Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a Fassinating Fantasy?

In preparation for Christmas next week, Fassinating Fassbender will be on a short break. As you know, I have been updating FF in the past two weeks in all the hype and craziness surrounding the American side of year end critic’s choice awards and nominations. It soon became obvious to me that because Hunger was not on ‘wide’ release theatrically, the film and Michael’s performance were practically ineligible to be considered, let alone thought of.

No matter how many American film festivals the movie was screened at, for it to be a strong contender in critical awards and nominations, it has to be on wide release, or a wider limited release in at least 10 cities. Hunger received mixed reviews from its one-week screening in Los Angeles last week. They either loved it or hated it, nothing much in between. So I really have no idea how it will make an overall impression upon those who bothered to see it who also vote in the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences, aka, AMPAS, aka, the Oscars people.

What really concerns me is how I perceive that IFC Films did not respect Hunger enough after it got glowing reviews as early as June back in Cannes and two months later in Toronto, to not have the foresight to plan to distribute this film in select cities in November. It boggles my mind at the ineptitude on display with these people in the marketing department at IFC Films. But there’s nothing much I can do about it. I will continue to support Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen as a fan and the editor of Fassinating Fassbender, and show my proud support at The Envelope and Awards Daily forums.

Being a fan of an actor who is not very well known in the States, and who does not whore himself to the tabloids and paparazzi makes it very difficult to keep tabs on him and know the latest information about him. So there will be dry spells and relying on implementing creative uses out of recycled or dated information. Meanwhile, I’m backing off on my fantasy that Michael and Steve will be recognized by the Academy and that’s because of these reasons: a mere one-week, one city screening; not one nickel spent by IFC Films for an FYC advert/no marketing at all; and the film being too low budget, foreign, no A-listers, and a dreary not for the faint of heart plot.

Every film that has been in the top ten lists in the past 3 weeks has a huge studio dropping million$ of dollars in advertising for it, has well known celebrities and mega-stars associated with the film, or is a cute and cuddly feel good film, and they all have screened on wide/limited release earlier in the year or just after Thanksgiving. I cannot stress how tired I am in seeing the constant pimping of films in their FYC ads, and many of them I don’t have an interest in watching.

If people think I’m going overboard in rooting for Hunger, they should check out those awards forums and see how overzealous people can really get. Some have this insane emotional investment in their favorite star or film, and if you don’t like their celebrity or their movie, you will be cursed by them and they demand to know why you don’t like said celebrity or said film. I had one person address me to tell me that they did not like Hunger and don’t understand how someone could support a film like that. Was that a personal attack on me? Additionally, another idiot didn’t like what I had to say about one film, and he came in to the thread and said that based on my ‘attitude' against a film, they will not see Hunger because of me. WTF? Huh? Say that again? I told him to go take a nap.

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks regarding Hunger, Oscar pimping/consideration, and my support for Michael Fassbender, and some things have just turned me off. But my personal support for him is unwavering and I only wish him the best. I did learn one fun fact that made me giggle yesterday. I was reading up on my Libra sign in an astrology book and it said that of the 12 signs, each zodiac sign has a sister sign that is its complimentary counterpart. As a Libra, my sister sign is Aries, which so happens to be Michael’s sign. Cool info that brought a rare smile to my face this month. Anyway to conclude my commentary, I strongly believe that Michael will be properly recognized and rewarded by BAFTA, the British Oscars in February, and one day he will also be recognized by the American version. Until then, those of us who value this exciting actor now are true fans of his because we supported him prior to his career shooting off into the stratosphere.

Short of any late breaking news on Michael, I won’t be updating much so I would like to take this moment to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas, especially to Michael Fassbender and his family.


JMZI said...

No se quien es ese tio. He llegado aqui siguiendo la pista de Pearl Jam...see you

Simone said...

Si. Me gusto mucho Pearl Jam. :)

Alice said...

I'm sorry that there are people out there who don't have manners when it comes to people's opinions.

I truly appreciate your site and your opinions here. Keep it up! We know that Michael will have his day one day. Talent like his can't go unnoticed for long.

Have a lovely holiday!

Simone said...

It always gets snippy at the Oscars forums. Everyone is an expert and everyone has a favorite that deserves to be nominated AND win. It's fun and stressful, this year more so.

I'm glad you appreciate FF Alice, that means a lot to me. ♥

Tina said...

Simone have you seen the latest blog entry from I love to see people who respect HUNGER and Michael as much as we do.

Anyways, keep up the good work and have Merry Christmas!

Simone said...

Hey Tina, I checked out In Contention a while ago but only until you pointed me back there, that's when I read Kristopher's If I had a ballot entry.

There is a small but vocal fanbase out there for Michael, let's just hope we're being seen, read, and heard.


Simone said...

The London Film Critic's Circle nominated Michael and Hunger in several hot categories:

Best British Actor: Michael Fassbender

British Film of the Year: Hunger

British Director of the Year: Steve McQueen

British Actor in a Supporting Role: Liam Cunningham

Breakthrough British Film-maker: Steve McQueen

Congratulations to the boys from Hunger for their nominations. Winners will be announced on Feb. 9th.

Simone said...

I was wondering when an Irish aarticle would comment about Michael being nominated as a 'British' actor. :)

The British are claiming Killarney movie star Michael Fassbender as their own, in an award nomination made for his role as Bobby Sands in the film ‘Hunger’.

31-year-old Fassbender, who grew up in Fossa, has been nominated for ‘British Actor of the Year’ category of the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards.

The list of nominees also includes Ralph Fiennes for ‘The Duchess’, Ben Kingsley for ‘Elegy’, Dev Patel for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and Michael Sheen as ‘Frost/Nixon’.

While Britain seems keen to claim the Killarney man for itself, the waters are muddied a little further by the fact that he is the holder of a German passport.

Born in Heidelberg, Fassbender moved to Killarney with his parents, Josef and Adele, when he was two-years-old.

A past-pupil of Saint Brendan’s College, he cut his teeth in drama with the local theatre group, Bricriu.

He is currently holidaying with his family in Killarney, having flown in from Los Angeles.

The London Film Critics' Circle has more than 100 members who write for newspapers and magazines published all over the UK. The awards will be held as a fund-raiser for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Interesting fact about him having a German passport.