Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! In 2009, I aim to commit to the following:

- Develop some media blog networking with Fassinating Fassbender.
- Adhere more diligently to the Five Buddhist Precepts.
- Travel more.
- Study yoga.
- Enjoy life.

I’m not into celebrating New Year’s Eve in an extravagant way, it’s just another night as far as I’m concerned. But I will be going over to my friend Laurie’s house, whom I recently converted into a Fassinator, and we’ll enjoy one of Michael’s movies, ‘Angel’, to cover the British melodrama genre, and watch ‘Walk Hard’ for some nasty laughs. We will have some gourmet pizza, dessert, and cocktails.
I hope that 2009 is a lot less stressful for me and my family and close friends and that all of us, along with Michael and his, that we have a prosperous, safe, and healthy new year. And I expect that Michael’s career will explode by leaps and bounds to provide plenty of news and information for me to update Fassinating Fassbender frequently to help keep his name out in public and support him continuously.


Emma said...

Happy New Year!

Simone said...

Thanks Emma, same to you!