Monday, November 3, 2008

Going to watch Hunger again

It has been very quiet on the Fassbender front and that is why I haven't been able to update. But I was determined to write something on FF today even if I have to make it up. Not! I did find an article this morning about Celebrity Fitness Secrets that mentions Michael and his radical diet for his role as Bobby Sands. I wonder now how many people who want to lose significant weight will now just do berries and sardines. The reporting of his weight loss needs to stress how he was under medical review and consultation so that people can be aware of just how dangerous it is for the average person to lose 33 pounds in 10 weeks! This was not fun for Michael, and he made that clear - he did it for his film role, and he was able to gain the weight back much more easily than it was for him to lose it. So I think it's fine that Michael and his movie role weight loss is being discussed, but a responsible article must state that he was medically supervised for his safety.

Well, it's just about a week away from my long awaited and much needed holiday to London. I was just emailing with Lucinda and she's interested in going to see Hunger with me sometime late next week. I remember after watching it in Toronto that I said that I need not see the film again, but because I was so high off the Fassy fan fumes of just meeting Michael moments earlier, and sitting so close up to the screen, I wasn't very comfortable through the whole hour and a half, and there are some nuances from the film that I have since read up about in reviews that I believe I overlooked or forgot about from the movie, and this has prompted me to definitely watch it one more time, and especially in my beloved London with a dear friend I'm trying to convert over into Fassyland.

On a final note, for those of you here in the States, tomorrow is our Election Day, and if you're like me, you can't wait for this damn saga to end. I personally don't care who you are voting for because as far as I'm concerned, I'm not happy with either Republican or Democratic candidate. But this is an important election nonetheless, so, you know what to do without me asking you to. And since I'm not in a swing state, but a very blue Michigan, I'm voting Green Party because our country needs a strong third party, and if they get the measly 5% population vote tomorrow, they will qualify to receive crucial federal funding for the next election, and that is what is important to me; helping to build up a third party for future elections for people like me who fall in the middle between the two battling parties.


Alice said...

I bet you are so excited about your trip soon. Hope that you get to see Hunger again.

I feel the same way about the elections. I'm glad I'm not alone.

There was a whole other article about stars losing weight, and it started with "How A-list stars change shape for films", talking mainly about Michael. I was so excited! A copy of the article is at the Multiply site I have for Michael, if you want to see it.

Simone said...

I cannot wait for my trip, I need to get away so damn bad.

I will definitely check out your site Alice, thanks for the heads up.

I'm glad you feel the same way I feel about this election. Something is terribly amiss this time around. I feel so dishearten that so many games are being played and that the media has crowned a particular person the president already, 3 months ago.

but you know what, there is a good thing in everything and what this presidential election process has reminded me is to follow my own heart, not what is rammed down my throat, and not to necessarily go to the other side for vengeance. So, I'm going Green.

Anybody got an issue with that, tough shit.

Tina said...

When do you leave Simone?? I guess I have missed the boat to send you an xmas card for Michael.

I will defintely be seeing HUNGER again when it gets released here.

Simone said...

Hey Tina, I leave on the 11th. If you wanted to mail me something, as long as I get it by next MOnday, the 10th, I can include it in my bundle.

email/pm me for my address if interested.

Lucinda said...

i'm very excited to have you come visit Simone!! i hope you are prepared to be very busy and i look forwarded to seeing Hunger with you ;)

Simone said...

I'm so happy that your boss gave you a half day off on Friday the 14th. I can come by your job and then we can head off to see Hunger, and then go to you place for dinner and then bake those chocolate chip cookies. :D


Simone said...

Here is the latest re: Oscar talk and Michael's chances. His name is still in one of the bubbling under list, but at least he's still being discussed well before Hunger's US debut next month.

From The Envelope:

EW'S OSCAR-WATCH: Dave Karger and Missy Schwartz discuss -- OK, mostly Dave Karger -- the two men they believe are the front-runners for best actor: Sean Penn ("Milk") and Frank Langella ("Frost/Nixon"). I, for one, am not as sold on Langella's prospects as they are, but we'll see.

Kris Tapley attended a screening of the Steve McQueen (no, not that one) film "Hunger" at the AFI Fest on Sunday and writes that it impressed him as "one of the year's best films," and one for which nominal star Michael Fassbender "might have secured momentum in the awards season with a concerted push, but I'm not sure that one is coming -- certainly nothing that can compete with the dollars that will be speaking for the year's more apparent contenders." Fassbender's performance was excellent, but the film struck me as more of an ensemble piece in which several actors shone roughly the same. But, yes, I agree with Kris (write it down!) that nothing's doing as far as awards go.

I don't like the idea that Michael's work is being swept up as part of an ensemble. Even ensembles still have a lead actor, yes?

They did bring up a good point about money... there's no way IFC can spend the same amount of money on just Oscar pimping and promotion for Michael, nor should they. But that is how Oscar lands in the hands that it does, it is often bought, and there in lies the very reason why Oscar lost credibility so long ago.

Alice said...

Yeah, it's sad that money talks that way, but the critics can't stop talking about the movie, and sometimes it only takes talking to vote. If everyone who sees the movie for what it is, an art worthy film, writes about it online, that might help more than just advertising.

In a way, all the actors were superb, but the movie STARS Michael. It says so on the movie, on the bills, etc. I love the comments that are posted on that blog. If they want to see Michael's work, more power to them. We'll help.

Tina said...

Is there anything that us fans can do??

Simone said...

That's a great question Tina and the answer is yes.

What I would like to suggest is for fans to join these Oscar forums and mingle with the posters there and help promote Michael and his work. Industry insiders lurk at these places and many post there, but it's impossible to have any idea who they are. I even bumped heads with a few this past Oscar season when I made some critical comments about the writers strike and some nominees.

Also, whenever you post a comment after an article that is a review of Hunger, also post a link to MFO or any Michael site so that other people can click on them and see what all the fuss is about regarding Michael.

These are just a couple ideas, but basically, while you're surfing the net and you find an opportunity to help promote Michael, do it. People will notice it.