Friday, October 24, 2008

Then along came Michael...

I posed a question at MFO asking if there was another male actor that has been kicked to the curb in preference for Michael Fassbender. So far one person has confessed and based on what she wrote, I know how she feels. Being a fan of someone should not be taken lightly, especially if one is a decade, or two, removed from their teens. The older you become, the more precious and demanding one's life become, and when you dare begin to fancy a mere celebrity, he or she damn better well be worth the interest and personal/financial investment. And I'm glad to declare that Michael Fassbender is worth it!

A year ago this month, people who are familiar with the actor that I was previously interested in, saw a public display of such cowardice and stupidity so awesome that it's no wonder he hasn't had much work since then. Duh! And when an ACTOR is not ACTING, well, really, what can you talk about regarding him? Nothing. So along comes Michael... well, he showed up on my radar about 9 months prior to the October fiasco of the other actor, and I was well on my way of exiting from the fandom, but the timing was perfect. I had come to enjoy being a part of a fan community in celebrating the life and career of an entertainer, but soon enough, the fandom went to shit. And when I knew that my time was up in keeping dibs on my former interest, I yearned to get that original excitement back when I got involved in the previous fandom in late 2002. Thankfully, I found it again and it's just so much fun sharing my enthusiasm and support for Michael with sane, friendly, professional people. I could not apply those three attributes to my previous fandom as 95% were batshit insane, and I reckon I suffered from the disease too for not having the wits to get out sooner, but alas, at least I sought treatment, had no choice, backstab wounds are a bitch to take care of if left unchecked!

But I digress... what I want to say is that this past week, I have learned a lot more about Michael that just confirms that having created Fassinating Fassbender, and being a member of MFO, and going to Toronto has been a wise choice. He's a cool guy and he will be kept busy for a very long time. It's just nice to say that. The busier and happy he is, the busier I will be with my hobby, and I'll be happy too in this regard.

All the long I have been writing about 'Hunger', and mentioned 'Eden Lake' a few times, and getting all excited about 'Inglourious Basterds', but I have not once mentioned 'The Devil's Whore'. As an Anglophile, normally I would have been all over this, but now it is time to play catch up. Michael has been interviewed by Channel 4 about his role as Thomas Rainsborough in this 17 Century England political mini-series drama. Read the synopsis to learn more about what this program is all about. I don't know when I will be able to see it, but I think I may have to wait until it's on DVD or something as I don't have cable. It's sure to be a great drama to watch and I hope Michael has loads of screen time.

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