Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 Irish Film & Television Awards

In my fog of resentment for the snub that Michael received from the BAFTAs a few days ago, I forgot to make a separate blog entry to recognize the respect shown for Michael and Hunger by the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards. And you know with Michael actually being IRISH, I should have been more on top of congratulating the Irish Academy for nominating him and his peers for their wonderful achievements on Hunger.

Here are the categories that Michael Fassbender and Hunger are nominated in:

Best Film - Hunger
Best Screenplay - Edna Walsh
Best Actor in a Lead Role - Michael Fassbender
Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Liam Cunningham & Stuart Graham
Best Actor in a Supporting Role TV - Michael Fassbender, The Devil's Whore
Best Original Score - David Holmes, Hunger
Best Production Design - Tom McCullagh, Hunger
Best Sound - Ronan Hill & Mervyn Moore, Hunger

Surprisingly, Steve did not get a Best Director nod, is that because he is not Irish? Anyhoo, I reckon that Hunger is going to grab the Best Film category and that will be good enough for Steve McQueen. I hope Michael wins both his awards, but I don't want to be too greedy. The ceremony will air on February 14, 2009. Our best bets here in the US of seeing this live is very low, but I'm sure the website will provide live updates and images from the red carpet and telecast will be posted as soon as possible.

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