Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A sequel to 300 w/o Michael? Is it possible?

I have no shame in admitting that I have watched '300' roughly 300 times BECAUSE of Michael fassbendering all over the place. As a warm blooded het female, I went to see '300' purely for the man flesh... and I left the movie wondering who the hell that hyper gung-ho sexay soldier Stelios was. Nearly two years later, rumor has it that the brilliant creator of '300' has been pimped into making a sequel to that $200 million + box office smash, but it will focus on battles fought after that battle that took the lives of King Leonidas and his devoted soldiers... including STELIOS!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh! (see image).

Here is the latest information:

Zack Snyder has confirmed there will be a '300' sequel. The 'Watchmen' director - who helmed the movie adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel in 2006 - has confirmed the author is penning and drawing a new story on which the film follow-up will be based.

According to IESB.net, Snyder revealed he had been in touch with Miller, who is now working on the follow-up, but admitted he would have to wait until the book is finished before he starts working alongside Miller on a script for the next instalment.

Snyder also said the new movie will focus on the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea, where narrator Dilios is while telling the story of King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, to a group of warriors at the end of the first film.

It is unknown whether Gerard and co-stars Lena Headey, Dominic West and Michael Fassbender will return for the sequel.

Naturally, if the next movie will take place after the sequences of '300', it means that Michael will not be a part of it, and that sucks very badly. However, because of '300', we all are now super fans of his and eagerly await to watch his future projects. But dammit, I want to see him in leather speedos again... hot, tight, sweaty, leather speedos... and his firm thighs, and torso, and arms...

Ok, on to other stuff - yah, I have been at this forum http://www.gossiprocks.com/forum/ for well over a year, and in the Hot Guys section of the forum, I created a Michael thread a long time ago. Sadly, based on the low number of hits and participation in that thread, it appears that those people just haven't found clue one yet as to how hot, and talented Michael is. I mean look, for cripes sake, the John McCain, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden threads have more posts and hits. WTF? I ask again, WTF? One of the last posts there before I updated it was from some person who bluntly declared that Michael wasn't her cup of tea. Fine with me, maybe Joe is more her taste.

Then, on top of that, yesterday I modified my account there, 'simonetvc', to add the FF url link on my signature line. The only time I visited Gossip Rocks yesterday was to change my sig line. Then this morning, I go there and what happens? I get a pm from the admin saying that I broke "the rules" and that my signature line linking to a blog was in violation and considered spam and advertising and that if I don't remove it I would be banned. Fuck! So I immediately removed it, and went on my way. A link to my blog is considered spam? No way! I can see that it's advertising, but I'm not advertising crap, just my blog. Whatever. I'm more than happy to get the word out about how wonderful Michael is, but I don't want to be banished into the dark pits of gossip forum hell for pimping my blog.


Tina said...

I have had the same thing happen to me about the siggy line link when I had a HUNGER siggy with a clickable link to the myspace page. I too was so mad! Anywho, maybe Stelios had a twin brother who did not have a son to leave behind??? hehehe I can only hope!


Simone said...

LOL! talk about creative liberty, a twin Stelios because the original was either gay or just didn't have any heirs. LOL!

yeah Tina, some of these places are so silly about sign lines. but, I understand to a degree because some people's creative ideas can be a bit freaky and NC-17.

greyeyegoddess said...

lol...but supposedly, Stelios did have offspring, or he wouldn't have been part of the fight...well, at least that's Frank Miller's story.

As for the Gossiprocks site, I'm sure that time will come when people will notice Michael. It's hard to convince people of Michael's great talent. And it seems they are pretty bent up on insisting that the 300 bodies were CG enhanced. A shame and ignorant, especially when there's video proof. I can't believe people still think that way.


Simone said...

I also think that the dingbats are just in denial to his almighty hunkiness and just can't believe the man is that fine and firm.

Fools. :p