Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eden Lake or Hell Lake?

I watched Eden Lake last night, and boy was it worth the wait! Horror movies can be a dime a dozen, but it's that rare horror film that really can cause anxiety in the film viewer and seem believable. I suck at reviewing films so I'll make this short and sweet.

Both Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender were great in their roles. You'd think they would be just passable in acting because this is a horror film, but nope, they were Grade A in their roles. I did find Eden Lake to be a bit too sadistic, especially in that scene with Steve and the evil kids. How can so many people be controlled by one little monster to do the most vile things to another human being?
The rest of the movie was a dark cat and mouse game between Jenny and the kids, and just when you think she was on the road to escape, the ending just makes you shudder. That was so not cool and I wasn't prepared for it. Instead of seeing what happened to her, you're left with imagining what happened to her, and believe me, our imaginations are worse than what we could have seen on the screen.
At Rottentomatoes, Eden Lake has a fresh 83% rating, I rated it a 8/10. A great horror movie, so good, that you only need to see it a few times and walk away. Multiple viewings of it and you're into sadism.

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