Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New FF Banner!

Because I LOVE the color purple, and those three images are my favorites of Michael. My friend Steve did an awesome job in making a new banner for FF! The first one is his agency photo from a couple years ago, the middle one is what I took of him in Toronto in September, and the third is from a series of photos from a few weeks ago in an interview for 'Hunger'. I'm also going to make some color scheme changes for the background of FF to compliment the new banner.

Oh, btw, Hunger WILL be released on December 5th in the US in a few notable cities. So if you have not seen it yet, make plans to do so.

Nothing much more to report other than Eden Lake will be released on DVD and Blueray on January 6th.


greyeyegoddess said...

Very nice page. Kudos to your friend, Steve.


Simone said...

Thanks Alice I'm glad you like it! I wound up using the 'Minima black' template as the templates that they had available, none really worked well with the new banner. I like the contrast of purple and grey, but the grey template they had was very bright and bland, hurt my eyeballs. Black is beautiful! :-)

Tina said...

Looks good!! But how can you go wrong with pics of Michael! lol

cyau723 said...

Heh, I'm with Tina. Can't possibly go wrong with pics of Michael, heheh =)