Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Michael!

The final holiday of the year has finally passed and I’m relieved – it’s on to business as usual. I hope you all had a nice Christmas, mine was pleasant. I read something earlier this week that Michael is home in Killarney with his family celebrating Christmas, I bet it is beautiful in Ireland this time of year. And back in Hollywood, where he was earlier this month for a special week long screening of Hunger to qualify for Oscar consideration, Oscar ballots are going to be mailed TODAY to the 5,810 voting members of the academy. They have until 5pm PST January 12th to return the ballots to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that exclusively counts the ballots for the Oscars. I wonder how many of those people went to the Nuart Theater to watch Hunger? I got my fingers crossed that enough saw it so that Hunger and Michael’s performance would be remembered come January 22nd when the nominees are announced.

In other Michael news, at the top of my Netflix queue is Eden Lake. It is set to be released on January 6th. The image above is from a short clip online that I viewed over a week ago where Steve and Jenny (Michael and Kelly Reilly) are hiding from these bad ass kids who are trying to torture and kill them. It was very intense and just gave a glimpse as to the true horror of what they go through. Although I enjoy watching some horror films as a form of escapism and entertainment, I’m not keen on buying slash horror films DVDs as it gets old watching the same characters get brutalized and murdered, the same way, over and over again – it’s morbid. So, unfortunately, I won’t own a copy of Eden Lake, just rent it and check it out and add it to my list of things I have seen Michael in. Hell, I still haven’t seen season two of Hex yet and a few other bits of his work. But I will in due time, that’s the fun of being a fan of someone… spreading out their resume of work over a nice period of time; not consuming it all up at once.

I also have been doing some web research on blog tools that as a blog editor, I should be up on, so it will be cool to see traffic increase even more in the coming month or so, especially as Michael’s name becomes more familiar due to Oscar talk and the ongoing filming of Inglourious Basterds. And before I forget, I would like to take a moment to say Hello to the newest Fassinating Followers, Elena and Olga from Russia! Although FF is just four months old, it is amazing how people find it and where they all are coming from. Being a simple fan of a cool actor can expose you to a world of possibilities and nice people.

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