Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exclusive Picture of Michael in Centurion

The brain surgeons at EMPIRE online felt the need to place their watermark smack dab on the money shot of Michael running for his life in a scene from 'Centurion' (maybe that's why it's an exclusive shot). But other than that, I'm quite pleased that we finally got proof that he is alive and well and indeed filming Centurion - it's not a rumor. LOL! Apparently this is a teaser shot for an Empire article on Centurion for their next issue which will come out in the UK on April 23rd. But that means that we in the US will get it around Memorial Day at the end of May - not cool, but I have no choice but to accept that.

Here is what is posted at Empire Online about Centurion and the upcoming feature article:

Neil Marshall's latest film is Centurion, currently shooting in Surrey, and we've got a new picture from the film, with star Michael Fassbender (300, Hunger) on the run from some savage Picts.
Coming on the heels of the excellent The Descent and the rather less excellent Doomsday, this an interesting proposition. For one thing, here Surrey's doubling for Scotland*, more or less: the story sees a Roman legion venture north of Hadrian's Wall and encounter some very unfriendly natives. For another, it may feature dudes in leather skirts and helmets, but it's also a horror movie, with the Romans being picked off in the woods. And thirdly, it's the second film in a row for Marshall that centres around a team venturing through a wall into Scotland and really regretting it.

The film will be out late this year, but in the meantime there's more from Fassbender and Marshall, as well as a glimpse at female lead Olga Kurylenko, in this month's Empire, on sale April 23. I know, we're getting predictable. But it really is all in there.

Source: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=24624

ps. I'm really coming to appreciate Michael's willingness to go shirtless so frequently in his films. The less clothes, the happier most of us Fassinators are! Who's bloody with me?


Black Penned Writer said...

Despite being dirty and a little bloody, he's looking good shirtless. Especially those arms.

The end of May?! Jeez... That's a long wait. Maybe by then the pics wont be watermarked. *crosses fingers*

Simone said...

For such a thin guy, Michael has an excellent body. He has awesome arms/biceps... and thighs, abs, ass.


Anyway, yeah, we won't get the Empire that comes out in the UK on April 23rd until sometime in May, probably mid-May. And the images in the magazine won't be watermarked, I guess Empire is just feeling territorial with this first image. Why wasn't Olga's picture from a month ago watermarked to hell, I don't know. But I reckon this image of Michael is uber exclusive and a lot of people have been patiently waiting to see some images of him filming Centurion.