Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Helping of 'Hunger'

According to IMDB, Michael’s next film project, Jonah Hex has started filming in New Orleans. In the past few days, pictures of Megan Fox from the set have appeared online, and let’s just say, I see why she was hired (evil snark). Sadly, because she’s known for that child’s toy movie a couple summers ago and being a ‘fox’ herself, her name may over shadow Michael’s as this movie is being filmed and then promoted. And that’s a shame. Style over substance will prevail yet again.

Michael will have a busy next few weeks. I reckon the filming of Centurion has ended recently, and as he prepares for his bit in Jonah Hex, he also has to get in gear for Cannes in two weeks. He will be in two high profile films – one done by a well known American director with a superstar actor at the helm, and one film done by a well respected female British director. I’m hoping the smaller independent film does the best at Cannes; we just gotta support these types of film, and especially those directed by women.

I stopped by the Michigan Theater on Sunday to check out the times that Hunger will be shown this week. They not only have two huge Hunger posters up, but a fantastic critical review of the film by the theater director. Heck, I like the posters so much, I may ask the theater people if I could have one when the film ends on Thursday. What else are they going to do with it beside throw it away? It can't hurt to ask. It was just nice seeing Michael’s name in bold print at a theater in my home town. My friend Laurie and her husband Jon would like to see it with me this week. Jon remembers watching TV news about Bobby Sands back in the day as he was about 14 at the time and living in Manchester. So it will be interesting to see what he thinks of the film. I highly doubt I’ll convert him into a Fassinator, but he will get one bonus point for wanting to see the movie.

A regular FF poster, Black Penned Writer, will see Hunger in the Cleveland area this coming weekend, so I definitely look forward to her report, and I'll see if Laurie can stop by and post a few comments about the film too. If you're going to see the movie this week too, please share your film experience with us. Thanks!


Black Penned Writer said...

Michael is so busy; I don't know how he does it.

I will definitely try to see HUNGER this weekend. The family is excited to see WOLVERINE too. ;)

Simone said...

I'm glad he's busy. Busy is good for him and us. But, the flip side is that we don't see him as often as we'd like. ;)

Laurie and I are going to see Hunger tonight, and then go to Starbucks for tea and discussion about the movie.

I want to see Wolverine too, may have to save that for the following weekend though.

Simone said...

Laurie and I had a great time going to see Hunger tonight. She really enjoyed the film - but there were a few moments when she had to look away from the screen. I told her it was a brutal film and I did not lie. But she's glad she went.

Also, to my pleasant surprise, it appears that my comments about the Michigan Theater showing Hunger this week caught the theater's attention. The Film Programmer at the Michigan Theater read my comments here at Fassinating Fassbender, and he emailed me telling me that I could have the Hunger poster that is out in front of the theater! I could not believe it as I was prepared to go humbly beg and plead for it tonight! LOL! So I wrote back to him telling him that yes I wanted it and thanked him very much. He said I can come and pick it up on Friday.

This is so cool! It's also an indication of how this blog is being picked up and read by people that I never dreamed of anywhere and everywhere. The powah of da internet!


Lucinda said...

thats very cool news Simone - well done you!

Simone said...

Thanks Lucinda!

Since there are 3-4 versions of the movie poster, here is what the poster I will get looks like -

Hunger poster:)

This by the way is my favorite version, hence the reason why I was willing to beg for it.

Black Penned Writer said...

Simone, you're so lucky, that poster looks AWESOME! It is so cool that he saw the blog. The internet really does reach everyone.
I'm glad Laurie was glad she went, that it was a positive experience for the most part.

I might go alone, I might ask one of my friends, I'm not sure yet. I think there's one friend that won't be squeamish.

Simone said...

I know, I'm so lucky! I ain't too proud to beg because I was totally prepared to offer a small bribe for the poster. You might want to ask the film programmer at the theater you're going to BPW to see if they will be kind enough to give in to your request.

And don't fret if you go alone, I saw it solo in London, and at that screening as well as last night's screening, quite a few people were sitting alone. So go by yourself if need be, but if you have a partner, that's cool too.

Simone said...

I got my poster up on the wall here in my living room. Just a mere side glance to my left and it's like Michael is smoking in my living room.

A nice way to end a crazy week.

Black Penned Writer said...

Okay, I just got back from seeing HUNGER. I'd seen clips of it online, but seeing the whole thing was truly an experience, a good one; I'm glad I went. I did go alone, but there was a good sized crowd there and that was nice to see. And they were a good bunch; it felt like we went through the movie together. I can say that when they got to the part where they showed what the prisoners were living in, all the popcorn eating stopped in the room.

I thought the movie overall was a mirror; it didn't pull stops, it showed it how it was. Everyone was shown warts and all. I thought Michael was great, needless to say. The hardest parts for me were at the end towards the last days of the hunger strike, especially when Bobby's mother came. How it hit me--- I can't really put into words.

Ahh! Poster love; that sounds cool.

Simone said...

"I can say that when they got to the part where they showed what the prisoners were living in, all the popcorn eating stopped in the room."----

LOL! I said the same thing to Laurie when we saw it the other evening. I saw a few people coming into the theater eating popcorn, as if this were a Speilberg summer blockbuster movie they were going to see. I told Laurie that they ain't going to be in the mood to eat out of those buckets once the movie start.

I'm so glad you finally saw it BPW and found the film to be a job well done. It's hard to say that one likes the movie or that it was awesome... it was just a well done movie for one so viseral and raw.

As always, thanks for sharing your comments! :)

Tina said...

Siomne congrats in the movie poster!! That is so awesome the theater saw your comments!

It is so funyn I read this tonight because i was jsut on ebay and saw a bunch of the posters up for auction. I got the one you got but i paid $20. At least I got free shipping! lol I think I am going to start a collection of his movie posters that he is on.

Simone said...

Thanks Tina! I reckon that if another film by Michael is shown there or at the State Theater, which is down the street from the Michigan theater, if I ask Mr. Hunter in the future, he'll kindly oblige again.

W. Charlie said...

Dear Michael,
It was good seeing you on the set the other day. (yesterday) Why I met you, I do know, and thanks for buying me the beer! Ha ha ha! I finally picked up some cash from my partner and bought me a cold Rocky Mountain Hops brew-ha-ha. Then this crazy chick Lisa Hatter who works on Expendables (another show in town, I think with Sylvester Stalone) came up to me and tried to kiss me and give me a ride home, but I refused, to let u gooo.
I DIG MUSIC. --Almost Famous