Friday, March 27, 2009

Well, where is Michael?

Ok, this is the second sneak peak of 'Centurion' in as many weeks, and still, no sign of Michael Fassbender. Uh, he is in this movie, yes? I just want to make sure! Especially as it is a news drought on the boy, I only half expected to see some proof by now of his filming of this movie. But we see Olga, again, and now Dominic West and the director, Neil Marshall.

Look, some body has got to throw us a damn bone, I'm getting a little testy as there is nothing on Michael to report about! But in any event, check out this little film preview of the filming of a scene from Centurion starring everyone EXCEPT Michael Fassbender!

In other news, I'm very pleased to report that we hit our 500GBP goal in raising funds for the Barretstown charity in honor of Michael's birthday next week. Donations are still being accepted through the end of May, but it was important to have met the fundraising goal by his birthday for sentimental reasons. Again, this is an extremely worthy cause and Michael is aware of it. Upon making a donation, you can write a personal message on the donation form and maybe Michael will read it. Who knows. :-)


Christina said...

Hey Simone, it's been a long time since I checked up on the blogs. But yeah, am I imagining things, or does the first man rider featured in the preview look like Michael?

Simone said...

Hi Christina, I thought the same thing for a minute. It could be him, but I'm perplexed as to why he wasn't interviewed in that snipet if it indeed was Michael.

I feel like I'm searching for Waldo.

Anonymous said...

Found this short interview with Michael from the set of Centurion:
Apparently next up for him is a film called Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin and John Malkovich

Simone said...

thanks for this link and the info Anon. :-)