Friday, February 13, 2009

Michael this weekend

This image of Michael from Eden Lake has no relevance to this blog entry other than to just look at him and his fine muscle structure.

I finally watched ‘Angel’ last night and I must say that it’s true when they say; ‘All good things come to those who wait’. It was a very good movie and I thought Michael was wonderful. He plays arrogant and cocky and then depressed so well, and I just love it how he can turn on the tears without seeming like it’s an effort. I hate it when an actor is fake crying because you can always tell, but not with Michael, he has no shame in falling into character and really empathizing with them and shedding natural tears. That’s true talent! I also respect him greatly in how he does not hesitate one bit in doing nude scenes. It not only takes confidence, but one must know their body rocks in order to do one’s own nude scenes. So many male actors are bashful to do nude scenes, but not Michael! Like bringing on the tears, he brings on the naked manflesh, and you just have to respect a man like that.

Laurie watched it with me and she has a new appreciation for Michael, so my Fassy conversion with her is complete. She enjoyed the movie also, and like me, although we thought Ramola was great as Angel, we wanted to strangle her character by the 13 minute mark in the movie. What an insufferable, spoiled, delusional, and selfish girl she was. But she did earn some respect from me when she asked Esme to marry her. That was a very ‘girl power’ moment that made me proud of her. I would have done the same thing. If I had a guy like Esme/Michael in my life, I’m not going to wait for him to ask me to marry him, I would ask him; stake claim on that fine man ASAP! Anyway, all the other times, I wanted to drop kick Angel, but, it was just a movie.

Back into the real world, Michael will be attending the Irish Film and TV Award show on Saturday and according to this article from the Independent of the ‘Who should win/will win’ speculations, 'Hunger' and Michael are expected to do very well. However, I’m particularly on edge with the Best Actor category as Michael is competing against some other fine performances, especially from Colin and Brendan from ‘In Bruges’ (which btw, I bought the DVD of ‘In Bruges’ at Blockbuster yesterday for only $3.99!). So until I know for a fact that Michael will go up that stage with an acceptance speech for his Best Male performance for Hunger, I will have my fingers crossed. I’ve been too damn disappointed with some surprise snubs and upsets for him to just assume he has this in the bag. And if he wins, I will update FF as soon as possible.

Good luck to Michael and everyone else nominated for ‘Hunger’.


Tina said...

$3.99 for In BRuges??? I have to go see if ours has it! I really loved that movie, So while I HOPE Michael wins I could survive if the otehrs get it also.

Angel was not an endearing character at all. While Esme was not a great husband I feel that she was more at fault in their relationship. She pretended to accept him and his art to get him, but remember one of the 1st things she said to him when they got back from the honeymoon was "cant you use a little more color in your pics?". SHe stopped accepting him for who he was. I have actually read the book also and it was a bit different.

Simone said...

I almost broke a finger grabbing the $3.99 In Bruges. it was the only copy I saw too. They have a crap load of movies on sale, so go there asap!

I too felt that Angel was more at fault in the failure of their marriage. He was just another want/accessory for her Paradise palace. And it was rude of her to talk about how dull his paintings were once they were married, she tried to change him immediately, but it only broke him down.