Monday, December 8, 2008

IFC still dropping the damn ball

Michael as spoiled selfish demon manslut Azazeal in Hex. A Sky One British tv series from 2004-2005.
The July 2008 cover of Sight & Sound. I missed this when it was out on the news stand. Damn.

And in his iconic role in muscle-porn 300 as the brave and beautiful Stelios.
In my wanderings around the internet on my personal campaign to get Michael Fassbender's name out there in all the Oscar chit-chat, I'm surprised to see that many people are shocked that the guy in 'Hunger' is that dude from Hex and 300. I think people are amazed that a guy who appeared on a British paranormal TV series and then went on to portray a leather speedo wearing soldier in a movie has the actual talent to play Bobby Sands to the T. And most of those comments are followed by commitments to watch more of his work as Michael has definitely caught their attention, and that's cool.
However, I am concerned that Michael's appearance at the Nuart theater in Los Angeles Friday night has not been reported in the media. This is seriously a 'What the fuck?' query. How could this have happened? Not one person from the media has reported about this and that's just plain rude! But I mostly blame IFC for not having the common sense to be on top of this from the get go. Sure, the Nuart thing is happening, and Hunger will play there for a week to qualify to be considered for an Oscar, but beyond that, nothing, nada! I can understand if money is an issue, but IFC is not a non-profit welfare organization, they are a film production company! At least pretend that you give a damn and buy an ad or two to place in a high profile mainstream entertainment website. But there's nothing. Are they going to wait until Michael is actually nominated before they get the party started - just to be sure their money will be going to a good cause? That could be the case, and if he's not nominated, they will probably breathe a sigh of relief.
As long as Michael can continue to be nominated and win other awards up til the Oscar nominations, I believe he will be nominated. If not, I have made clear how I will react.


Alice said...

Thanks for those pictures.

It was a nice thing to see that people who do follow movies and film festivals in general, were looking forward to the movie. But it was such a shame to know that all that promo work went down the drain.

Everyone who watched the film on Friday told us that they wouldn't understand the award committees if Michael didn't get at least a nod.

At least those who have watched the film are thinking the same way.

Simone said...

The idea just came to me to showcase the top three characters that Michael is known for, namely Azazeal and Stelios.

I hope the LA viewings go very well for Hunger this week. Perhaps there will be a write up after this week. I can't fantom that as Hunger stands to do very well at the BAFTAs, that Oscar does not follow nomination suit of its 'cousin across the pond' and recognize Hunger, albeit in a limited strategic release.

Fingers crossed.

Tina said...

Do you knwo if you go to the IFC website for December they have listed on the calendar the 1 week qualifying run for GOMORRAH, but NOTHING mentioning the week run of HUNGER!! I mean WTF??!! These people are total idiots.

Simone said...

You have to dig deep at to find anything about - Hunger. I'm about to open up a can of whoop ass on them. I'm seriously peeved.

They also have a contact us link - yeah, I'll be in contact alright:

I have to drink some green tea and meditate before I write them as to not appear too threatening.