Sunday, March 8, 2009

I finally got my Michael Fassbender Crash magazine!

For the past few weeks, I have been casing the downtown Ann Arbor, MI Borders bookstore because they are the only bookstore in town that carries Crash. Previously they had four issues of the #47 magazine. I've been looking for the #48 Michael cover, and today, I finally got that bad boy! However, to my surprise, there were only two left on the magazine stand. That means that this magazine was put out there earlier in the week, and if they had on stock four magazines like the previous issues, it means that there are some other undercover MF fans in my city who dropped $11 for this magazine.

Thankfully, although money is very, very tight at the moment (rent week), I was able to buy the remaining two issues, and since Fassinating Frequent Follower Tina specifically asked me to cover for her, I'm glad I was able to oblige.

The scans that we saw pale in comparison to the actual images in the magazine. Dare I suggest that if you remove your favorite shot carefully from the magazine, you can frame the damn thing. No lie! They are beautiful. And I swear, modeling could be his second job!

So if you have a Borders near you, go there now as this magazine is now for sale in the states!

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