Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fassy on teh Mind!

You know it’s a slow week when you don’t have one new update to write about Michael, and it forces you to tap into your creativity. Sometimes I wish Michael Fassbender were an egotistical no-talent having drunk ass tabloid fodder playboy fool, just so that at least we’d have something to read up on him regularly (but then again, I wouldn’t be interested in him if he were like that). But instead, he’s taking the high road, being a busy self-respecting, intelligent, and decent human being actor person. *Sigh* Oh well, so as I succumb to the overwhelming need to write about him, I’m going to take a stab at being silly. Therefore, I have created a Top Ten ‘Fassy on teh Mind’ list to see how you possibly relate to having the acute condition of Fassbendergingivitis. You may experience one or several of the listed symptoms below:

1. You recently changed your computer password to something Fassbenderish (ie., Fassy09, MissFassy, Fassbendover)
2. You have been asked if the guy on your screensaver or framed picture on your desk at work is your boyfriend. {this happened to me once a long time ago, but it wasn’t Michael and I’ve never done it again)
3. Lately, you don’t mind smoking/smokers.
4. Visiting Ireland has become a holiday destination for 2009 or 2010.
5. Having Lucky Charms for breakfast is now cool.
6. If you live in the US, no one else in your county knows where Heidelberg, Germany is; but you do!
7. Bloody Mary is now your favorite drink.
8. Sure you’re allergic to Irish Spring soap, but you use it anyway.
9. You’re planning to take St. Patrick’s Day off (March 17th) to have a Michael Fassbender TV show/Movie DVD marathon!
10. No matter how much you try to be considerate, you still sometimes call your husband or boyfriend Michael. That’s not his name!

What symptom(s) am I experiencing? Highlight the space after the arrow ==> #s 1 and 4.

All, some, or none of the above may apply to you, but I reckon you are suffering from Fassbendergingivitis. If so, don’t be ashamed, share with us your ailment and we’ll help each other out through productive and friendly dialogue.

This is a shout out to Fran for writing such a sweet message in the Guestbook. I’m glad you’re enjoying Fassinating Fassbender Fran, so please keep on visiting! Also, please consider becoming a Fassinating Follower. The link is towards the end of the sidebar on your right.


Tina said...

lolol on the fassbendover

Anonymous said...

Well I certainly go love Lucky Charms! I haven't done the other stuff yet.-NovicMode

Anonymous said...

*Do not go. I certainly do love Lucky Charms. Sorry for the spam. I just wanted to correct my statement. :P-NovicMode

Simone said...

Novic girl, lucky charms rule! :p