take place. I have known about the forum for a very long time, but as the award season approaches us and with my keen interest in seeing how Michael Fassbender fairs in all this, I wanted to be a part of the community at this point to see what I can learn from chatter over there.

To my surprise, I was immediately able to spot a couple pro-Hunger/Michael Fassbender fans. In a thread in the Oscar forum, a poster by the name of Aurelius has this image in his signature line.

Pretty cool eh? I dropped him a quick pm to introduce myself and to let him know that I'm a supporter of the film too.

And then I mosied over to the 'Best Actor' speculation thread where they had a poll listing about 15 actors who stand a chance to be nominated for an Oscar. Unfortunately they did not have Michael on the list, but they did have a voting option for 'other', so I selected that and posted my comment saying that I was hoping that Michael would be considered for an Oscar for Hunger. A short while after I posted my comment, someone replied to me by saying, "I think 'Hunger' only has an outside shot at lone director spot." Hmmmm, oh really? Well, we'll just see. I replied back informing everyone that Michael just won the Best Actor award at the recent Chicago Film Festival and if the momentum keeps going up to the film's limited theatrical debut on Dec. 5th, hopefully Michael's chances will improve significantly.

So if you want, monitor that community to see what these Oscar enthusiasts think of Michael's chances in the coming months. I post there as 'smonie'. :-)


Tina said...

I really like that banner. Of course I want HUNGER and Michael to win, but I also saw In Bruges which i really really loved also. I noticed Kelyl Reilly was nomainted for her performance in EDEN LAKE.


greyeyegoddess said...

Oh, there you are!

I tried to check out the Oscar site, and if the Oscars are anything like the fans, wow, it's not going to be easy to break those names and fans.

Simone said...

Yes, it is a nice banner! And I was happy for Kelly that she was nominated for Eden Lake. Her hysterics must have been spot on and very realistic. LOL! I can't see the movie until its released on DVD, next January. Dang!

Oh Alice, you just don't understand sister. The Oscars is like the Election.. it's brutal. You have to be tough to hang with those people. And many of them are like professionals in the industry so you never really know who you're commenting to, it could be an actor, his/her agent, a director, a studio exec/head, or just an Oscar enthusiast. But it's fun rooting for your favorite and defending WHY that person should win, and why that picture should win.

Hang with me there and I'll teach you the ropes. :-)

greyeyegoddess said...

ok ;)