Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Michael will rule 2009!

I kept my word and did not watch the Oscars. I’m glad I didn’t as the winner’s list was very predictable and hence, making it redundant and boring. In my opinion, no matter how ‘prestigious’ the Oscars are, if you and me, the actual filmgoer is not interested or impressed in a film, we won’t see it. Period. Being nominated and winning an Oscar is the highest thumb up there is, but the bestowing of this honor on films and performances that are called into question or are just over hyped, have tainted the Oscars for years. But when the Oscars are on target in honoring a performance or film, the Oscars are golden. However, it is disgraceful when something is honored with an Oscar due to politics, media controlled hype, and the best PR campaign; basically, when an Oscar is bought. It would have been more fun for me this year had the silly distributor of 'Hunger' been prepared for its brilliance and gave it a fair Oscar campaign chance, but now it will never happen and it is water under the bridge. As much as I have a love/hate thing for the Oscars, I do hope that Michael Fassbender could be recognized in the future because he was definitely robbed this year in being showcased for his outstanding and brave performance as Bobby Sands. In parts of the UK and Europe, Hunger is already out on DVD, but it has yet to open here in the states. This makes no sense at all! Well, for what it is worth, 2009 is going to be a big year for Michael, as I mentioned in the previous FF article listing Michael’s upcoming projects per IMDB.

I got an email from a reader late last week asking me if I had any particular information about the Crash magazine. I told her what little I knew about it, but then on Sunday when I did my weekly magazine rack scanning, I saw that the Borders here in Ann Arbor, Michigan (the HQ for Borders is here in town) sell Crash in the Women’s Interest section – next to Glamour and Allure, etc. I’ve never noticed this magazine before, but then again, that section of the magazine rack is just overflowing with fashion magazines. But this time I was just focusing on where Crash would be on the racks and low and behold, I saw 4 big fat issues of the #47 issue. Michael is in #48, and I don’t know when the #47 issue was placed on the rack, but I will be going there with the sole intention of catching #48 as soon as it is on sale. I’m sure I will get one, but since there’s only 4, I think they will sell fast as Ann Arbor, even though it’s no New York or Los Angeles, has a high concentration of well-traveled art-loving cultural folks who would not hesitate to drop $11 on a fancy foreign magazine. And with Michael on the cover, that magazine won’t be on the rack for too long, so I gotta be all on top of that! I looked through the magazine that was there and it’s beautiful. The photos are hot, and they have interesting articles. So I won’t feel too stupid spending so much money on a magazine JUST for fassy images, but his article will be there, and I imagine I will enjoy reading that entire issue too.

Well, as I type this, Michael should be suiting up for ‘Centurion’. I found this book cover while doing research about the Centurions. I don't know if this movie is based on this book or any other book about the Centurions, but I needed some context to refer to. I hope we get some sneak peak images of the making of this film in the coming months. I was rather disappointed in how little tidbits we got for the 4 month filming of ‘Inglourious Basterds’. There were only those few paparazzi shots of Michael on the set, and then absolutely nothing. Hell, he wasn’t even featured in the trailer! So, since Michael is headlining Centurion, perhaps things will be different and we’ll see some cool images to prepare us for this historical thriller. Then again, the filming of it could be even more secret since sadly, the principle actors are not red-carpet hogging, tabloid fodder A-listers.


Tina said...

You know what Simone. Can you pick me up a copy if there are extras?? I am not sure if I will ever get a copy from my frnech contact and heck there would be worse things in the world then ending up wiht 2 copies...right? lol

Simone said...

I got you covered Tina for sure, I'll buy yours when I get mine. If others need me to hook 'em up, they just need to let me know.

And just FYI, this type of magazine could easily be re-sold/bid on EvilBay at a surcharge because there are a lot of fans of certain celebrities who surf ebay for these rare foreign magazines and pay top dollar because they can't buy directly.

Anonymous said...

Hiya you guys, I atachully met Michael today as ime an extra on the set.. Hese a real nice guy, i would say i can give you some pics ive taken on my phone of the fighting but they founf me a deleted them.. ill tray again, lol

It being filmed in surrey, near peaslake in the pineforest..

Simone said...

LOL! nice eyespy update there anonymous. Don't get yourself fired now. But if you do happen upon some nice exclusive photos, oh do please share them with us.

Thanks! :)