Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michael Fassbender was snubbed horribly by BAFTA!

Smart Image from Film Experience

I'm on lunch break from work and I'm still pissed. LOL! But I'm not the only one. I just wanted to make this update to showcase a spot on commentary from my brother blogger, Nate at He brilliantly summed up the BAFTA snub of Michael Fassbender at his BAFTA Nominations for 2008 and The Madhouse Act of 1828. Even Guy Lodge of In Contention is perplexed by BAFTA's snub and he's ashamed to be British today. Poor guy.

I asked Guy the following: “Can anybody who is opened minded and sane, and who has seen both slumdog and hunger say that Dev deserved that Best Acting nom over Michael Fassbender?”

Guy's response, "No. Obviously. Not even up for discussion. (Though Brad Pitt is the dodgiest inclusion in that category, I think.) The problem, I guess, is that very few BAFTA voters could be bothered to sit through a film as bleak and low-key as “Hunger,” and that’s a crying shame."

Fucking yes it's a shame. A travesty shame.

We Fassinators are not alone in our shock and anger. Will the Oscars surprise us into a diabetic shock, or will they put the final rusty nail in the coffin of our hopes for Michael to get due fucking respect for his courageous and brilliant performance in Hunger.


Lucinda said...

the BAFTA"s is like anything else in the entertainment industry, a political game - people get nominated for things that they deserve because they've played the game better than those who are more deserving - if that makes sense. You just have to accept this award stuff for what it is really..... celebrity fluff!

Lucinda said...

ok simone i'm thick here, how do i get FF to come up on my blogger dashboard..... i can;t work it out.....!!

Simone said...

Hey Lucinda, since FF is a blog that you don't have to be a member to post, it will not show up on your blogger dashboard. However, in order for it to show up on your dashboard, you need to become a Fassinating Follower. Just scroll down the sidebar towards the end where you see 'Fassinating Followers', the current 8 followers, and click on the 'Follow this Blog' link. You'll be the 9th Follower. OK? Thx,


Simone said...

To follow up what you wrote Lucinda, yes, I realize that the BAFTAs are bullshit too. When I learned that Michael was nominated for their Orange Rising Star Award, way back in my mind, I tried to prepare myself for him to be snubbed for the Best Actor race. And as I was reminded at In Contention, the film Hunger was just too goddamn bleak and raw for the BAFTA members and Steve the director will have to settle for the Carl Foreman award and Michael will have to settle for the Orange Rising Star award, IF he gets enough public votes.

It will be a fucking shame if on top of not getting a best actor nod, he loses the rising star award. I'll just be extremely pissed off.

Lucinda said...

thanks hon..... ok i'll see if i can get that to work!!! after all there is solidarity in numbers....

lets hope he does get the rising star award!!! or they will feel our wrath!!

Simone said...

Good girl Lucinda, now we're Nine! Thanks! :)