Wednesday, October 22, 2008

See Michael on Tubridy Tonight!

Now we all can see Michael's Saturday night interview on Tubridy Tonight by clicking on this link.

Michael Fassbander
He's one of Ireland's rising stars with his new movie Hunger receiving a standing ovation at Cannes. This drop dead gorgeous actor will be right at home working with the likes of Brad Pitt on Quentin Tarantino's latest movie!
ETA: Just watched the video clip and it was fassytastic! That Ryan guy is a pretty decent interviewer too. I think he has a crush on Michael, and you can't blame him as he went on about the handsome guys of Band of Brothers (which I admist I have not seen yet). Michael looked relaxed and was grinning from ear to ear almost constantly. It was a treat to hear him talk about his career. I couldn't help but giggle about the teasing of the name Fassbender... looks like my friend Laurie isn't the only one with a warped mind. Michael's a good sport, and a great interview subject.


greyeyegoddess said...

I must say, it was a good interview, although I would have loved to have heard more about Michael's other work. I just adored seeing Michael constantly grinning. He couldn't stop.

He was so humble too. I really liked watching his reaction to the clips of commercial, and then to Hunger.

Simone said...

There's something genuinely refreshing in seeing him or reading about him being interviewed. He comes across so sweet and funny, and then very sentimental and intelligent at the appropriate times. He doesn't hide behind a PR mask when he's talking about his career and life, and I quite like it.

When Hunger premieres here in December, I wonder if he will be on Dave Letterman, Jay Leno, etc, and how they will react to him and the type of questions that will be asked of him and if he will respond as he has so far with the Euro/UK market. I fear he'll be 'guided' as to how to speak and about what. it just won't be as natural and laid back as he has experienced thus far. Time will tell, but so far, he's doing fine and I'm really enjoying learning about him.