Saturday, February 21, 2009

Michael videos at IFTA

This image was captured from the IFTA red carpet interviews with Michael. Go to there and check out all 3 videos. Normally this weekend I would be making preparations for Oscar day, Sunday, because for film lovers like moi, we live for this weekend. But not this year. With the exception of wishing the best for 'Milk', I don't have much interest in the Oscars this year. So in honor of Michael for his Best Actor snub, and The Dark Knight for Best Picture snub, I will be watching these DVDs instead of watching the Oscars telecast.

Yesterday at work, a guy I work with knows that I'm an Oscarholic and he emailed me asking if I was going to have an Oscar party. I told him no, and I told him about my personal boycott of the Oscars this year. I told him that I was going to watch 'The Dark Knight' as it should have been nominated for Best Picture, and that I was going to watch '300' and some other stuff featuring Michael Fassbender because he was in 'Hunger' and should have been nominated for Best Actor. My friend asked me which one in '300' was Michael, as he liked '300' too. I told him that Michael was Stelios, the gorgeous one who flew all over the place kicking ass, and said the "Then we'll fight in the shade" bit. About five minutes later, my friend came up to my desk, completely exasperated and said, 'Of all those guys, you would have to pick the gayest one to like. My roommate loves him too. Both of you are strange to both love the one guy in that huge movie that is the gayest". He looked at me with such friendly pity. I told him to shut up, and then that Stelios was not 'the gayest'. I know it was a weak come back, but it was the best I could muster in a work environment.

My co-worker told me that his roommate totally loves gay or gayish guys to a fault and he thought it was just funny that I would like the same type of guy from '300', out of all the guys, he reminded me. I told him that '300' was geared towards guys 18-25 and it was not as homoerotic as it could have been due to the immaturity of American audiences. That argument failed to impressed him and he walked away mocking me telling me to enjoy my Oscar boycott night. Whatever.

I dare not tell him that I have a Fassy blog, I would never hear the end of it. And since I'm on this topic, only two people who are close friends know about this blog. I don't tell people in my private life about this blog. I don't know why that is, I guess I just try to keep it all separate, and also, it's a sign that this blog does not control my life too by talking about it and sharing it with everyone I know, so that's a good thing.


Tina said...

lololol....have you seen the behind the scenes photos from 300? The one with Michael using the pink/purple ipod? My friend Ellen, the one with me at TIFF, use to try and gode me by saying Michael was gay because of that ipod. I have to admit I was happy when he showed up at Berlin 2 yrs ago with a woman on his arm!

Simone said...

I'm sorry Tina, when I saw that 'ipod' photo of Michael, woman, the color of the ipod was the last thing I noticed, I was looking at a HALF naked Michael Fassbender. LOL! Really, I had no idea it was pink AND purple - I want one now! LOL!

And Tina, showing up somewhere with someone of the opposite sex don't mean anything in showbusiness. But, it brings relief to some and it's good photo op pr. :)

Tina said...

Well there was actaully more to how he showed up that nigh that jsut the woman on his arm. He was wearing these god awful shoes and outfit in general was a little suspect. Ellen says to me...well know you know he isnt gay because no gay man woudl ever dress like that! lolol

Simone said...

True. Gay men are known to know how to dress. Michael needed his shoes polished the night of ITFA. Tsk tsk tsk. Attention to details Michael!


But when we met him at TIFF, he was looking very spiffy in a 'Saturday Night Fever' kind of way. Pretty silky light blue shirt to match his eyes, and let's not forget that coordinating sparkly 'H' belt. You go boy! *snap*