Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rallying for Michael Fassbender

As new hits are visiting FF these days, I think it's a good thing to help point people in the right direction to see an interview with Michael done this past summer at Cannes to promote 'Hunger'. You get to see and hear the man in action talking about his controversial role. You will also see Steve McQueen too. It's a must see for everyone; those crazy about Michael, or those just curious about him.

Michael Fassbender : Film tackles IRA leader ...4 min 57

At Gold Derby, I just said, 'Fuck it!', and created a new thread to push Michael/Hunger for Oscar consideration. Several key posters commented yesterday on how excellent they thought Michael is in Hunger in another thread that was not related to Hunger, but another actor's Best Actor nomination chances, and it was suggested by another poster that to help Fassbender, perhaps a separate thread needs to be created. Consequently, I heeded to that advice. So go here to read my thread on Hunger. I post as Go Blue! there. I cannot stress how important it is to make your support for Michael vocal across the internet. As one poster reminded me in the thread, the upcoming critics awards in December are key to Michael's survival in this race, and it has really just begun, so start rallying for him. This may all be in vain, but at the least, we will be doing this because we believe in him.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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