Sunday, February 8, 2009

The BAFTAs are on tonight!

UPDATE: I am so glad I did not waste one second in watching the BAFTAS as Michael did not win the British Idol award, the Dr. Who guy did it. All I will say is leave it up to the British public to pick someone who has superstar written on their forehead. Just Fuck it! But, Steve did win the Carl Foreman award so 'Hunger' did win one measely BAFTA award.

I have to go visit my family today, it's about an hour's drive East and hang out there for a good portion of the day. And due to the time difference of 5 hours from the UK, I won't make it back home in time to watch the BAFTAs via one of the two BBC TV channel links that I found at Gold Derby. But hopefully when I get home tonight, I will learn that Steve McQueen won the Carl Foreman award (and hopefully Best British Film), and most importantly, that Michael Fassbender wins the Orange Rising Star Award.

Believe it or not, outside of Fassinator land, many people are predicting that Michael Cera kid to win, or Noel Clarke (who will be co-starring in Centurion with Michael) to win because he's best known in the UK for his role in the Dr. Who series. I think Cera is a joke and he looks like a turtle, and I don't know Clarke, so of course I'm really rooting for the one person out of the 5 'rising stars' to win this award because Michael is definitely on the track to A-list stardom, and a win in this category will make up for the horrible oversight of him not getting a Best Actor nomination.

You can check out BBC 1 or BBC 2 for the BAFTA broadcast starting at 20:00 GMT time.

Good luck Michael and Steve!


Tina said...

Yes it sucked yesterday! And can I tell you if i hear one more thing about slumdog millionaire I am going to scream. I feel like it is getting all the thunder and some of it should have been HUNGERS!

Simone said...

Girl, don't even get me started on the Slumdog craziness. I'm not even going to watch the movie, based on pure spite! LOL! And I love Danny Boyle, but enough is enough dammit! I'm not watching the Oscars.

I reckon for us Fassinators, the final awards to pay attention to are the Irish Film and Television Awards where I KNOW that Michael will get the recognition that he deserves there.