Sunday, March 15, 2009

Michael in VMan

I'm totally losing my mind! I was at Borders again this Sunday morning in preparation for my slavish workout at the Y downtown, and although I found another 'Crash' magazine (it has Mischa Barton on the cover), I called Kathy of MFO to let her know this. But the two hour time difference, I reckon she was still in bed. So I'm just listening out for her to call/email me back letting me know she wants this magazine, even though Michael's not on the cover, his full interview and glorious photos are in the magazine. (Why in the hell use multi covers for a rare magazine when you have Michael on one of them is beyond me).

But I digress... what I wanted to say is that I specifically browsed through the current Vman magazine, and apparently that's all I did, browse, cuz I sure as hell did NOT see this hot ass picture of Michael, and the accompanying article on him. So, as you're still looking for that rare Crash magazine, you can also start looking for Vman magazine. See, as I put down the magazine and left the store, I had an idea to write to Vman to suggest that they cover Michael one day soon. I have bought Vman before and it's a nice magazine if you fancy male models so it would be cool for him to be featured in there. And voila! My stupid self simply overlooked seeing him covered in the current issue of Vman that is on sale now at Borders. Again, if you can't find Vman near you, my Borders had like about 15 of them. I need to review the magazine again to make sure where Michael is in it, but for the time being, we'll happily settle for this new photo of him, and the article below. Enjoy -

The steely Irish-German actor Michael Fassbender pushed his body to the brink to portray I.R.A. solider Bobby Sands's 1981 hunger strike.

Suit and shirt Burberry Tie Band of Outsiders

Though many actors have lost weight for a part, few have made their transformations look as excruciating as Michael Fassbender. For Hunger, the visceral debut feature by British artist Steve McQueen, the Irish-German actor shed more than 30 pounds to portray infamous I.R.A. prisoner Bobby Sands, who starved himself to death in protest in 1981. The hideously beautiful film depicts scenes of sadistic torture, point-blank murder, and massive quantities of urine and feces, but most disturbing of all is the physical change to Fassbender’s character as he morphs from fiery freedom fighter to quivering bundle of bones and lesion-covered skin. While Hunger isn’t a fun time at the movies, it’s a dazzling artistic achievement, with special resonance in light of the horrors of Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay.Fassbender, 31, initially hesitated to take the role. “How many people want to sit through an hour and a half of people wiping shit on the wall and starving?” he recalls asking himself. “Did I really want to go and lose all that weight?”

Fassbender, who grew up in Southern Ireland and was 4 when Sands made international headlines, was also concerned about tone, feeling that past films about the Troubles in Northern Ireland had been disrespectful. “Nobody can judge,” he says. “You can just show people a mirror, show them the way that we behave with one another.” His concerns evaporated once he met McQueen, who emphasized that the film was “a human story, not a political story.” After shooting the film’s first two acts, Fassbender spent ten weeks preparing his body for the brutal final scenes which wordlessly track Sands’s hunger strike, dropping the pounds with a diet of nuts, berries, and sardines. “I didn’t think about Bobby,” he says. “I thought about not going over 600 calories. I went really loopy.”Now back to his old weight, Fassbender is looking ahead. His performance in Hunger, which earned a standing ovation at Cannes last year, has opened doors for an actor previously best known for a supporting role in the Spartan epic 300. He also recently starred in the controversial British thriller Eden Lake and in French director François Ozon’s English-language debut, Angel. And this summer, he will appear in Inglourious Basterds, the long-awaited war epic Quentin Tarantino, whose Reservoir Dogs Fassbender adapted for the stage when he was just starting out at 18. “I've come full circle,” he says.


Tina said...

HOly Cow! What section was Vman in?? I was goign to stop at Borders Tomorrow. LOVE that picture!!

Simone said...

I know, that photo is totally hot! I gasped when I first saw it.

Vman is in the 'Men's Interest' section. This magazine is wrapped up in cellaphane to preventing drool marks for messing it up for paying customers! A must have, I'll buy it later this week. :)

Tina said...

well I stopped at borders today and they had neither creash or vman. I made then check the magazine list and neither were listed! You must have one really nice Borders!

Simone said...

Well considering that the headquarters for Borders Books & Music is right here in Ann Arbor, yeah, they better be well stocked. LOL!

Just let me know if you need me to cover you for Vman here too. I'll paypal you in advanced so I can buy it for you asap. I'll get it this weekend the next time I go to the bookstore. The mag only comes out 4 times a year, so they have at least 15 copies of it there. I'll make sure to grab you a cellaphane wrapped one. :)