Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Michael's Fandom: Enjoying the Calm

Michael is having a Zen moment in San Sebastian last year. Om.
Another handsome smiley shot at the Irish Film and Television Awards.

Last week, another uprising occurred in the fandom of a very well known actor that I follow along the sidelines (where it’s safe). This time, stuff really exploded and caused the actor to distance himself from the one main fan website that was administered albeit with a tight fist, but very, very professionally and fan friendly. It appears that demented “fans” of said actor started to make false accusations against him because of his sporadic but very friendly sharing of information to this one fan website. It got so bad and so embarrassing that he just had to cut off all ties to this one fan site to distance himself from the bad blood that developed in the fandom from jealous, spiteful, deranged and dangerous fans. The admin of the website is a very sweet lady and thankfully, she is still in good with said actor, but the dynamics of the celebrity-fan working relationship has changed. She revealed in an editorial on her message board about how grateful she was to the overwhelming support from the fans, but she also expressed her utter shock at all the emails she has gotten from “fans” that are nothing more than stalkers and obsessed fans of said actor. Although she has been following the careers of numerous celebrities off and on over the years, and as the admin of the most popular website for this actor, she has had her share of dealing with crazy ass fans, however, only until this latest fandom fart occurred, she never realized just how deep the rabbit hole went in regards to just how obsessive, weird, rude, crazy, and stalkerish the fans are of this man. Just as an example, one woman actually thinks she’s married to the man, and another one pretends to be his girlfriend and has posted photos online of “their” house. WTF? What kind of drugs do you need to take, or abuse to think like this? Or is this kind of thinking the byproduct of a brain chemical disorder? The only thing these people succeeded in was ruining the entire fandom’s future access to the latest information about this actor – which is a lot because he is very well known and he’s a busy actor too (hint: He was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in 2008). They shot their own hands off with their disrespect and pettiness. It’s such a shame really, but what happened in this fandom, occurs in other fandoms too. It’s ironically kind of a pathetic norm for these things to happen.

And all this brings me to the reason for this post, to cherish why I’m so grateful to be a fan in the Michael Fassbender fandom. I believe he has the potential to rise to the greatest heights of being a successful actor, and being a fan of his early on to see his graduating success is exciting. But what I’m really pleased about is that the fandom is still small and just a few years old, and it doesn’t have the issues of the larger and more established fandoms of more well known and popular actors. I want Michael to go as far in his career as fate will allow, but a part of me want his fandom to remain calm, fun, and supportive. The other day, we saw a first look sneak preview of Olga Kurylenko in character as she is filming ‘Centurion’ with Michael right now. Seeing her was cool and all, but, I’d rather see what Michael’s character looks like, after all, he’s the star of the movie. Hopefully we will see something in the next week or so. I like Olga, but I don’t want her to over shadow Michael in the articles about ‘Centurion’. Unfortunately, in some film talk circles, she in fact may be a bit more known than him only because she was in the last James Bond movie and she has a fondness for taking off her clothes. Just Google her and see for yourself.

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the silence of the fandom at the moment because it may not be this way forever, but it’s my hopes that things don’t get out of hand like other fandoms. And I think that most of the current Michael fans have experienced fandom craziness before and don’t want that to spill over into our Zen way of things and will work hard to keep things nice and calm.


Novic Mode said...

Wow. That's Crazy! Certain people need to stop fantasizing and return to reality especially if they are hurting other people.

Simone said...

Hi NovicMode! :)

But you see, they are not normal like you and I. Some of these people really have miserable lives and they project their wants and needs onto celebrities and develop warped fantasies. It's really sad. However, some know exactly what they are doing and are just fucking things up out of spite and jealousy.