Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back from London

I have only been back from London for roughly four hours and I'm all unpacked, washed up, and decompressing before early bedtime to make up for the time difference, and a back to work schedule first thing tomorrow. I had a lovely time in London. I was treated so well by Lucinda and Dee and made some great new friends. And due to the social outings of the past 6 days, my alcohol consumption has filled my quota for the rest of the year! Those English people drink alcohol like crazy, but I love them!

In Michael news, I was on the hunt for some UK/Euro magazine articles about him during the height of Hunger's release over there, but I was not able to find anything in print - it's all online and a simple Google search will update you. However, I did find a cool little itty bitty snippet about Michael in Arena's December 2008 issue, in the 'One to Watch' portion of their gossip page. They had a red carpet stock photo of him and they were basically saying how sizzling hot this boy will be very soon. And they are already taking joy in screwing around with his surname by saying, and I paraphrase, 'Assbender is going to have loads of fun playing with knives and guns as a Bastard'. I knew when my friend slipped up on his name when she first read about him from me, that it would only be a matter of time before print media got silly and snarky and start fucking with him in a fun way. I'm sure Michael has a thick skin, and we will get to see just how thick it is in the coming year. LOL!

I was also able to catch on Channel 4 a couple previews of 'The Devil's Whore' and Michael was prominently featured in the ads. I can't wait to see it, it's going to be good, and it's pointless to mention how damn good Michael looked in the previews. OH! how could I forget. I did get to see 'Hunger' of Friday at the Curzon Soho and I enjoyed watching this film again for the second time. I was more comfortable and was able to totally focus on the film and understood the history of the hunger strike better, the prisoner's motivations, their political agendas, and I absorbed that 20 minute dialogue scene between Michael and Liam much better. It was a compelling and emotionally charged moment that really placed the spotlight on the historical perspective of the IRA, their demands, and their treatment in prison, amongst other things. If neither Michael or Liam win a top award for just that scene alone, something ain't right.

I'm glad to be back and it's a great time to be a Fassy Fan as the coming few months will be a treat for all of us! xoxo

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