Monday, November 10, 2008

London Calling!

I leave for London on Tuesday and I could not leave without updating FF. I found a few things that may be of interest to some of you regarding the continued praise and nominations that Michael Fassbender is getting for 'Hunger'.

Michael has been nominated for a European Film Award for Best Actor, and as Variety points out, it's his to lose: "IFC might have a shot with Michael Fassbender of Hunger for best actor (in a very competitive category) but would need to commit some bucks to the campaign to make sure members see this extraordinary performance."


Michael Fassbender in HUNGER

Thure Lindhardt & Mads Mikkelsen in FLAMMEN & CITRONEN (Flame & Citron)

James McAvoy in ATONEMENT

Toni Servillo in GOMORRA (Gomorrah) and IL DIVO

Jürgen Vogel in DIE WELLE (The Wave)

Elmar Wepper in KIRSCHBLÜTEN – HANAMI (Cherry Blossoms)

With the exception of Michael, James and Toni, the rest are definitely European actors with heavy European regional names.

Also at The Envelope in a thread about Mickey Rourke, who is getting huge praise for his turn in 'The Wrestler', this past weekend, he was involved in a public shouting match with the annoying paparazzi and he called the guy a name using a anti-gay slur. That's real smart Mickey! So people are speculating that Mickey just kissed his Oscar changes good-bye. He may still earn a nomination, but dropping the F bomb is so not cool. And this is what one of the main Oscar fanatics say about the Best Oscar race: "And yeah, I think Rourke was going to get a nomination -- and still is -- but he won't win. With Langella, Penn, Eastwood, Jenkins, and Fassbender all lining up to take the cake, his nomination will be a tip of the hat towards a very solid performance; though I discussed it, I never saw Rourke winning."

It's good to see how often Michael's name is being included in the most general discussions about the Best Actor race. However, those very people also seem to want Frank Langella to win because he's old and overdue, and another group want Sean Penn to win, another one, even though he won his first one just in 2003. You know what, let's do something unique, why not just give the Oscar to the guy who gave the best performance? And in this case, biased or no, Michael should have just as good a chance as Frank or Sean, or anyone else for that matter.

According to TimeOut London, there are several theaters in London that I can catch Hunger on Friday, and I reckon I'll go for the Odeon in Covent Garden as there are a lot of nice places to eat at and people watch after the film.
Well, unless something fassytastic occurs in London, I won't be updating the blog. I'll be going to a day spa, eating well at great restaurants, touring the Thames, and hanging out with dear friends.


Tina said...

Have a great trip!! I so hope IFC does put some $ into campaigning for Michael!


Alice said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Simone said...

I agree Tina, I think IFC needs to act like the other industry heavies and put money on their golden boy this year.

Thanks ladies, I'm going to enjoy every minute of my holiday!