Thursday, December 11, 2008

Next Stop: BAFTA

Yes, I feel the same way too Michael. This morning, the Golden Globes nominations were announced, and although In Bruges did very well, congrats, Hunger was no where to be seen. I had a gut feeling that Hunger would not be recognized by the GGs and the blame falls squarely on IFC Films' shoulders because of the late start in properly pimping Hunger. But oh well, this is Hollywood, even though the GGs are made up by the Hollywood FOREIGN Press Association - I thought they would have their antenna more in tuned to the low-frequency channel that Hunger has been relegated to. There was no Gomorrah either, even though they swept the European Film Awards held in Denmark last week. And speaking of that, I read an article at the Telegraph that quote Steve McQueen in a raw moment of expression, which I agree with wholeheartedly.

McQueen, just as much of a regular on this year's awards circuit, must struggle to get used to having himself identified as Northern Irish. He was charitably miffed that the Israeli docu-mation Waltz with Bashir didn't get anything bar Best Composer, submerged, like his own Hunger, beneath the Gomorrah tide. "Give me a break! Are we turning into Hollywood?". It's true that this Italian field day was a little unexpected, for an awards body which customarily spreads the wealth across as many different films and countries as possible. Perhaps EFA's voters were just scared about what might happen to them if Gomorrah didn't win.

It was expected that Hunger and Michael would win hands down at that ceremony, but the committee felt otherwise and allowed Gomorrah to sweep up the awards. The EFA have a history of spreadin' the love, but they didn't this year and that took a lot of people by surprise. I am interested in seeing Gomorrah, it is a gritty and bloody film that deals with the mafia, straight up Italian style from the mother country. You can't get more mafioso than that.

Anyway, this week has been emotional in rooting for Michael, and I need to pull back the reins a bit. Until Jan 22nd, when the Oscars are nominated, it is unclear how well Hunger/Michael/Steve will do, as the precursor critic awards and GG and SAG nominations (Dec 18th) have not shown much support for Hunger, sans the Los Angeles Film Critics. The one week run of Hunger in Los Angeles will end this Friday or Saturday, and won't be seen again in the States until March. Whoop de dooo. So, as far as I'm concerned, I won't pay much attention to anything else being announced until January 15th when BAFTA announce their nominations. I highly expect that at the least, Michael will be nominated as Best Actor, Steve as Best Director or New Director, and Hunger as Best Picture. But with Slumdog Millionaire and Gomorrah biting at their ankles, it will be tough, but bare minimum, I think the BAFTA will go to Michael and he will gain the proper recognition for his work on this film - especially if he isn't nominated for an Oscar after the weak one-week qualifying theatrical run in LA.

Hollywood is a crazy place and I reckon that Michael knows this and hopefully he's keeping a level head about it all and is concentrating on working on his current project of Inglorious Basterds in Germany.


Alice said...

I was really hoping for a miracle...that Hunger would break the ceiling of Hollywood monotony.

Michael is so good though, his award winning status will roll over to the next projects he does and the US will take notice, grabbing him as quickly as they can. He's got a lot of years of work ahead of him.

I'm glad to know that I won't be spending time, waiting to watch any of the US award shows.

Tina said...

I agree that we must look ahead to the BAFTAS and I do believe he will get well desrved recognition there. And the upside is that BBCA shows the BAFTAS!

Simone said...

I just donated a pint a blood so I'm not strong enough to bitch and moan right now, which is good cuz I need a break. ;-) But I'm glad we're all on the same plate. I feel like we're such a small group screaming in a vacuum to get Michael the proper attention.

We'll just lay low through Christmas and see what the new year brings. I hope it's new attitudes and open minds in Hollywood, that's for damn sure.

Tina said...

Did you see the article/ Interview from Indie Wire??

He mentioned Michael not getting a well desrved nomination!

Simone said...

Yup, I read that just a little bit ago. A least a few other rational people think like we do. And I read a review of Hunger from the LA Times, it was a mixed review, basically saying that it was too harsh for the average viewer and not enough character definition.