Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Michael's Real Oscar Chances

I woke up this morning with the overwhelming thought that I need to update FF by posting my final comments about the upcoming Oscar nominations this Thursday. After the BAFTA acting award snub last week, although it came a couple days after the Oscar nominations ballots were due on January 12th, I realized that if the British couldn't honor Michael with an acting nomination, the Americans will not.

In England and other parts of the UK, Hunger has been in the theaters, and 90% of the reviews have been extremely positive and impressive about the film and particularly Michael's performance; Hunger was the top film of Sight & Sound, the uber prestigious British film magazine. But yet, for some otherworldly strange reason, Michael's efforts were not good enough to be nominated as Best Actor in the UK's highest acting honor. I certainly hope that he at least wins the Orange Rising Star Award, and he's up for other awards too that he has a strong chance of winning to add to his resume. But the two big ones will allude him in the twilight of what will probably be his most difficult role ever, as I can't imagine Michael putting himself through such physical demands again... especially if his contributions will be ignored by the most prestigious film industry award bodies.

So as I chill myself out and have prepared for the reality of the situation, yes, a slight glimmer of hope still remains, but it is clouded by facts and politics and PR that say that Michael's performance in Hunger was just not seen by those who matter, and also IFC Films failed to invest in PR for Hunger as the true US release date is not until March. If I could make a suggestion to them, they might as well continue to keep their tight wallets closed because it will be futile in March to go on a full marketing campaign as their one week only LA engagement in December has disqualified Hunger from being considered for next year's Oscars ceremony.

Those producers and directors who will see Hunger this year will be impressed with Michael and know more about him by that time, and will be in prime position to contact him to offer him roles in projects that will really catapult his career. And at the end of the day, that is what I want for Michael - to be known and recognized so that he can continue to work and develop his fantastic skills so that me and all the other Fassinators, and new fans, will have more of his stuff to see in the future. And speaking of fans, my conversion has worked on my dear friend Lucinda, who lives in London, and she is the 9th Fassinating Follower! Welcome Lucinda, and trust me when I say that Michael is as talented as he is gorgeous and he is worthy of you being his fan for a very long time!


Lucinda said...

thanks very much for the warm welcome! I'm very proud of my new 'asscinator status LOL

Simone said...

Thank you for being receptive to my pimping of Fassbender. xoxo

Simone said...

I just want to say on this Oscar nomination morning that the Oscars SUCK BALLS THIS YEAR.

Thank you.

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