Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fingers crossed for Michael

After a disgusting disappointment earlier this week, Michael landed an impressive award last night from the London Film Critics' Circle. He won the Best British Actor award and it made me so happy for him. One thing I have learned from this award season is that fans of an actor/film/director can watch these ceremonies with abated breath and hoping that their favorite wins the award they are nominated for, because in their mind, at least for this award season, hands down, their favorite always deserves to win. To have your favorite win is a validation of your opinions and taste for prime talent and artistic creativity.

So when they don't win and it's due to gross negligence or oversight, it just stings a bit more, like someone rubbing salt in your wound while pretending to be empathetic to your pain ('Well, we DID nominate him'). One person told me the other day that one particular award body was just spreading the love. Please. Yeah, spreading the love blindly without common sense is more like it.

Anyway, two days later, Michael won a more impressive award all by himself, so, I'm content. But now we have just the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award 'contest' to be announced at Sunday's broadcast. Although I won't be able to watch it, I will be on top of updating FF if he wins this nice prize as surely an awesome photo shoot will closely document the winner.

Thanks to Tina {bows}, I received a copy of 'The Devil's Whore' dvd today, and I'll watch it this weekend. Can't wait!

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