Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boring BAFTA

For this entire pre-awards season, I was stating how confident I was that as Michael's chances to be honored with an Oscar nomination were fading due to the extremely low profile of the film in the US and the complete lack of FYI ads for it, anywhere, that the BAFTAs would do the right thing and honor this film appropriately. So this morning, I wake up early just to discover that outside of the Orange Rising Star Award for Michael, which was announced earlier this week, the BAFTAs felt that Hunger was just deserving of two BAFTA nominations: Outstanding British Film, and the Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement in Directing. To a layperson off the street who don't know much about Hunger, they would say that those are nice nomination categories. But to me and to other Michael fans, we're in a state of What The Fuck?

What more did this man have to do to earn a BAFTA ACTING nomination for his performance as Bobby Sands in Hunger? Lose 10 more pounds, cut his hair? Better yet, slash his face for realism of the prison beatings? No... he could not have done anymore. But what Michael could have done was be a slumdog kid going on a game show, or a mega super star donning tons of plastic makeup to turn old to young, or play gay, or be a wrestler, etc. But you know what I think? I think it's all political. Why would the BAFTAs want to honor a movie about the Maze prison hunger strike in which dozens of political IRA prisoners died while the British Prime Minister stood by in defiance? Nah, they can't honor the actor who brilliantly portray Bobby Sands with a BAFTA acting nomination, that just wouldn't make sense. So, since Michael Fassbender is a rising star and he has an impressive resume of the past couple of years to demonstrate that, they have him in the Orange Rising Star Award category, which is voted by the public, and if he wins that, that will be his 'bafta' award and cool photo op.

This just stinks to high hell and I'm pissed and I'm not going to hide it! I naively felt that the BAFTAs would be different than the Oscars, but they are not, if anything, they are just a wannabe with a twist. I won't even watch the show as my interest in watching the Oscars are fading as each day passes. The one year that I'm so enthusiastic and gungho over a particular performance that DOES meet the criteria to be nominated, is completely teased and then ignored. It just sucks. But I know my disappointment pales in comparison to what Michael probably feels. Hey, he may not even give a fuck and if that's the case, then brilliant, but I'm still pissed for him. LOL!

Well, an anxious moment has come and gone and I will read the rest of people's comments throughout the day. I reckon Michael and Steve will still attend the BAFTA ceremony and if there's a God, Michael's consolation prize will be the Orange Rising Star Award (which my London friend Lucinda voted for him on my behalf), and there will be great PR for him in that. So, I'm trying to find a positive in all this, but first, he has to win, and I hope the voting public is smart on this selection.

I would like to take a moment to welcome our newest Fassinating Follower Saltire Flower, I'm so glad you found FF through my postings at Awards Daily and hope you enjoy your time here. xoxo


Tina said...

Ditto! I am so annoyed right now I cant even type it out!

Simone said...

Hey Tina, I totally know you feel the same sister! I can just spit right now.

Lucinda said...

hon, all things like this are shite and rigged 90% of the time, its the main reason why i don't engage with any of the awards shizzle - its nice to see the celebs turning up and seeing outfits etc but thats all it means to me..

commiserations to all at fASsinating fAssbender..... he deserved to get in there, he has a lot of talent......

Saltire Flower said...

Thank you for the warm welcome Simone :)

The BAFTA nominations this year are just dreadful. Usually they pleasantly surprise me by recognizing work that would ordinarily get shut out by the Oscars. But I think the BAFTAS will be even worse than the Oscars this year. It is clear they are more interested in ratings. Who on earth can explain TWO Brad Pitt nominations with a straight face?

Simone said...

Here's a quote from a BAFTA member about their award:

“The Oscar is the only award that carries any weight. Ours is just a lot of shit.”
-Sarah Miles

I have to agree with her about the BAFTAs this year.

The hysteria surrounding Slumdog Millionaire is heralded by insane members of BAFTA esp as they want to honor the lead actor with an acting nomination. I have no respect for this organization. I don't care if they give Michael an acting award in the future, I will NEVER forget this failure to recognize him for Hunger.