Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crash into Michael!

An eagle eye fassinator at MFO found this outrageously gorgeous cover photo of Michael Fassbender on French magazine Crash a few days ago and Tina captured this bad boy. Isn't this cover just spectacular? I love this type of photo, it has sepia qualities to it, but it's not. Just totally awesome and it highlights his cheeks and beautiful deep eyes. I understand that this magazine is a bunch of photos, and I think I've seen it at the bookstore across the street. So I'll have to check it out as soon as I can, but since it's French, it may be a few more weeks before it arrives in Michigan (another strike against living in this state).

I have been on a mini-break from FF for the remainder of last week after the last blog entry because I was just damn exhausted from all the pre-Oscar rallying for Michael. And just as I resigned myself to the inevitable, it happened: a complete snub of Michael and Hunger from Oscar nominations. An absolute travesty. And I will go on record and put 55% of the blame on IFC Films for failing to promote Michael/Hunger, and 45% blame on AMPAS for being too stupid to pay any attention to all the festival circuit praising of Hunger, and watching the film in LA in December.

IFC Films failed utterly in it's job to promote Hunger and Michael in a civilised professional manner of a "FILM DISTRIBUTOR" (duh!). How in the world can a "film distributor" have on its roster a film of Hunger's calibre and NOT anticipate the marketing strategy to get it out there to compete for an Oscar nomination? Now it's completely over as it cannot compete in 2009. Then we have the BAFTAs in two week's time and no competing acting nomination for Michael's work. So as you can see, I needed a little break from being frustrated with these silly popularity contests.

And speaking of contests, The Sun has a contest to win tickets to the BAFTAs!!! Lucinda, if you're reading this, you have a mission - enter this contest girl and win and provide an exclusive report on it for FF! Also I wanted to say thanks to Tina @MFO for sending to me a copy of 'The Devil's Whore' sometime this week. I totally owe you one fassy-sister!


Tina said...

The crash photos are just awesome! And no prob on the Devil's whore. I liek to make sure everyone gets to see Michael! lol

Simone said...

I'll have to visit MFO today to see if Sonja posted the scans she said she would. But based on the cover alone, I'm sure the rest are just beautiful. Thanks again for your help Tina in hooking me up with The Devil's Whore. Your kindness will be appropriately rewarded.

Lucinda said...

i'm on it simone :) of course i'm gonna win!!