Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inglourious Basterds has wrapped!

Digging deep into the trenches of the Internet, I learned that filming of Inglourious Basterds wrapped up yesterday, so Michael is free from his principal filming adventures with Mr. Tarantino! And tomorrow (Wednesday) on Entertainment Tonight, they will show an exclusive preview of IG. I saw a 25 second blurry footage of it, and it was focused on Brad Pitt, of course, and I think I saw Michael for a mili-second, but we'll know for sure when we watch ET tomorrow (a rare reason to watch this paid by pr stupid show).

And to conclude Michael's award season, the Irish Film and Television Awards will be in Dublin on Saturday the 14th, alentine's Day, and according to the Belfast Telegraph, Michael will be in Dublin, along with Liam Cunningham and Steve McQueen to attend the ceremony. To quickly recap, Hunger has been nominated for like 8 or 9 awards, and Michael is up for Best Actor and Rising Star. I confess, I'm greedy and I want him to win both, dammit. I wonder if Michael will take his mother to the event? That would be sweet.

I have started to hunt down for Crash, that french magazine that has those beautious images of Michael that I posted last week or so, no luck so far, and it's making me start to itch and wonder if I can even find the magazine here in my neck of the woods. But I reckon I'm just being hasty, as it is a French magazine and it usually takes about a month delay before we get them. But I want it NOW!!!

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Tina said...

I havent been able to find it either! I would think there would be an internet source for Interl Magazines!