Saturday, October 4, 2008

That question @ TIFF screening

An eagle eye peer at MFO found the blog of a person who attended the Toronto International Film Festival, and whom also attended the very screening of 'Hunger' that me and the MFO crew attended. In one of my first few posts several weeks ago, I did write about one of Michael's responses to a question that was asked of him during the Q & A pertaining to how he managed to lose the weight. From my perspective, at the front of the theater to be closer to the stage, I was not able to see the person who asked the question - just her shadow. However, based on this blogger's (Lilley) seat advantage, she saw the aftermath of how Michael's funny reply unfortunately upset the woman.

Boo hoo! He did not have on night goggles, so he couldn't see the woman. Some people need to grow a thicker skin or don't pose questions to a gorgeous smart ass if you can't take the sweetly snarky response.

Here is Lilley's recount of the screening. To read the full report, please go directly to her blog.

One of the films I saw, Hunger, was a searing portrait of the last five weeks in the life of Bobby Sands, the IRA hunger-striker who died in jail from voluntary starvation. What a powerful film that was... so raw and violent and gut-wrenching, your heart just broke at the end. And its the first feature film from diretor Steve McQueen (no, not of Bullit fame. That Steve McQueen is hotter and also dead). McQueen is a famous installation artist from Britain, and he takes filmmaking to this austere and breathtaking just have to see this movie if you can stomach it.

Point is, the guy starved himself to death, and the actor had to almost starve himself to death to play the role. And the director and lead actor (hottie Michael Fassbender of 300 fame) were there for a Q & A and some idiot asked the obvious question - "How did you lose weight for the role?"
And Hottie McSex answered in his sexy English/German lilt, "Why, are you looking for some tips? Stand up and let's have a look at you!"

The audience laughed and laughed, but this bitch hunches back in her chair, arms folded, and says to her friend (who was obese, by the way, while dumb question girl was perfectly normal sized): "I can't believe he said that! Of all the issues I have with my body, that one is the worst! It's so cruel."
To which her rotund friend replied, "Yeah, I totally understand. But he probably can't really see you that well, you know, we're at least 20 rows back and it's pretty dark."

Dumb question girl: "Whatever, it's so rude, the whole theatre is looking at me now!"
Me, in my head: "Yeah, they're looking at you b/c you're bitching at the top of your lungs while we're trying to hear Sexy McManBeast answer your fucking stupid ass question." (The answer, by the way: a supervised diet of mostly nuts and berries -for real- over a period of six weeks. With a few pints thrown in).

And the KICKER, as we're leaving the theatre, all gut-wrenched and sad, some bitch behind me says to her friend:
"You know, I totally can't imagine being on a hunger strike. I've tried dieting, and I just become ravenous and want to eat everything, I just couldn't be so disciplined!"
What a fucking dumb ho thing to say. This guy, who was a REAL PERSON, starved himself for a cause. That cause was NOT to get rid of his cellulite.
Also, he fucking died. DIED and DIET are not the same thing.
Holy shit I wish people weren't so stupid. Or at least didn't use words to express their stupid thoughts. SIGH.

So now that I've gotten through that, I suppose the point of all this is to tell you about the movies I saw. Hunger was excellent, a must-see in my opinion. Here are a few more that you should look out for.

When a link to Lilley's blog was posted at MFO, different people had different comments based on their own perceptions of what they gathered from the experience. Before I read the full blog article, I had a feeling that the woman who posed the question was probably not a size 2, and given the fact, again, that Michael could not see the woman because the spotlight was blinding him, how was he to know that based on her physical appearance that she might be sensitive to any humorous attempts at answering her question. But according to Lilley, she was normal sized, but her friend was larger. She was probably more embarrassed due to all the laughter.

Lilley's account was hilarious, but I'm sure not everyone will giggle at it. The woman probably thought that Michael could see her, but he didn't. Case closed.

Michael Fassbender Online has been getting great images this week and I don't want to be too leechy and post exclusive images on my blog here so quickly, so that's why I haven't posted in a few days. R-J and others work so hard to establish relationships and respect from those they have been in contact with to get such images to share with us. I strongly encourage you to register to be a member there so that you too can be privy to exclusives asap. But along with the disturbing 'Hunger' screencap (to go along with the Q&A bit), the second image is just one of many that have been unveiled this week. I just love this photo because his eyes are really the focus of attention. They reveal just how beautiful Michael is, his mischievous nature, and a talented soul that is really going to be released in the coming year.


greyeyegoddess said...

I like your perception of the blog. I guess you could look at it different ways. Here, that person who offered the question could have easily played back and invited Michael to come over to her. He was wide open with his comment. She could have played along, if she was quick.

Simone said...

I agree, if she were a smart ass like him, she could have toyed with him. But, I just think she was just uber silly and sensitive and just didn't have the wits about her to go toe to toe with him in a funny way. Her loss.