Sunday, October 19, 2008

Telegraph interview with Michael

Ahhhh, finally an interview with Michael that gives a bit more information about his family background and daily life. Once again, I'm pleased to learn that he's an ok dude... an up and coming actor to take notice of with abated breath. Besides this lurvely new photo of Michael, below I highlight just a few notes from the lengthy interview Michael Fassbender: on playing Bobby Sands, an interview that will definitely be quoted from for unique tidbits about Michael preparing for 'Hunger'.

**Fassbender became interested in drama at school and when he was 18 he put together a theatrical production of Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs with friends. 'It's that naivety that gets things done, that lets you go for it and learn from your mistakes,' he says. 'People like De Niro, Pacino, were in their late twenties when they made their best films, and when I was 17, 18, I remember thinking, "God, that's ages away!"'

**Before filming the final act of Hunger, production shut down for 10 weeks so that Fassbender could drop about 3st in order to play the dying Sands. He went to LA, renting a place near Venice Beach: 'It was the perfect place because I was just another freak on the beach, power walking.' {OMG! I can vouch for the freaky nature of Venice Beach, I vacation there and just love it there and want to move there one day!}

**Fassbender underwent medical checks throughout, and after meeting with a nutritionist, he settled on a diet of berries, nuts and sardines, eating 900 calories a day for the first five weeks until his weight levelled, forcing him to cut down still further. He skipped, did yoga, and walked four and a half miles a day, but says the nights were hard: he had difficulty sleeping, and for two weeks he barely slept at all. 'You don't realise how much food is on television, how much food titillation,' he says. 'Especially in America.' He didn't see friends - 'I wasn't really good company, and it was a distraction' - although he did meet up with his sister, a neuro-psychologist who now lives in Sacramento, for Christmas dinner. 'She was pregnant so she was off the booze, and I was trying not to eat. Her hormones were going, but I was definitely the crankier of the two of us. {So Michael is an uncle by now eh?}

**McQueen adds, 'I understand now why in lots of religions fasting is part of the ritual, because it makes people look at themselves. Michael is a very attractive man, and I would imagine people are drawn to him. But the more of that stuff that was stripped away from him, the more sensitive he became. When he came back, he didn't talk to anyone on set. He'd shoot the scene then go back to his room, so I was the only one he spoke to. And the relationship between us was really special. It wouldn't have happened under any other circumstance. It was at a higher level. And when it was over, it was a bit of a come-down, if I'm honest.' {A method actor to the max}

**When the film wrapped, the first thing that Fassbender ate was sushi. 'I was stuffed,' he recalls. 'And I was freezing, because my body wasn't used to handling food. That was really interesting. And then the weight went on really quickly. In maybe two weeks, I was only about three kilos less than what I'd normally be.' {I LOVE sushi, the perfect food to treat oneself to after fasting!}

As Munden points out, Fassbender's star is rising spectacularly, but he doesn't seem to be taking it too seriously. 'It's a lottery game,' Fassbender shrugs, 'and I'm thrilled to be in this position. This is what you hope for, at the beginning. But it's all about who's bankable, and who's got a bit of heat around them at the moment, and that's all it is. That's happening to me a bit now, and we'll see what happens from here on, but it will be somebody else in six months', even three months' time.'{Great attitude Michael, you'll go far with grateful level head}

I cannot stress enough how much fun it is to be a fan of Michael Fassbender at this moment because it's great to see a nice talented guy get a few breaks and be well on his way to superstardom. It's great also to read this interview and learn about the things he does that I have in common with him. I hope he stays grounded and busy, and that we fans continue to get intriguing, informative, and mature interviews with him. I shudder at what kind of silly questions the US media/tabloids will ask him eventually.

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