Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cannes Day 7: Michael is an Inglourious Basterd

Just found this of Michael. Another one taken last week during the Fish Tank media blitz. I can see more clearly now that it looks like under his right eye, it's swollen a bit. Poor baby, maybe it's allergy season for him too.
I still don't know if Lt. Hicox (Fassy) is good or bad. I know he's an ally, but, he's a basterd for a reason and will be speaking in heavy German dialogue. How many British Ally soldiers are German? Hmmmm.

Things are starting to get crazy in Cannes today as the media is gearing up for Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' premiere tomorrow evening. But first, there's lots of PR tasks that need to be done, and most of it involves cast interviews and the photo calls that will take place today and tomorrow. There were mixed reports at first, but it now seems certain that the Brangelina circus WILL come to town and it will be like a PR Godsend to Weinstein Co. and Universal to have Angelina Jolie grace the red carpet with Brad Pitt. I'm excited about them too as I do like them, but again, it's such a crazy circus involving them.


I just learned that Inglourious Basterds will be screened in its most raw form clocking in at around 2 hours and 40 minutes. It will surely be trimmed up a bit by time we get to see it on August 21st. I'm personally interested in seeing how the cast, in particular, Michael Fassbender, will react to IB for the first time. No one in the cast has seen the film yet, so their reactions will be on par with the Cannes audience Wednesday evening. After that, there will be a party at some posh place for the cast hosted by Universal Studios and Weinstein. Speaking of the producers, I went to IMDB to look up who is behind IB and I'm not surprised:



These studios don't play. They spend BIG money and EXPECT a return on their investment. So all the PR cards are being played out and that's just how they roll in Hollywood. So, when we see Michael Fassbender on the red carpet tomorrow night, just be prepared, don't trip out, and just focus on his hotness/sexiness and how happy he will be just being there at Cannes promoting his most Hollywood production to date. Harvey Weinstein in particular goes by the book when it comes to promoting his works and he will do whatever it takes to see his product and actors succeed. I admire his work ethic and tenacity, but it can be a bit overbearing at times. But when an actor works with Harvey, they usually reap great benefits - as long as they do exactly what is expected of them. After all, actors act.

I may update FF again today in case the IB photo call occurs this afternoon.

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