Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a few more from ITFA

ETA: 'Hunger', the dramatisation of the last days of the IRA hunger strikes in 1981, claimed six awards in total and 'The Tudors' was also a big winner, picking up television awards for best drama series, director, supporting actor and actress, costume design and make up and hair.
Kerryman Michael Fassbender wore the broadest smile of the evening, after he picked up the best actor IFTA for his role in 'Hunger' as well as the rising star award.
"I managed to snatch two of them, it's great," the Killarney native said. "When you're with the people you really care for and respect in the working profession, it is emotional and it's nice and I feel like it's a final send off for the film."

I found just these few more at the IFTA webpage. I wonder if they will have actual clips of the acceptance speeches because I want to hear what Michael said when he went up the stage BOTH times. I know his heart was just pumping a mile a minute, what an exciting evening it was for him.
The damned Oscars are coming on this Sunday and as a woman of my word, I ain't watching it. Instead, I'm renting The Dark Knight, which should have been a Best Picture nominee, and I'll read the play-by-play of it at Gold Derby, but other than that, I don't care to watch that stupid hokey movie that shall not be named to 'sweep' the Oscars. I hate sweeps, it's so boring and hoggish. /end rant
Well, the next stuff we'll be talking about Michael is his US Hunger promotions and his filming of 'Centurion'!

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