Friday, November 7, 2008

Fassy Conversion Plan B

The smile on Michael's face will be similar to the one I will have on mine this very moment, next Friday because I'll be in LONDON!!! God I cannot wait, I needs to get the hell out of dodge asap, I'm literally loosing my mind. This will be the first vacation all this year, and normally, this would have been my second, but it's been a tough year. I don't consider my TIFF weekend a vacation as that is just a routine quick weekend Canadian mission that occurs every September for the past 5 years.

Unfortunately, I received sad news this morning from Lucinda. A dear family friend has passed away from cancer last night and her funeral will be held on November 14th, the very day that Lucinda and I planned to go see 'Hunger' at the theater in Covent Garden section of London. However, I absolutely understand that she has to go to Dorking for the funeral, and we will resume our hanging out the next day. But for that Friday, I will see if my other British gal pal Dee would like to go with me instead. If not, I'll go alone and that's perfectly fine. Dee and I are long time friends from the Pearl Jam online fan community, and I reckon that if she has the time, she'll fancy going to see Hunger with me after I brag about what a sweet and talented fox he is. So Plan B conversion process is in full swing.

I'm awaiting a Christmas greeting from Tina to enclose in a package that I will deliver to Troika sometime next week to Michael's attention. It's just a small effort to send to Michael in care of his agency some kind words of support for his upcoming projects and head-spinning fame due to all the Oscar chit-chat, but most importantly, I wanted to thank him for his kindness shown to us at Toronto. I really was in no mood to attend TIFF this year as I just lost my sister Suzy a few weeks prior to cancer. But when I found out that Hunger was going to be shown and that Michael was going to be there too... I just had to go. And it was just the cherry on top when we got to meet Michael. Then it was all apparent to me that sweet little miracles do happen and I was at the right place at the right time with the right people. So, I think a nice thank you message is warranted, and since I'll be in London where his agency is located, why not?
~Rest in peace Coffey~


greyeyegoddess said...

I'm so sorry about your friend's lost.

Simone said...

That's very kind of you Alice, thanks.

Cancer is such a dreadful disease, we know in our hearts that Coffey is at peace and no longer in pain.