Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Michael Under the Underdog?

My first nasty cold in three years has had me anti-social for a bit, but I'm on the mend and gearing up for a possible final rallying for Michael on these shores. He's coming along fine in Europe and the UK with accolades and recognition for his role in Hunger, but he's a serious underdog as far as the US is concerned, and that's a concern for me.

Last Thursday at The Envelope forum, a hot debate developed when I dared to create, out of fun, my own Best Actor prediction list. I replaced Michael's name with a well-known sentimental favorite, and to put it mildly, I was put in my place by the resident Oscarologist and he made it clear that he was tired of my support for this unknown guy who had no chance in hell in being nominated for an Oscar. And for good measure, he pulled box office stats out from Hunger's one-week LA run last month, and stupid LA negative critical reviews to prove his point, and as far as he was concerned, no one who mattered even bothered to attend the screenings, and because of that, no one will waste a vote on him, so there... now shut up you fangirl, your support for this actor is in complete vain! And you know what really irks me? This poster and another Oscarologist who bit into my butt, haven't even seen Hunger - and I know for a fact that primary poster I'm talking about lives in LA, so he could have gone to see it, but he didn't. All this shit talk against a performance they haven't even seen. The fuck?

I was just starting to feel crummy from this disease cold/flu that possessed my body, so I left by posting a few comments of my own to stand my ground, and then I left the forum. I haven't posted there since then and I have not read follow up comments in that Best Actor thread because I don't want to get pissed off again at a poster whom I otherwise respect a great deal. It just pisses me off when a person supports an underdog, regardless of how truly brilliant their work is, if the general masses haven't seen it, let alone them, then it's useless to use up valuable space in their forums talking about the work of a performance that others won't see until weeks AFTER the Oscars. Some of these long time and well informed posters just don't have patience or empathy for us regular fans who are active Oscarholics, but just not as rabid and informed as others, who happen to like films and actors/actresses that fall way below the radar.

In any event, I'll start posting there again sometime this week. I noticed in their dead BAFTA forums (American Oscarholics think so little of the BAFTAs) that someone updated last week that Michael was nominated for the Orange Rising Star award. But someone dutifully blew it off and reckoned that Rebecca Hall should win instead. WTF? Michael just can't get a break with these people. Don't get me wrong, those few who do know of him and seen Hunger, are on the same boat with me; it's a little boat, but we're on the same one. But they too keep their hopes and wishes for him on the down low because they apparently are more familiar with the guerrilla tactics of the Oscarologists against those mere film enthusiasts who support some unknown actor or little seen film. It's all very elitist, but I deal with it and for the most part, it is fun, but you have to have a thick skin and stick to your guns.

Meanwhile, Hunger prevails in the UK like I already stated as it was announced over the weekend that the Irish Films and Television Awards nominated Michael and Hunger with 8 nominations. One does not need a crystal ball to determine how well Michael and the film will do there, so congratulations to Michael again. Remember, if you live in the UK, please vote for Michael Fassbender for the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award 2009. I did 'vote' last week, but afterwards read the itty bitty fine print that said that I had to actually live in the UK to vote. Dang. Well, this award is Michael's to lose because he is the definition of a rising star!


Saltire Flower said...

Oh Oscarologists and their arrogance. They think they know it all, but nothing is written in stone (well except Meryl Streep nominations).

I remember back in 2003 I was rooting for Adrien Brody like crazy and I kept telling people he would win the Oscar. I was laughed at, ridiculed, insulted. But Adrien Brody won and it was the most amazing feeling in the world.

Then last year, I threw my support behind James McAvoy and I was crushed when he wasn't nominated.

One can never tell how these things go. Rooting for an actor becomes much more than appreciating a film. It's almost like your heart it is in it, and that attention or snub just gets to you. Brody's win felt like a validation, McAvoy's snub was almost an insult.

This year, I'm mad enough to be rooting for Colin Farrell.

It strikes me that you are a very true fan and Michael Fassbender is the luckiest actor on earth to have a fan like you, Simone. Honestly rooting for a dark horse or an unknown can be the hardest thing for a fan, but I've got to admire the determination. So ignore the Oscar purists. Mr. Fassbender may shock us all with a nomination, or the Academy may fall for Oscar politics again. Either way, I think he has a bright future ahead of him and trust me, that Oscar nomination will come (take it from a long time Casey Affleck fan).

Oh BTW I've seen a few times at Awards Daily and because of you I've become a new fan, so thanks for the wonderful work you do with this blog :)

Simone said...

Hello Saltire Flower! Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. It's clear from your own experience that you know exactly where I'm coming from and what I face. I remember watching the 2003 Oscars and I was so happy for Adrien myself. He was nominated with 4 other actors that have been nominated or won before and I have a habit of rooting for the underdog. So kudos for you for being one of his primary supporters back in the day. I want to feel the same pride that you had for Adrien on his winning day for Michael one day.

The arrogance of some of the old timer Oscar know it alls can be very off putting and a buzz kill, but that's their aim, to silence any outrageous fan support from talent that is not on the pedestal of those celebrities they support and admire.

I'm rooting for Colin this year too as I love him in In Bruges, and with his Golden Globe win, he stands a stronger chance to be nominated, but, it's unlikely.

I'm very glad that my persistence at Awards Daily has brought you here to FF because as it's still a fairly new blog and because Michael is not very well known, the blog itself is not very well known. There's not a lot of Fassy fans out there, so the more I met and convert, the more fun it will be for me.

I'll make a new post tomorrow to talk about the BAFTA nominations. And I see you are the 8th Fassinating Follower. Excellent!